Naughty Auntie Annie

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Auntie Annie was prim and proper and dressed conservatively. She held deep religious convictions and maintained high standards of cleanliness and discipline. She was also, by some considerable margin, the best fuck I have ever experienced.

I was 19 and Auntie Annie was 57 when she first visited my bed. Uncle Charles, who was 66 and a retired dentist, had left at 10 o’clock to go on one of his all-night fishing trips. I had gone to bed shortly after as I faced a long day working my first shift in a hotel, a holiday job which was due to last six weeks.

I was close to sleeping when I heard a noise outside my door. After a quick glance at my watch told me it was just after eleven, the door opened. Auntie Annie, wearing a long red, shiny dressing gown entered. She closed the door behind her. She wore bright red lipstick which had been applied thickly. I had never seen her wear any form of make-up before. My eyes soon averted from her face when she unloosened her gown and let it fall to the floor. My arousal was immediate and very intense.

Her pubic hair was thick and untrimmed and, in marked contrast to the white hair on her head, dark, almost black. Nestling in the centre of her bush, Auntie Annie’s cunt flaps were prominent, red and swollen. The area around her neck and upper chest was a deep crimson. Her nipples were dark brown and jutted out from small, slightly sagging breasts. I was lying on my back, naked under the single sheet and my state of arousal was clearly visible. When my aunt pulled the sheet away, I made no attempt to stop keçiören escort her. Neither did I protest when she grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed it firmly.

She must have held me for close on five minutes before she straddled me and enveloped be in her warm wetness. Her movement up and down the length of my shaft was slow and sensual and the sensations which her fucking brought out were incredible.

A feeling of extreme bliss radiated from the tip of my cock along its length and up into the pit of my stomach and beyond. Annie did not speak but breathed noisily through her nose. Every so often she would give an involuntary yelp. Each time she yelped she increased the pace and intensity of her fucking. After 20 minutes she was fucking me very hard and fast, her rhythm matched by the squeaking of the bed springs. With each downward thrust she let out a loud groan.

The pupils of her eyes, which were lifted skywards, were dilated and sweat ran down her brow. When the speed of her movement had reached a point beyond which it could not go, Annie suddenly stopped. Her body started to convulse, her lip trembled and, for the first time, she spoke.

“I’ve cum. I’ve cum. I’ve had a cum. I’m still cumming. I can’t stop cumming.”

I was already close to the point of no return; now I could not hold back any longer. I flooded upwards into my Aunt Annie like I had never done before, shooting, shooting and shooting. When my last spasm was fading my Aunt resumed her fucking. I was still hard. Our second fuck was almost kızılay escort equally as enjoyable as the first. Aunt Annie remained on top and her movements were slower and more controlled. This time she was silent throughout and kept her eyes tightly closed. The sound of her breathing was masked by the noise of the bed springs.

When my second orgasm came it was nearly as powerful as the first and judging by the contorted expression on her face, my aunt had another very intense cum. She tightened the grip off her vaginal muscles as she disengaged. She picked her gown up and held it, trailing across the floor when she left the room and shut the door.

I was still half hard when I went to sleep. When the alarm rang at six, I woke with an almighty hard-on.

Breakfast consisted of a pot of tea, toast and marmalade and an uncomfortable atmosphere. Aunt Annie made no eye contact and was, if possible, even more frosty than usual. Neither of us spoke. I had an almost overwhelming urge to rip her clothes off and fuck her. The urge did not diminish when Uncle Charles sat down at the table. Still in his fishing gear, he announced:

“I had a really great night. Six big trout. Now I’m off to bed for a well-earned sleep.”

As soon as he had left the room and I heard his footsteps on the stairs I went straight into the kitchen where Annie was washing dishes in the sink.

Giving her little chance to move, I pressed my erection into her ass and grabbed her breasts, the nipples of which were noticeably firm.

“Last sincan escort night didn’t happen,” hissed my aunt.

“And it’s definitely not going to happen again.”

“Oh yes it is, ” I said before thrusting my hand up her skirt and fingering a warm and very moist slit.

“And judging by what I can feel, you wouldn’t mind saying yes, either.”

Quickly moving my hand, I grabbed her roughly by the arm and spun her round so that we were facing each other. I pressed my mouth against hers and pushed up close. She responded by grinding into me.

I loosened my jeans and withdrew my face. Aunt Annie’s eyes were wild.

“You’re an evil, evil boy.”

She poked her tongue out and continued to speak in an excited whisper.

“You can have me her on the floor if you must but you’ve got to clean me out with your tongue first.”

I did not need a second invitation. In an instant I was on my knees and within seconds of my mouth touching her clit, Aunt Annie exploded into a noisy orgasm. Her climax seemed to continue for a full five minutes as I ate pussy as hard and fast as I could.

My jeans were round my ankles when I pulled her to the floor turned her onto her front and took her doggy fashion from behind. Our fuck was much quicker than either of the previous night, lasting just over five minutes. It was, however, equally as intense and especially enjoyable. When I came, my whole body seemed to be running free with electricity.

I was running late and after speedily making myself decent I ran to the front door and went out. To my, surprise, Uncle Charles was standing outside.

“I’m going fishing again tonight,” he said.

“And when I’m back I expect you to have gone.”

Without any further elaboration, he turned away and went into the house and closed the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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