Naughty or Nice

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Inspired by an online writing prompt.


The clock stroke midnight. Christmas morning officially began, and a young man by the name of Jason and his twin Mason officially reached eighteen years of life.

But there was still time before the sun rose and their parent’s return from visiting relatives upstate. So the twins simply lay in their beds, eyes wide and imagination rampant… as far as Jason was concerned.

Both boys were attractive young things. In fact, they shared a variety of usually feminine features. Wide hips and taught round rumps under thinner waists and flat chests. Bright burning ginger hair that shimmered in what little moonlight peered through the cloudy midnight sky.

What set them apart was how the brothers carried themselves.

“You think Santa will show up this year, Mason?” Jason inquired, clutching his neatly equipped plaid button up pajamas. His flaming red hair was neat, lengthy and cascaded over his shoulders.

“We’re not kids anymore, Jason. Well you might be, I’m not.” Mason scoffed, shuffling out of bed with an irritated frown. His hair was shorter, but messier just like the tank top and boxers he slept in.

“We’re only a minute apart. Its… 12:04, so were definitely both eighteen. You’re just a jerk.” Jason rose from his bed and patted the sheets until it was made neat and uniform.

“And you’re an idiot. Everyone knows Santa is just a ploy to trick people into buying shit for their kids so that these big toy companies can…”

Jason pouted with his cute round cheek and tuned out the latest of his pessimistic brother’s political diatribes. ‘He doesn’t see the magic behind this joyous holiday’, Jason thought. Sure he has a point, but behind all the consumerism, there’s a spirit to this holiday. A message that Jason sees, and Mason is just too negative to witness.

The well groomed Jason sat over at his computer desk and grabbed his phone. He opened up a Santa tracker application, and his round face lit up with just as much hope as LCD light.

Mason flicked his head softly, tossing aside ginger bangs that dangled over his eyes. His brother was a true patsy. Even though Halloween was a obvious scheme for both the candy and dental companies to make bank, he dressed up and trick-or-treated every year. The same with Easter, Thanksgiving and now Christmas. Mason couldn’t believe he had such a gullible brother.

Mason trudged over to his own desk and drew out his own phone. Small doots and dings rang from his phone, as he was texting a friend of his. A small smirk on his face as he read through the words.

“I’m going out.” Mason proclaimed as he sauntered over to his dresser. He reached behind it and pulled out a hanger with some rather revealing underwear resting upon its plastic.

“What? Its midnight right now! You can’t just waltz around in the middle of the night by yourself!”

With no warnings, Mason tore off his sleeping clothes and slipped into the underwear he had hidden behind the dresser. The pink lacy fabric was loose around his chest, yet its lower piece struggled to hold his bulge. The fabric of the thing was so thin that it couldn’t hide the sides of his little prick and shaven coin purse.

“Where did you get that? Did you steal that from mom?” Jason averted his eyes. What an upsetting sight to see his own brother in his mother’s lingerie.

“She’ll get it back tomorrow… or the day after.” Mason smirked as short jeans and a turtleneck sweater covered him up a bit. He grabbed his handbag and sauntered out the door.

Jason followed him down the stairs, frantically trying to talk him out of it.

“Mason! Its super dangerous out this late! Who are you even meeting?”

“None of your fucking business, fucking nerd!” Mason headed for the door in a pair of black boots and nabbed a set of keys.

“You know, a ‘fricking nerd’ is not a nice thing to call your brother.” A soothing voice penetrates the darkness of the house.

Jason and Mason both stared into the living room.

“We know, you didn’t say ‘fricking’, you said the f-word. But obviously, we can’t say it. That’s a naughty word.” A voice with a pitch slightly higher, slightly more abrasive and masculine.

A figure sits upon a lounge chair, the sound of munching and a lightly sloshing glass in between their sentences.

A sudden pair of claps, and the living room light flash on. The mysterious origin of the voice was revealed.

In actuality, it was a pair of people. A short, effeminate male with a Santa hat atop his wavy windswept hair. His bangs completely obscured his eyes, but his cheeks were rosy and red. He was dressed in nothing but a g-string thong adorned with a mistletoe and candy-cane colored thigh-high socks.

He sat atop a beautiful young woman, hair just as white and gracefully unkempt as the locks of the girlish nudist male sitting bostancı escort in her lap. Her one uncovered eye had a soft, relaxed almond shape with a warm scarlet iris. Her massive breasts sloped and rested upon the man’s exposed chest. They were just barely contained by a festive sweater with the deepest of v-necks.

Jason and Mason simply stared on, the absurdity of the situation freezing their brains. Who are these festive season strippers and what are they doing in their house? Both Mason and Jason suddenly ran into the other room, tearing their phones from their pockets in a desperate attempt to dial the authorities.

A smack rang out as they both suddenly bumped right into the gigantic chest of the woman in the promiscuous sweater. She wrapped her arms around them and hugged them close. “Shhh… hush darlings. We aren’t going to hurt you.” She assured them, despite her head-sized melons almost suffocating the poor twins.

“What do you want from us, you freaks?” Mason yelled, struggling within their grasp. “Let us go or I’ll kick your ass!” Mason panicked, thrashing about.

But Jason was silent. He had his head buried in the right tit of the tall snow-haired woman for a solid two minutes.

“Wha.. what did you do to him!? Did you kill my bro-“

“Mason! It’s her! It’s him! It’s them!” Jason was allowed escape from the vice grip of the woman’s arm with a smile on his face. A wide, joyous smile and waving ecstatic arms. He held the lengthy sleeves of his pajamas with his fingers, and held his hands to his sizzling red cheeks.

“Its Mrs. Claus! That guy in the living room is. Santa!” Jason was literally jumping for joy.

Mason’s brow furrowed. Had Jason lost it? He looked back at the gentle red eye of the supposed Ms. Claus. She smiled warmly back, and patted Mason’s red locks with her petite warm digits.

“Hohoho! Your brother’s right on the money! I am the one and only Santa Claus. Also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle… yadda yadda… and this is my lovely wife. The beautiful Mrs. Carol Catherine Claus.”

Santa stood on his tippy-toes, and could barely manage to kiss his woman on the lips. So Carol leaned down and planted her lips on his, the two sharing a lengthy wet and wild kiss. It put a smile on Jason’s face, seeing such a loving couple! Meanwhile it put Mason off, and he averted his eyes.

“How the hell do you know if they’re really Santa and Mrs Claus?”

“Couldn’t you tell? Mrs Claus smelled like cinnamon pine cones! And she magically appeared right in front of us! Only a Claus has the power to teleport like that!”

“Guess that explains how they deliver so many toys in one night… No, wait! They could just be perverted strangers, that could just be a similar looking lady or a mannequin over in the living room!”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have an adorable twin like you do, Mason. I assure you, we are the real Mr and Mrs Claus.” Carol responded, walking into the living room and holding hands with Santa. “Darling?”

Santa nodded and pulled out a long scroll from his wife’s cleavage. The twins looked on with differing degrees of amazement.

“Jason and Mason O’Malley! Both eighteen years old! Jason, a model student, polite and well mannered son! Easy entry for the Nice list!” Santa formed a gun with his hand, index extended and thumb pointed up. A light began to shine from the tip of his finger, growing until it was a luminescent snowflake pattern. A short laser blast into the felt carpet under the tree. But instead of scorch marks and hole in the floor, a finely wrapped present sit underneath the tree.

Jason never had such an elated, joyous expression on his face. It was a smile bigger than Mason had ever witnessed. A smile that trumped reactions to your team winning the world championships, or even winning the lottery. He shook Mason ecstatically by the shoulder.

Mason’s mouth was agape. Every single thought he had about Christmas was challenged. Nay, not challenged. Outright curb stomped. This only opened a can of worms about the inner workings of Christmas, as well as every other holiday.

Santa kept blasting until boxes in all shapes and sizes rested under the tree, wrapped in shining string and decadent pattern paper.

He blew away the smoke rising off of his finger.

“Merry Christmas, Jason! I even added an extra few gifts since it’s your birthday as well. But don’t forget, you gotta wait till the parents get home before you open your gifts!”

Jason saluted and happily agreed to follow such easy instructions.

“Part of the joy of Christmas is spending time with your loved ones.” Carol added, enjoying a mug of hot cocoa next to the twins.

Santa turned to Mason, with a smile that was more smug than happy.

“Mason… you’ve been rather naughty these past months. With your behavior I think you’ll be a little light on presents.”

Mason frowned, his cheeks flushed. His baby blue büyükçekmece escort eyes averted and agitated. “Fine, whatever. I didn’t even want anything.”

“One second! It is your eighteenth birthday! So you will be getting something. Carol, my love?”

Carol happily stood up and patted down her sweater. The very same sweater she soon slid out of and tossed aside, revealing not only her bare bouncy boobs, but a sturdy and stern erection bobbing lightly between her legs.

Both boys looked on in disbelief, both blushing red like beets and feeling their blood race around in their bodies.

“Oh my… honey, they both look like they’re staring at a gift.” Carol chuckled, gripping her eight inch long member and stroking it in front of them.

“M… Mrs Claus… can I touch it?” Jason inquired. The sight of her cock, her breasts, her kind smile and her wavy platinum blonde hair compounding into a single fuel source for Jason’s arousal.

“Of course. Help yourself to my body, Jason.” Ms Claus approved, positioning herself slightly forward to bring his lips closer to her cock.

“H-hey! I want to touch it too!” Mason grunted. However, his hand was halted by Saint Nick himself.

“Sorry, Mason. Only the nice get gifts. Naughty boys get punished!” A hand darted across Mason’s plump round buttocks. Forcing a girly yelp out of the troublesome tomgirl.

Jason was already greedily sliding his tongue upon Ms. Claus’s penis, using his hand to cup and caress her balls. He looked into Carol’s eyes, and she looked back with a loving gaze.

Whap! Another smack across Mason’s ass. Santa was behind him, one hand fondling the twin’s cock through his shorts, the other delivering fast, precise strikes to his behind. Each slap forced out a little dollop of pre-cum that seeped into his panties and shorts.

Jason rested his hands upon Mrs. Claus’ juicy plump thighs and vigorously rocked his head back and forth upon her cock. It was difficult for him to go very far and gobble down her shaft, but he tried his damnedest to deep throat her girthy candy-cane. Mrs Claus was sighing as her cock plunged progressively farther into the good brother’s mouth, and she was careful to refrain from grabbing him by the ponytail and ramming it into his throat. This was a gift, not a punishment. It was at his pace, at his leisure, but to his credit, he did all he could to coax that nog from Carol’s shaft.

Mason, in between the impacts Santa imposed on his ass, looked on in confusion. No way such a goodie-two shoes like Jason could be so good at giving head! This had to be some sort of magic mind control imposed by one of the Clauses.

“Where the fuck did you learn that?” Mason squealed as that last slap bashed his ass. His rump started to turn into a pair of rosy red cheeks that rivaled Santa’s.

Jason began a steady rhythm, and was eventually able to cloak a whole seven inches of lady cock in his mouth. Wet sloshes and squelches echoed from his lips as it brimmed with Carol’s turgid fat penis. “Oh, Jason…! You’re great, I’m gonna cum in your mouth…!”

Carol braced herself by propping her arms up against an end table once she felt the churning of semen in the base of her penis rocket out. Her cock violently combusted inside Jason’s throat, blasting hot white seed into his esophagus. Despite the heat and pressure, Jason was steadfast in keeping his lips wrapped securely around her cock, and using his tongue to cradle and massage the glands of her meat.

Jason sat there, happily basking in the sensation of a throatful of hot sticky nog paint his gizzard. Even when Mrs. Claus drew away, he relished it. Cum leaked from his lips before he swallowed every drop remaining in his mouth.

Carol Claus sat upon the arm of a recliner, seed dripping slowly from her cock-slit as she patted Jason’s head. “Amazing… I’ve only seen my husband withstand that much of my egg nog.” She remarked, giggling.

Another loud whap!

“And that’s eighteen! Eighteen spanks for the naughty birthday boy. Carol, babe. Don’t you think Jason needs some milk for his cookie?”

“Oh, yes of course! I was just about to mention that.” Mrs Claus picked Jason up by his chest and stood him up before descending herself into a crouching position and sliding Jason out of his pajamas and boxers. His young virgin prick sprung out, somewhat compact but by no means shy. His shaven balls hung closely to the base of his joystick. “Don’t be afraid to double dip, they’re all yours right now.” Carol smirked. She smothered his penis with her mountainous mammaries, his member completely vanished in the vast warmth of her bosom.

“Mmh-hmm! Look at those puppies! I could drown in those jugs!” A southern spin on words as Santa rejoiced at the sight.

Mason cradled his abused buttocks, now red like a mistletoe berry. The sting in his butt almost putting a tear in his eye. “What’d you do to my brother? Why is he all sex crazed now?”

“Nothin! çekmeköy escort Maybe he had some deep hidden desire that my beautiful wife went and dug out? No idea. Alright, now turn around.”

“What? No way! You just slapped my ass into a tomato!”

“Yes, I did! And now I’m gonna fuck it!” Santa proudly proclaimed, fetching his cock from the mistletoe-adorned g-string he wore. He pushed Mason to the ground and grabbed his tight little bubble butt. He stuffed his face in between it and prodded the ginger’s asshole with his tongue.

“H-hey! Quit!”

Santa stopped and drew off. Mason wasn’t expecting that. He had anticipated something thick and warm would invade his ass… but nothing other than a subtle chill graced his backside.

“Hey, Jason! Want jolly saint Nick’s jolly saint dick?” Mr Claus inquired, to which Jason happily spread his cheeks. A cock that almost rivaled Carol’s in size pressed against his back door. Father Christmas stuck his hand into the sweater Mrs Claus had once wore and pulled out a bottle of lube. He popped off the cap and poured a generous amount upon both his shaft and Jason’s dilating anus. After enough lube had been shared and slathered about, Santa stuffed Jason’s tight pink stocking with a heaping helping of rock-hard candy-cane.

Jason let out a yelp, and was forced to bend over by the overwhelming force of Kris Kringle’s erection. He rested his weak arms upon Mrs. Claus’s shoulders as he bucked his hips forward and now backwards. Santa battered Jason’s ass with his heavy ball sack and wide hips, in turn pushing Jason to slam against Carol’s giant breasts. Retreating from her tits only slid Jason’s ass further upon Father Christmas’s cock, and the cycle began anew, destined to continue until someone lets loose their juices.

Mason looked on, his bottom half exposed yet left out in the cold. His penis twitched and stiffened at the sight of his brother’s dick jailed by a pair of pillowy soft tits and his ass railed by the sissy Santa’s rod. He was jealous. He wanted to be in his brother’s place. He didn’t want to be left out.

“S… Santa!” Mason yelled. “I want to…”

“You wanna be a part of this? Alright!” Santa fist-pumped before exiting Jason’s back-door. Streaks of lube clung between plug and socket.

“Here, you’ll be between your brother and me.” Santa instructed, pointing out Mason’s spot.

“What!? No! I can’t be there! That’s…!”

“It’s there or nowhere, bucko. You’re the naughty boy here. Besides, kid, don’t you think its time you and your brother got a little closer?”

Mason grumbled. His body was eager, it didn’t care that the tight jiggling ass slick with lube belong to a relative. It just wanted either to be inside something, or have something inside it. And that position guaranteed both. He stomped on over and with little fan-fare dove into his brother’s asshole. Jason once again gasped in absolute delight. He didn’t care one bit who’s cock was lodged inside his rectum, just that there was one.

Mason felt the cool drench of lube coat his anus, and what followed was the girth and weight of Santa’s cock sliding into his asshole, parting his walls and even tapping against his prostate.

“Merry Christmas!” Santa shouted as he ignited the engine of this festive love train by thrusting his hips forward. They smashed into Mason’s ass, battering his prostate and shoving a moan out of his lips. This pushed his hips into Jason, his anal path packed with his brother’s meat and his prostate getting a good pounding as well. Then Jason’s hips darted forward into Mrs. Claus’s honkers where his cock was ravished by spit, warmth and the smooth flesh of Carol’s knockers.

Like Newton’s cradle, their hips and buttocks smacked against each other, and the force exerted transferred onward until it was reflected.

Until finally Jason’s prick spurted out his jism, coating the inner reaches of Mrs. Claus’s cleavage with sticky ivory chunks of spunk. Mason was the next to climax, his dick-milk spilling out and drenching his brother’s rectum with a hot load of livid white semen. At last, Santa blew his load, ensuring a white Christmas as his cum pooled inside Mason’s snug behind.

Cum dripped from every waist and anus as it stained the carpet beneath them.

“And a Happy New Year…!” Carol added.

Mason had wrapped his arms around his brother in his primal moment of ejaculation, while Jason rested upon his twin for support. The two supported each other’s weight before Mr and Mrs Claus retreated and left them to fall gracefully to the ground in a sitting position, chests panting and dicks leaking.

“Woowie! What a work out, huh babe?” The ever optimistic and energetic Saint Nick sauntered over to his wife, who nodded and cradled his head against her tits. “Bringing love and joy is tiring work… but its so worth it.”

A sudden slam from outside. The slam of a car door. All four of them looked out the window. It was the twin’s parents. The brothers were too entranced in their post coitus haze that they didn’t hear it.

Thankfully, Santa and Carol were magically inclined. With a snap, the room was clean, the twins were pristine, and the loving Mr and Mrs Claus were nowhere to be seen.

The front door opened, and their parents strolled in. Their mother caught sight of them first.

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