Needing Milk

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I needed milk for my coffee. I needed some real bad but it was only 6:30 in the morning. I figured no one in the area but Harold was up and it’s a 4 mile drive into town, so I couldn’t go to town for milk, plus there were other reasons too.

Looking out my farm house window, I saw Harold’s kitchen light on. I figured with his light on that meant Harold was on the go and getting ready to head to his fields for harvesting.

I didn’t see Geena walking through her kitchen, but she had to be up if Harold was up. Shortly after, I decided to put on my shorts and a T-shirt and walk over to their house.

One I got there, Harold was already out on his harvester working away. I knocked on the door. I heard what I thought was an invitation to come in after knocking a couple of times, so I opened their door and let myself in. All I heard was some shouting and moaning instead.

It wasn’t an argument I heard as I initially assumed! What I heard was one of a woman pleading for ‘more and more’! “At 6:45 in the morning”, I asked myself

It was Geena but she was shouting at someone and I wondered “What is it she is begging for?” That’s when I realized what was going on!

“Yeahhh something special in fact was going down!”

My only question was “Who was Kathy Anne that she was shouting at?” I didn’t know a Kathy Anne and I knew everyone Geena and Harold knew! I sure did!

Geena, from what I gathered must have been hornier then hell. It was in fact only 6:45am and for unknown reasons ‘started’ in on her self early, doing you know what!

“Whoa and cool beans” were my thoughts but I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was I?

This was Geena and this was her personal time, so I shouldn’t have been in the house I eventually said to myself!

Geena must have been, for whatever reason, talking or should I say shouting at something or someone and begging for more ‘attention’.

I stood in their entrance way silently waiting for the other voice. I did hear someone’s voice, but it was coming from a TV.

“Come on, give it to me honey! Come on in baby, she yelled out, yes put it in me”, Geena continued!

You bet your ass I was intrigued! Harold had no clue what she was up to I bet!

Okay Geena was doing herself and then I thought, “No way, not Geena who is the surrogate mother of my kids?”

Geena has always been a sweet woman in my opinion. My three kids, since my wife passed away were her family too. That was special that she became a mother to them!

Geena and Harold, they are a very special couple! An interracial marriage, it never mattered to anyone in the county.

Geena is of an ancestral interloping back when her great-great grandmother was initially forced into having sex with her slave owner, who shortly after developed a passionate respect for her.

The slave owners brother, who despised the slave owners love and respect for the great-great grandmother became violent, contested his brothers attraction to the black slave, and beat him up one evening as the story was told.

He then went and raped the black woman and hence a child was born, but there was a chance this offspring may have been the slave owner’s child and not that of the drunken brother.

The son of the slave owner slowly became deeply attracted to this offspring. These two eventually had consensual sex and it was good! Hence another mixed child was going to be born! Worse yet, the son and the mixed race daughter who were over 18, were ‘related’. It was of no matter to these two lovers!

Life went on, times changed, people adapted to cultural differences, and Geena was born! Geena grew up, went to college, and met Harold! Harold fell madly in love with her… for a while! Sadly it would pass, but fortunately this would be to my benefit!

Geena has wonderful light chocolate toned features. Her eyes sparkle! Her cheeks and physical stature were that of a Caucasian woman but slightly larger in physical build.

Geena never considered her self a black woman. How could she, her ancestry contradicted it! Geena never considered her self strictly a white woman either for the same reasons! But Geena did consider herself a beautiful, wonderful, and loving woman and wife.

Geena loved people and she always loved showing her affection and appreciation to them.

An attractive woman, who was on the plus side of the scale she had a myriad of special physical features in my opinion!

Geena’s breasts are medium sized and maybe the size of small cantaloupes. The truly attractive feature to me was an enduring lower body. She had a wide set of hips with round, curvy, sturdy, and full shaped buttocks. Yes, she was pleasing to my eye to see her. Her waist was relatively much thinner in appearance! She always wore a certain style of jeans which accentuated that large rotund buttock of hers! I always loved when she wore them, but I don’t think she ever knew it!

Sometimes I wished I could lick her jeans right off her and literally watch them slip off Escort Bayan her rolling ass! It was a revelation I had occasionally when I had nothing better to do on long night all alone or out on my own fields!

All this said Geena was back in her bedroom meanwhile masturbating away to a video!

Upon hearing her ‘shouting’, I stood frozen at first. “Should I leave, I wondered, or could I sneak into the kitchen get what I came for and get out?” I did that quickly and as quietly, while hearing her moan and scream Kathy Anne’s name out!

“Okay, now get out and leave it alone! Yeah, alright, women do these things, I thought to myself, and I guess Geena does it too!”

Instead, as I started back out the front door, something snapped inside me! I walked, not out the door and doing the right thing, but down her hallway to the ‘disturbance’!

Yes, that’s right, as a man, my fantasies got the best of me and I just HAD to know! I just HAD to listen! Yes, I just HAD to see how exactly she was doing what she was doing! Yes baaad, baaaad me; I could not let it lie!

I was supposed to leave a note, I said to myself, but I got distracted and initially forgot! Yeah, I sure did get distracted easily enough!

I tried to walk away and ignore it, but I didn’t try hard enough as Geena’s frantic yelps and gasping I heard became more interesting to me.

I thought, “Oh god, wouldn’t’ it be wonderful to be the guy in there plugging or eating away at her?”

Just about at her door as the moaning and calling of Kathy Anne’s name became more intense, one last thought occurred to me, “Write that note so she knows I borrowed some milk for my coffee.”

Tip toeing backwards to a table, I saw a piece of paper and a pencil on the floor. I wrote a quick note, hoping she’d see that. I tip toed back to her room attempting to get a peek at her fun… or my delight!

“Yes, of course I’m being stupid”, I thought to myself! Who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t want to peak in and see how she did herself or just watch for fun?”

I stood outside the door listening in profound bliss as the television blurted out erotic music and sounds and she responded with even more delightful, passionate aroused retorts which made me horny!

My face heated up and I’m sure it was red. My pelvic and groins contracted with wild aroused sensations and my penis tingled and stiffened somewhat too! I listened anxiously!

I wanted to crack the door a bit! But these old farm houses, they always creak!

As god as my witness, I was not going to disturb her fun and my pleasure ride!

No way was I going to do that… no way whatsoever!

“Wait, I thought, go outside, and watch her do her thing through the bedroom window which was behind the bushes! Hell yes, that’s a great idea!” I tip toed back, picked up my glass of milk, walked out and around the back, and hid in between several tall bushes.

No one could see me. I heard the distant roar of Harold’s tractor out in the fields, so I was safe.

I should have been more mature, but obviously I wasn’t and I watched and watched! I became hornier watching her aggressive antics on her own self! I put my container of milk down and with my hands on the window ledge, I watched in excited anticipation for her to orgasm!

I saw her body and her head rocking back and forth as it simultaneously humped her vibrating dildo all the while she watched a movie she had. I watched both her and the movie!

Mainly, I stared at her lovely large figure and bizarre contortions going at it all in sync with that movie!

God, I wanted to go home and jack my self off badly! Even better, I wanted to go back inside and climb on Geena, do her every way possible, and even better just butt fuck that hearty round ass I loved!

I knew I had to get home so I bent over, picked up the milk, turned around, and swung my arm quickly! When I did that, the container of milk hit the window frame. It made a loud disturbing sound.

I wasn’t sure at that moment whether Geena heard it. I certainly felt she might, so I ducked and quickly crept along the base of her house and when I got to the end ran like mad back to my house. I ran as fast as possible, spilling milk along the way.

I didn’t need coffee at that point thanks to Geena’s showing stopping performance which woke me up!

Before I got through the door to my house, I stopped in my garage catching my breath. The phone rang but I didn’t answer it. Being that it was early morning, I had the recorder volume turned off!

Walking inside, there was an early morning message. It said, “That was certainly embarrassing, but I hope you will be kind enough to come back over and apologize. If you do, I’ll certainly repay you for your courteous apology. I hope I’ve made that clear!”

It was Geena and she said it in a tone of voice that no man would resist! I’ve never heard her speak so solicitously!

I wasn’t sure how to answer her ‘call’. I thought about her all day long. I thought Bayan Escort a lot about what we could do in a day’s time all alone. Harold still was out in the fields harvesting! My harvest was done for the spring and I wouldn’t have another until late summer. So my time was free other then to set up fertilizer contracts.

The mail came and I received a Western American Telegram. It had to have been sent that morning or I wouldn’t see it until the following day. I noticed it was dated May 26, so it had to have been sent that early morning.

The telegram read as follows: “I know of a property about 14 miles east of here which would be perfect for a get together. I’d be more then happy to see if you’d like to have a picnic there and you would be able to apologize… as I mentioned earlier to you. Call ME before 3:30PM… or I WILL CALL YOU…again! Let me know what you think and what your feelings are on this SUGGESTION”

“Okaaayyyy… Hmmmm I thought, how could I turn down an offer like this?”

Now the property she mentioned was none other then undeveloped land I bought 6 years ago. It was a grassy knoll with beautiful surroundings. Trees adorned the eastern most edge of the 100 acres I owned.

Pulling out my cell and walking out and away from the house, I went to the edge of my property towards Geena’s house and looked that way.

“Hellooooo”, said the sweet voice on her end.

“Hiiii, I said back, how are you this fine and beautiful day?” Of course I wanted to sound playful with my neighbor’s wife.

“Ohhh, I’m so happy you called, how are you? I wished I knew you were around earlier and she went on to add, I would have been more then happy to include you in my personal time. I bet you would have liked those early morning exercises too… true?” She giggled in a crucial moment which piqued not only my interests, but also my newly heightened senses!

“Exercises, well that is an understatement Geena because erotic aerobics such as yours might be a better description. Yeah, I like that phrase, ‘erotic aerobics’ wouldn’t you say that’s appropriate?”

“Hehehe, “Yes, that’s a catchy one. So is it a date? Does your property out in the other township sound like a lucrative idea? I do want that apology, Cam. I really do but over the phone, well that just will not do!”

I could tell she was playfully scolding me.

She added, “It’s the honorable thing to do, since I was so rudely interrupted. We can discuss ideas about what sounds fun and enjoyable while we drive there. By the way, what should I wear? Also, I’m going to have questions for you I want answered!”

Obviously I am Cam, short for Cameron. No one calls me Cameron. Not even my deceased wife or Geena. Tara, my wife and Geena were best friends. That doesn’t matter any more as times have changed and I’m on to bigger and better (Geena’s body) things!

We finished our chat and planned out the picnic. “Geography, as in, where do we meet? Where do I pick you up at?”

“I’ll meet you, she said, at the SupplyHaus outside Conklin Township.”

The next morning, with the kids off to school, I left and she was there before me. We decided I would drive.

“So where’s my apology Mr. Holman? Truly I’d love and expect that apology.”

Finally I pulled off the road and put it in park. I took some time to consider what and how I wanted to respond to her request for an apology. I stared ahead but once in a while I peeked at her large sexy thighs and waist. “Mmmmm, I’d think, so damn delicious!” After being quiet for almost a minute I said, “Geena, in all the years we’ve known one another, I’ve always thought of you as a good friend. There’s a lot that can be said, but that may not be important.

But there have been many times that I wanted to tell you things but I always felt it would be inappropriate.”

I continued on by saying, “Number one though is that I started thinking about you just before Tara passed away. I started thinking about how attractive you really are to me. I began thinking how sexy you really are in my opinion. Then I started fantasizing about romancing you.”

After that, I said, “I thought about how sexy you are in fact and what those sexy features were! But to get to the point, I actually began thinking about having sex with you and how superb it would be! Sometimes I even think about things I never ever would have done with Tara!”

“Overall, Geena, I could have sex with you and even make love to every part of your body! I’m sorry I intruded on you yesterday morning, but I wish I was in there to watch or participate with you while you were doing what you did, because that Geena… that was sexy as hell!”

She listened intently! She was amazed too! Her eyes were glued to me as I gave her my apology! Her mouth, by that time, was wide open and her eyes were wide as a semi truck is long. She seemed speechless. She was speechless because she didn’t say anything for a while afterwards.

“Are you okay Geena? Was my apology sufficient? Was it what Escort you expected?”

“Ummm, no Cam I’m not okay and no it wasn’t what I expected. However, your apology, well how does a woman answer reply? That apology makes me feel as if we could skip going to your property right now. I’m not sure what I feel, but wow Cam, you have a way with words!”

I wanted to say something or do something or even act on her response, but I wasn’t sure what and she wasn’t either.

“Drive Cam, let’s go so we can figure out… well just drive so we see how all this goes.”

Driving along, I thought about what she felt. I’d look over at her often but she’d only smiled and stared ahead as I got closer to the property.

Once we arrived, she asked me to drive near a small area defined by younger trees where there was less grass and shade. I pulled into that area. She quickly got out, pulled out a large heavy blanket, and spread it out.

Sitting down with her legs spread out in front of her and her hands back behind her, I saw that she wore those delicious pair of brand name jeans I love so much.

I wanted to ask her if she would mind standing and turning about so I could view her fabulous ass! I hesitated, but she asked me what was on my mind. Somehow she knew something was up.

“Nothing, I answered back, nothing at all.”

“Cam, tell me what it is about me you find so attractive?” She sat back staring up at me while waiting for an answer. She would not speak until I answered her.

She had a perfect smile with an equally perfect set of lips, white teeth, and that light brown toned skin that I felt enhanced her beauty two-fold!

Her hair… yes her hair was silky brown, which she even highlighted herself.

“God Geena, you… sure are… one… one beautiful woman! Does you know who, referring to her husband, tell you that? Does anyone ever tell you that? If they haven’t or don’t, what the heck is wrong with them?”

In addition to wearing those fine sexy jeans, she wore a fine light weight designer sweatshirt like top that hid the beauty of her smaller waist. “Why did she wear that”, I wondered.

She told me she gets compliments here and there. Some from Harold, but infrequently, many were from Tara she told me, and once in a while from my eldest daughter or the town folk.

I felt better that she did get them.

“I think you are an attractive man, do you think of yourself as an attractive man?”

“I don’t know, I replied, I suppose I’m okay.”

“You are more then okay Cam, as men go and I’ve developed a liking to men who live on farms or ranches; I’d say you could be considered a stud in some respects. You have a good personality as well as that gruff exterior. That puts you right up there in my book.”

“Let me sit down behind ya Geena and you can sit in front. That way I can give you a massage and we can relax”

She asked me as I rubbed her shoulders first, “Do you really like black women in general or is it just me?”

“Yeah, I replied, but it depends on the woman too.”

“So you like me for my looks”, she added.

“I think you are very sweet and extremely sexy!”

“Awwww, I like hearing that a lot! Do you like black women’s breasts?”

“Hell yeah I do and I’m sure I’d love yours! Maybe I need to begin showing you exactly how much I like yours so you see what I mean! Sit back against me and close your eyes. I want you to relax. Take in a few deep breaths and relax!”

She did and first massaged her shoulders. Then without incident I moved my hands down around the base of her sweatshirt. I just barely pulled up her sweatshirt enabling my hands to skim over her tender and pudgy tummy. Yes, she had a slight bulge in her tummy and it wasn’t too much of one! It wasn’t excessive and I liked it a helluva lot!

The horizontal roll which I stroked back and forth was smooth and soft! Oh yes, I wanted to hold it so much and so often to make sure she knew I liked her… for her! I liked her body just the way it was. I liked it more as I began feeling her body! There wasn’t a doubt in my mind!

“Does it bother you what I’m doing?” Her eyes were closed

A quiet response slipped out and she said, “Ohhh noooo I like it… a lot, mmmmmm.”

“How this feel” as I began caressing her little roll through my finger tips

“Ooooh… mmmm that feels soooo mmmmm… wonderful how you’re doing that”, she said quietly.

She was at peace with everything, I felt.

I ran my hands across that extra layer, holding it carefully. I took more of it in the palm of my hand while holding it further. I continued to gently clutch her rolls!

“I like how this feels. It’s soft, tender, and erogenous Geena. You sure have… well I’d love to hold you other areas too.”

“This makes me feel incredible and warm too Cam. Did you have this type of intimacy with Tara?”

“Yes we did have these moments. We never came here Geena. So this is our spot, how does that sound to you?”

She said yes and when she did, I gradually went higher up inside her shirt towards her breasts while aiming for two gold mines and she knew I was going that way.

Quietly, Geena asked me, “Do you want them in your hands too? Would you like to handle them? It’s okay Cam if you do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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