Neighborly Secrets Pt. 02 – Backseat

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This story takes place a week after the last one, and the idea was inspired as I walked around our neighborhood one day and saw “Rick” vacuuming his car in his garage. For the full back story on the relationship between Rick and “Diane,” see my previous story – but in a nutshell, they’re two neighbors who were seriously and secretly into one another, but neither would make the first move. Diane was gorgeous, married and shy; Rick was single, hot and to be honest, kindof a chicken.

As for me, I’m the neighbor who knew both of their stories from friends of theirs, and attempted unsuccessfully to put them together. Although Rick had previously had an affair with a married woman in the neighborhood, admitted to having previously texting flirtatiously with Diane, and was clearly into her in a big way, he got cold feet and couldn’t follow through, even though Diane’s husband traveled constantly for business and was away for weeks at a time. A shame.

Ultimately there was a happy ending for Diane, however, as I was able to use my knowledge to connect her with another neighbor, and I heard they enjoyed some wonderful times on his back deck in the California sunsets.

This story is called Backseat. As with the first story, the “you” in the story is Rick, as I wrote and sent these stories to him, to try and inspire him about the opportunity right down the street from him.


Late one warm Sunday afternoon. The neighborhood is quiet, many people away, and you have been working around your house all day. Dressed just in shorts and a t-shirt, you’re now in the garage, having backed your car in to vacuum it. As you’re working on cleaning up the backseat, you’re startled by a female voice shouting your name, trying to be heard over the vacuum cleaner, so you turn it off and look up to see Diane standing just outside the garage.

She looks great, as usual. A snug tank top and sports bra that show off her perky small breasts, and cute running shorts that show off her great legs. Just as happens every time you see her, you’re again struck by how beautiful she is. Her face is red, she’s clearly been on a long walk or run – you’re also amazed at how fit she is, how she manages to keep herself in such great shape when other women her age are letting themselves go. She still cares about her looks, and not for the first time, you wonder if any of that has to do with you, whether she’s been preparing all along for what she hoped would eventually happen between the two of you. Brushing that off as just your ego talking, you offer her a glass of water, which she gladly accepts. As you hand her the glass, your fingers touch hers, and you feel that immediate electricity again, and you also feel a stirring below your waist.

The two of you make small talk, but there’s clearly tension in the air, tension that is lingering from your meeting in the dugout the previous weekend, tension that feels like it will lead to something inevitable. She asks how it’s going, and leans into the car to inspect your work, allowing you to inspect and admire her firm ass as she does. You’re reminded of being in the dugout with her, how you were able to massage that delicious ass, and you’re definitely starting to get hard.

As she looks into the car to pretend she’s examining your work, she says, “You missed a spot,” teasingly Sakarya Escort pointing into the back seat. You lean in to see where, placing a hand on her shoulder to look around her, and as you do that, she turns to face you, giving you a long deep kiss, sliding her tongue in and out of your mouth. “Mmmm,” she says, “I’ve missed your kiss.” Your arms slide around her waist, and hers slide around your neck to continue the delicious intermingling of your lips and tongue.

Between kisses, with a smile you say, “Show me the spot I missed” and she says, “It’s right here, I’ll show you,” as she slides across the back seat patting the seat next to her, inviting you to climb in. You don’t need to be asked twice, and you scramble in, taking a glance out the windshield to make sure you can’t be seen from the street. The tint on your windshield will definitely prevent anyone from peering in, so you feel totally safe.

You also feel totally turned on, and the two of you immediately continue the intense kissing, arms around each other, matching her hunger and desire with your own. Your hands are not idle, and you fully explore her body, spending time cupping her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples, and her back arches with enjoyment each time you do. And then your hand slides down from her chest to her stomach, and from her stomach to her waist, and then from her waist down to her thighs.

She greets your hand warmly, spreading her legs to welcome your fingers. You don’t disappoint, and your fingers trace the hem of her shorts, dipping more deeply between her thighs as you hear her breathing quicken. When your fingers first glance against the spot between her legs, you can feel her wetness through her shorts, and she emits the first intense moan. Your physical reaction to that is instant, and obvious, and you feel your hardness pressing against the front of your shorts, straining to get out.

The kissing continues (you dreamed she would be an incredible kisser, and your dreams were right) as does your exploration of the front of her shorts. She wants you to be able to do that, too, so she maneuvers her position a bit and spreads her legs more allowing you to slide your fingers inside the hem of her shorts so you can touch her from outside her panties. Again, as soon as she feels your fingers there, she moans and arches her back, intensely feeling the moment. Taking the cue that she’s enjoying it, you move your fingers so that you can slide them inside her panties and touch her soft mound. Again, you’re struck and totally turned on by how little hair she has down there, but as she feels your fingers touching her she lifts her ass up off the seat, straining for you to slide inside her.

But you’re not ready to do that yet, and your fingers expertly slide to her g-spot, which is easy to do because by now she’s incredibly wet. As you kiss her, you quietly say, “So is this the spot I missed?” and her response is to put her hands on yours to hold them in place, and to let out a low and deep moan of enjoyment as your finger deftly manages to keep very light pressure on that spot.

As enjoyable as it is to have you touch her there, however, she realizes that her shorts are preventing her from getting the full benefit of your touch, so she moves her hands down to the back of her shorts, lifts Sakarya Escort Bayan up her ass and starts to slide them down. You take the hint and remove your fingers from inside them, and with one swift movement, all of a sudden her shorts and panties are on the car floor, leaving you full access to the sweet spot between her legs. You don’t hesitate, and feel her wetness increase as you slide one then two fingers inside her, feeling her back arch and hips push forward to get every inch of them. “My god, you feel so good…been dreaming about this for so long…” and she thrusts her tongue deep into your mouth, which only further intensifies your own desire.

You alternate between lightly touching her on the outside, keeping her excited by moving your finger over her special spot, and also sliding your fingers inside her delicious wetness. Her breathing is definitely quicker, and her moans are now getting more shallow, and you realize that she may be getting ready to come. Her hands are back on top of yours, showing them where to go, when to touch lightly and when to fully push inside, and the combination is driving her wild with excitement and arousal.

When she can take no more, her hands push your fingers deep inside her, her ass lifts off the seat, her hips push forward, and she releases a long breath combined with a gasp and a moan, saying “It’s been so long…that feels so good…why did you wait so long to do this to me…” and you’re sure that means that she’s just come, which makes you extremely happy.

Gradually her pressure on your hands subsides, and as you gently slide your fingers out, you decide you really need to do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time – you lift your fingers up, and as you pull back from her kiss she opens her eyes to see you slide your fingers into your mouth and taste her delicious wetness, licking them up and down to make sure you savor every drop, and you can’t believe how much it turns her on when you do that. She instantly reaches up to put her hands behind your head and pulls your lips back to hers, kissing you more deeply and intensely than ever, tasting herself on your lips and tongue, squirming and shaking and quivering with excitement in the seat next to you.

While kissing you, her hand slides down your chest, over your stomach, and finds the front of your shorts protruding from how hard you are underneath. She lightly strokes the inside of your thighs, teasing and tickling you, but then she returns to the front of your shorts, and grasps you fully with her hand through the thin fabric, whispering, “You’re so big…my god…” and reaches inside your shorts to touch your skin, which sends shock waves through your body and has your back and hips arching upwards it feels so good.

With her hand inside your shorts, she begins stroking you slowly, up and down, enjoying how hard she’s made you, and all the while kissing you deeply and increasing the intensity of her strokes. Taking a cue from what she did just moments before, you slide your hands to the sides of your shorts and slide them down to rest on the floor next to hers. Your hardness is now fully exposed, and she gasps as she looks down at it, seeing it in full for the first time, realizing how much she wants it.

She brings her other hand over and begins to stroke Escort Sakarya you faster, whispering, “Need two hands for this big boy…” and as you realize how excited you’ve become and how quickly you could come, she senses that, says, “not yet…” and expertly lifts herself off the seat, shifts over to position herself above you facing away from you, and as she reaches down between her legs, she guides you to her wet opening and slowly but very steadily slides herself down as you gasp and hold your breath, unable to imagine this is happening again. Your hands go to her hips and guide her down slowly, making it linger, and just as she reaches the base, you push your hips upward to ensure that she is getting every inch, at which she emits a loud moan, unable to believe how deeply you’ve penetrated her.

With your hands on her hips, you start to move her up and down, using your hips to slide in and out of her. At the same time, she has her hands on your knees, and is using that leverage to push herself up and slide back down, bending over in the back seat so as not to bump her head on the car ceiling. You are both moving in perfect rhythm, fully enjoying the incredible moment that was completely unexpected, and wanting it to last and last. But you also know that you won’t be able to last forever, and you begin to increase the pace of your hip movements, and slide her faster and faster up and down your shaft. Her breathing and moaning has intensified as well, and it’s apparent to you that she is going to come again, which further turns you on.

Faster and faster, up and down, releasing and engulfing, the two of you are caught up in this rhythm that is seemingly unstoppable, like a freight train out of control it goes faster and faster until…you can no longer take it and you pull her all the way down while thrusting your hips up pushing your hardness more deeply into her than ever before at which she gasps and stammers out “coming again coming again coming again oh my god you’re so big so hard you feel so good inside me how do you do this to me…” and you can’t hold back any longer and you feel the pulsing throughout your body, all energy and blood rushing to your hips and waist and hardness and you feel yourself erupt deeply inside her again, holding her hips so she can’t move and you want to stay locked like that forever or at least until your heart stops racing a mile a minute but you don’t want it to stop ever because of all the times you fantasized about being with her the real thing is far more intense and incredible and unbelievable than you could have ever imagined…

When your heart finally does stop racing, you realize how tightly you’ve been holding onto her hips, and you lighten your grip then lift her off you, feeling another intense moment as you finally slide out of her wetness, and you shift her over and back to the seat next to you, where you look at each other’s eyes, smiling and kissing, fully enjoying the afterglow of that amazingly intense and satisfying experience.

When you pull away, she reaches down for her panties and shorts and slides them back on, and you do the same with your shorts. As you slide out of the car, then help her do the same, she reaches up for one last kiss, and whispers, “I guess I was wrong, you didn’t miss a spot. You got every spot there is, my god that was incredible, and I can’t wait for the next time…”

And with that, she walks away, and again you find yourself captivated by that amazing ass and you watch her until she’s completely out of sight, at this point wondering not if it will happen again, but when. And you can’t wait, ether…

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