Never Have I Ever

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*** This version has been edited since first being published. After getting some really great feedback I cut out a lot of filler junk, added a few more flames, and hopefully did a better job of rounding out the ending. Thanks for any feedback and have a great day! ***

“Sally, we’ll go in and register and get our little name tags. After that we’ll head to the bar area or where ever they have everything set up and there’s a little mixer of sorts for about half an hour. It gives you a little chance to scope out who all made it out while giving the organizers time to get the logistics planned out depending on the number of people who show up. Once they have it all figured out, they’ll separate the men from the women and instruct us as to where we’ll sit and how the men will start rotating around. Once everyone has found their first table, they’ll start a timer for 5 minutes. After another half hour mixer, they’ll put out a list of matches and you can see if there’s anyone else that would be interested in a real date.” With that she grabbed my now empty glass and announced that we were there.

I looked out the window to the front of the club all this was taking place in and took in a deep breath. At least she had the forethought to get us there about an hour before we needed to be. That would likely prevent any guys hitting on us just because they think we’re loaded. I stepped out of the limo with the help of Greg and quickly made sure all my bits were in their correct places. He’d been our driver pretty consistently over the past month so he was already in place to block out my little jiggle from the public eye. Every time he’d snicker at me and shake his head. I knew it was a little crazy, but I’m not completely sane. A tap on his broad shoulder indicated I was ready to be seen and he’d quickly move out of the way like he was revealing some great prize.

I quickly thanked him after his grand gesture of presenting me to the world and met Angela on the sidewalk by the front door. She yelled to Greg that we’d be at least 3 hours, but to keep his cell on just in case and was on her way inside with me following after her looking pretty nervous I’m sure. Once we found the organizer and got registered we headed to the bar for a few snacks to help soak up the liquid courage we had been enjoying on the ride over. After a couple of potato skins and a cheese stick or three, it was about time to get the party started. We could see the others showing up in slow trickles. Some of them in groups of 3 or 4, but mostly solo. As we headed over to get in line to be ‘sorted’, I could have sworn that I’d seen Greg. I did a double take, but didn’t see him anymore.

I brushed it off thinking it was highly unlikely that any man built like Greg would need to be at a speed dating event. He wasn’t what you’d call drop dead sexy, but he was handsome and exuded this confidence that made you sure that he’d be an excellent lay. His eyes were deep pools of green with tiny flecks of brown that would sparkle when the sun hit them just right. He kept his hair kinda long and scruffy along with his facial hair. On most guys it would be a big turn off, but on him it just seemed to work. These days, I was sizing up every man around me as a potential lay, but to be honest Greg was the guy that had been fueling the late night solo sex sessions I’d been having since he’d first showed up. Before then, it’d always been a faceless lover who had taken me where I needed to go.

Angela grabbed my hand and was leading me to our seats before I could try to get another look for Greg. She had managed to make sure we were seated together so I wouldn’t run away when she wasn’t looking. I sat down and tried to get as comfy as I could with all the wires and latex gripping most of my body. Before I knew it, a bell from somewhere rang and the men descended like locusts during the second coming.

The first guy was in his late, late, late 60’s and was wearing the absolute worst hair piece I’d ever seen in my life. That’s saying something since I remember the 70’s. The 10 others after him were just as disappointing. One guy sat down, took a swig of his drink, and asked me if I knew if we were required to sit at the table until the bell rang cause he didn’t do ‘fatties’. Another kept making googly eyes at the chick on the other side of me. To say this was turning out to be exactly what I thought it would be was putting it lightly. By the time they told us this was the last swap I was almost in tears I was so happy. I took a swig of my drink, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath to prepare myself for the last loser to grace my presence this gloriously horrendous night.

I opened my eyes and almost spit out my drink. There sitting in front of me was Greg, but not the Greg that had just dropped us at the front door a mere 2 hours ago. This Greg was clean cut and sexy as hell. He’d pulled his hair back into a man bun instead of the normal half hazard pony tail he usually sported. Someone had gone through his beard and mustache and evened it all out as well as cleaned up all the edges. The suit he had on was fitted perfectly to his bahis şirketleri body. It showed off all the right body parts in all the right ways. I swear I could see the muscles rippling under his sleeves as he picked up his glass to take a drink. He looked like a Greek God. The entire time I was processing this he kept his eyes locked on mine; holding my gaze like he owned my thoughts and forbid me to look anywhere else.

I couldn’t say a word. There have been very few times I’ve been speechless in my life and this was turning out to be one of them. I opened my mouth to say something several times, but no sounds ever escaped. I couldn’t think of anything to say. All that kept running through my mind was that I wanted him on top of me, running my fingers through his hair. I sat there completely stunned that he was sitting here in front of me. The girl at the next table brought me out of my daze by complaining that he didn’t stop at her table and that wasn’t fair. I looked over to her and saw that she was one of those normal skinny girls with too tight and too short clothes on with blonde hair and fake boobs. The ones that are always hanging onto the arms of men who looked like Greg did tonight. Before I could say there had to be a mistake and have him move he put his hand up and looked at the girl with a very annoyed look on his face.

“I know exactly what table I’m supposed to be at young lady. Yours is not it.”

Again my jaw dropped. What the hell is going on? I looked over at Angela to see if she was seeing what I was seeing only to realize by the look on her face she was in on it. That little Bitch. No wonder she wouldn’t let me back out of tonight even though I tried to a bajillion times.

“Sally, I wanted the chance to take you out on a date, but didn’t think you’d give me the time of day in my driver’s uniform. Just showing up at your door to ask you out seemed to be a little on the stalkerish side, so I asked Angela what I should do the last time I took her out shopping. Her first response was that you deserved better than some bum limo driver who couldn’t seem to get his hair in a rubber band, but once I explained to her who I was, she decided to give me some help in getting all this set up.”

I looked over to Angela grinning like a kid in a candy store before facing off with Greg. “And just who in the hell are you then? Is Greg even your real name? What the hell is going on here? Angela, you’re fired!” I was so confused and hated more than anything that everyone else knew what was going on but me.

“Let’s get out of here and I promise I’ll explain everything to you. If you’re still mad at me I’ll take you home and make sure you never see me again. Is that fair? Can you do that?” Greg pleaded with me. There was something in his eyes that I just couldn’t look away from. It pulled me in and before I knew it we were walking outside to another limo.

“So I see you’ve wrangled your coworkers into helping you with your little scheme tonight, huh? I hope it’s worth it if your boss finds out. How’d you talk them into helping you with this?” I was shooting out question after question as he ushered me into the back of the car. My mind was whirling and now we were going to be in the back of the limo. Alone. I felt like I was about to have a panic attack and all my senses were on overdrive. When I felt his body settle into the seat beside me, my pussy quivered. I was a school girl who had the star quarterback sitting right next to her holding her hand. He was holding my hand! How’d that happen?

“Sally, take a slow deep breath before you pass out woman. I can’t explain everything to you if you’re not conscious.” He chuckled at me as he reached out to get a bottled water from the wet bar. “Here, take a few sips of this and let me know when you’re ready to hear what I have to say.” He picked up the phone and instructed the driver to head to the beaches; someplace private.

He kept his eyes on me while I did as he said and calmed my breathing down. By the time I had drank about half the water, I was calm enough to finally speak to him. “Greg, I don’t know what made you think that you had to go through all this just to be able to speak to me. If your boss finds out what you’re doing what’s going to happen? Do I seem like a snobby Bitch that you can’t speak to me? This is all very confusing to me.”

“Sally, I am the boss. I own the limo service along with several other businesses in the area.”

“Then what in the hell are you doing driving me and Angela around all over God’s creation if you’re the boss?”

“Calm down and let me explain already. You sure are a pushy little thing aren’t you,” he chuckled as he maneuvered himself to look directly at me. “One day I was out checking up on the limos, making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. I was able to meet up with him while you two took a break for lunch. I was there before you got there and when I saw you get out it was like all the oxygen was sucked out of my lungs.”

The entire time he was talking his hands had slowly moved their way from my knee up to my face. His thumb was slowly bahis firmaları caressing my cheek as he spoke. I could feel the roughness of his hands on my skin and suddenly my body was on fire. I was almost panting and trying to understand the words he was speaking to me. His voice was like a sultry melody that was talking directly to my body, bringing it to life. When his thumb touched my bottom lip it was too much and I moaned with desire. At that moment he could have been the Antichrist and I’d have still wanted to feel his cock inside me.

“Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt when I saw you. All I knew is that I wanted you and I had to have you. Your old driver took one look at me and knew what was going through my head. He told me you had some issues with guys and weren’t really looking to date anyone. So, over several beers later that night, we came up with this plan to take his place so I could try to get to know you without any pressure.” When he said the word pressure, he slipped his thumb just barely inside my mouth, grazing my tongue. My hand instinctively came up to grab his arm. I wanted him inside me anyway I could so I pushed his thumb inside my mouth deeper. I ran my tongue slowly around his thumb almost keeping the same swirl pattern as his fingerprint. His eyes lit up like they were on fire. There was no denying that we were going to have sex at this point. My legs had made their way open showing off the fact that I don’t wear panties while his pants were straining trying to contain how big his cock was. He reached out and picked up the phone to tell the driver to get us to his place; now.

He threw the phone down and with a growl my face was in his hands and his mouth was on mine. Our tongues met and started an erotic dance that soon had us both moaning into each other’s mouths. I wanted to feel his body pressed into mine. I had to share this heat that he’d started inside me. Given our current location, I pushed him off me into his seat and straddled his lap. My now dripping pussy instinctively started rubbing against the bulge in his pants. My body had taken over and all I wanted was the release I knew he could give me. His hands were seemingly all over my body at once. I could feel him pinching and pulling on my nipples with one hand while the other disappeared under my dress to find the source of my need. I could hear my voice pleading with him to make me cum, to give me the release I’d needed for so long from someone other than myself.

“You’ll have to wait until I can get you home to cum. Tell me you can. I want to hear you say it.” With that, Greg’s hands went still. His eyes were still locked with mine.

No longer did I feel the waves of heat and ecstasy his hands were lavishing on my body. My body was in physical pain the need for release was so intense. His eyes were luring me into him. I couldn’t explain it, but It was like they were telling me what to do and my body was instantly responding. I somehow knew that despite the tsunami of need running through my body, I could wait for as long as he asked.

“I can wait.” It was barely above a whisper, but his eyes told me he heard every word clearly. I went to move back over to my seat, but his hands held me where I was at.

“I didn’t say that we had to stop enjoying each other’s touch. I want to feel your hands on me as much as I want to feel you. I’ve waited so long for this moment.” Again his mouth was on mine as his fingers were running through my hair, slowly tracing down my neck, and stopping at the top of my breasts. I was struggling to keep eye contact with him. Each touch was like an explosion being set off inside not only my body, but my head as well. As far as I was concerned we were on a cloud high up in the sky and everyone else was gone. I didn’t hear or feel the car stop nor did I hear the driver knocking on the window to signal he was about to open the door. Luckily, Greg did and was just barely able to prevent the door from being opened. He cracked the window ever so slightly and told the driver we’d need a moment before exiting.

The realization of what had just happened hit me like a bucket of ice water as Greg rolled the window back up. I couldn’t believe I’d just thrown myself at him like a common whore just because he looked at me. I immediately broke eye contact as I gathered my wits and put my clothing back where it belonged. Without looking at him I asked if he’d have his driver take me home before I could make a bigger fool out of myself. It was insanity that he could have this much control over me in such a short amount of time. I couldn’t let myself get into something with a man that can make me melt at a look. He’ll take me for all I’m worth and leave me broken hearted.

“Sally, you will get out of that car right here, right now, or I’ll drag you out kicking and screaming.” Greg’s voice drove home the fact that he was very serious. His hand was outstretched waiting on me to take it.

I took his hand and slowly made my way out of the car. Before me was a breathtakingly beautiful house, the likes of which I’d never seen outside of magazines. The yard was the size kaçak bahis siteleri of a Wal-Mart parking lot with trees and small flowers dotted around the landscape, all focusing your eyes up to the front of the house with the water feature. It was a fountain with angels playing in the water. Everything was very crisp and in its place. It was like a dream or something out of Hollywood. Standing at the all glass front door was the butler waiting patiently for us to make it inside.

“Come inside with me and at very least have dinner. Brad can show you to the guest room and you can lay down for awhile and get your wits back about you.” Greg took my hand and led me inside so Brad could finally close the door. “Follow Brad upstairs and get some rest. There’s a full bar and bathroom at your disposal as well. Whatever you need just let him know and he’ll take care of it.” With that he kissed the back of my hand and headed off into what looked like an office.

“If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to your room”, said Brad. And then I was walking up the steps. My head was still in the clouds and I couldn’t quite wrap it around what was going on. Less than 5 hours ago I was a couch potato with no prospects of ever finding any companionship worth a damn. Now I’m inside an estate ‘resting’ like some kinda gentle lady from ‘Gone with the Wind’. Greg was hot for me? He did all this just to have a chance to get closer to me? He’s got his own money?

Brad could see I was again inside my head so he cleared his throat and said, “If you should finally settle on something you need, just hit this buzzer by the table lamp and I’ll be here directly. Dinner will be served in an hour and a half so you have plenty of time to rest. There are towels in the bathroom for you to freshen up with.” With that, he was gone and I was staring at the back of a closed door. I looked around the room and could tell that not only did Greg just have some money, he was filthy rich. The room wasn’t showy exactly, like not in an in your face kind of way, but you could tell there was a good amount of money spent on the furnishings. Most everything in the room looked to be antique; the bed being the biggest piece of all. I’d never seen such a beast of a bedroom suite. The bed was made out of giant pieces of mahogany wood. The whole thing must have weighed at least 4 tons. There was a set of steps all around the mattress just to get you up to the bed platform. The four posts were as thick as my thighs and had lovely purple pastel silk cloths hanging around all four sides. The bed itself was bigger than a King size bed. I’ve never seen anything so big. It looked to be a King size and a Double size mashed into one. I climbed up and sat on what had to be the most comfortable bedding ever made. I figured there was no harm in lying down for a minute seeing that was what was expected of me. Within a few minutes I was out like a light and sleeping soundly.

A loud cough woke me up in what seemed to be just minutes after lying down. Looking out the window I could see that night was fully settled in so it had to have been an hour or so since I went to sleep. I turned toward the noise to find a maid with a large box in her arms.

“Mister said to bring you these clothes to change into for dinner and that you should take advantage of the showers. Also, he said he prefers you all natural so you shouldn’t worry about making a fuss over your hair and makeup.” She placed the box on the bed and walked out closing the door behind her.

Who the hell does he think he is? He likes all natural huh? I’ll show him all natural. I grabbed the box of clothes and stormed off to the shower. If you want to call it a shower. It was more like a rain forest. That thing had more shower heads that are natural. It was the most luxurious thing I’ve ever experienced. There was hot steamy water reaching every inch of my body. When I say every inch, I really mean it. It took all my willpower to not take advantage of the location of some of the shower heads to finally get the release I still so desperately wanted. Once I was sure that all the makeup and hair product was totally gone, I grabbed the super luscious robe hanging there and wrapped a towel around my hair. If he wanted natural, I was going to give it to him.

I hope he didn’t spend a ton of money on whatever clothes he went out and got for me. I walked over to the box and opened it. What I found made me literally laugh out loud. I stared down to a pair of silk purple long sleeve and pant pajamas with matching slippers. On one hand, he was presuming a lot giving me a set of pj’s. I mean that indicates he thinks I’m going to be spending the night. I know I gave that impression momentarily while we were in the car, but he had to have picked up the cold shoulder once I got my senses back. On the other hand, out of all the pj’s he could have gotten me, this has to be the most platonic thing he could have picked out. There could have easily been some kinda skimpy piece of lace with a piece of floss for panties. I did note that he didn’t bother getting me a set of panties to go with the pj’s though. I guess he’d noticed in the car, but why didn’t he take advantage? He had to know that I would have said yes to anything he asked before we reached his house. He could have had me already and been on to the next chick he could find.

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