New Found Pleasure and Lust

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I stood facing the wall, my own wall in my own apartment. My hands were spread out in front of my face. I felt him behind me and felt myself naked and vulnerable. I waited, anticipating.

I had only met him a few weeks before. We had texted and emailed for a long time before finally meeting. Daily emails. Letters, really. They could’ve been written by hand, put in an envelope and mailed with a stamp.

Finally we met in a cocktail bar. I was immediately attracted to him, not only physically but his mannerisms, his energy. They were intentional, certain. We walked out, that first time, walked along a park that was fenced and locked. And there he pulled me aside against the fence and kissed me hard. I was so turned on. His touch was firm and I yearned for more. His hand travelled under my skirt and explored my thighs. I was aware of strangers passing by. Strangers in windows in apartments across the street. And I didn’t care. I didn’t until his hand approached so close as to almost make me come and then I pushed back, overwhelmed with desire. Reality pushing the boundaries and making me aware of the passersby. Again his hand approached and again I pushed back. It wasn’t really me pushing back but the rational side of my brain, something programmed to say no, not yet. And yet, why not?

We took a cab, gave the directions to my apartment. We made out in the cab and again his hand so close to my orgasm. He told me he was only dropping me off.

“I don’t put out on the first date,” stated his cool demeanor. I accepted. What else could I do.

But today, after another passionate cab ataşehir escort bayan ride, he was here, inside my apartment. Before I had a chance to sit down he took my hair in one hand and kissed me hard while his other hand found my nipple and twisted it to erection. I could feel myself getting wet, my hips involuntarily moving towards him. Seconds later his hand had found my clit and I immediately went into an orgasm, my heavy breathing turning to a low groan.

He waited for me to finish coming and proceeded to undress me. He then turned me around to face the wall, his strong hands guiding me, my ass out and exposed. He took off his own clothes, his perfect body next to me. And still I waited.

Finally he approached me. His penis exploring my body exposed, and landing on my ass, pushing against this tightest of orifices. My mind searched for an explanation. We had never talked about anal sex, he had never touched my ass let alone penetrate it in any way. And yet now he was pushing against it with his thick cock. Nothing had ever penetrated me there. Not a finger and certainly not a penis.

And yet I accepted. He pushed slowly, so very, very slowly. And I waited. The more of him that I accepted the more my body opened. Slow, small contractions started building up inside me. To my surprise, I was enjoying this.

His hand reached around and touched my clit and suddenly I could not hold back the contractions that took over my body. I could feel my pussy so wet and yet so empty while my ass was being stretched and filled. I gave in completely and his penis escort kadıöy kept pushing further in with a strong, steady pressure.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yes,” I groaned loudly, not needing to think at all about the answer.

“I thought so”, he answered in a commanding voice.

I was completely powerless and realized he was still not fully inside me. The pain and pleasure mixed, with pleasure winning by far. My contractions continued while he ever so slowly and steadily kept pushing his way inside me. The more I became aware of his penis inside my ass, the more turned on I became. The contractions never stopped but ebbed and flowed. I could not have imagined the incredible pleasure I had from this. I groaned and found myself involuntarily pushing back against him. I wanted more.

But he was steady, unwavering in his trajectory. Cool and calm and in control he didn’t let me have too much at once; only what he would give me. His hands on my hips controlled my movements. The more accustomed I became to his penis tearing me open, the higher my pleasure until I was screaming in my orgasm.

Finally I felt his body flat against my buttocks. He was completely inside me and I was at the height of my orgasm. I kept coming, screaming at the wall in front of me, pushing against it, until eventually my contractions slowed down.

I was spent. I must have spent 20 min in an orgasm that kept mounting, while he seemed to barely move.

He pulled out and pulled me down on the couch. I laid next to him catching my breath. With my head on his chest, I looked maltepe escort down at his penis, still erect. I realized he had not come and I instinctively reached for his cock with my mouth.

As soon as my lips touched the tip of his penis I was reminded where his cock had been. The smell of my ass penetrated my nostrils. I wasn’t sure whether I was repulsed or turned on but my eyes focused on the veins protruding from his thick cock and I wanted more of him. I ran my tongue around the tip of his cock. I loved feeling every protrusion. I explored deeper, taking more of him into my hungry mouth. I felt him push against the back of my throat and I moaned, my mouth vibrating against him. I heard him moan and became more excited by it. Again I wanted him inside me, filling me up. I sucked and licked and I felt him growing harder between my lips. He gathered my hair in his hand and took control of my head. He pushed me down, his cock pushing against my throat. I choked and coated his penis in my thick saliva. And still I wanted more.

I took a deep breath, by now my nostrils were becoming wet, making it harder to breathe. I went down again, trying to take more of him in my mouth. He was moaning again.

“Don’t stop,” he said.

Not that I would dare. His cock felt thick and hard inside my mouth. My lips held tight against him. I looked up at him as I tasted a stream of cum against my throat. Bitter and thick yet I relished it. I tightened my lips even more to make sure not a drop slipped out. I slowed my movements and waited for his cock to empty into my mouth. I held on with my lips until his penis became more soft. I then let go, swallowed his cum and laid back on his chest catching my breath.

As I came back into my body I felt my ass sore from the unexpected penetration. The next day the feeling persisted as a reminder of my new found pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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