New Mexico’s Best Club

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Albuquerque, New Mexico is rather nice as cities go. Clean, spread out with desert on one side and mountains on the other. Two major interstates unite all four directions of the
Compass in the center of the city. High tech industries dominate the metro area of the bright Sunbelt City. Overall, I prefer the one horse town that is why I keep a place in the mountains far from the lights.

This is a story of normal folk, no huge mansions or limos. We all have good jobs and are stable in the community. No one is drugged, or forced to participate. A little coercion to do certain things but that adds to the excitement.

Our club started from some swingers who gravitated to certain likes. Precisely bondage, discipline, humiliation and some pain. About 30 members or so.

A quick summary of our organization. The name is just “The Club”. Simply all subs are shared by the members. Not all members have subs so Dominants outnumber subs by a small margin. All members, men and women are checked out with a fine toothed comb. Single members are usually part of threesomes who are members. There are several unattached subs, one male the rest women.

Each sub is required to give a minimum time to be on call or “With the Vibrator” as we say. They must carry a pager and be on call to service any Top at any time. Thus they must be dress, shall we say seductivly or easily accessable. This has become a sort of competition of the Doms; they see how sexy they can dress their slaves when they are on call.

No cell phones allowed, when paged the slave must find a pay phone, acknowledge the page and confirm the arrival time with the member. If they fail to comply with either time limit, the slave is punished during the next group meeting. We manage to have a female on call from at least 8 am until 2am.

Each story will be about a certain member or incident. You will learn more about the group as the story goes on.

1.Carol, 35, 5’9” great body with short brown hair and hazel eyes. She had been with the club since the begining. Her 15 year old son is off to computer camp and when this happens each year Carol’s Husband/Owner, puts her on 24 hour call. Her husband owns a small computer business that does very well and he employs her for bookwork and such three days a week.

Because they are experienced, during this time her owner refrains from fucking her. He does his bit for the group by having her masturbate in the morning without orgasm.

On this day Rob, her owner had her working in the shop. Carol was dress in a very short skirt; in fact, it barely concealed the tops of her stockings. Her heels were the tallest she could handle. Rob watched her every chance he could, even after all these years. Her firm ass moved with her steps. She wore a tight blouse that buttoned down in the front. It was not see through but she had to remove the buttons far enough down to show her ample cleavage.

On occasion when she dresses like this at the store, the phones sing with the call going out to the area computer geeks. Carol is turned on when the store stays busy with young men gawking at her tits and ass.

Rob and Carol were both behind the counter, he selling and she checking another geek out, when her pager went off. It was clipped to her skirt; she usually had it inside her underwear but today underwear was forbidden. Her hand went to the pull it off to look at it when Rob ordered, “Finish the customers”.

Carol got nervous after the third customer, finally after two more she checked the pager and reached for the telephone. Smiling Rob grabbed her hand and nodded, “In the office”

Glancing at her watch as she ran through the shop, all eyes on her ass, she had two minutes to meet the deadline. Slamming the door she reached for the telephone and quickly dialed the number. Carol was not a painslut; humiliation and bondage were her bags.

The telephone rang and rang, Carol tapped her foot. “ Come on, Come on” she muttered.
With thirty seconds left, he answered. “Yes”

“Is Jake there?” was the code incase another person answered or a wrong number.
“This is he. “ was the answer.

“What is your pleasure, Master?” she said as it was the practice.
She recognized the voice as the newest member Ronald. “Jake” was a code word if the Dom did not answer and the slave did not know who they were contacting;

“Meet me at my house in an hour, park in the driveway and walk around the back to the back door. What are you wearing?” he asked

Carol told him “Remove all but your shoes and stocking then enter the house. Be on your knees and put on your collar” he ordered and hung up.

She was excited, a new adventure, while she fished the Club Directory out of her purse.
Rob came in causing Carol to look up with a smile. “Well cunt!?” he asked, in his dominant role. Carol knew what to do; she dropped to her knees and bowed her head.

“ I have been called by Master Ronald to serve.” She held up the book “ He lives up off of Tramway, sir and I have to be there in less than an hour.”

“Show some respect” he said

Carol bent over and kissed his right foot several times, “ Master may I go serve Onwin Master Ronald?”

“GO slut” he said.

Carol rose, grabbed her keys and ran out the back as fast as her spiked heels would let her. She started the car and zipped into traffic. The store was down by the university and if the traffic was bad well the 40 minutes left might be close. It was late in the day and the traffic was just getting heavy. As she drove she reviewed his bio, she had not fucked him at any meeting and he had not called for her before. He had been a member for six or 7 months. 26 years old, 6 foot, collage, working on the Air Force base in some mid level job. Wife, Jan, 22, redhead, 5’5” very submissive.

Carol was getting wet; she could not help it. If the traffic were not so bad, she would have been playing with herself within a few blocks. She crossed Eubank and checked her watch, she would make it.

Carol pulled into the driveway of the adobe style house. She had ten minutes to spare. Taking a deep breath Carol opened the door and stuck her lovely long leg out, it warmed from the hot sun. As she walked to the back and opened the gate, she was relieved that all the houses had high adobe walls around the back yards.

Reaching the back door Carol did not hesitate she stripped her meager clothes off and left them folded on a lawn chair. As instructed she took a couple of steps inside the utility room, closed the door, went to her knees. Pulling out the collar that is standard for the Club she locked it around her neck and assumed the waiting position.

Someone knew how to raise the tension. Ten minutes and still no one, carol the slut’s cunt was oozing juice.

A moment later her waiting ended. The kneeling slave hears a noise, like something was dragged and bells ringing. When the door opened carol dared raise her eyes.
Jan shuffled in.

The redhead entered “so sexy” thought carol. About twelve inches of chained separated her leather cuffed ankles. As carol’s eyes panned up her sister slave she saw a naked cunt like hers, rings hanging from the jan’s cunt lips and a colorfull tatoo on the left side of her mound, “Rob Weller’s private property”

Carol could not control her curiosity she stared at the young girl. She had rings in her nipples that had several ounces of weights hanging form them. Jan’s large tits were pulled to the ground and with each movement, she showed a shot of pain on her pretty face. Her wrists had another 12 inches of thick chain connecting them. Her smooth and soft neck was wrapped with a thick leather collar.

“Master is not home yet, he told me to prepare you.” Said jan in a very subdued voice, almost shy.
Jan bent down and hooked a dog leash to the front of carol’s collar. While she was bent down connecting the leash jan whispered, “there are cameras all over please do as you are told.”

Jan lead carol through the kitchen into the living room. Carol could only stare at the younger woman’s tight ass as she shuffle within the confines of the chains.

In the center of the southwest décor living room was a 4X4 square of padded wood. On one end about half way stood a galvanized pipe sticking up with some clips on top.

Jan lead the slave and halted her next to the low platform. She pointed to the front of the platform and ordered the brunette to get on all fours.” Master wants you here!” she told carol as she gracefully crawled into positions.

Jan bent to adjust the slave’s position and pull her neck to connect her collar to the top of the pipe. Carol felt the weights dangling from the younger slave’s nipple rings, tap her on her forehead. She cringed each time, knowing that with each pull a bolt of pain shot up jan’s tits and sent a shiver down her back. Jan put cuffs on carol’s wrists and ankles then attached them with chains to the platform. Carol was now fixed in a doggy position, open to her momentary Master.

Without another word redhead jan, knelt next to doggy carol and waited. They did not wait long. They heard a car pull up and the front door open and close. Carol could only look at the floor. The rattle of keys on a table and the opening and closing of the refrigerator, then the sudden appearance of boots in her view, gave carol the chills.

What carol did not see is Ronald adjusting two video cameras to catch the action.

She jumped when Ronald ran his fingers through her hair, “ Easy Bitch, you must save your energy.”

He started to caress her neck, then worked his down her back to her ass. Still shivering carol felt, his fingers explore the crack of her ass, and both tight cheeks. As his fingers probed her soaking wet cunt, the horny slut just managed to stay on her knees.His second finger found it is way deep into her hole and his thumb started to slowly rotate her hard clit. Involuntarily she leaned back, as much as her collar would let her and started grinding onto the young Master’s hand.

Suddenly he pulled his hand form her hole and gave her a heavy slap on the ass, “I heard you were a horny slut. I did not tell you to pleasure your self.”

With gritted teeth from the pain, carol answered “Yes Onwin Giriş Master, it will not happen again Master.”

Ronald walked around the slaves, as he passed his slave he put his wet fingers in front of her mouth. She hesitated, which she would later pay for, then took them in her mouth, tasting carol’s sweet juices. Jan was eye level while her tongue danced across his fingers working to his thumb; she noticed the bulge in her husband’s pants.

Her ordered jan to undress him, a task she had done a thousand times. When he was down to his silk briefs he pulled jan out in front of carol and put her on her knees.

“Do you want those weights off my whore?” he asked,

“Oh yes Master please!” was her painful return
“When we finish with this slut you can take them off but I think you should have some more to make sure you do a good job.” He said with great pleasure.

With a whimper jan gave the proper reply “ Yess Sir, I need more, I cannot do a good job on my own.”

Ronald walked over to carol and pulled her head back by her hair, “Watch my slave, she does not like anyone watching when she is being trained.”

Carol watched as Ronald added several ounces of weight to her nipple rings, they looked like they were about to pull out. Jan moaned and gave a slight wiggle to her tits, but kept her hands on her lap. Then from a drawer he pulled a rather thick black ass plug. Carol had seen bigger and even taken them but it still looked too big and then again, she wondered “ Who was it for?”

Ronald handed the plug to the slave as he stared at bound carol. Obediently jan took the plug, and started sucking for all it was worth, she knew that her husband could order her to shove it up her ass or carol’s at any moment and she wanted it to be lubed.

Jan sucked the rubber device; to carol’s dismay Ronald produced a flogger from the closet. “Jan, insert!” was the order.

With the difficulty of her chained arms and legs but as the result of much practice, jan put her face to the floor, reached back under her wet cunt and slowly started working the rubber phallus into her asshole. She gritted her teeth as it spread her muscle wider and wider. She relaxed as much as she could and pushed.

WHAK, Ronald struck his lovely wife with the flogger, “Faster Bitch!”

With a great pained look, she shoved it passed the bulge. She let out a sigh of relief as her muscle closed around the thing area, holding it in.

Ronald pulls jan to her feet and attached a leash to her cunt rings. He tugged on the leash and started the poor girl shuffling behind him. They did two circles of the bound bitch. They stopped behind carol and the Master pulled the slave to her knees.
“Slut, this is your first lesson in pleasing a woman. You have done this to other men and me but it is time you learned women. But this will not be fun for you but training, do you understand, you fucking whore!” growled Ronald. Of course carol heard the speech and set her mind to wonder.

His redheaded slave moved her eyes from the floor and carol’s sexy legs to her upturned ass. “Ok bitch, spread her cheeks and get your tongue in there! EAT OUT HER ASS AND I WANT TO HER MOAN!” barked Ronald.

A small smile crossed carol’s face when she heard the order, in all her time being a sub slave she has only had her ass rimmed a dozen times or so, and she liked it. She has done a bunch herself. Then it hit her; maybe she is just lubing me up for Master’s cock.

Pretty jen obeyed, sticking her face into the older woman’s open ass. Her tongue slowly pushed to the pucker. As she has done on her, Master jen circled the tender flesh that surrounds the hole. Ever few swirls jen took a hard lick from the bottom to the top,

With the second long lick, carol started to moan. Her breathing increased and she felt a couple of drops of fluid running downs the inside of her legs. These things did not go unnoticed by the Master as he circled the action.

Stopping behind jen he raised the flogger and struck at the tight slave back. Jen pulled away from the ass as she moaned in pain. He struck another time and told her to get her face back into that ass.

Jen licked faster and harder causing more noises from carol. Without being told jen stiffened her tongue and plunged it into the open asshole. In and out, she fucked that ass. She plunged her tongue deeper each time she fucked. Carol tried to push back without the Master noticing. Pretty jen plunged deep and stopped to run her tongue around just inside the opening, this drove carol to the edge,

“MASTER, please can I cum, please??” she practically shouted.

He denied her permission and pulled jen back a little. “Slow down bitch until I tell you.”

Ronald dropped the flogger and his silk briefs. His 8-inch young cock stood straight out.
He knelt in front of the excited carol; grabbing her hair he pulled her head back and plunged his meat into her open mouth. Being a veteran and in heat carol sucked it to the root.

Ronald had a hold of each side of the slut’s head and was fucking her mouth without mercy. She loved it. Carol licked and sucked the hard rod in Onwin Güncel Giriş hopes of a release and she was near although she did not have permission.

Addressing slut carol Ronald gritted his teeth” I read your profile Cunt. Nice slutty cocksucking soccer mom, bullshit! You will fuck anyone fucking bitch. It said you loved cum, I have a lot of fucking cum for you bitch. Put on a good face then give face, GO AHEAD AND CUM LOUSY FUCKING WHORE.”

By the time he gave her permission to cum, carol came fucking hard, very fucking hard. One then two times.

Ronald did not think she could suck any harder but the orgasm put her into high gear.

Jan looked up over carol’s quivering ass at her husband, pounding away at the mouth of this stranger. Even with the life style a huge shot of jealousy shot through her. She dug her tongue deeper into the brown hole of this intruder. Moreover, this sent carol into another orgasm.

Getting close to finishing himself, Ronald stared at his wife, performing the act of extreme submission.

“ Fucking bitch, worthless whore cunt. I bet you would suck your own son’s cock, low life scum!” Ronald kept up his foul and belittling language as he felt the cum racing down his cock.

Pulling his cock out until only the head was in the slave’s mouth Ronald started pumping sperm. Jan pursed her lips to seal the cock and savor each drop on her tongue. Spasm after spasm shot into the slut’s mouth. As they subsided, he rammed his still hard cock deep into her mouth. With no chance of swallowing, it cum was forced out of carol’s hungry mouth. It dripped out of the sides of her lips, down her chin and onto the leather cover of the platform.

Ronald had several shots left; he blew them directly down the slut’s throat. She swallowed what was left. She kissed and passionately ran her tongue over the wet cum covered cock, making sure to clean her favorite desert,”

Jen’s tongue rimmed the cocksucker’s asshole at warp speed. Hating it but turned on, jen wanted her husband’s cock right then.

When Ronald was satisfied with the cleaning, job carol had done he stood then sat in a nearby chair. Breathing hard, he watched his redheaded wife bring carol to a final orgasm! Free of the rod of flesh, carol moaned loud enough to be heard in the back yard.

“Enough!” ordered the Master.

Gratefully jen knelt upright quickly. Carol had extreme difficulty keeping herself on her hands. She leaned her neck on the post. As he wanted to get at his wife, Ronald mustered up the strength to order jen to release carol. The brunette slave crawled off the platform and collapsed on the floor.

Giving her a few minutes to compose her self and ordering jen to thank him by kissing his feet. The slave crawled to him and pressed her lips to the top of his bare foot. “Thank you Master, thank you so much for letting lick the slave’s asshole, thank you, how can I please you.”

“Slave carol, you made a mess of my platform, clean it up, now!” barked Ronald

Crawling to the platform, the naked slut found the sperm overflow and licked each spot.
She licked and looked hard for more, as cum lover she wanted it all, even cold and sticky.

Ronald called carol too him, and unlocked her collar. She bent over and kissed his big half-hard cock, “ Thank you Master, thank you so much for letting me cum. If I pleased Master Ronald, please tell my Husband and give me a good rating in the Club, please Sir.” Kissing his cock one more time, carol crawled out of the room.

Reaching the kitchen, she stood, then with a broad smile on her face the cumslut went into the backyard and dressed. The sun was going down as she shakily walked to her car and drove home; thinking what Ronald was doing to jen and hoping her husband will get a copy of the tapes.

We are a much-diversified group. Sex is not the only thing that holds us together; we have gaming junkets to Nevada, picnics with the families and other things that normal people do together. One benefit is that if possible each of us that has a job that can give discounts and helps the other. We have a dentist that will give all a discount and after hours for the submissives he will treat them free, as long as they are naked and bound to his chair. We have plumbers, mechanic, heating and cooling mechanics, contractors, nurses and a psychologist.

2. Slave Barbara was fine woman, hot as hell but you could not tell it from the outside.
Mother of two, thirty years old, blonde, and a true hourglass figure. Bake sales, church groups, and charities. Kinda shy but obedient and horny.

This “With theVibrator” weekend, her husband was with the kids. Barb and two friends, one Club member, Susan, one without a clue, were taking in an arts and craft fair at the Lujan building at the fair grounds. Because of her duties, barb insisted on two cars. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress. It was high enough to keep her ample breasts from view, and calf length. The thing was that her Master did not allow any underwear. The dress was loose and hid her figure, actually she looked plump. By his instructions, her pager was held around her waist by a moderate sized gold chain. Another part of the chain went from the front, between her cunt lips, touching her clit and up the crack of her ass. The pager was clipped just above her clit, touching the small amount of golden hair she was allowed down there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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