New Year’s Eve Patrol Ch. 02

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The next evening’s shift, New Year’s Day, started with both Sergeant Sam Stillwell and Constable Devon Schmuland acting as though nothing had happened the night before.

This was made easier because there was more active police work happening this night. As their shift moved to an end, they had investigated three suspicious activity complaints, two drunk and disorderlies, four suspected drunk drivers, and two domestic violence calls. The final call had been another suspicious activity call. This one was actually two teenagers making out in their car; actually not making out but screwing their brains out. Sam and Devon dragged the two out of the car and read them the riot act about lewd and lascivious behaviour in public before letting them dress and leave.

“Well, that was interesting,” Sam remarked. “Did you get a load of the tits on her?”

Devon chuckled and nodded before saying, “Did you get a look at the dick on that kid? Nice, huh?”

Sam faced his partner, still despite the night’s frigid air, before responding, “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

Devon smiled and nodded, “You want to warm up some street people again?”

“Damn right. My asshole’s been twitching all night. I could use some cock right now. Some big, black cock rammed up my hole. How about you?”

“Shit, yeah. All night I’ve been thinking about last night. In fact, when I got home last night I was so horny I fucked my girlfriend twice before I could sleep.”

Sam laughed out loud, “Me too. I fucked my wife three times and, when she begged off a fourth, I jacked off in the bathroom thinking about those guys using me… us, like that. And you, you with that cock of yours in me. All night I’ve wanted to drag you into the back seat and force you to do it again. Fuck me again.”

“You wouldn’t have to force me. I loved fucking your ass and having you suck me off. You want to do that now? Or should we see if the guys are there again tonight?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but I want those guys to use me first.”

“Fair enough. Let’s go!”

It was a five-minute drive during which Sam pawed his crotch and squeezed young Devon’s throughout. Devon, who was driving tonight, pulled up next to the abandoned auto body shop where they had been raped the night before and stopped the engine. There was no sign of occupants. “Damn,” cursed Devon.

“Don’t give up yet. Remember they covered that window. Hopefully, they are there again. If not, I have ass, you have cock, we’ll find something to do.” They locked their guns in the trunk. Sam led the way into the building. Silence. The officers climbed the metal staircase in the corner, hoping against hope.

As Sam turned the corner into the upper room, the silence was shattered with hoots and cheers from the gang.

Ten-J’s voice spoke over the din, “See, I toldya they’d be here. Welcome, piggies!”

Sam felt himself turn red. It was embarrassing that his conversion from 100% straight cop to predictable cock whore was so apparent he was expected.

Before approaching the group Sam spoke, “Okay, yes, we are here. And, yes, we are here to get fucked again but, first…”

Ten-J filled the gap, “Yeah, but first…?”

Sam looked pointedly at his watch, “First, in half an hour we need to radio in, and second, we have only an hour after that before we have to leave. Agreed?”

Ten-J glanced around at his crew before responding, “Agreed. So get those pale white asses over here so we can get started.” Sam and Devon started unbuttoning their shirts. “Freeze, there, piggies! Tonight, just drop your pants and undies to your knees. And then drop to your hands and knees on the mattresses.”

The officers complied immediately. Because their legs were pinned by their pants neither could spread their legs nor open their asses.

Around them the six gang members shucked their clothes, except their shoes and socks, it was a cold cement floor after all.

Sam, despite himself, admired the naked torsos of their assailants; last night he had only seen their cocks. Trim, taut, muscled young black men. With big black cocks. He was going to enjoy this.

Ten-J positioned himself behind Sam; Travon sarıyer escort behind Devon. Together they counted down from five and, simultaneously, they rammed their cocks in their victims’ assholes. No spreading of legs, no opening of assholes, No lube, no loosening up. Just forcing their way in.

Both officers bellowed in pain. The group laughed.

“Well and truly screwed, you are, piggies. Enjoy the feeling of cock up your tight asses, do you?” taunted Ten-J as he rammed more of his long cock with the huge head up Sam’s guts.

Taking advantage of the officers’ open mouths, Arnie and Enzo thrust their rigid cocks in for blowjobs.

Skewered at both ends, Sam and Devon enjoyment increased.

Travon blew his load quickly and was replaced at Devon’s ass by Whisper who had not learned gentleness overnight. Enzo painted Sam’s tonsils shortly thereafter, and Travon crammed his sticky cum and ass covered cock in Sam’s mouth. Before last night that would have repulsed the older officer, tonight he savoured the taste.

The game of musical fuck holes continued. The only hole not in play was Sam’s. Ten-J was doing his best to not blow a load up the cop’s channel. He really enjoyed fucking that hole.

Twenty-nine minutes in, Ten-J pulled out and ordered everyone to stop. “Okay, grandpa pig, make your radio call.”

Sam reached for his shoulder radio and click on, “Car 496 to Dispatch.” There was a brief silence, then “Dispatch to Car 496 continue.”

Sam felt something cold and hard at his asshole but he continued with his call, “Dispatch, Car 496 reporting end of shift. Weeeeee!” Sam produced a squealing sound instead of the word ‘we’.

Dispatch sounded startled, “What the hell was that, Car 496?”

Sam grunted before regaining his composure, “Sorry, Dispatch, my partner dumped some snow down my shirt.”

Devon looked at Sam, startled at that accusation. He looked further back and identified the ‘problem’; Ten-J had chosen the beginning of Sam’s report as the perfect time to shove Sam’s nightstick in its owner’s ass. Devon chuckled.

With more night-stick working its way up his ass, Sam continued, “Sorry, Dispatch, as I started to say: We are taking sometime to grab some food and to debrief this shift before coming in. We will be there in about an hour.”

“Ten-four, 496, and watch those snow balls, Schmuland,” laughing heartily the dispatcher disconnected.

Sam looked over his shoulder at Ten-J, “You did that on purpose…”

“Damn, right, I did. You didn’t say we couldn’t use you while you were on your radio. We took the cocks out of your mouth at least.”

Sam acknowledged that before saying, “On with the show. One hour to use and abuse us.” He paused, “Speaking of which, how much of that stick is up there?”

Ten-J hesitated then asked, “Jamin, you’re good with numbers.” Sam felt Ten-J’s fingers loop around the stick at his ass entry and then pull the entire stick out. “How much is this?”

Jamin pondered, “Oh, I’d say ’bout 2/3 of it. Don’t know how many inches, though.”

Sam did some quick calculations: 24 inches in total less about 6.5 inches for the handle and end means 17.5 inches two thirds would be … 11 or 12 inches. So, just about the same size as Ten-J’s cock give or take. The difference being the nightstick is a solid piece of nylon-fibreglass without the give of a cock. He sighed deeply as the nightstick re-entered his body. This time it didn’t stop until the handle smacked Sam in the ass.

‘Oh my God, 17 inches up my ass,’ Sam thought.

“Wow,” exclaimed Ten-J and Jamin together. “Cool.”

“Can I have one of those?”

“No, Whisper, I cannot get you one of those,” Sam replied emphatically. The idea of Whisper with a weapon like that scared Sam.

The nightstick was repeatedly driven in and out of Sam’s ass bumping across his prostate each time. And Sam did not like what was about to happen. His cock erupted. Because of his kneeling position he spewed cum up into his t-shirt. “Ew,” he moaned.

“What? What ew?” asked the ever-curious Enzo.

“The copper shot his wad while being fucked with that sefaköy escort stick thing. It’s all over the inside of his shirt.”

The laughter humiliated Sam. He even caught Devon’s snickers.

“Well, damn! I wanted to make him cum first,” Ten-J yanked the stick from Sam, causing Sam to growl in pain, and replaced it with his cock. He plunged all the way to his balls and then pulled out all the way. He repeated this many times urging Sam to blow another one.

The assault was quite stimulating for Sam but he wasn’t sure he could cum again so quickly. He was 47 after all and last night, here and at home, he had cum seven or more times.

But, once again, Ten-J settled into a rhythm and found that spot that caused Sam to tighten his ass around his cock. And Ten-J stimulated the hell out of Sam’s prostate.

Sam announced, after several minutes, “I’m cumming, again. You’re making me cum again.” Sam was pleased to be able to please Ten-J this way and smiled when he felt his fucker shot a load in him.

Ten-J reached around and took hold of the twitching cock and, sure enough, Sam shot a second load between shirt and abdomen. Ten-J pulled out and said, “Good enough. Who’s next?”

Whisper pushed in, roughly, and pounded Sam for all he was worth.

Devon’s ass, meanwhile, was entertaining Jamin after Arnie, Travon and Enzo used his ass, but the younger officer had not yet shot a load and Jamin reached around to pound Devon’s pud at the same rate he was his ass. Ass and cock stimulation brought Devon to the point of no return. “Oh, cumming. CUMMING! Ohhhh…”

Devon’s ample load shot all over the front of his uniform shirt – rich white cream against the dark blue fabric witness to the event.

For the next twenty minutes the two officers’ asses and mouths were used repeatedly by the horny young gang members. Both were filled front and back with hot, sticky, steamy cum. And both relished that sensation.

Ten-J announced to all, “Times up. Let ’em go.” Everyone backed away after wiping cocks on faces and asses of their ‘victims’.

Both officers were still hard and their cocks dripping.

Ten-J took hold of Devon’s cock and pulled him over to his partner’s ass, “Go for it, piglet. Fuck grandpa’s ass again. Cum up his ass.”

Devon had been looking forward to doing just that and entered the swollen hole enthusiastically. With the encouragement of all, including Sam, he hammered away, slapping his balls against Sam’s with his efforts.

Arnie took up position behind Devon and entered the young cop on the backstroke and proceeded to drive Devon into his partner even more forcefully.

Devon loved the sensation. Ass on his cock and cock in his ass. Enzo joined in ramming his cock into Devon’s mouth. Ten-J shoved his big-headed cock into Sam’s mouth and face fucked with abandoned. Devon reached out and began stroking Jamin in one hand and Travon in the other. Whisper feeling left out knelt beside Sam and placed his cock in Sam’s hand. It was awkward for Sam, getting fucked doggy-style to use one hand to masturbate Whisper and keep his balance, but he managed.

Devon blasted off into Sam first, followed by Whisper, Enzo, Arnie, Jamin, Travon, Sam and, finally, Ten-J.

The exhausted men separated and managed to catch their breath. There was cum over both officers and on their ‘attackers.’

Sam and Devon were directed to lick the cum off the hot, sweaty bodies of the gang. They did this with enthusiasm loving the salty taste of sweat and cum. When all were clean, Ten-J pushed Sam’s face into Devon’s chest ordering him to clean the cum off Devon’s shirt.

When he finished he rather hoped Devon would have to clean the cum off of Sam’s shirt and belly. No such luck. In fact, Ten-J smeared it further making sure it covered most of Sam’s shirt and belly. Sam accepted his fate with grace – primarily because he had no choice, he was definitely not in command here.

The two cops began to redress but Ten-J stopped them. Using the same sharp knife used last knife, he cut the underwear foffboth men. “In future when you come here, come commando unless we tell you şerifali escort otherwise, understood?”

Both nodded and, at a sign from Ten-J, pulled up their uniform pants. As expected the pants were dusty from the floor. What was not expected there were spots of cum also. The cum stains increased as hands rubbed the officers’ asses and crotches ensuring cum was spread around well.

Sam and Devon stood passively as they were humiliated in this fashion. And they both enjoyed it. They enjoyed the feeling of other men’s cum seeping from their asses and staining their pants for all to see. They enjoyed the masculine smell that wafted up.

The smell increased in the heated, confined space of the patrol car as they drove to the police garage. Reluctantly they opened all the windows for the last few miles so their essence would dissipate somewhat.

They went to the locker room by back routes to avoid having to make awkward explanations to their fellow officers. Once in the locker room, they were relatively safe as they missed the shift change crowd but there were a number of men just finishing workouts.

Sam undressed at his locker right next to one of those men. As he pulled off his shirt, his back to the fellow, his cum-smeared chest sent out waves of ‘eau du cum’. The officer, who Sam did not know well, wrinkled his nose and inhaled deeply several times. As Sam bent to remove his pants, again his locker neighbour inhaled deeply. Sam stuffed his uniform in his locker and pulled out a towel trying to make a quick get away to the showers.

“Must have been one hell of a shift, Sergeant,” the officer remarked as he pulled on his socks.

Sam muttered a non-response and hurried to the showers. Fortunately only he and Devon were there; unfortunately, they could not help getting hard looking at each other and remembering the night.

Long, hot showers removed most of the evidence and a quick scan of each other to ensure neither was leaking more cum. Once satisfied they passed muster they returned to the lockers.

Oddly, Sam’s neighbour was still dressing. He took a deep inhale and was disappointed he smelled only soap. Sam avoided eye contact, dressed hurriedly, stuffed his ruined uniform in his gym bag, and bolted from the room. He stopped at his office, his cubicle actually, where the shift commander intercepted him.

“Sam, glad I caught you,” just then Devon passed by, “Oh, Schmuland, join us.” Sam and Devon glanced nervously at each other. Had they been caught out? “Glad you are both here, I can tell you together. Sam, you go back to your regular duties tomorrow. Schmuland, we have found you a regular partner for the remainder of your orientation period. Constable Wendy Phan will be working with you. She is stationed out of West Division so you will be out of West for the remainder of your orientation time. Hope that isn’t too much of a hassle for you?”

Devon keep disappointment out of his voice as he acknowledged the commander, “No, sir, not at all, sir. I look forward to meeting Constable Phan.”

“A very competent officer. Ten years experience. So, you’ll meet her at West at the start of your shift tomorrow night. And, Sam, you’ll be back behind the front desk tomorrow as usual. Thank you for filling in so quickly. I’m sure, Schmuland was able to learn a lot under your tutelage.” The commander laughed at his own pseudo-joke.

Devon, looking directly into Sam’s eyes, “Oh, I did, sir. I learned more than I ever thought I could learn in such a short time. Thank you, Sergeant, for everything. I will miss our patrols.”

Sam smiled, “Me, too, Constable, uh, Devon, I will really miss our patrols together.”

“Wow, so, good you two bonded so quickly. I wish all partners did. Anyway, that’s all I had to say so I got to get going. What is that smell? Cleaners using too much bleach?” With that the shift commander left.

Sam and Devon looked down at their gym bags and began laughing. The officers around them popped their heads out to ask what was so funny.

“Inside joke. You had to be there.”

Sam wanted to hug Devon and give him a deep kiss, but there were far too many witnesses. Instead he winked and gave a smile. Devon responded the same. The two parted reluctantly.

Sam went home and fucked his wife four times while envisioning cocks rammed up his ass and down his mouth.

As he lay down to sleep he contemplated his future without Devon beside him. What would he do? And with whom could he share the experience.

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