Niece Needed A Ride Home

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It was “Grampa’s” birthday… he just turned 89. The whole family was there… kids, grandkids, great grandkids, aunts, uncles…. there must have been 50 of us.

Everyone was surprised to see Vickie there… she had just separated from an abusive husband, and hadn’t been very social. Vicky was 32, 5’3″ very thin / lean and was barely a 32A. She had piercing green eyes, and a great personality. Steve was 42, 6’1″ dark hair, steel blue eyes, clean cut, and good shape. He was married to Vickie’s aunt, and was basically happy, except for the fact that Cindy was happy with sex once a month… It was always great… but she had lost her sex drive somewhere in the last 5 years. Steve only saw Vickie 4 or 5 times a year at family gatherings, but prior to her “domestic” issues, she had always been very pleasant and friendly.

After the masses started thinning out, Vickie’s parents decided to leave. She had been playing a board game with her cousins and didn’t want to leave, but since she had ridden with her folks she was stuck for a ride.

Steve said “We can give you a ride home later… its right on our way… So Vickie told her folks she would ride with her aunt.

A couple of hours later, the gathering was thinning out, and Vickie said she was ready whenever Steve and aunt Cindy was ready. Cindy’s sister tuzla escort was in town from Kansas City and they were getting caught up on old times… so Steve volunteered to run her home, and come back.

Cindy said “that’s fine!” so Steve & Vickie headed out.

Not too far down the road, Steve asked Vickie how she was getting along, since leaving her abusive hubby. She said “OK” but living with her folks was cramping her style, and certainly her sex life. Steve was a little surprised by her direct answer… but kept his cool by saying… “I would think you would be able to meet a dozen guys who could help you out in that area.” Vickie responded “I’d settle for a hug and a kiss at this point!”

Steve wasn’t sure whether she was speaking in generalities or specifically at him… so he said” I’m sure there is a long list of men who would be happy to take on that chore!” Vickie responded “Would your name be on that list?”

Steve was both dumbfounded and turned on by her response…. He said” Would you like it to be?” She said blushing, “I have been wondering what it would be like to kiss you for a long time.”

“Steve said ” Don’t say it if you don’t mean it, because that could be arranged.”

She blushed again and said. “I mean it.”

Steve turned into the park that was on the way to tuzla escort bayan her house. It was after 9 PM so the park was officially closed… They parked the car in a quiet corner of the lot, and embraced. Steve soon learned that Vickie knew exactly how to use her tongue… at least in the kissing department! After a few minutes of kissing and groping, Steve said “Would you like to go for a little walk?” Vickie said “Sure.” They walked across the playground and to the “waling trail” that was now deserted… A few yards into the trail, Vickie stopped, turned to Steve and said ” Kiss me again.” They embraced a long time. feeling and touching each other’s body’s. Steve slipped his hand under her tank top to find that she was not wearing a bra.. Vickie looked him in the eyes and said… “my tits are so small I don’t need one!”

Steve said.. “Let me be the judge of that!” and pulled up her shirt.

She was a firm 32A with perky pink nipples that were hard as a rock. He kissed and fondled each of them while slipping his hand down into her shorts. This was an easy task as her shorts has an elastic waist. His hand proceeded almost to her hair line before he encountered any panties… then slipped past the low cut garment and slid his finger into a very wet target. She moaned and kissed him harder. She reached escort tuzla down ad took his hand pulling it from her panties. For a brief minute, Steve thought he had gone too far.. He quickly realized that was not the case, as she directed his wet finger to his mouth, encouraging him to taste her juices. As soon as he did she said “My turn.” and unzipped his pants.

Steve couldn’t believe that he was leaned up against a tree in a public park with his wife’s niece about to feel her take him in her mouth. And that she did. She keep commenting about his size… Steve was no John Holmes, but was nearly 8″ and extremely thick.. Thick to the point that one of his past lady friends had broken up with him because she couldn’t handle his size.

Ste started sucking him slowly, almost making him come several times… but it was like she had a sensor to know when to slow down so he could recover. Finally, she could wit no longer… and frantically bobbed up and down on his now rock hard shaft. Steve warned her that he was about to come… she mumbled “good” and kept on sucking him.

Steve let out a stifled groan of ecstasy as she continued to suck him dry and swallowed every drop. She then neatly tucked him away, stood up, gave him a full open mouth kiss (that was the first time Steve had ever tasted himself), and said, we need to get going.

He dropped her off at her folks house and received a tender good night kiss..

Slipping him a small piece of paper she said…”Here’s my pager number… I’d like to see more of you” and went into her house…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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