Night of Debauchery

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“Are you sure you’re ready for this? Once I’ve got you upstairs, I’m going to help myself to your body, do whatever I want to and with it. I believe you’ll enjoy it all, but that’s the risk you’ll be taking by putting yourself into my hands.”

A slight hesitation, then, “Yes. I’ve really been looking forward to experiencing this…”

“Well, follow me!” He holds out a hand and the girl takes it. She follows him up the stairs, submitting to a night of experience she wants but has never had.

Standing outside the bedroom door, he says, “Take all your clothes off, and your jewellery. You won’t be wearing anything in this room unless it’s something I want you to wear.”

The girl does a quick strip, suppressing a shiver at the thought of the untold possibilities once she crosses the threshold and enters the bedroom. Yet, with no second thoughts, she walks into the room, closing the door behind her. She is ready to enjoy her fate, putting her trust in him.

“Turn around and put your hands on the door. I need to get out a few things, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

The girl turns around and puts her hands, about shoulder height, on the door, leaning on them slightly. She closes her eyes in anticipation and to enhance the experience. There’s a slight sound of scuffing and clicks, followed by rustling and metallic clinking. Then the sound of soft padding of feet and a kiss to the side of her neck that caused her to gasp. A gentle whisper in her ear, “I’m glad you trust me enough to let me do this. I promise nothing that happens tonight will hurt you. By putting yourself into my control, it will show you the height of pleasure you can get by letting yourself go.”

The darkness behind her closed eyelids gets fuller as a blindfold is slipped over her head. “I’ve got a few new toys for you, to get you in the mood. Mostly, I just want to use them on you. Now open your mouth. Wide.”

She obeys, knowing what is coming next; accepting it as the next part of her submission. She opens her mouth as wide as she can, but the ball barely enters. It’s an almost uncomfortably full feeling, but it makes the tingling that has been growing in her increase a notch.

“Now, I bet you thought that was just a ball gag I’ve put in your mouth, but you’re wrong.” Instead of just the strap she was expecting around the back of her head, the girl feels straps up the sides of her cheeks, over the bridge of her nose, up her forehead, on to the back of her head, and under her chin. “It’s a gag harness, which will make it impossible for you to ‘accidentally’ take the ball out of your mouth.” The straps are done up tight, but not uncomfortably so.

“Now cross your wrists.” She crosses her wrists, still with her hands leaning on the door. He ties a satin band around them, binding them together.

“Mm mm, lovely, but there’s one last touch, I think.” This time a band is fitted around the girl’s neck; a collar done up tight, not enough to choke, but a definite presence that would be continuously felt. A metallic click, and a leash is attached to the studded collar, it’s left to dangle between her breast and past her pussy, swinging slightly between her legs.

“Now turn around and lean up against the door. Ah, yes. Fantastic. You know, I think I need to take a photo of this. I want you to see what you look like and to have something to remember this evening by.”

A Betturkey whirling and click; the picture is taken. “Spread your legs.” Another photo is taken. “Yeah, that’s really good. I should have gotten a spreader bar to hold your legs apart.”

Suddenly, two fingers are run through the girl’s pussy and across her clit, causing her to sag slightly against the door. “My, my, my, you are sopping wet! I do believe you are really enjoying this. But there’s something still not right. Follow me.”

The leash is taken up and she is forced to follow. With no control over where the collar is pulling her, she has no idea where she is headed or what will come next.

“Sit down.” A slight push to the chest and she collapses on what turns out to be the bed. The girl feels her legs pulled apart and tied into place, followed by her arms being released and immediately retied, spread eagled on the bed.

He slips a hand under her bum and lifts her up, sliding a towel under her. The buzzing of clippers confirms her expectations, and the cold metal of the shaver starts the first step of removing her pussy hair. The clippers make short work of the job; leaving the girl’s privates tingling. A gurgling hiss from a can of shaving foam is next. The cold hit of the foam is anticipated but still a shock, a sensual shock.

Shaving soap is spread around, fingers massaging everywhere, getting her stubble ready for the touch of the vibrating razor head. The shave is slow and sensual with much touching and checking. He makes sure that every last hair is gone, leaving a smooth, sexy pair of lips no longer hidden by hair. Thoroughly, he rinses her of soap. “Much better!” A couple of clicks and whirrs gives away the photos being taken; the girl having no ability to stop them, making her both scared and horny.

“You’ve behaved so well, I think a small reward is in order.” A rubbing motion around her nether lips, from having something spread over her pussy, sends more of those wonderful tingles up her spine, curling her toes. The tongue licking her lips and clit clean quickly brings the girl to the edge, but then the tongue bath stops.

“Now, I’m going to take a few more photos, but don’t forget this position. You’re going to be spending quite some time in it I think.” The girl’s arms are released then tied back together, her legs are undone. She is pulled to the edge of the bed and sits, and then stands up.

“Lift your left leg up. Now your right.” She feels a fabric coming up between her legs and realizes that he is going to use her to model underwear.

“You know, having your arms tied like that is really inconvenient.” The girls hands are released, but not for long as he buckles cuffs around her wrists. Then he slips her arms through the fabric of the item he is making her wear, and the cuffs are clipped together.

Click, click. A couple more photos. She realizes that he is indulging his underwear fetish, boosting his own levels of passion. The clothing is removed and another replaces it, the clipped wrist bands making it very easy. A third outfit and another couple of snaps came next.

“Very, very good. But now I’m in the mood for playing with your body.” He unclips the girl’s cuffs and reattaches them behind her back. Then, he takes her by the leash and pulls her around to the side of the bed, pushing her onto it face first. Tying her ankles together, Betturkey Giriş he attaches them to the wrist cuffs, and unbuckles her ball gag. He grabs a handful of her hair and, tying a strap around it, attaches it to her wrists, pulling her head back until it faces straight out from the bed, where she lays now hogtied.

“I’m sure you know what’s going to happen next, but just so you’re in no doubt I’ll tell you. First, I’m going to put some lubricant on my dick. I’m going to put it in your mouth and then push it down your throat. After doing that a few times you’ll be able to take it really well. I might even use a couple of toys on your pussy, if you look horny enough. Then, I’m going to wank myself while ogling your body. When I’m about to cum, I’m going to push my dick into your mouth, down your throat, and cum straight into your stomach. Let’s see how well you’ve been practicing with those toys, reading yourself for this.”

There’s the faint smell of strawberries, and she feels his dick head touch her lips. She opens her mouth and licks the tasty morsel that’s being offered to her. He pushes slightly forward, and the girl sucks on the head of his penis. The moans testify to her ability, encouraging him to push until his dick is at the back of her mouth. He pulls out and pushes in again, going slightly deeper, and giving her a chance to breath. This repeats until he is able to get his entire dick into her, and her nose is pressing up against his stomach several times in a row.

“I did it!” thinks the girl as he pulls out.

There’s a movement on the bed as he sits down, followed by the sound of a vibrator. He slides a hand under her chest, groping her right breast as he slips the vibrating stick between her legs, right onto her clit. He holds it there, releasing her chest and moving his lips to her ear. He nibbles and licks it, whispering into it trying to raise her temperature one more notch.

“You know, I always thought you should get your nipple pierced. Once here…” He slides his hand back under her, squeezing his nails into the back of her nipple so she can feel where he means. She moans her reaction. “..With a gold ring, and once here…” This time, he gently squeezes his nails into the middle of her nipple. “…with a barbell.” Once again, she moans with appreciation.

He runs his dick up and down her back while still holding the vibrating wand in position. Then, he starts to beat it hard, bringing himself to the edge as he promised. As he reaches it, he leaves the vibrating rod in place and moves back to the girls head. “Here, here it is…I’m cummmmmmmming!!!!”

He pushes his dick into her mouth and down her throat, releasing one, two, three jets of white juice straight into her. He pulls out until just the head is in her moth, squirting the last of the jets on her tongue. Swiftly, he kneels down in front of her blindfolded face, takes her cheeks in his hands and kisses her. Sticking his tongue in her mouth to experience the taste for the first time, he shares his gratitude for the experience.

However, the kissing doesn’t last long as the ball gag harness is put back into place. The girl is once again spread eagle on her back on the bed, the vibrator withdrawn, still without having brought her to climax.

“It’s your turn next!” There’s a snap as he puts on a smooth glove and covers it with lube, all with the girl still Betturkey Güncel Giriş unable to see or anticipate what is going to happen next. He pushes two fingers straight into her pussy, which is literally flowing with desire. It only takes a couple of pushes before a third and then a fourth finger is added.

Once again, the girl thinks she knows what is going to happen, and is partially right. The thumb is added; she is so wet and hot that his hand gets to the biggest part quicker than ever. However, that last push until his hand pops in takes some work. That point is almost pain but pleasure lasts for ages. The moment passes and he has his hand, fingers rolled into a fist, in the girl’s pussy.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that. I also don’t think you’re planning on this…” a lick of the clitoris, followed by some fumbling of her pussy lips, and the vibration that just started is felt against her pee hole.

“You’ve done this to me, so I think it’s only fair that you get to experience it.” The micro vibrator is popped into the girl’s smallest hole, and another irregular pulsing, strongly vibrating source is placed against her button. It doesn’t take long; the mixture of unusual feelings, the bondage, and restrictions pushed her over the edge into a massive shuddering orgasm.

He wipes her down, saying, “I’ll give you a couple of minutes to recover. Then we’re starting again.” He puts a duvet over the girl and sits next to her, stroking her hair as she comes down from the high.

A few minutes later, he starts again. “I think those photos were so successful that I should take some more.” He pulls the bottom of the duvet up, exposing the girl’s privates. Then, he pours lubricant all over her pussy and bottom hole; sliding a dildo into her pussy and one into her bottom. Click, click. The dildos are withdrawn and replaced; a bigger one in her pussy and a different one in her bum. Another set of clicks, and another change. Again, and again he changed them, taking pictures of each.

The last time, the dildo is big and won’t just slide in. He pushes and pulls, rotating, spinning and rubbing until it too, like the others, slides into her; leaving her panting from the pleasure and stretched feelings. More clicks. Then the vibrator to her clit, a tongue all around her massively stretched lips, and the bottom dildo pushed in and out had her humming nicely.

The dildos are removed, and this time living flesh approaches the girl’s private area. He puts the head, not up against her pussy, but her bum hole. Pushing himself deep into her, he pulls out again; repeating this several times, crushing her clit with each stroke due to the unusual position.

He’s not done yet, however. Pulling out, he puts on a last device. This time he rips off her gag and mask, letting her see the rubber stroker he is wearing around his dick. It’s slightly farcical, resembling an alligator’s mouth; the rubber nubs to stroke her clit and poke her bottom hole look just right.

“One last adornment for you, I think.” He gets out his nipple cupping set and puts the largest on the girl’s nipples, sucking them up hard. Climbing onto her, he kisses her deeply and passionately as he plunges his empowered tool into her. Stroking in and out, in and out until they both cum together, he collapses onto her still bound body.

After recovering, he unbuckles the girl’s collar, removes the nipple suckers, and unties her from the bed. As the girl lay there, exhausted and shagged out, he says, “Here.” passing her the memory card from the camera, the leash, and collar. “These are yours. Memories of a night of debauchery and submission I hope you really enjoyed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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