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Chapter 1

These days I work as a handyman. After retiring to the country and getting my own place somewhat sorted, I started doing jobs for neighbours and found that I quickly had a small business going. Now, I could work 7 days if I wanted to as there are always jobs to be done. But at my age, I don’t want to do more than 4 days a week and that works out fine.

One of my regular jobs is at a small vineyard. They grow very good Shiraz grapes and send them off to have their wine made. They sell from a small “Cellar Door” with a tasting room in an old farm house. The building is about 100 years old so there is a constant need for things to be fixed, replaced, re-built, painted etc. I’m there at least every 2 weeks and I like it because the people are nice, they pay me cash and usually throw in a few bottles of their excellent wine!

But recently I’ve liked it because of a new employee they have, a striking young redhead named Nikki. I’m certainly not one of those sleazy old guys, who prey on young girls, but I do love to see young beauty and Nikki is beauty personified. Not model beauty but genuine girl-next-door cuteness with the perfect features and stunning red hair and green eyes. She knows that I love to look at her and flirts with me a bit just to let me know that she likes me. I have complimented her on her clothes, ease with customers and her wonderful friendly nature.

Once when she helped me by holding up one side of a heavy wooden sign whilst I fixed the other side to a wall, I turned and looked at her as she swished her hair back off her face. Before I knew it, I said: “My God, you are beautiful . . .”

Nikki blushed and I thought I’d overstepped the mark and began to apologise. But she smiled and in a little girl voice, almost whispered: “Thanks . . . nobody has ever said that to me before!”

Gradually I became a little protective of Nikki and helped he with moving cartons of wine and stuff. One afternoon I finished up some painting and went into the small staff bathroom to wash my hands. I decided I needed to urinate and went over to the toilet. Just as I was finishing and doing the shake thing, the door burst open and Nikki headed in. She looked up, saw me and stifled a shriek as she backed out. We both apologised profusely and when I gathered myself together and came out, Nikki was busy with some Asian tourists, pouring them the best Shiraz from a few years back.

When they left and the owners were in the warehouse, I approached Nikki to apologise and say that it was my fault etc for not locking the door. She laughed and said not to worry. I replied with a grin and flippantly said:

“I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t seen before anyway!”

“Well, actually, I didn’t see anything, and no, I’ve never seen one in my life!”

“Really! Not one?”

“No, no Dad, no Brother, no Boyfriend . . . not a single one!”

“Poor girl!” I said, “I’m sure someone will oblige you soon.”

“Would you . . . you know, show me?”

“Me! I’m an old guy!”

“Yes, but you’re nice and I trust you . . .”

“Nikki, let me think about this. I’m old enough to be your Dad.”

She giggled and smiling looked at me and said: “Please . . .”

Before I left that day I told Nikki that I’d agree but we needed to do it right. I told her that I’d be back the next Tuesday when the owners would be at a wine show and Nikki would be the only staff member on duty.

I wasn’t sure what to think. Would she just want to look at my flaccid penis? Could I keep it from getting excited? Did she want more? How far would this go? How far should I let it go?

Finally Tuesday arrived and I went to the winery slightly better dressed than I usually did. I got on with my list of small jobs and didn’t see Nikki till the owners left late morning. She smiled at me and said: “You haven’t forgotten have you?”

“Forgotten! I’ve not really been able to think of anything else for days! Nikki, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’ve lived in anticipation since last week . . . you can’t disappoint me now!”

“But maybe I will disappoint you Nikki, I’m not a young man anymore . . .”

“I’m sure you will be fine. I can’t wait till closing time. I’ll meet you in the VIP Room at 5”

Nikki swished her hair, shot me a smile to die for and ran off to meet some people who had just driven into the car park.

Chapter 2

Just before the appointed time I saw Nikki head into the staff bathroom and shortly after I heard the VIP room door close. I followed with the bathroom and then headed to the VIP room.

I slowly opened the door and there was Nikki in jeans and a green t-shirt, her feet bare. In her hands, a bottle of the winery’s finest and two Riedel glasses.

We sat on the lounge and savoured the wine whilst Nikki told me a bit about herself. She was born in Canada and her Mother soon left and fled with Nikki back to her home in Australia, to get away from an abusive partner. With her family unsupportive of her Mum with a surprise daughter, they Bahçelievler escort moved to the country and settled in a small rural town. Her Mum was a nurse and is now the head of nursing at a regional hospital. Nikki went to an all-girls school and has let a quiet and somewhat sheltered life till she got her first job here at the Winery. Her smile and red hair won her the job and she is now a competent cellar door sales person. She drives an old VW that was her Mum’s car and has little time for a social life.

Surprisingly she has never had a boyfriend and has never even kissed a boy. She admits to being shy around boys and says that I am the first man she has ever really known.

“I know all the theory Steve, I’ve read the books, looked on line and stuff but no practical! I am aware of my sexuality and yes, I do get turned on and take care of myself at night in bed . . . and other places sometimes . . . even here at work when it’s quiet.”

I was a little stunned at Nikki’s honesty and told her that it was wonderful that she was being so honest with me.

“So, Nikki, what would you like me to do?” I said, looking into her sparkling green eyes.

“Get naked for me.” She whispered in her little girl voice.

“Remember I’m almost 3 times your age and some things have sagged a bit . . .” I said as I unbuttoned my shirt and flung it on the chair opposite. I kicked my shoes off and took my socks off in what I thought were acrobatic moves.

Nikki was sitting on the edge of the lounge and I walked towards her. She opened her knees and I stood close, looking down at her beautiful face.

“You can take it from here.” I said.

Nikki ran her hands up my stomach and into my chest hair, rubbed my nipples and then with a sigh undid my belt. I breathed in and made room for her fingers to undo the button on my trousers. Her fingers found the zip and she pulled down, her fingers putting a little pressure on my waiting penis. I kicked my trousers away and stood before her in just my underpants with the outline of my penis clearly visible.

“Last chance to pull out Nikki!” I said.

“No way!” and Nikki’s fingers tucked into the elastic waistband and pulled slowly down. I was semi erect by this time and the waistband caught a little. So, she ran her fingers around to the front and pulled the elastic out and down, releasing my cock to her view.

She stopped as if transfixed, her fingers still in the band of the new red underwear I’d worn specially. Slowly she pushed the red fabric down and let them fall to the ground. I didn’t move. Nikki didn’t move. I was looking at the top of her head.

She raised her right hand and with a finger up motioned that I should turn a circle for her.

“Slowly!” she said.

I did.


I did. This time I felt her hand trail across my backside and around my hip till she touched my growing erection with the back of her hand.

It was bobbing all on it’s own and growing before her eyes.

Without lifting her head or gaze, she murmured: “How much bigger does it get?”

“Not much, I’m afraid! . . . Sorry to disappoint you.”

“Oh no, I’m in love with it. It is so beautiful, so perfect and certainly bigger than I thought it might be.”

“It used to be almost 8 inches, but it’s a long time since I measured it . . .”

“I have no idea what an inch is Steve. Hang on a sec . . .”

With that she dashed to the office and returned with a plastic metric ruler which she laid alongside my pulsating dick. She held the ruler, but still hadn’t touched the centre of her attention. 160mm was the measurement.

“You can touch you know Nikki. In fact, I’ll probably die if you don’t touch it soon!”

Immediately she grasped it and started to tug.

“Whoa!” I cried, “Gently.”

Nikki immediately let go and with a look of horror on her face, squeaked: “Sorry!”

I laughed, told her that no harm was done and that we should get more comfortable so she could continue her familiarisation. I sat on the lounge and raising one knee, put my legs either side of the seated Nikki. Now she turned to face me as I lay back on the lounge with my head on the arm. She had a wicked grin on her face and said: “Show me what to do please.”

“Well . . .” I said, ” Let me explain.”

I explained to her that this was a circumcised penis and showed her where my foreskin had been removed. I explained about the head or corona, the urethra for urine and seminal fluid, the shaft and my scrotum with it’s testicles or balls. I explained about handling them gently and finally reached under them and showed her my perineum.

Then I said that she should explore for herself. Nikki tentatively began by wrapping her hand around my shaft so carefully and with a featherlike touch she began to move it up and down. With her other hand she gently cupped my balls. It was heaven.

A large drop of clear liquid appeared and Nikki stopped moving her hand and said: “Have you . . .?”

“No, no . . . ” I said, “That’s just a Bahçelievler escort bayan lubricant that is to make it easier when you have sex. It comes out like that when a guy gets an erection and gets turned on . . . like now!”

“Oh!” said Nikki, “It sort of happens to me too . . . like now!”

“Spread it around a bit with your hand.” I said as she did this and I moaned as it felt so good.

“Hold on a sec. Something’s not right!” said Nikki as she jumped up.

In 2 swift moves she was naked before my eyes. Now it was my turn to be transfixed. I hadn’t seen a naked young girl for many years and certainly not one this beautiful.

Nikki has a “young girl” body. She’s small all over and might weigh 40 kg I guess. Her collarbones have hollows in the top and her small breasts are conical with pink areolas that follow the line of her breast and brown nipples that are definitely of the pencil eraser variety. Her tummy is flat with the hint of underlying muscles and her hips are a bit boney. She has that gap between her legs and immediately I know that her inner thighs are the softest on earth. Nikki waved her hands as if to prompt me to say something and her breasts jiggled a tiny bit. I could tell they were beautifully firm.

I couldn’t speak but did the “turn-around-for-me” thing. Like a dancer she rose up on her toes and twirled, bringing her perfect red-fuzzed peach-pussy to rest right before my eyes. It’s beautifully rounded and her mons is quite prominent with a perfect crease like it was carved with a sharp knife. The hilt of the knife even left a mark at the top like a little notch where I know her clitoris lay dormant under it’s little hood. Either side of the crease her labia swelled in an increasing roundness as her delicious lips disappeared down between her legs.

Sheer perfection. I know that I have never seen a more beautiful one.

Bringing her hand down to cover her mound, she said: “Should I have shaved it?”

“No! No . . . it’s absolutely perfect. You are so perfect! You are exquisitely perfect!” I heard myself say.

Her flawless, almost translucent white skin accentuated the sparse red hair on her mound.

I was almost afraid to touch this beautiful creature who now settled back onto the couch as we resumed our previous position. Her hands went back to my penis where more fluid was leaking and she smeared it around as if she was finger painting.

“Now, where were we?” cooed Nikki as she began full strokes with both hands in a technique all her own.

“If I keep doing this, are you going to have an orgasm?”

“Yes!” was all I could say.

Using her two small hands was making her ministrations a bit dry. Nikki sensed this and with a grin, put her right hand down to her pussy and returned it to my dick glistening with her moisture. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. She just did it so naturally, saying: “I’ve got plenty!”

I was in heaven! Nikki just let her instincts take over and she played me like a fiddle as the pace quickened and she read my groans and rapid breathing. Twice more she scooped her juices up and the effect as she smeared her warm velvet onto my dick was electric.

“Nikki . . . Nikki . . . I’m about . . . ready . . . to . . .”

“What do I do?” said Nikki without missing a beat.

But there was no time to explain. With some type of primal sound I came harder than I had in many years. My ejaculation was a huge surprise to both of us. Me because I hadn’t seen my semen leap out of me for half a lifetime. Nikki because, well, it was the first time she had seen it.

There was a lot — for me and the feeling as I continued to come was just exquisite . . .

Nikki continued to stroke me slowly with both hands as my semen ran down her hands. She looked up at me with a huge grin and simply said, “Wow!”

I reached down and stilled her hands, explaining that it became too sensitive.

“I understand, the same happens to me!”

Nikki magically produced a pink hand towel and began cleaning up as she began to babble:

“So much fun . . . I love it! It’s amazing how it shoots out like that . . . Oh, you are shrinking! Can we do it again?”

“When I was a young man I could make it shoot about 3 feet! There was lots and I could do it 3 or 4 times a day!” I proudly told her.

“You masturbated 3 or 4 times a day?”

“Yes, until I found a girl who did it to me at least some of the time!” I laughed. “But she didn’t do it as beautifully as you just did . . . ” I went quiet for a few seconds and said “Thank you Nikki, you’ve made an old man very happy!”

“Well, you could repay a girl! I’m so horny here. Will you touch me where I have never been touched?”

“Oh Nikki, I’d love to do that! Here, you lay here and let me sit where you are.”

We reversed our positions and I gazed at this goddess revealed in all her glory before me.

“Touch me . . . please . . .” said Nikki as she spread her legs and angled her pussy up towards me.

“Slowly sweetheart Escort bahçelievler . . .” I said. “There’s plenty of time.”

Chapter 3

My fingers touched her perfect stomach and as I increased the pressure of my whole hand, she gasped and a tremor went through her. I pushed forward and then trailed my fingernails up the swell of her small breasts, avoiding her nipples standing proud. I ran my hands back down her stomach and across her thighs, turning them in to find the softest sexiest flesh of her inner thighs. I ran them back up towards her swollen pussy, which pushed towards me with urgency. But again, I kept her waiting and returned to her breasts and neck. Her skin was on fire and I could feel the heat from her pussy against my chest as I pushed my hands up her body.

Nikki grabbed my hands with hers and pulled them to her breasts with a sob.

“Oh god, touch my nipples . . . please Steve!”

I did and as I rolled them between my fingers and thumb, Nikki convulsed as an orgasm ripped through her. She stifled a scream and a flush of pink changed her pale skin, giving her a warm glow in the fading evening light.

Her pussy was swollen and open and at the top I could see her clitoris poking out from her lips. She was very wet, glistening as she bucked her hips involuntarily.

“Best ever . . . never like that before!” babbled Nikki as I trailed my hands down her rolling stomach muscles.

I used my hands palm down to frame her pussy and it pushed up into the space between my thumbs and index fingers. It was beautiful and I had to kiss it. I leaned forward and covered her with my mouth as I licked upward along her opening lips. This was an epiphany for us both.

Nikki thrust her pussy up into my mouth and I couldn’t believe that I could live without the beautiful taste of this young girl in my mouth. What a moment. I wanted to drink her in, to consume her, breath in her aroma, savour her young firm flesh and keep this moment forever.

She was using her toes to thrust her pelvis up at me whilst her hips were wide apart. I held her hips with both hands to support her weight and I was aware of a new sound, a keening primal cry that was building with her urgency. Opening my eyes I tried to focus on her mound immediately in front of my nose and through her soft short red pubic fuzz, I looked down her body to her creamy breasts, which Nikki grasped and kneaded. Her mouth was open and she urgently thrashed her head from side to side, her hair a blur of red that was becoming darker with her sweat.

I pushed my tongue into her opening and felt the softness within, my nose bumping against her clitoris as my own breathing began to rasp as it was cut off by her folds, which blocked my breath intakes. My left hand supporting her weight, I mover my right hand under my chin and used my index finger to stroke upward and past my tongue with my palm up. The finger slid into her and curled up to slide along a slightly rough patch high up behind her clitoris.

With a start, Nikki pushed down against my finger. Did she want me to take it out? I wiggled it and was rewarded with long rolling movements of her hips on my finger. She liked it so I used my elbow on the couch to support her with just my index finger in her vagina.

Now I moved my tongue to her clitoris and was rewarded with cries of “Yes, Yes, Oh Yes! . . . Don’t stop . . .” Moving my lips to form a seal around her clitoris I sucked her into my mouth so that her clitoris was well inside my mouth, allowing me to swirl my tongue around the growing bud that was hot against my tongue.

The keening sound was replaced with “Oh God!’s” for a few seconds and then a scream began to build and she stiffened under my mouth. With a shriek she held still and began to quiver on my finger and against my now stilled tongue. What an orgasm . . .

Slowly she relaxed and I disengaged my mouth amid her flowing juices. I slipped my aching finger from her and settled her back onto the couch.

“Hmmmmmm . . .” was her new sound as her breathing slowed and her beautiful chest slowed to normal breathing. I just sat and watched, took in the beauty and the afterglow on her skin. Watched her smooth her hair that stuck to her forehead, watched her squirm her hips and settle to a totally relaxed state.

There was silence and I could barely hear her breathing. I don’t think I was breathing.

Then a smile began to steal across her beautiful face. A smile of discovery, of knowing, of awakening. She looked at me with tenderness and gratitude and maybe, dare I dream it, of love.

I could see her searching for words and twice she opened her mouth to speak but no words would form. I simply nodded as to say “I know!”

As if a veil was drawn across her, she shivered and closed her eyes to sleep. I moved and reached for a thro rug that had slipped to the floor. I stood, laid her legs along the couch and covered her with the throw. She was asleep.

For minutes I watched her till my legs needed to move and I looked around the now darkened room. There was a small table lamp and I feared that the sound of the switch would wake her.

It seemed that the only thing to do was dress and wait for Nikki to awake. Silently I returned myself to a normal state and felt a little ridiculous in my clothes with Nikki naked under the rug in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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