Noah V Kane Ch. 01: They Meet

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A thank you to Goddess Sunshine for editing this chapter.


Jasmine heard the front door open, and her roommate Eden walked in balancing several shopping bags and boxes in her arms. Jasmine rushed to help her put them on the kitchen table. Looking over all the loot, Jasmine just shook her head. She knew exactly how her roommate and good friend could afford to buy lots of new clothes and shoes, pay her bills, and still save over $100 a week.

Eden had been trying to convince her to come work at the Eye Candy Gentleman’s Club where she danced as a stripper, or, as she preferred, an ‘exotic dancer’.

However, Jasmine just couldn’t bring herself to take her clothes off on stage. She didn’t judge her friend, but knew it wasn’t for her. Yet she was struggling to even pay her student loan on her wages at the law firm.

“You know, I can try to get you a job at the club as a hostess/waitress if you want. The pay wouldn’t be what you’d make stripping, but it beats the hell out of what you’re making now.” Without waiting on a response Eden turned on her heels and headed into her room to make space in her closet for her new loot.

The temptation started working on Jasmine. She needed the money badly . . . . and it’s not like she’d be showing her tits. After her debts were paid, she could get a different job. Perhaps she could save for the down payment on a modest house.

Jasmine confidently marched into Eden’s room and stated, “Ok, sign me up.”

“Wow, really? Ok, ok you got it, girl. It’ll be ok, I promise you!” Eden replied with excitement and quickly started pulling out corsets and micro skirts for her friend to try on.

The following Wednesday night was Jasmine’s first night. She crossed her fingers. Eden told her Wednesdays were a good night to start. She also advised her, the more bling the better. So, at Eden’s prodding Jasmine decorated her hair with glittering tinsel to draw attention. She added a Swarovski crystal tie necklace, dangling crystal earrings, and a huge rhinestone bracelet, hoping that customers would be able to pick her out from orbit. The outfit the two girls settled on was an extremely short black micro skirt, fishnet stockings, black heels and a black and gold corset that pushed her breasts up towards her chin!

During the day, Jasmine was a refined receptionist for an A-rated law firm. However, today– rather, tonight– was her first time working at the Eye Candy Gentleman’s Club. The culture shock was massive, and even though she had worn far less clothing on a beach, bursa escort she strangely felt so much more exposed in her current naughty outfit. She was excited as she walked the tables, and the lustful glances she received was empowering. The music was loud, and the bass was a constant thumping.

Her first $20 came easily.

The customers seemed nice at first, but she quickly discovered their attention, sometimes unwanted, could be overwhelming. Many of the guys “shooed” her away the second the drinks hit the table. Many got grabby and demanded lap dances. Pervs were a norm, the dreaded “crotch grabber” was there, and a few apparent regulars turned creepy on her. A cocky man in a business suit threw $20 at her for refusing to show him her tits! Jasmine was surprised at how forward the club-goers could be with the servers. She had come in assuming that they would be totally focused on the dancers.

Jasmine met a few dancers; some were very friendly while others were total bitches. She also learned the strip club drink con and was recruited to help the strippers use it at least a dozen times. The overwhelming rule that was recited was, “they are not men they are ‘dollar signs’.

By the end of the night, Jasmine had come away with $435 in tips… not bad for her first night!

Friday night, however, was MUCH busier, and Jasmine was going crazy. As she prepared to pick up the latest round of drinks, she noticed a guy sitting alone at a corner table. These tables were known as the ‘perv’ tables because they were regularly occupied by married men who were there to get off. These same guys were usually tight wads because they were hiding the funds from their wives!

This guy immediately seemed different than the rest. Jasmine had been repeatedly warned not to see them as men but as dollar signs. He was well groomed, handsome, and appeared extremely confident but in a humble sort of way…

Jasmine snapped herself out of that dangerous thought process.

“Dollar signs,” she reminded herself.

The guy held up his hand as she served an adjacent table. She deftly walked with one foot in front of the other to make her hips sway as if she was a model on the catwalk. He said hello and ordered a beer. His voice, oh my . . . it took Jasmine’s breath away. She walked to the bar and could feel his eyes on her. She got his beer from the bar and brought it to him again with her “catwalk strut”. He paid her and asked her what her name was.

Her voice shook as she squeaked out, “Jasmine.”

He asked her bursa escort bayan if she would sit with him. “No sir. I’m just the… I mean, I serve the drinks. Here, let me get one of the strippers for you.”

She ran to find Eden

Eden saw her friend’s blushed cheeks and dilated eyes. “OH NO, girl! DOLLAR SIGNS!”

Eden put her game face on and immediately went over to work her magic on the new prey. On cue, Jasmine came to them and asked, “Would you care to buy the lady a cocktail?”

The con was that the stripper would order a $12.00 drink and the bartender would not put any alcohol in it. He responded with a full and sexy smile, “Only if I can buy you one, too.”

Eden exclaimed, “Great! We both want Sex on the Beach.”

Jasmine scurried off but quickly returned. “$24.00,” she declared, and the hook was set.

“My name is Antonio,” and the man tossed two twenties on the tray. “Keep the change.”

Oh my, that voice . . . .

Jasmine stammered, “Thanks… umm… thank you” and quickly hurried off again. Antonio . . . a sexy name, too!

She continued her work, every now and then stole a glance at Antonio only to find him gazing back at her. She felt her face turn warm under his gaze. Despite Eden doing her best to keep his attention, he stayed about an hour before leaving.

Antonio returned to the club once or twice a week for the next couple of weeks. He was always polite and after the second visit, Jasmine noticed he no longer received lap dances. Finally, one Friday night, he asked her to go out with him as she brought him his drink. She smiled, politely declined, and brought him a stripper. The next night he came in again, and, again, asked Jasmine to go out with him; she once again just smiled and brought him a stripper.

Jasmine didn’t see Antonio for the next three weeks. She regretfully wondered if she should have said “yes” and maybe met him for coffee. She yearned for his gaze, and tried to keep busy but found herself constantly watching the door waiting, and hoping Antonio would stroll in. Soon, Jasmine began to give up hope of ever seeing him again.

Jasmine sighed; it was just as well. She reminded herself, “DOLLAR SIGNS.”

The next week was a hectic one. Jasmine had two exams and was scheduled to work four nights. Friday night came, and the club was packed. She had a tray full of drinks on her way to a rowdy table with a bachelor party when she felt someone looking at her. As soon as she set the last drink on the table and took the payment, she escort bursa looked to her left and saw Antonio sitting at his usual table.

Jasmine’s heart soared.

He raised his hand, and she excitedly did her catwalk strut over to him.

“Hello Antonio.” She batted her eyelashes.

Antonio ordered his beer but said nothing more. Slightly hurt and disappointed, Jasmine gave him his drink and returned to work.

The night was crazy and after taking a large drink order from a table of business exes, she looked over to discover that Antonio was gone.

What the hell?

But the following night he returned, but only said hello and ordered his beer.

It was four days before Jasmine worked again, and she couldn’t get Antonio out of her mind. It was after her first break when she finally saw him enter the club. He sat in his usual spot, but she was busy filling orders at other tables.

Jasmine watched Diamond sit down at his table. What a bitch! How was she to approach him while SHE was sitting with him! Jasmine had one more table to take care of, then hoped Antonio would order so she would have an excuse to approach him. As she delivered the final set of drinks to some older men at a table near Antonio’s, he raised his hand, calling her over.

As Jasmine started her catwalk strut toward him, Antonio stood. That was the only invitation she needed. He was SO handsome, she decided at that precise moment that she would bite the bullet and ask him out. But her body had other ideas. She ran and jumped in his arms, wrapping her legs around him and kissing him hard.

“YES, I will go out with you!” she exclaimed.

Antonio looked surprised as he set her carefully down on the table. He picked up the anklet that had been laying there and attached it to her left ankle. “Ok, Jasmine, you are mine.”

She smiled and responded, “Definitely!”

As Jasmine walked away from Antonio, she heard occasional jingling despite the mind numbing thumping of the bass. “Where is that coming from?” she thought several times. The night was crazy busy, but some time later she finally had time to pee in the strippers’ private bathroom. Sitting on the toilet finally gave her the opportunity to examine the anklet.

It was HER that was jingling!

The anklet had a little Christmas-type bell on it. The strap was black velvet, and it had a little bow tie. Oddly, Jasmine had never felt as desired as she did at that exact moment. It dawned on her that her relationship with Antonio was going to be something dramatically different from what she was accustomed to.

As Jasmine reentered the dance floor, she immediately looked over at ‘Antonio’s Table’…he was gone. In his place was a group very rowdy soldiers on leave.

Her heart longed . . .

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