Noises Through the Wall Pt. 03

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

Dreams of men admiring me filled the night. A beautiful ball gown accentuated my curves as I waltzed gracefully with a faceless partner across a long dance floor. The men all looked on, cheering me, their eyes on the cleavage that spun past them. I had been invisible as a desired woman for so long, and now that world had reawakened. I loved the attention, and the dazzled look in their eyes. My gown suddenly fell, spilling my boobs for all to see. The faceless partner was gone, leaving me all alone with bare tits. I should have been aghast, but instead of covering them up, I flaunted them. The music changed to something teenagers would listen to with a heavy bass. My hips gyrated to the beat, my tits flailing about. Soon, the men changed. They were all Christopher, and they all had the happiest expressions on their faces. I was bringing them that joy. Their sexy mom. Me. I woke from the dream and sat up in bed.

Two things hit me as I sat in the dark next to my sleeping husband. I needed to see my son having sex with his girlfriend. Listening wasn’t good enough anymore. And I needed to get myself a dildo. Something big and fat, like Christopher’s cock. I reached for my phone and started searching for the perfect specimen. Same day delivery was, of course, a necessity.

The next morning, I sent my husband off to work and my son off to school just as if everything was perfectly normal. Everything was not perfectly normal. I busied myself with household chores as I waited for my delivery. Normally I would have gotten myself off once I had the house to myself, but I wanted to build that fire inside me for my new toy. So, I waited. And waited. And the day wore on. I eventually took up a spot in the guest bedroom around 3:30 so I could spot Christopher and Gwen when they snuck in through the basement casement window. It was almost four when I spotted them. I raced downstairs to intercept them before they got busy. Christopher was just about to close his door when I appeared.

“Good afternoon, Christopher. Hello, Gwen.” I clasped my hands together and smiled at them in the most indulgent, motherly way. They both stared out of the room at me like I was a ghost. Surely, they knew I was home while they carried on every afternoon? Was I so naïve when I was eighteen? Maybe it wasn’t naiveté, maybe they were just self-centered teenagers. I could forgive them that.

“Oh, hi, Mom.” Christopher awkwardly removed his hand from Gwen’s hip.

“Hello, Mrs. Green.” Gwen looked down at her sneakers, her cheeks turning red.

“Hello, dear.” I said to my son’s girlfriend. “Do you mind if I borrow Christopher for a minute? I need to have a word with my son.”

“Um… sure.” She looked nervously around the room like she’d never seen it before.

“You can do that stuff teenagers do on your phone while you wait. We won’t be long.”

“Okay.” The pretty thing fished her phone out of her backpack and sat on the edge of the bed. She didn’t know that’s where I sat when I jerked her boyfriend.

“Come on, Chris.” I smiled to myself. I led him upstairs to the kitchen, and turned to face him.

“What’s up, Mom?” He waited for me to respond, but I just stood there like an idiot.

“Um… well…” I had become so worked up delaying my self-satisfaction that I was about to do something really crazy. It wasn’t long ago that I never touched myself. Now, I went mad when I didn’t.

“Well, pinbahis yeni giriş if it can wait. I’d better get back to –” Christopher stopped mid-sentence as I quickly closed the distance between us and my hands went to his waistband. I frantically worked to unbuckle his belt. “What are you doing?” He looked over his shoulder toward the basement stairs, but he didn’t move away. That was a good sign.

“I just had a bit of inspiration.” I got the belt undone and pulled down his zipper. “Does Gwen ever give you oral sex?” I worked at his button, and his only answer was silence. “You know, blowjobs?”

“I know what oral sex is, Mom.” Christopher’s voice had a waver to it. “Of course she does.”

“Well, it’s never polite to assume anything.” The button popped loose, and I squatted down in front of him. My dress was pulled taut by my spread knees. “I know you liked what I did with my boobs last night. I mean, her boobs aren’t big enough so…” I laughed on the inside. I didn’t say, I won that round, Gwen, but I certainly thought it. “I’m a bit out of practice, but I want to see how I compare to Gwen’s blowjob skills.” I pulled down his pants and underwear around his ankles and looked up at him.

“What… now? Here?” He looked shocked.

I pushed on. “You want to see my boobs again? Will that help?” I quickly pulled them out of my bra and dress. I had gone completely nuts, but I was committed. Did all women in their 40s became so sex obsessed?

“Um…” Christopher simply stared down at my breasts, his cock fully rigid. “Gwen’s downstairs. She could come up here any minute.”

“We’ll be quick.” I reached up and took his cock in my right hand, his balls in my left, and leaned in. I tried not to look at Carl’s wedding ring brushing up against Christopher’s cute, hairy testicles. It had been over a decade since I’d last done this for my husband. Christopher was warm, salty, and quite big in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around the head, closing my eyes tight. Oh, my. This was wonderful. I was pleasing Christopher. He could have turned and run away to his girlfriend, but he wanted me. My sweet man thought I was worth getting caught over. My poor panties flooded. I moved the hand from his balls and reached under my dress and slipped a finger in.

“Mom… oh… shit… Mom.”

“Mmmmppphhhhhhh.” I popped the head out of my mouth, took it back in, and popped it again. I remember Carl saying he liked that sound. And it was so satisfying to do with a bigger penis. I stroked him and looked up. “You like when I blow you, Chris?”

He nodded. His eyes flickered between my boobs, my eyes, and the hand pumping him. The shock had worn off, and now his face was full of unbridled joy. It was a beautiful sight.

“After we’re done, I want you to do me a favor.” I smiled up at him. “I want you to tell Gwen that I’ve gone out for the afternoon and that you want to do it in your parents’ bedroom.”

“What?” He was clearly having a hard time taking it all in. I had overwhelmed the poor lad.

“I want to watch you and your girlfriend do it. Okay?” I pumped him harder and licked the head a few times. “I’ll be hiding in the closet.”

“That’s weird, Mom.” Christopher had finally hit his limit, it seemed. “I don’t think sooooooo… ooooohhhhhhhh.” He leaned his head back as I took him back into my mouth, now pumping him eagerly, and caressing the bottom of his cock with my tongue. Based on the noises he was making, it seemed like pinbahis giriş he liked it. I was good at blowing a large penis. Who knew! Not my dumb husband, that’s for sure.

“Mmmppphhhhhh.” I worked my own pussy while bring him closer and closer to orgasm. I had to decide whether I would try and swallow. The old, reserved part of my mind said no. My new hormone-crazed thoughts said yes. But fate wouldn’t allow me the decision.

Ding-dong! The doorbell jerked us both from our erotic trances. I pulled my mouth off him, released my grip on his shaft, and looked over my shoulder toward the front door. Before I could do anything, Christopher pulled up his pants and clumsily stuffed his hard cock into his underwear. Still zipping up his pants, he turned from me and ran back down to the basement.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong. “I hear you. I hear you.” My shoulder’s slumped as I removed my hand from my pussy, and walked over to the sink. I washed my hands quickly, put my boobs away, and wiped the spit from my chin. Then, I answered the door.

“Hello!” The delivery man handed me a box. “Have a nice day!” He turned and ran down our front walk.

“You too!” I called cheerily after him. “Even though you ruined a perfect moment,” I said under my breath. I closed the door and tore into the package. It was my new dildo. How very much like Christmas Day it felt, looking down at the piece of silicone that would become so familiar with my insides. Well, it could have shown up earlier, but maybe this would still be a fun afternoon after all. After washing the thing, and moving to my closet, I waited. I pulled my dress off, and removed my panties. I stood in only my bra, rubbing the dildo against my dripping vaginal lips. The phallus wasn’t as big as Christopher, but it was quite a bit bigger than my husband. I had never had anything so large inside me before. I pushed it in a little and inhaled sharply. It really spread me out. Would I finally get to see, as well as hear, my son in action?

My answer came soon enough. Gwen and Christopher entered my bedroom. I watched through a crack left open by the closet door. I tried not to grunt as the dildo was now about halfway in.

“You sure it’s okay that we’re in here?” Gwen looked around the room timidly.

“Yeah, my mom’s out shopping. And my dad’s working. Don’t you think it’ll be hot to do it here?” He reached over and pulled Gwen into a tight embrace. His eyes looked over her shoulder right to my hiding spot. I knew he couldn’t see me in the dark closet, but my knees trembled all the same.

“Yeah… mmmmm… it is… sorta hot… to do it in your parent’s room,” Gwen said between kisses. They made out in the center of the room for a while and then she pushed him away and undressed. “Go get a towel or something. I don’t want mess up your parents’ bed in case I have one of those… things again.”

“You mean the flood?” Christopher laughed and stripped as he walked to the master bath.

“Shut up. You know I don’t like it when you call it that.” Gwen folded her clothes and put them in a neat pile. She was pretty, and perky, standing there naked. But I was more womanly. I really was. I could see why Christopher stared at my tits the way he did. He wasn’t getting that kind of view from his girlfriend.

“Sorry, Gwen.” He returned from the bathroom naked and carrying a large towel. He spread it out on the bed. His cock was just as hard as I’d last seen it. I wondered if my spit was pinbahis güvenilirmi still on it. Was my spit going to lube his girlfriend? The thought of it made me dizzy. I pushed the dildo all the way in and grunted softly. Fortunately, they didn’t hear me, because Christopher was playfully throwing Gwen onto my bed. She fell on her back in the middle of the towel. Christopher jumped between her legs. And, just like that, he was inside her, thrusting away. “How does it feel to do it on my parents’ bed?”

“It’s bad… uh… uh… uh… so… bad, Chris.” She opened her thin legs wide for him, her bare feet bobbing up in the air with each impact. “We’re so… uh… uh… bad.”

She didn’t know how bad she really was, giving a show to her boyfriend’s mother. I pumped the dildo in time to my son’s hips. He wasn’t a big guy, but he looked so powerful mounting her like that. Oh, God, I was going to melt watching this. Or maybe my head would explode. Or my pussy could catch fire. All possibilities were on the table. This was the most magnetic thing I’d ever seen.

“Oh… oh… oh… it’s happening!” Gwen’s voice went operatic. Her legs shook uncontrollably. Her hands pressed themselves onto Christopher’s ass. She screamed out and suddenly there was a huge wet spot on the towel under her. I’d never seen anything like it. The flood indeed. I bit my lip and came, my pussy squeezing that great big dildo. I closed my eyes and imagined I was flooding for Christopher instead of that teenager.

When I opened my eyes, Christopher had flipped her over and was taking her from behind. Wait… something was wrong, but I couldn’t place it. My mind was too fragmented. I let the worry slide away as I frigged myself with that fat toy. With my free hand, I pulled a boob from my bra and cupped it, playing with the nipple. Those eighteen-year-olds were so vigorous and sexy mating like they were. And I felt sexy by association. They humped doggystyle for a long time, saying little sweet nothings to each other in between grunts and screams. Eventually, I could see Christopher trembling.

“Oh, shit,” I whispered. I finally placed what was wrong. He wasn’t wearing a condom. The little devil promised me he always wore a condom. Shit, shit, shit. My hands stopped what they were doing and I reached for the closet door. I had to put a stop to this. The dildo slid out with a plop, and then thumped on the carpet. No… I couldn’t go out there without panties and one boob hanging outside my bra. And I’m sure I reeked of sex just as much as they did. I stopped, and stood very still in the dark closet wondering what to do. I wasn’t feeling sexy anymore. I was feeling like an idiot. As his mother I had to do something, but I’d let my hormones put me in a vice. I was a failure of a parent.

“Damn… Gwen… I’m going to… cum…” Christopher pulled out of her and jacked himself above her small, round ass.

Oh, thank God. He wasn’t going to make me a grandmother.

“Yes… yes… all over me…” Gwen cooed and made little circular motions with her butt. And she got her wish.

My hand went back to my pussy as I watched my son cover his girlfriend’s back with cum. How did he ever keep so much in his balls? When he was done, he gave her ass a playful slap. “Let’s get in the shower before my mom gets home.” He then led the dazed young woman into my master bath.

I came twice more as I listened to them fuck in my shower. It took another hour for them to finally clean, get dressed, and leave. Once the coast was clear, I made my way to the shower with my new dildo. I pumped myself under the hot water, thinking about how I was standing in the same place those teenagers had just been screwing. I had several of the most intense orgasms of my life.

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