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Unknown to Sue, I planned to share her with whoever sat with us. So, while watching her dress for our trip, I’d insisted she wear a tiny front-clasp 1/4 cup bra with lacy top that fit loosely and barely hid her firm, tall nips above the cups. Instead of the correct 33A bra, she wore a 32B and specially adjusted the straps. It shaped and pushed her tiny tits together and created deep cleavage where there really was none. She chooses to wear an oversize cup, sometimes even a C demicup, so her tiny A-cup tits could more easily spill out ‘accidentally’.

Over that lacy bra, she wore a thin, nearly shear, white, 4-button sleeveless shirt-vest that showed all her cleavage, half her tits, and dipped below her frilly bra – IF it were fully buttoned. No matter how public or conservative the setting, the huge arm holes allowed an easy view of the entire cup and usually inside it for another clear peek at her perfect nipples.

Her deceptively ‘conservative’ blue, pleated skirt went to 3 short inches over her knees when standing. Stretching, running, or slight breezes would easily expose her panties, if she chose to wear any. Even casual sitting raised her hem many inches, exposing her shapely and slightly bowed thighs. As her hem rose, the widening gap captured all eyes and made men slobber at the prospect of visually possessing her approaching pussy. I asked her to wear her tiny blue panties that were string tied. All the better to suit my devious plan.

As usual, my clothes were far more casual. The snug T shirt clung yet allowed her easy access under it. Sue’s exhibitionism was rubbing off on me and I began taking public risks too. I usually went commando under my tailored, wide legged, blue shorts. Even when I stood still and was NOT aroused they let my package blatantly advertise its position. They were light weight enough to show any twitching or throbbing. I often used that to break the ice.

Yet when aroused, my cock crept toward the hem and its purple head would peek at innocent bystanders. Better yet, when I sat, there was no way to keep it in my shorts even if I wanted to. The hem would slide up my swollen cock so far it would soon escape and stand up stiff and straight with very little covered. That usually also exposed my balls to everyone.

I used my specious attempts to hide my dick to actually draw attention to MY ‘accidental’ exposure. Sue often ‘helped’ me by ostensibly covering or stuffing my swelling cock under my shorts…. with an ‘OOPS, how embarrassing’ expression.

Sue kept asking what I had in mind, but I wasn’t telling until we were on board. I asked what fantasy partner she was in the mood for – man or woman, very young or very old? Her only answer was a broad smile. THAT told me that ‘anything goes’ and of course, THAT just made my dick harder.

The train wasn’t crowded so we had our choice of seats. I chose a 3-wide seat in the middle of the car so we’d at least have forewarning for half the people walking the car. The other half walking from behind us would be our unexpected surprise – the extra thrill of being caught in public. The tent in my shorts surged. I took the window seat so Sue would have the center one. The train smoothly accelerated and soon began a gentle rocking motion that raised our already steaming libidos. Only four scattered people shared the car with us until the 1st stop, an hour away. Bostancı Esmer Escort Thoughts of what I might get them to do to my sweet Sue made my cock begin to peek, unaided, from under my shorts.

On the brightly lit, warm train, when Sue sat, her sexy thighs were more than half exposed to all who had eyes. I told her to look at, but not touch her ascending hemline. She smirked. She loved it when she HAD to follow orders. That meant she wasn’t responsible for her actions. We reclined the seats half way, watching her hem rise as we did. Unless one stood directly in front of us, her panties were tantalizingly not quite in view.

I stroked her creamy thighs, told her to pet my throbbing cock then snaked my tongue into her hungry mouth. When my fingers walked under the last inches of her skirt, they lightly skimmed over a swelling lip. She lurched and grunted loudly. Alerted, the rest of the car became absolutely quiet. We had their attention. We didn’t notice their moving closer since our eyes and ears were closed. Avoiding her clit to slow her arousal, I popped two buttons which opened her vest to her navel.

Eyes still closed, my tit-reading braille fingers slid down her steeply sloped cleavage and circled her confined, puckering cones. When my fingers brushed her loose, lacy nipple covers against then away from her hardening nubs, teasing them to attention, my eyes opened and saw three men and one woman had clustered around my moaning wife.

Two were looking between her twitching legs. Her perfect, peeping nipples fascinated the others. The three men were furtively rubbing their rods as the obviously horny woman discretely palmed her pussy and pulled her nipples thru her long, full, button-down yellow dress. Sue was faced away from them, but her widening smile around my dancing tongue told me she saw them in the window reflection.

She pretended not to notice them, bent her right leg up and angled her knee toward them. We both knew they had an unobstructed view of her panty and swollen camel toe. Sue squeezed and waved my hardened dick for them as an invitation to join us. My moan refused to be discrete. I folded her bra’s lace upper under a nipple and pressed it inside the cup for our fans to easily watch me pull and pinch Sue’s well lit, perfect nipple.

“Should we stop?” she asked, hoping we would NOT. Her excitement at being caught was obvious in her trembling voice.

“No, love. Let’s not. Keep pretending neither of us knows they are all watching us. All this is just foreplay for what I had planned. Feel free to escalate if it thrills you.” Ah, word of love! A not so muffled grunt was all the warning I got! The four strangers watching us were also participants and not likely to snitch. Emboldened, Sue slid her cold hand along my rigid rod and continued her ‘massage.’ My sudden moan echoed among the others.

I unsnapped her too tight tiny bra, allowing her left tit to leap fully into clear view for all. She sighed in relief from titty prison. Except for her nipple, her right tit stayed under the 1/4 cup. I left it there, but opened the third blouse button which let her shear, snuggly tailored vest open to her belt. My hand cupped her exposed tiny tit and tugged on the delicate nipple.

Two men were now obviously and energetically rubbing their peckers in their pants. The other had pulled Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort his out so they all also watched him wank. With everyone’s inhibitions rapidly vanishing, the female had one hand inside her bra, obviously stressing her nipple. Her other hand had opened a skirt button and snuck inside her bright yellow skirt. It was plainly rubbing her pussy, but left it hidden from us.

Opening her last button let Sue’s vest and bra fall away from her chest. She slid her right arm out of her strap and shirt, becoming essentially topless. She unbuttoned my pants and we slid them down to my ankles. I had no underwear to distract us. She pulled my balls up into full view for our fans and gently slapped my dick. Her first full-hand squeeze swelled the nascent, clear drop of Cowper’s and pushed it to escape me.

Even before Sue could scoop it up, our female fan brazenly dove and caught it with her finger. She slid her open hand along my cock and onto Sue’s hand, then waited for us to look at her and devilishly licked her finger clean. The bubble was burst. No one could pretend any longer. We had already gone further than my planned foreplay intended, but that was no reason to end our fun.

The woman completely unbuttoned her yellow dress and let it fall open, revealing her shapely, nude body. Three men groaned at the brief sight of her hairy cunt. She released her plump full C cups, HUGE compared to Sue, and harshly abused her average nipples. Sue admiringly, but briefly caressed a big, heavy, firm tit. The woman’s two fingers were under her dark, lush bush… inside her. Her loud rasping breath and spastic lurching held our attention. As if getting final permission, she licked Sue’s tiny tit on her way down to sucking my cock into her mouth.

All the men had shed their pants. One of them knelt on the seat next to Sue, bringing his substantial cock near her tit. He smeared his clear gel on her nipple and she squeezed and pulled him, in synch with my dick. The woman, Maria, was still furiously finger fucking herself, but was on her knees sucking my cock while she mindlessly jerked another man. The scent of fresh sex filled the enclosed car and added to our arousal. One man lofted Maria’s dress as far onto her back as physically possible. Her luscious, curvaceous ass was gloriously exposed and relaxed.

Maria started to cum. Her twitching set off the man in her mouth, ME. My grunts and explosion also made the man in her hand shout and cum. Sue grabbed a second dick in her right hand and took the big cock on her tit into her mouth. She groaned around that dick and the vibrations caused him to quickly spray her throat. That was enough to make her cum noisily. Only one of us didn’t cum yet.

Sue licked one cock dry while Maria licked and sucked the other two clean. She noticed that the last man hadn’t cum. So dropping her dress, she pulled the last man to her. Now naked, her very shapely form impressed us all. “You MUST be included. I’m sorry you didn’t cum with us. Let me correct that.” Maria tirelessly stroked the last man, who was still standing in the aisle, as we caught our breaths and watched them. She sucked the stranger into her moist mouth and bobbed his stiff cock down her throat until her nose crushed his moist fur. She squeezed his balls and felt them roil just before he sprayed three wet ropes Bostancı Evi Olan Escort in her mouth. As he erupted, I wondered how many in the adjacent cars were watching too.

After a brief rest, she stretched across Sue’s lap, licking a nipple as she went. She slid my hard again cock smoothly into her throat. Sue often said she liked watching it vanish. Maria’s bobbing and moaning inspired Sue to kiss her sweetly rounded, plump ass that was so temptingly close to her face. She massaged and pulled Maria’s tits then slid a hand down her ass crack to rub her puckered muscle. Maria nearly bit off my dick when Sue pushed her thumb inside her ass. Her surprised, throaty, groans nearly made me spurt. Sue slid two fingers into Maria’s slippery slit. After a few long strokes, she hooked her fingers in Maria’s pussy and raised it to her mouth.

To everyone’s delight, she spread Maria’s cheeks to show us all her alluring asshole and swollen cunt. Then Sue pushed her tongue inside Maria and made six people groan at once. My breathing went rapid, shallow and ragged as I approached climax. Maria moved a hand from my balls to Sue’s crotch. She pushed Sue’s skirt away, moved her panties aside and forcibly inserted two fingers into Sue’s swollen, slippery snatch. Sue clearly exhibited her pale auburn fuzz and hardened clit for these strangers. She sharply sucked Maria’s juices out of her pussy, causing her to inhale my cock and me to finally explode deep in her throat. She held her mouth on my cock as Sue licked deeper into her soggy cunt. She came again from Sue’s licking and collapsed on both of us. Three naked men applauded! “Oh shit!”

Six very happy faces suddenly changed from relaxed and joyful to surprised when we heard the train whistle signal our approach to our 1st stop. Had an hour passed already? We had less than a minute before the doors would open to an unsuspecting horde. Sue held Maria’s ass long enough to give her pussy one more long, decadent lick and kiss. Maria then kissed my dick, lovingly wrapped an arm around my neck and frenched me slowly. She rolled onto her back on our laps, splayed her legs wide and gave all of us our first clear view of her swollen pussy and heart-shaped bush. After a brief, model-like pause, she slid onto Sue’s lap and tenderly frenched her too. “Thank you for inspiring us to create a life long memory.” Sue whispered that we may not be done yet since I’d told her this was foreplay to something else. THAT got her attention!

The train slowed and we all began dressing deliberately, teasingly and reluctantly. When it pulled into the station, Maria and the three men were in facing seats at the end of the car. They wondered what I had planned and if I could do anything when more people joined us. Defiantly, daringly and with a crazed twinkle in her bright blue eyes, she slowly swirled her devilish tongue around each cock head and kissed each dick. She waited until right AFTER the train stopped to release their dicks and hide her tits. The men struggled to quickly stuff their still stiff shafts into their slacks between the ‘WHOOSH’ of the brakes and the silently sliding doors. After they all exchanged numbers, two of the men got off (the train) just as several people rushed in and grabbed the window seats.

Sue and I had barely claimed the facing seats across from Maria before the hot air rushed in. An old man, near ninety, wobbled in with his cane and a young aide. He walked the few feet before stopping next to Sue. Maybe it was her still loose shirt and bobbing nipples that got his attention, but he plopped down next to her. She wasn’t happy about that.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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