Not Quite a White Knight Pt. 05

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The City Of Angels, Spring 2008

Chapter 30. Marta Arrives

(Note: Chapters 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are mainly sex. There is no violence in this part.)

After an hour of cleaning at the Fort I was off to the Batcave and the Casa. At the same time Courm, the indian who lives as my Casa, was at LAX with a limo picking up Marta, my aunt who raised me like a mother would. They arrived about 10 minutes after I did, I heard the door chime so I finished my shower. Courm was setting her up in the bedroom next to mine, my door was open so when she heard me turn off the shower, she came in. As always, she was overjoyed to see how her ‘son’ had grown up into a handsome man. We shared a hug and a very unmotherly kiss. As we embraced she could not pass up the opportunity to feel how ‘big’ I was. I admit we are a bit unconventional.

As my flesh swelled in her hand she asked me, as she always does when we greet each other, “This visit, are you going to make love to me? Are you going to kill me?” Since I was 21 these were the questions she always asked me, my upbringing prompted the first question and gave us a reason to smile, and the second was because she knew my nature, and was convinced I would end her someday. (I had no wish to do so, but she was convinced.) Once when I was much younger she had badgered my into promising truthful answer whenever she asked these questions.

I looked her in her single eye and said, “My dear Aunt Mother, I need you to take care of Gracie for me, and you can’t do that if you are dead. As for the other, as delightful as it sounds, I fear there will be no time for us alone. Qwit will be here tonight, along with others you may pick, to keep you satisfied.”

She liked the last part of my answer best. Marta was six feet tall, had the complexion of an indian, and for a woman in her early fifties she was strikingly beautiful. Her body put me in the mind of those classic Hollywood stars that stayed skinny in their later years. She disdained an artificial eye, saying it just made people stare more. Instead she had plastic surgery so the single eye seemed almost natural; there was not any patch or empty socket visible, just a meeting of forehead and cheek. She said, “people will stare anyway, so why not be special and beautiful!” She was.

As I dressed we talked about the plans for the day. I made it clear that she was the mistress of the house, and talked about who was coming. Courm had filled her in on the basics during the drive from the airport. We had a few minutes for family gossip, then Abril arrived at the side door with the first-timers. While I finished dressing, Marta and Courm, made our way to greet them on the main staircase. As agreed, Marta welcomed all to “her house” and said we would all have a wonderful day. I joined them while the girls were introducing themselves to Marta. Everybody knew me, but the big surprise was Courm. He was 6 foot 6, had muscles like a “lanky” NFL linebacker, and was handsome enough to be a actor. When he spoke, in his easy, perfect, unaccented Spanish the girls were all very impressed. Abril had met Courm before and, in the dark, she might actually prefer him to me – if she was going to have a man that way. Most of the first-timers could not tear their eyes from Courm, but I noticed Cynthia only had eyes for me.

Telling them to leave their bags where they were, Marta took the gaggle of first-timers to the kitchen, to get them started. She said Courm would attend to their bags, they had been assigned beds and space on the third floor. They would help her cook during the afternoon, and then attend the gala as ladies. Courm had carefully picked out the fresh ingredients Marta requested. The first priority was to get the girls chopping veggies and such so they would have time to simmer. As they walked I heard one of the girls ask about Toad. Marta answered that “her dear brother” was expected for dinner, and might be convinced to stay for a dance or two. They did not realize that Marta was Toad’s family. That made her a celebrity to them.

All the first-timers were 18 or 19, without current boyfriends. They had asked to attend and been selected by me. We had an agreement about what was allowed and expected. They all claimed some sexual experience, and were frankly hoping to learn something from a handsome adult tonight. They were all very excited, with the dinner and dancing in fancy gowns with handsome men plus the thought of bedding the soldiers it would be like a hispanic adult version of a Disney movie, adding an XXX ending if they wanted.

After the work was started Abril took Marta to her room next to mine. Abril explained her status with me (confirming what I had told Marta) and by surrendering her room she also surrendered her position in the household to Marta. Naturally Marta asked where Abril would sleep and she said it was likely she would sleep with me “as a sister” which was her preference. (I knew better than to express an opinion to these two ladies.) Bostancı Fetiş Escort Abril said we loved to tease each other as siblings will; it was a strong memory Marta also shared, both about her own siblings, and with me. Abril and Marta then talked about what the schedule would be. Marta made some small adjustments, and said there would be a surprise I was not to know about, but that was all.

Marta and Abril then had a talk about the formal waltz that would start the post-dinner dancing. I was going to be moved around like a puppet, and the two ladies would enjoy the exercise greatly.

It was clear I was no longer needed in my own home so I went to the office for a couple of hours before I got drafted to slice onions.

Li had mentioned the car policy last time I was at work and I was curious, so I took note of the partner’s cars (in reserved spots with their names) and when they came up for replacement. The key was that when the car was replaced, a new plate was also issued. Some had personalized plates, others were happy with normal plates. The firm’s staff took care of these details. Of 20 partners making up the management committee, 15 were present, so they came to about one new car with plate per month. Looking at which were new and which were almost a year old the rotation was pretty obvious. I filled in with what I knew about the other 5 partners on the committee.

In LA everybody notices your wheels and assumes a personality from what you drive. I did not rate a reserved spot but parked in a area reserved for the firm. Ken Carl, our “Car Czar” (a staff position) was a former high school science teacher who was always suspicious of me needing six parking stickers. Policy did not allow stickers to be moved from one car to another, so what choice did I have? Every year he stressed “only one at a time!” as if I would drive two cars to work some day. He also gave me an extra helping of the ‘stink eye’ when I drove my serene Town Car “L” (for extra Long, it was my newest car) which I had today or the H1 Hummer (a 2006 blue Alpha diesel); he claimed they each took two spots. Like it mattered; I usually worked nights.

Our Car Czar drove a 2005 Honda Insight (he would pedal a bike but he wanted to live). He was saving his nickels and lusting in his heart for the future Nissan Leaf all-electric, as would any acolyte in the new religion of climate change. Such people judged all men by their state of carbon grace; his highest praise was reserved for those who got a new, slightly more efficient car each year, as if there was no carbon cost associated with manufacturing a new car. The man had never toured a car factory but he had run out of gas three times in the last year trying to get the most out of his gas tank.

There is some amusement in skewering the believers by pointing out their own hypocrisy. For instance, I pointed out that all my cars, except the Porsche, got to LA using hybrid transportation (diesel-electric trains) while his came on a ship which burned really dirty fuel. (Yes, I know the fuel per ton-mile numbers, but he didn’t.)

My two hours at work were very useful, I had an inspiration about the brief I was writing and made a few very productive changes.

Mark’s First Call

On the way home I got the call from Mark. He was not pleased. First he went over the facts Gracie had explained. I confirmed them all. Next he wanted to talk about my sex with Gracie, but other than correcting him (“it was really more rape than sex”) I declined to play along. “I did things, she liked it, what is done is done. Those facts will not help you, lives are at risk.” That did not lower his blood pressure.

Next we went over the things I had learned since then, about Darnel, and his extreme desire to question Gracie in ways that were not nice. He did not believe anybody would do such a thing, but then I asked what had been found in the basement and he agreed that he was not into sex with “cable ties, dry ice and pliers” like the people I saved Gracie from were. That was when he got around to thanking me for saving Gracie’s life and actually letting her go with a degree of safety and assurance. He admitted that he was very confused about the type of person I was. I suggested “vigilante” but we both knew that did not fit.

I did tell him he and I had met, and that I had worked with Dr. Percy in Belize. Those facts impressed him. As that sank in I agreed that he was confused, allowed him to stay that way, and said he was not going to resolve that issue today. But I thought it likely he would not appreciate when he learned more. Then I suggested that we had talked about the past, but what we needed to do was talk about the future.

First, I made it clear that Gracie would leave on her own tomorrow. “You are not the only one with friends at the FBI. I can call in a favor. Some of your old co-workers would love to see you again, in handcuffs, with an open-and-shut case. I stand Bostancı Gecelik Escort ready and willing to give them an excuse,” Then I quoted the relevant statute on kidnapping. He did not like that but he saw how he could not stop Gracie.

“You know the law,” he said, still trying to identify me. I did not take the bait.

Next I stressed the two items Darnel could use to find Gracie. One was my license plate, I told him I knew it had been run unlawfully. He was aware that having a covered plate meant some relation with law enforcement, but again I cut his speculation off, he was following a false trail and the less I said the more he followed it in his FBI-trained mind.

The other thing Darnel would go after was the recording of Gracie in the book store. The clerks would know her name if they saw that tape. So he had to get the tape, and make sure nobody else saw it. “Gracie’s name ties to her home, and her home ties her to you, so you and your wife have skin in the game.” He was not thinking that Darnel could take the recording, but I said “he does not have your scruples; he charms, bribes, and uses mindless thugs as needed. Dig out that old spare badge you have… go now and destroy that recording before he gets it.” I insisted. Unfortunately, he did not yet think that way, I heard it in his voice. It meant somebody might die. Well, it would not be one of mine. I asked myself why I was helping this guy.

That was when I said he was a fool to put his wife at risk. I repeated the offer Gracie had made, to get his wife to a safe location. For the first time I heard something besides bluster and doubt in his voice, so I expanded. “She must promise not to contact you on the way, but once she is there she can call to check in and is free to leave as she wishes. You have until Gracie leaves to opt in.” Still, since he did not know me, he could not do it. Not yet.

I then explained about the phone. “Yours and mine are a pair, they will only talk to each other four more times, then they will brick. Don’t try to defeat phone, you have no other way to contact me.” I knew he would do the FBI thing and get the phone x-rayed, but that is what the lead foil is for. That was where we left it, neither of us was happy but I was much more satisfied.

I was trying to get to the Casa in time for dinner which started at 5:00. When I picked up Zar there was a message that Qwit was already at the Casa; Marta had called him, she had “quickie” time and he came running. So I got there early. Abril was taken aback when I walked in with Zar, she is an impressive woman; there might have been a scene but as soon as we walked in the door Zar was all over Courm. Abril insisted on helping me dress; in my room she gushed about how wonderful Marta was. I was glad they got along.

Everybody else was on time, arriving in a 5 minute window. Toad, all of the soldiers, and all of the professional ladies I had invited were present. Toad was accompanied by his caretaker Jen; she was not on the guest list so an extra chair was arranged at the table.

Jen was the daughter of a friend of Toad’s, a black man who was part of his non-hispanic crew. (Toad ran 2 crews, one of Mexicans and one of gringos. They did not get along. Each brought different skills so they were used for different jobs.) Jen had a hard life because her father was often gone, on a job or in jail. She fell in with a bad crowd, dancing with China White at the age of 12. Toad took her and her mother under his wing and made sure she got through high school. Then came college and finally medical school. However, the last two years in med school, she fell for a bad boyfriend. She made excuses every time, but she was beaten and was in the hospital so often that she missed tests and could not become a doctor. When Toad finally found out the truth he beat the guy, put him in a box with some lousy cocaine, and shipped the box to Denver by bus. The boyfriend never returned to LA.

As Toad’s hard life and physical problems (bad hips) began to catch up with him, Jen took over as his main medical supervisor. They had been intimate in the past, but now Jen had a good man and children. She was not licensed as a doc (she was a nurse), so she acted as a consultant with a few clients like Toad.

Of course the meal was wonderful, old recipes from Marta’s youth and her time on at home. The first time girls had done all the work under Marta’s direction, they received much praise from the soldiers and the Indians, and they each had a special recipe and the tricks to go with it for their own family. They were actually quite amazed at the success of their efforts.

After dinner was a short siesta, then all got dressed for the dance. The soldiers were all in different, and very colorful, military dress uniforms from the 1800’s. This was LA where the best costumes are available for any budget and taste; the outfits are kind of a hobby for the men. They kept them as formal wear for galas and Bostancı Genç Escort other festive events at the ranch. Meanwhile, the women were dressed in the finest, most colorful gowns they could get their hands on from mothers, sisters, aunts, plus their own past. The grand room had been converted to a ballroom. I had an excellent sound system and Marta had a CD of her dance music. The first song was an extended waltz done with a Spanish flare from a mariachi section and horns.

Our first dance used a stylized waltz that the first timers had been taught during the afternoon, it was structured to get the evening going. When the music started I took Martha’s hand and we dancing around the room, the only ones on the floor. After the first movement Marta passed me off to Abril and took the Captain, the women had decided the order of these things. Abril smiled at the surprises she had built in for me, the first of which was when she passed me to Cynthia (a surprise for me) while Abril went to Courm (a treat for her). The next round Cynthia matched me with Gwen, who was in charge of the entertainment girls; and in fact most of the entertainment girls stepped in at that point. Maggie, another first timer, almost fainted when Gwen passed me to her, and the experienced girls made sure all the men were on the floor. The dance was halfway through and everybody but Toad and Jen (who declined to leave Toad) was involved. Since the men were outnumbered, some of the women danced together, including Abril with Cynthia who gossiped (probably about me) and Marta with young Maggie.

There were two more changes of partners. I spent the last and longest of the dance movements with Marta, who had taught me this dance as a child. She said that having me in her arms was a special treat for her, she was so pleased with my success. I thanked her for all she had done, but she asked that I should be truthful and take the credit that she knew I deserved, because it was so hard for me to act “regular” and there was no way for her to change who I was inside. “By the time you were seven you were such a strong and determined mature man in a child’s body, I wondered what I could have done different.”

“You did everything you could, you raised me to cope with the world the way I was. What more could I ask?”

We both thought of those two questions she always asked. She asked me again, “should I come to your bed tonight?”

“No, I am sure another will enjoy the night with you. Little Jose is also very good, or so I understand.”

“I don’t have the strength for two men any more, so I will enjoy my little indian Qwit tonight, then Courm tomorrow, that will suit me fine.” She meant that Courm would drive her and Gracie to her home in Detroit using my new Town Car. A second driver, the indian now in Detroit named Rozz, might join them along the way if Mark’s wife was not in the car. Marta and Courm, at least, would share a bed during the trip. Gracie could join them or not, it was up to her.

Marta continued, “You know, I do not feel guilty with my lovers. Only with Qwit, when he comes in me, and I see my husband’s eyes watching me.”

“You could always turn over, or close your eyes,” I suggested.

“No, I cannot. I must see him there, it is all have left of him.” She really loved her husband, who was dead before I was born, and she missed him so.

She paused, changing gears. “Are you really okay with whatever this Gracie does on the way, and in Detroit?” She sounded natural, but she was actually asking about sex. Being in a car with Courm and maybe Rozz would be very tempting. Plus, Marta might like to sample her charms, if Gracie was willing in the night.

“Yes Aunt Mother, Gracie is a free agent, we have made no claims on one another.”

“You know you have never talked to me about any other girl like this one. She is special to you, I can tell. I would hate for anybody to make a mistake…” Ah, she was thinking that I might take offense at Courm if he bedded Gracie.

“Yes, she is special, but not that way. I want her safe and happy, like you might want a child safe and happy. I admit there is more between us. But we both know I will marry another, and Abril, while she is a sister to me in the bedroom, is a handful in terms of actions in public.” Abril would not allow any other woman to stand closer to me – except Marta and someday my wife, when she was selected; family trumped all in Abril’s eyes. I knew it was a problem waiting to happen. “Also, my brother Courm and I have shared women before, on the same bedding if I recall.” She blushed at the memory, it had been a very good day. “I trust all my cousins to pleasure Gracie if I cannot be there. I would delight to see them all please her.” Well, maybe that was a stretch, and Marta’s look said she knew it, but at least it was close to being true. She knew Courm and I had a special link, that was why I used the word “brother” for him.

“As for Abril, I think you might be in for a surprise there…” she said with a smile that told me some plan was in the works. She was thinking of the mountain, and the culture where women managed all sex. But we were far from there, weren’t we? I mean, except for tonight, at the supper table and in the ballroom when home was very close for a time.

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