Nude Beach Horror

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Her name was Holly. God she was beautiful. I was smitten the moment I laid eyes on her. Although she was just an intern, she seemed mature for her age. She oozed with confidence and whenever she entered the office, everyone would stop and look at her. Holly must’ve been 21 or 22 years old. She liked to keep fit, she always wore tiny mini-skirts which showed off her swimmers thighs and silky long legs, legs that could choke you to death! Whenever she wore heels, she would tower over me at over 6ft. She had a strong upper body, with well defined (slightly muscular) arms. She had beautiful tanned olive skin, long flowing brown hair, dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, luscious pouty lips with a perfect button nose. In other words, she was a goddess. Perfect in everyway. She didn’t belong here, in an office, she belonged in a beauty pageant. I’m certain if she tried, she could be Miss Universe.

She was excellent jerk off material. After she joined us at work, it took me only a week to search for her on facebook and become her friend online. I was surprised she accepted my request. I was in paradise: there were many photos of her on holidays, partying with girlfriends (which were equally as attractive as she) and in particular, there were quite allot of bikini shots. I don’t mind telling you that I spent quite allot of time in my office, pounding my meat to images of her in an itsy bitsy bikini…. and there were many photo’s of her wearing practically nothing. I can’t quite explain her body, I’ll just say this: perfection. Toned in all the right places! She has a flat stomach, a belly button ring, a large lower back tattoo, well defined thighs and modest c Cup breasts. She is the perfect woman.

By this point in my life I was living alone. To say I was lonely was an understatement. I was new in town and I didn’t particularly get out that much. My Friday and Saturday nights consisted of pizza, beer and porn…. but more recently, images of Holly were my primary ‘jerk off material’. I became obsessed with her, I fantasised of what it would be like for us to be an item. Not just the sex, but the whole ‘relationship thing’. Yes she was young, but the right age for me. It was just a dream though, I was too afraid to approach her and besides: her relationship status said that she was ‘in a relationship’ with a guy named ‘Fred Spielmyer’….. What type of name is that?? I ask you.

When I checked out his profile, my heart sank…. There was no way I could possibly compete with this guy. He looked like Mr. Universe! Thankfully, he had not set his privacy settings on facebook so I could peruse his photo albums.

There was an album titled: ‘Fred’s WNBF body building comp’ Yep, her boyfriend was a bodybuilder. There was an assortment of photos of a very tall, very buff guy with orange body paint wearing nothing but a tiny black speedo striking poses and flexing muscles. Judging by the photo’s he was runner up at that competition. My heart sank. I always had the notion that because bodybuilders took steroids, their privates were permanently shrunken, like a little boy. Not with Fred. Dressed in nothing but a tight black speedo that left very little to the imagination: he was bulging out! Literally! I’m sure he was the ‘most hung’ guy at the competition.

No wonder she was with him, he had muscles, popularity, confidence and a huge fucking wang….. all the qualities which I sadly do not possess. What really depressed me was the fact that I found an assortment of photos of her ‘rubbing him all over with orange body paint’ preparing him for the competition “Lucky bastard!” I began to fantasise what it would be like to be in Fred’s shoes, damn he’s a lucky guy. I’m so goddamn jealous.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right. I’ am a pervert. After a few weeks of monitoring Holly’s facebook profile I noticed a change: her relationship status had changed. It had gone from ‘Being in a Relationship’ to ‘it’s complicated’

Could there be trouble in paradise? Sure enough, a few days later her status changed again from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘single’. The girl of my dreams was single. It was official. The news excited me, to the point where I was whistling at work. A few more weeks passed and I’d gathered up the nerve to ‘smile at her’ in passing. Just a smile and a friendly wave.

I’m sure she thought nothing of it at first, but I soon realised that she was following me on facebook. I had just purchased a new car: a 2006 BMW 525i. I posted some pictures on facebook of my new car and….. she commented ‘nice toy, big boy’. What did this mean? Was she giving me licence to pursue her? This drove me crazy.

When I learned that she would not be returning after the summer holidays, I realised that I had to act quick or I would miss out forever. When I worked up the nerve to ask her out, she turned me down saying that she just wanted to focus on her work. I was crushed, I hurt, really bad, not to mention feeling extremely stupid. Escort Bayan I went around the office and talked all the other girls into saying nice things about me. My plan was simple, get everyone to praise me and tell her that I’m a ‘great guy’

After a week of running around, I asked her out again and to my surprise she said yes. We began dating thereafter. I would take her out to nice restaurants and she would drag me along to various plays, shows and artsy events. She was mature for her age and although I was 11 years older than her, I felt like a child around her. I somehow still felt way out of her league. I know she sensed this, she would taunt and tease me at times…. Of course, I was denied sex. It was her power over me. She knew I wanted it badly and she knew I was too much of a wimp to make a move…. and I was (mostly out of fear of rejection). She’d get me really hot and bothered.

Soon summer arrived and she told me that she wouldn’t be coming back to Los Angeles after the holidays. I was crushed, devastated. I knew it was too good to be true. We decided that it would be in our best interests to call it quits and stop seeing each other in order to avoid an emotional sea saw. It literally felt like my life was over…. and I didn’t even get to fuck her.

To my surprise however, she invited me to go with her to visit her parents in San Diego, saying that we should have ‘one last hoorah’ before we parted ways. In the back of my mind I knew what she meant: Sex. I would finally get to ‘have my way with her’ I swear, I got an erection just thinking about it.

Holly’s parents lived in a magnificent house in an exclusive suburb near the beach. After the introductions and a glass of wine to help us unwind, we all decided to turn in. Holly’s mom showed me to the guest bedroom while Holly spent the night in her old room. That night seemed to go on forever and Holly could tell that I was particularly sexually frustrated, in fact, she thought it was funny. When I leaned in to kiss her good night, she whispered in my ear, “Think of me when you touch yourself tonight” she giggled and shut the door in my face. She was teasing me and it was driving me mad. I took her advice that night.

The next day Holly and I awoke only to find the house empty. Her parents had gone for the day to visit some friends in the city…. In other words, Holly and I had the whole house to ourselves. I had dreamed of being in this position for months! I was finally right were I wanted to be. I was in Fred Spielmyers shoes. At that moment, I didn’t care that our relationship wouldn’t go beyond this weekend… I just wanted to fuck her. I wanted to pound that perfect pussy of hers.

Of course, she had other plans in mind.

As I said, Holly had a power over me. The power of the pussy. It was an incredible thing. I didn’t particularly want to go anywhere until Holly suggested that we go to the beach for a few hours. I quickly changed my tune, jumping on board. I longed to see her in a little bikini… in real life at least.

We drove a little north of San Diego to a place Holly said was called Black’s Beach. The parking lot was high up on a cliff and the beach was down below. We loaded up our stuff and started walking down the path to the beach. As we got near the bottom, like a sledgehammer pounding at my chest, I realized that Black’s Beach was a nude beach. This was not what I had in mind. Not what I had in mind at all.

Holly led the way as I trailed behind. It was a beautiful hot day and the beach was already full of people in various states of undress. Holly gave me a sly smile and said “I hope you’re not shy!” I laughed and said “Of course not,” but in reality I was scared to death. I’m not well hung and have always avoided situations that involved public nudity.

Holly said that two of her friends were going to meet us at a spot a few hundred yards down the beach, “By the way, there are a few friends I promised I’d spend some time with. It shouldn’t take too long. We went to college together. You don’t mind do you?” Reluctantly I agreed, “sure, sounds cool”. I swallowed a lump in my throat, my heart was beating so damn fast. I kept thinking ‘get me outta here!!!’.

What really made me nervous was the state of some of the males on the beach. Some men literally looked like freaks! Some had peckers that looked like anteaters, others had tree trunks… in fact, there were very few men that had small wieners dangling between their legs. I guess you’d have to be fairly confident to expose yourself to the world like this.

I was not confident. I know I don’t particularly have much to offer below the belt. I began to worry that Holly might loose interest if she saw what little I possessed. I began to worry that others on the beach would point and laugh at me…. I wouldn’t be the first time that a girl had laughed at my shame.

I admit it. I have a small dick. On a cold day it’ll retract completely. Bayan Escort And it’s not that impressive when erect either. In fact my ex girlfriend would tease me saying that she’d never seen a ‘pink’ penis before. This happened every time before we were about to have sex…. well, it happened both times we had sex.

We soon reached the place where Holly’s friends were waiting for us. I got a sinking feeling when I saw her friends, already stark naked, sunbaking on the sand. I could’ve sworn, they looked like playboy playmates… but somehow used. I can’t quite explain it. I guess they looked like they had been ‘around the block’.

“Girls! Girls! Girls! Hello!” Holly called out.

Holly told me that they were all in the basketball team in college. She introduced them as April and Carla. April was a 23 year old euro-Asian shapely brunette with large D Cup breasts. She had dark olive skin, well defined muscular arms, a small pot belly, plump pouty lips and high cheek bones, not to mention a wonderfully shaved pussy. She had two nipple rings, an assortment of rings on her fingers and quite a number of tattoos: one on her lower stomach of a playboy bunny, another on her right breast of a love heart, a large lower back tattoo and a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder. The only thing she was wearing was cherry lip gloss and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. She was sitting up, smoking a cigarette with a ‘no nonsense’ look on her face. She knew she was hot and I wasn’t even worth acknowledging. “Hi” was all she said (without even looking at me).

Carla was a thin athletic 25 year old blonde with smallish B cup breasts. She had an insane tan which made her look almost orange. She was lying down on her stomach, so I didn’t really get to see if she was shaven or not. But she did have quite a muscular and well defined back. She also had ink: a large dragon which covered most of her back. She was actually nice to me. She extended her hand to shake. “Hi, nice to meet you. Holly has good taste in men”.

Holly laid down her blanket and began to undress. I watched in awe as she disrobed before me. Holly noticed that I was somewhat reluctant to get naked. She cooed me on, “Go ahead, we wont look” this comment caused an uproar of laughter between Holly and Carla. April turned and smiled at me. She knew I was hiding something, she could sense my inadequacy.

Reluctantly, I took off my shirt and threw it down on my blanket. I stalled them for as long as I could, I slowly turned my back to them and… in one swift motion, I slipped off my shorts and lay down on my stomach. “Hey!! That’s cheating!!” Holly protested (although she was just teasing).

Holly naked in the flesh was an incredible sight. More enticing than any other bikini shot that I’d ever seen of her. She stood out, above these two girls. She looked…. clean. Although she too had a lower back tattoo, it somehow didn’t look trashy on her. It looked sexy. And….. yes! she had a wonderfully shaved pussy, well groomed. I gazed over at it and to my shock I noticed: a small ring. She had a piercing in her pussy.

My ‘little guy’ responded, springing to life. Thank god I was on my stomach! It would have been so embarrassing if the girls saw me with my little stiffy here in public, very embarrassing indeed. Carla didn’t let it slide however, that I was reluctant to expose myself to them, in fact she decided to tease me a little bit, “I wonder what he’s hiding Holly?” Carla laughed. “poor baby” April chimed in.

“Well, he did just buy a big expensive BMW” Holly added. They all burst out in laughter at my expense. “Over compensating for something are we?” Carla teased. All I could do was lay there with a goofy look on my face and pretend not to be embarrassed. I think it worked. “We’re just teasing, just having some fun with you” Holly said as the laughter died down.

Just as I was about to say, ‘I know its all in good fun’ April turned their attention to something else. “ohmygod” she said to herself. This was followed by a girlish nervous laugh. I looked up in unison…. It was all too clear, they were gawking at a naked man. Not just any naked man, a naked man that had the whole world between his legs. He had a dick that was as thick as a coke can and that hung half way down his legs.

I looked back at the girls, they were all transfixed on his splendour. “That’s a beautiful cock.” Carla said, “Fred was bigger” Holly added. Suddenly, I got that sinking feeling once again. I felt like a little boy as my dick began to deflate in shame and further retract into me, along with my pathetically smallish testicles. I was no man. Not compared to this guy and not according to Holly. If this is what I had to compete with, I had no goddamn chance.

“Why did you two break up?” April asked, “Lets just say, he couldn’t keep it in his pants. You may be hung, you may be an incredible lay, but if you screw around: I don’t care how impressive your cock is, Escort it’s over” Holly said as if I wasn’t even there. In fact, I’m pretty sure the three of them forgot that I was laying there beside them, because the next thing I knew Carla was calling out, “Hey! You! Come here!!”

I couldn’t believe it. I had never felt so inadequate in my entire life. The man slowly wadded over to us, grinning from ear to ear, his magnificent cock swaying back and forth in the breeze. “Yeah?” he asked.

“You have a massive cock!!!” April blurted out, upon which all of the girls burst out laughing. He looked down at me and shook his head, walking off. “Did you see the look on his face?” April asked.

“Oh my god April! You’re terrible! I can’t believe you said that to him!” Holly said.

“I know, I love a cock and I’m a big cock tease” April added. The girls responded with more laughter. At this point I was feeling more uncomfortable than I had ever felt in my life. I didn’t know how to react, whether or not to laugh along, let alone where to look.

Holly then turned to me and said, “I’m sorry you had to see that. You see, my friends are sex freaks” more laughter followed. I also laughed along, so as not to feel left out.

Holly turned back to her friends, “I’m getting hot sitting here looking at all these huge cocks…. Does anyone want to go in the water and cool off?” she asked.

“Knock yourself out Holly, I’m just enjoying the sun” Carla responded

“The water is too cold today” April added.

Holly looked at me and said, “Well, I guess it’s just you and me, big guy” she smiled at me as she rose, standing above me. I looked up in fear, only to get a view of her enticing pussy, with that shinny ring glistening in the sunlight. I willed myself to at least get semi-erect… but to no avail, it wasn’t happening. I knew I was in serious trouble. She gave me an angelic smile and reached for my hand.

This was the moment of truth. I took a deep breath and stood up.

I watched in horror as Holly’s eyes slowly peered down to my privates, to my pathetically shrunken privates. Her smile slowly eroded. She actually looked shocked. Her eyes met mine once again as she shrugged and smirked at me as if to say ‘oh boy’.

I looked down at Carla and April. They were silent. They had obviously both gotten a nasty eyeful, but now they were looking the other way, embarrassed. Carla was covering her mouth, hiding and obvious smile. April continued to puff on her cigarette, pretending not to notice. Clearly, neither of them was impressed and I couldn’t blame them.

I looked back at Holly. She arched an eyebrow as that playful smile returned. “Looks like you’re a grower, not a show-er” with that, Carla and April burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

Holly also laughed along for a moment, before leading me down into the water. She glanced back at my tiny cock, jutting out of a think nest of pubic hair. She shook her head in disapproval whilst smiling. It hurt, so bad. I just wanted this to end. It was so horrible.

As we made our way into the cold water, I could still hear the laughter coming from the beach. I looked back, only to see that Carla and April were indeed laughing amongst themselves, out loud: laughter from within, from deep down in their bellies. They genuinely thought my small penis was funny. Perhaps I was just being paranoid, but I could have sworn I saw April wave her pinky at Carla. Oh god! This was horrible.

While this was going through my mind, Holly let go of my hand and swum out ahead of me. I waded out past the small breakers until the water was about chest high. At least my shame was now hidden from the public. Holly could tell however, that my ego had taken a massive blow. Sympathetically, she said “Just ignore them. I still think you’re a cutie pie.”

I pretended that it didn’t bother me, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said. Holly rolled her eyes, smiling, “sure you don’t!” she said, sarcastically. “just ignore them” she repeated.

Holly changed the subject as we began making small talk, talking about our dreams and our hopes, what Holly had intended to achieve working as an intern at IBM, etc… It was actually fun, I actually forgot about my shame as we enjoyed each others company, just swimming around, just taking in the scenery. It turned out to be wonderful afternoon. Eventually, the sun started to set and Holly had decided that she’d had enough. It was time to go, “Let’s go back to my place and make some dinner. We still have the whole house to ourselves.”

“Won’t your parents be back soon?” I asked.

“They’ll be back tomorrow. I knew they were going away stupid. That’s why I asked you to come over this weekend.” She playfully said.

This was it. This was my moment. She so much as said it. I was granted access to her pussy. For the first time, in a long time, I was happy.

Holly led the way back onto the beach. Her perfect body was glistening in the magnificent orange sunset. Oh god she looked amazing! That well defined chiselled back, with that beautiful round booty, complemented with that lower back tattoo and her long swimmers legs. Yikes, she looked better from behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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