Nude Day Camping

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All persons are over nineteen years old or older. Also, this is a work of Fiction. It seems I have to put that up here since people email me asking me if I have done this or that. No, it is Fiction All of it. The people, places, and events art not real.


Ted and I arrived at the lake early Monday morning to get our motorcoach set up in the best spot. Any time we came to Lake Mound we always came early. Ted owns a heating and air conditioning business that not only specializes in business but also residential. Ted had inherited it when his father Ray had retired ten years ago.

At fifty Ted had a thriving business It had tripled in size since he took over. The upside is we had plenty of money to do as we wanted. The motorcoach we now owned was state of the art 2019 Foretravel ih-45. So luxurious that roughing it was nonexistent. The downside was he could have to go in and handle an emergency at any moment.

Five years ago, we found this private part of the lake that celebrates National Nude Day openly. The campground opened to adults only this week, and on the 14th it is clothing optional all day till midnight. Before and after this week it was a family campground.

Being almost fifty, I am not the beauty I once was I know. Still not overweight, but my big boobs have quite a bit of sag and I have stretch marks here and there from childbirth and age. I work out keeping the rest of me as in shape as I can.

Ted likes for me to flash my boobs anytime I can. He loves me being able to walk around topless or nude anywhere we can also. Ted likes the attention I receive. Especially from the younger guys. I won’t lie, hell I enjoy it too. Makes me so wet to be told I am a MILF by hot young studs.

This last time we went to Sturgis Ted encouraged a couple of young guys to play with and suck on my boobs. Having thick nipples almost an inch long those poor young men nearly came in their pants playing with them. I know they had blue balls. But they had a couple of pictures of me and them to relieve their aching ball too. Ted also knows it gets my juices flowing to flash and receive that attention. Last time in Sturgis I nearly fucked his balls off all night. He ended up having to put ointment on his sore cock the next morning because I fucked it raw.

We had everything set up at the lake. Pullouts from the coach extended. Awning extended with chairs and fans under it. Ted had brought our Harley Trike on a trailer and would we take rides around the whole lake every day. I drove my Jeep without the top on it to the lake where we could go into town if we needed to in the rain, or I could go by myself.

The place was filling up fast as Tuesday evening came along. There was another nice motorcoach to your front and one to our back. Both seemed like nice couples. The one to our front was further away due to a couple of big pecan trees the campground owner had left for shade. I heard plenty of “Let’s see’em” being called anywhere we went. I would wave and laugh and tell them to wait till Thursday.

“How about letting the neighbors suck on them, Thursday Babe?” Ted asks with a grin as he flipped the steaks on the grill.

“You bring that ointment?” I laughed grabbing his tea glass and pouring him some more.

“I figured that was just because those other guys were young men,” Ted raised an eyebrow.

“You know flashing gets me hot. Then when you let another man play with your titties it makes me horny as fuck Baby.”

Ted grinned. “Well, I better run into town and get some ointment tomorrow and cotton balls.”

“You could get a big bottle of lube too. Might help cut down on the friction when I can’t cum and more and still need cock.” Ted chuckled. “What?”

“Well, you said lube I thought maybe you wanted a load in that sexy fat ass of yours. Been a long time since we have done that.”

“Well, you keep calling it fat it will be longer.”

“You know I didn’t mean fat as in big. You know darn well I mean sexy, round, and squeezable.”

I pulled his head down to me and kissed him. “Get the lube stud. That big dick up my ass needs lube. I feel like being titty fucked tonight to get ready for Thursday if you are game.

“Long as I can eat that sweet pussy after I do.”

Ted gave me a good titty fucking and ate my pussy till I was screaming. I heard some of the nearby neighbors laughing and giving Ted a ‘good job’ and ‘give her one for me’ from outside somewhere.

Wednesday afternoon we were sitting inside watching a little TV when Ted looked out one of the big windows. Then again, he did it later. A few minutes later he stood up and looked. “What is it, Sweetheart?”

“Truck keeps going by slow looking this way. I think those fellas are lost.” Ted went out and I watched. I could see him through the window. A silver pickup was coming slowly, and Ted walked out to the road and waived. The driver pulled over. I cracked the window where I could hear.

“Say you boys look lost,” Ted said to the driver.

“Yes sir. Or more or less confused.”

“We come here a lot. The bahis şirketleri wife and I. Maybe I can help. What are you looking for?”

“Well, Sir. We are looking for spot 34 A. On the map, it is right here. But the placard on the post says 25 B.”

“You boys look hot. You have AC in that truck?”

“No sir.”

“Tell you what pull in here beside my coach and let’s work this problem in the shade and fans.”

The young men pulled in and got out. Ted opened the cooler and handed them a water bottle each. “Now you say you are looking for 34A?”

“Uh yes Sir.” The young man pulled the map off his dash and showed it to Ted who was studying it.

I was studying these two young men. They had to be brothers if not twins. Both tall and lean muscle. Both had tank tops on so I could get a pretty good look at them. I started thinking about them playing with my titties tomorrow and got all wet between my thighs.

Oh, I would fuck Ted all night if he let these young men play with my titties. Hell, I would anyways. Ted’s big cock still was rock hard at fifty and he could go and go or cum and cum if need be still. No blue pills were needed at our house. Probably because he worked out, ate right, and had a woman that fucked him almost daily.

Ted finally looked at the young man who was the driver. “Son this here is an old map. Where did you get it?”

“The lady we rented the spot from up at the store.”

Ted called to me. “Sweetheart! Could you bring our map out for me?”

I giggled to myself and in a quick moment pulled my t-shirt off, and adjusted my bikini before grabbing the map.

I made sure I bounced and swayed as I went down the two steps. Both young men’s eyes went straight to my tits. I saw Ted grin. I was glad he was ok with this display for the boys. I walked over making sure to swing my hips. “You boys ain’t lost, are you?” I gave them my sweetest Texas drawl.

I could not help but giggle when both snatched their caps off their heads. “Oh yes, ma’am we are.” Both their heads nodded up and down, but their eyes were glued to my tits.

“Well now, what polite young men. Your mother raised you boys to treat a lady right. That is veeery seeexy.” I purred out as sexy as I could.

“Thank you, ma’am.” The passenger said.

Ted took the map from me and compared them both. “You know what boys. This is just a left-over map. Campgrounds were redone three years ago.”

“Well dang. We just wanted to camp out for a few days maybe fish a little bit.”

“You boys don’t know what tomorrow is do you?”

They looked confused at one another. “It is Thursday Sir.”

Ted chuckled. “Son it is National Nude Day.”

“Never heard of that. What is it?” The driver said. You could tell it was an honest question too.

“Well in this camp area it is all adults. Well… So, everyone can go naked in the camp tomorrow.”

“Oh, heck no! We are definitely in the wrong place,” the driver said.

“You mean you boys aren’t staying? Well, Pooh,” I tried to sound all sexy and pouty. I saw the passenger swallow hard. It definitely worked.

“Well, I guess we better pack up and head home,” The driver said looking at the other.

“How old are you boys,” I was laying on my sexy voice to them. Ted was smiling. He knew they were interesting to me.

“Well, ma’am we are nineteen and will be twenty in August.”

“Oh goodness. You boys are younger than my son.” I said trying to sound sexy still.

“You boys are twins aren’t you,” Ted asked?”

“Yes, Sir we are.”

“You boys brought a tent I suppose?”

“Yes, sir we did. And a fan. A cooler full of drinks and some stuff for sandwiches and such.”

I walked over to Ted pushing my breasts into his arm. That made these 44 DDD cups spill more out of the bikini cups that were straining to hold them already. I also noticed the cargo shorts the boys had on were straining to hold what looked like some nice cocks. Maybe if they played with my titties tomorrow Ted would let me give them hand jobs. We had never done anything like that before, but it could be fun. Then I could fuck Ted till we pass out.

“Baby we have all this space out here under the trees. Couldn’t they pitch their tent there for the rest of the week while we are here? I mean they already paid and have to be hot riding back and forth in the truck looking for a darn ol place that doesn’t exist.”

Ted grinned a delish grin. “Baby I was just thinking the same thing. These boys had their hearts set on camping out. Remember when we used to pitch a tent all those years ago?”

“I do my Love.”

“What say it, boys? You wanna pitch your tent over under the pecan trees? We have plenty of plugins on this campsite and a few more extension cords if you need them.”

“Well Sir,” The boys looked at one another and then shook their heads together, “We appreciate but… Well heck if everybody has to be naked, I think we better pass on it.”

“Ooh pooh on that. You boys don’t have to be naked. You could just go shirtless.” I pushed my arms together under bahis firmaları my breasts making them pop up high really threatening to spill out. “I bet you boys just don’t want to see the old woman in the motorcoach topless tomorrow. I can’t blame you though.” I pouted a little.

“Oh lord No ma’am. That ain’t it at all,” the passenger said.

“No ma’am. Not at all. We don’t want your husband to shoot us because we can’t stop looking.” The driver added.

Ted went to laughing and sticking his hand out. “I am Ted Ferguson. This is my wife Pamela, call her Pam everyone does.” The boys shook Ted’s hands.

“I am John, and this is my brother Jim.” Then shook mine gently. I noticed they both had strong callused hands. Sexy hands like Ted. Hands due to hard work. Ted may run the company, but he works out in the gym and goes out and works with the crews too.

Ted helped them get their truck backed under the trees and started helping with their stuff. I tried to stand around making sure they could get a glimpse of my cleavage. Or ‘Titty Meat,’ as Ted called it. Then I had an idea. I grabbed their foldout lawn chairs from the back of the truck and took them under our awning and set them up. Ted saw me and grinned. I also noticed that big cock of his was hard too.

“We forgot chairs, Jim,” Johns said looking in the truck bed.

“What? No, they were in the truck.”

“Boys. Pam set them up under our awning. Much cooler over there. We have a water mister hooked up around the top and it cools the air. Sprays a fine mist in the air.”

They all came over and sat down. I handed Ted a beer from the cooler and then offered the boys one.

“Oh no, ma’am. Thank you though,” John said.

“Oh, one beer won’t hurt you. You boys look twenty-one.”

“We just don’t like the taste ma’am.” Jim offered.

“Listen, boys. I appreciate the manners. You do your mom proud, but please just call me Pam and him Ted. You boys will yes ma’am and yes sir yourselves to death.”

“Sorry, ma- Pam. We were just the way we were raised.”

“Well, you men were raised well. What do you two do for a living?” Ted asked.

“Well, Sir. I mean Ted. We are between jobs now. We were working for CAT as apprentice mechanics, but we got laid off yesterday. That is why we were able to come to the lake during the week.” John said.

“You boys know anything about air conditioning and heating systems?”

“Just how to turn them on and off,” Jim said making Ted chuckle.

“Wait a minute. You said you are Ted Ferguson?” Ted nodded. “Just dawned on me you must own Ferguson Tri-State AC and Heating.”

“That I do.”

“I knew you looked familiar. I’ve seen you in the paper before. I mean your advertisements.

I got up and kissed Ted hard in front of the boys. “You men talk business. I am going to head up to the Kroger right quick and pick up a few extra items since we have company.”

“Excellent idea Baby. Get us four nice thick steaks for tonight and whatever else we need to have enough all week.”

“You boys need anything?”

“Uh no, ma’a-. I mean no thank you, Pam,” Jim said. “Wait you ain’t buying extra steaks because we are here, are you. We brought some food.”

“And you are our guests for tonight,” I said and headed to the motorcoach door. I came out with my purse and keys to my jeep still in just my shorts and bikini top. I thought Ted might say something about not having a shirt, but he just followed me to the jeep.

“Damn woman you are driving me crazy teasing these boys.”

“Is that why you are about to hire them?”

“What? No. I like them. As men I mean. They remind me of me when I went off and we tried to make it own our own and not work for the company when dad owned it. Dad let me try then let me come back and you and I have a good life.”

“Good Baby. I wanted to tease you with them, but I am glad you are doing it out of your good heart.”

I was surprised. Ted snatched one of my cups aside and sucked a nipple in quick. His hand reached between my legs and stroked a few times, as I came hard. He pulled back and moved the bikini cup back in place.

“Mmmm. Lover, what was that for?”

“My sexy wife is making me hard as hell and horny for her.”

“Tonight, Baby tonight. Now go hire them, boys. Should I get enough food to feed them every meal?”

“Yeah, Pam. Do that. I like these boys and from the looks of it they don’t have much.”

“I love you, Baby. You know that right?”

“I love you too Sweetness. Now go shop.”

“Gonna get plenty of lube so we don’t need that ointment.”

Ted grinned. “You like them, don’t you?”

“They are cuties for sure.”

Ted winked at me walking off. I was wondering other than hiring them just what was on his mind of his. That wink told me he had something planned.

I had my heels in my purse and put them on before I went into Kroger leaving my Reebok’s in the Jeep. I know some women get all offended by catcalls not me. And face it, most do not, they just don’t like the one’s doing it. Me I don’t mind. Makes kaçak bahis siteleri me feel sexy. No harm in that. I have catcalled a few men in my day.

I enjoyed the approving looks of the guys as I shopped and paid no attention to the disapproval of the women who didn’t. I was in line when a woman got in line behind me. She had the look of one about to say something to piss me off.

“Where did you get those,” she whispered?”

I turned around. “Get what?”

“Those,” she nodded slightly to my chest. “I mean what doctor.”

I laughed. “Dr. Mother nature. Got bigger when I got pregnant.”

The lady blushed. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I was afraid you would say something… Well, not polite about the way I was dressed.”

“Girl if I had those, I might not even have a bikini top on.”

“Sweetheart I am Pam.” I stuck my hand out and she took it.


I chatted with her as she checked out too then we exchanged numbers. The whole time we were talking I kept picturing her bouncing on Ted’s cock. I had a surprise in store for him soon.

I sat in the parking lot after the sack boy put my groceries in the back. I made sure he got quite the titty show while he did. He left with his cock straining at his slacks. “What the Hell is wrong with you Pam?” I asked myself out loud. “You have never wanted to see Ted fuck another woman even though several have made it clear they would?” I decided to keep my thoughts inside as another woman was getting in the car beside me. I could tell she was bitching at her husband who had looked at my tits as he got in.

I pulled to a shade tree in the parking lot, grabbed my phone from my purse, and almost chickened out making the call.


“Naomi this is Pam.”

“No shit Girl. Don’t you think I have my bestie’s number saved on my phone? What’s going on I thought y’all were at the lake.”

“Was doing some shopping.” My voice was a little bit shaky I could tell.

“Pam, what’s wrong? Pam?”

“Would you fuck Ted if I let you?” I just blurted it out. Naomi was quiet for a few seconds and went to laughing.

“Seriously Girl. What do you need? You sure you are, OK?”

I took a deep breath. “I am serious. If I let you, would you fuck Ted? I know you think he is sexy, and he does you.”

“Are you talking threesome? If so yes. If not no.”

“I am.”

“Then the answer is yes. Why all of a sudden?”

“I really can’t say. I was talking to this young woman while checking out a minute ago. We exchanged numbers and I could not stop picturing her young sexy body bouncing on Ted’s big cock. Then I damn sure thought of you doing it.”

“While I eat your pussy, Pam. While I eat your pussy.”

“Fuck Girl Yes. Don’t tell Ted. I want to surprise him soon.”

Naomi died laughing. “Like I’m just gonna go. He Ted you wanna fuck? Pammy says it’s, ok?”

We both laughed for a bit me promising to set it up soon. I stopped by a drug store and picked up some lube. My ass was getting fucked. I also picked up some products to clean it out before and to ease up on any mess.

The whole time I was picturing Ted’s big cock slipping in and out of Naomi’s dark brown pussy as she rode him moaning and then me going down and licking her clit as she did. Fuck I needed Ted’s cock.

I got back Ted and the boys were laughing and seeming to have a good time. I backed the Jeep in and the boys were up to help me. I led them into the coach with their arms laden with bags. They would not let me get anything. “No Miss Pam you let us get it.” Such sweet boys and gentlemen.

I noticed they were right back outside as soon as they put things down. They even seemed to be trying to avoid looking at me now. I was a little frustrated wondering what happened.

I went back out they were sitting with Ted but looked at the ground now that I was outside. “Boys I did not know what kind of soda you liked. I picked up, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and Sprite. They are on the front floorboard would you be sweethearts and get them.”

They got up. “Miss Pam you really shouldn’t have spent all that money. We… Well, we think we will be leaving in the morning,” John said. Jim nodded both staring into my eyes.

Ted noticed now. “Boy have a seat please.” They did after dropping the sodas in the big Yeti. “I think you boys are worried unnecessarily. I am not sitting you boys up for failure.”

I looked between them a little confused. “What’s going on?”

“Baby I think since I said I was going to hire them… Well, they are nervous again around you.”

“Well, Mr- I mean Ted. You know it is extremely hard not to look at Miss Pam. We don’t need to be fired before we start.” Jim said.

“And she will be topless tomorrow I think,” John added.

“No boys I will be naked.” John went to say something but I held up my hand and winked at Ted who had a big grin. John was closest so I chose him walking to him I untied my bikini around my neck letting it drop and sat plopping in his lap.

John looked scared stiff and was becoming stiff quickly under my bottom. I grabbed his large left hand and mashed it to my tit. “You heard my husband. He isn’t setting you boys up. Please stay the weekend with us. It’s flattering two young men can’t keep their eyes off an old broad like me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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