Nurse of Hearts

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Her cell phone rang. She sprang up out of bed confused and wondering who would be calling now. It was one in the morning and she was immediately afraid. If anyone calls at one o’clock in the morning, it is never good news. She fumbled around in the dark until she was able to locate the phone.

“Hello?”, she said in a very confused and sleepy voice.

“Tina, I need your help.” The voice was familiar but it sounded different.

“It’s Victor.”

Victor was a friend she had found on the Internet. A very kind man that she had hit it off with. They had similar interests and desires, but because they were both with other people, they had decided to remain friends.

Victor had demons in his closet like anyone else, but he had always confessed them all to Tina. She knew that he was being abused by his wife. Something that he had only shared with a precious few. She also knew that as much as he wanted to leave his wife, he was a very responsible person and didn’t want to just abandon his family. He had struggled with this for years. The amazing part was that even though his family life was complete chaos, he was still able to be successful in every other aspect of his life. He owned and operated a successful business. He coached his son’s little league team. He was an all around good guy.

Tina didn’t understand why anyone would want to harm such a sweet man. She didn’t understand why or how someone could willingly form a fist, and throw it in his direction. He couldn’t understand it either. For a very long time, he dealt with this bizarre behavior and as anyone would expect, he started to see after effects of it. Not physical ones, she never did damage to his body, all the damage was to his heart. He had fallen out of love with his wife. Who could ever love someone that punched you in the face, or that kicked you in the stomach.

“Where are you?” She said to him desperately. “What is wrong?”

“Just meet me at this address……please.” Victor’s words were soft and strained.

He provided Tina with the address and even gave her some directions. She dressed as quickly as she could. She was very worried because he wouldn’t tell her what was wrong. She didn’t really care, she was his friend and she wanted to be there for him no matter what it was.

She pulled into the driveway of a Motel 6. She double checked the number on the side of the building before pulling in. He hadn’t mentioned that he was in a motel. She parked in the middle of the lot, not knowing which way to go. She got out of her car and stood there for a moment while she formulated a plan. Just then she heard a door open. She turned around to see Victor sticking his head out of a door. He waved her to him and then disappeared inside. She ran over to his room.

Tina slowly opened up the door and stepped inside. The room was dark. Only the light of the television could be seen. She struggled to see him in the dim light. His voice still didn’t sound right and she was very concerned. She was also a little hurt that he did not greet her at the door.

“Victor, what is wrong? Are you OK?” She said with a very concerned tone.

“Yeah, just let me get my shirt, and then we can go. I want to get something to eat.” Normally she wouldn’t think twice about this but it was now 2:00 am. Victor was on the other side of the dark room, looking through his suitcase. She could tell he could not find what he was looking for. He turned and flipped on a switch.

When she caught a glimpse of him, her purse hit the floor and both of her hands covered her mouth. She nearly started to cry.

Victor’s arm was in a sling, and his body had deep purple bruises. They were on his back, and his sides. He was also scratched all over, some very deep. She could also see that he had a fat lip. It was very large and swollen on the side and it had stitches holding it together. His forehead had a large knot on it. He had obviously been beaten severely. Who had done such a thing. Who could have hurt such a kind man.

Victor fumbled through his suitcase and slowly pulled out a shirt. His back was to her. He was embarrassed. He was hoping to be dressed before she had even arrived, but had struggled to even get himself to this point. Everything hurt and every movement, large or small, brought great amounts of pain. The pain killers were not helping him either. He didn’t have any food in his stomach and the strong medicine was affecting his mind. He was dizzy and his mind was hazy.

Tina walked toward him slowly.

“It’s ok. I got it.” He said. He was humiliated and didn’t want her to see him close up.

Tina ignored him. She walked up behind him and, as tenderly as she could, she helped him put on his shirt. She knew that he didn’t want to talk about it so she moved in silence. First, she slid his right arm into the shirt and then wrapped the rest over the arm that was in the sling. She then moved around in front of him and buttoned the front. Her hands moved gingerly, bahis şirketleri carefully avoiding his damaged flesh. She looked into his face, but he would not make eye contact. She felt for him. She wanted him to tell her what had happened, but she decided to wait on him. She wanted him to be comfortable telling her. He walked over to the nightstand and picked up his wallet and keys.

“Do you mind driving?” He asked softly.

“No, not at all.” She replied.

She walked over and picked up her purse and he grabbed his jacket and then they both headed for the door. He tried his best not to show his pain as he got into the car. She still noticed that he could do nothing without pain. The only thing that broke their silence was a brief discussion on where to eat. They decided on the local In-N-Out. There is nothing like an In-N-Out burger in the middle of the night. The arrived and ordered. Even though the night chill had already come, Victor asked if it would be ok if they ate outside. He wanted the fresh air.

As they ate, Victor opened and began talking. He told a nightmarish tale. He was lying in bed after a long argument with the wife. He didn’t notice that she had gotten up. Maybe he had dozed off, maybe he had just plain ignored her, but he couldn’t ignore what happened next. He told of how he heard a thud, and realized that it was something hitting him. Immediately after the thud he realized he couldn’t breathe. His wife had picked up the bat that they kept in the bedroom for protection from an attacker, and she was swinging it like a big league hitter. The only problem was that she was swinging in his direction.

The first hit was in the ribs, the second, his leg, and after that, he jus remembers trying to escape. He made it to the bedroom door, and then another hit to his back. He was in total fear, not of death, death would be better then his current life, but he was afraid he would this would never end and he would be pummeled over and over. He finally opened the bedroom door and ran out of the house.

The police were called and he was finally able to get some clothes and medical attention. He was able to gather enough strength to gather some clothes. He was both embarrassed and grateful as a kind police woman helped him pack, and then he headed out, never to return.

Victor showed no emotion as he told the story. He was a zombie, sitting there with his burger in one hand, and a blank stare in his eyes.

That was all two days ago. After getting patched up in the hospital over night, and then finding a hotel, and with the help of some very strong pain killers, Victor spent almost an entire day sleeping. He awoke only a short time before calling Tina.

He then stopped talking. He just sat there staring for a few moments and then he finished his burger slowly and in silence. Tina sat still and shed a tear for him. She wanted so badly to go over and hold him, but couldn’t move. She just wanted him to eat. She knew he needed his strength.

When they finished they went back to the hotel. Victor asked her to get him another pain pill, the former was wearing off. She found them next to the sink and took one out, and filled a glass with water. He sat at the edge of the bed as he took his medicine.

Tina wanted to do what she could to help him.

Lovingly and softly, Tina spoke, “Victor, let me help you get into bed. You need your rest.”

“I can do it.” He said stubbornly.

After watching him struggle for 10 minutes to undo one button, she moved his hands aside and started to assist him. He gave up quickly as that one malicious fighting button wore him out. She unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it onto a chair that was in the room.

She could now really see the Victors that were all over his chest, shoulders and back. She wanted to desperately take the pain away, heal the bruises and make him feel happy again. She wanted to do everything she could to help him.

“Stand up.” She commanded.

She helped him stand. Once he was steady on his feet, she started to undo his belt.

“What are you doing?” Victor grabbed for his belt and took a step back.

She let out a sigh and stepped toward him. “Victor, you called me for help. I am going to help you. Do you trust me?”

He didn’t answer.

“Well do you?”

“Yes, I trust you.”

Her hand moved his from his belt to his side. As she stared into his eyes, her hands moved back to his belt and quickly but gently unhooked the buckle, and she pulled it slowly to release it from its loops. She then started to unbutton his pants. She moved carefully, and softly, but not sexually. She wasn’t trying to arouse him. She sincerely just wanted to help him. She sat him down and took off his shoes, socks, and then removed his pants.

He sat there in his black boxer briefs, and looked amazing. Even though all of this had happened, he still had a confident look about him. He was still strong and determined. He was going to get through bahis firmalar this.

Tina leaned him back carefully and helped him to adjust his pillows. She then went to the closet and pulled an extra pillow down from the shelf and placed next to his side. Just as delicately as a lion cub carefully carries a cub in her mouth, Tina carefully lifted his left arm and removed the sling from around him and then placed his arm gingerly onto the pillow. She then covered him up with the blankets, making sure that he would be warm.

Tina climbed up on the bed and lay down next to him. She reached over and grabbed the television remote, and handed it to him. He flipped around for a while, just like all men do. There really wasn’t anything on at 3:30 am but was able to find some good cartoons and so he decided to watch. It wasn’t the new, mindless cartoons, but they were the best. They were the originals. Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam, and the rest of the gang that they had both grown up with. The new cartoons just didn’t meet the standards of the greatest cartoons of all.

They both laid there amused. Victor tried to laugh once or twice, but the pain was just too much for him. He would only smile widely when there was something that he thought was funny. She turned on her side and watched both him and the cartoons. She loved to look at his eyes because they were happy now. She knew the pain pill was kicking in as Victor started to become more relaxed. She was happy that he was finally feeling some relief. She felt so close to him right now.

Victor sneezed and thought he was going to die. Everything hurt all at once. He grabbed his head as that is what hurt him the most right now. Tina sat up and moved closer to Victor. She leaned over and as softly as possible, she kissed the bump on his forehead. Her warm moist lips felt so wonderful to his abused skin. She kissed his bump two or three more times.

She looked at him and whispered faintly, “Does that feel better now?”

They had never kissed before. They were only friends, but her lips felt like a piece of heaven had just touched him. He loved it. It wasn’t just that this was a woman kissing him, it was because it was Tina kissing him. It made it even more special. She had taken such good care of him tonight. He was so appreciative and grateful already, and here she was making it even better.

“Yes. It feels wonderful.” He whispered back.

She then tenderly kissed the purple bruise on his shoulder several times.

“Does that feel better?”


Tina slowly pulled down the blanket. She kissed his right bicep, there was no way she would try to kiss the one that had been in the sling. She could hear that Victor was breathing a little harder now. He was even more relaxed now and she was glad that she had that effect on him.

“Does that feel better?”


Over and over her lips would caress his wounded body. She kissed his ribs, hands, chest, and anywhere else she could find. After every location she would ask him if it felt better and every time she asked he would only say yes. She was so happy that she could help him right now.

He was in a state of euphoria. He had been in the deepest depths of misery just two days earlier and now Tina was making him feel wonderful. He knew that it wasn’t the drug that was making him feel better, it was her, and it wasn’t only her lips that was making him feel better, it was the love behind those lips that made him feel like he was in paradise.

He noticed everything. He noticed how her long curly hair was brushing against his skin, making him warm and comforted. He noticed how her lips were amazingly soft, and how she was so very careful when touching his skin. He noticed how just a little while ago, just breathing made him writhe in agony, yet her kisses made him feel warm and in ecstasy. He noticed how she was very careful not to touch him, not anywhere on his damaged body, yet she was close enough so that he could feel the warmth of her body.

She then moved toward him. She kissed his cheek, and then his forehead, and then stared at his fat lip. He watched her eyes. She was looking for the perfect spot. She moved close to him carefully and cautiously. Her lips longed to show him how much she loved him and how much she wanted to make him feel better. They both had their mouths parted slightly, their lips were slightly moist. Her lips touched his so softly that it was like he was kissed by the mist that is in the rain forest, which is warm and soft. She was so careful and loving that his heart was healing by the second.

Within minutes they were both dizzy. They were intoxicated with passion and desire. They wanted more, but his pain would not allow it. They had to be slow and deliberate. Tina moved carefully and yet it appeared to Victor that she moved effortlessly. There was so much grace and femininity in her movements.

Tina moved slowly away from him and sat back. She stared deep kaçak bahis siteleri into his eyes as her hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She thought it was cute that she could see him swallow due to nervousness. She continued to stare into his eyes and she slowly reached around and unhooked her bra. She didn’t pull her bra off, but rather, she let it fall slowly from her body. Her movements were so sensual. Victor was having trouble breathing. She kept taking his breath away.

With a slow movement, she shifted her weight, and in a movement that was like a cat, she had removed her pants and panties. It was so quick that Victor was wondering if the pain killer was a little too effective. He was worried that he was blacking out, and he didn’t want to miss a second of this, but in reality it was just her sensual, erotic, feminine motions that were too much for his brain to handle.

The TV was still on and all that he could see her nude silhouette moving slowly toward him. It was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. She moved closer and then carefully straddled him. They moved in silence but they moved in perfect harmony. Tina carefully made sure that she did not hurt him. She watched his face the way a mother watches her sleeping child. The slightest wince and she would move and reposition herself. She finally was able to rest on him in a position that did not hurt him. She leaned forward and kissed him tenderly again. Her warm breasts rested on his chest. He was in heaven. He was being loved.

They kissed for such a long time. Their lips sliding all over each other. She was always mindful of his swollen lip, and of every single bruise and scratch. He was so grateful for her care. He was so aware of her kindness. It was so foreign to him and he was drawn to it like oxygen. The kissing aroused him. She could feel him getting hard underneath her as she straddled him. The solid flesh between her legs aroused her, but his kisses to hot to even pause for a moment. Finally she could wait no more. She moved up to her knees and then moved back down his legs. She grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs and slowly pulled them down. She carefully removed them from off of him.

Skin on skin is the warmest and most intimate feeling there is. Her skin on his legs and thighs was exactly what he needed. It made his muscles feel better and make his heart feel healed. He was so aroused, not just in his body, but in his mind and heart. His breathing was heavy but he calm. This was so perfect.

Tina started to move toward his erect penis. She was surprised to feel his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him.

“Not tonight. Tonight, I just want you.”

Her heart nearly melted. She loved to please her men orally but to hear that he just wanted to be with her, it was almost too much for her. It told her that this was more then just an erotic night of passion. There was more to it then fleshly pleasure. She felt the same way and was so happy to know that they were thinking exactly alike.

Tina moved forward and positioned herself over him. Her short pubic hairs tickled the tip of his penis and only made him want more. They kissed again and their tongues danced around on another. His warm chest felt so good on her hard nipples. He was amazed. He couldn’t understand how only her nipples and inner thighs were the only things that were touching him. He felt so warm all over. It would be inconceivable that he could be this warm without more physical contact, but it was happening.

Tina moved her hips slowly and carefully. She knew exactly what she wanted. The tip of his hot cock touched her and she became even wetter then she already was. She found him and lowered herself onto him. He parted her and her juice covered the tip of his manhood. It felt so good. It felt good from his waist to his toes. His toes began to tingle it felt so good.

She lowered herself a little more and he penetrated her. They were still kissing and the gasp she let out filled his mouth. It tasted so sweet to him.

“Stop.” He whispered.

“Why?” She questioned.

“Just hold still a second.”

She didn’t want to. She wanted to feel all of him, but she waited.

He continued to kiss her as passionately as he had before. His good hand held her face. Then it happened. He felt a drop of her hot love juice travel slowly down the right side of hot hard shaft. It was amazing. He had never made a woman so aroused. He had never been this aroused himself. He wanted to stop time.

“Ok, more.” He said as he stared deep into her eyes.

Tina slowly impaled herself. She was so wet that she was able to lower herself completely onto him on the first thrust. He was so hard and hot. It made her hot vagina even hotter. It was so intense. She moved so slow that they both concentrated on every inch, and how wonderful it felt as they came together. She let out a moan.

She slowly started to move up and down on him. His good hand wandered all over her. She loved the way he touched her.

He wanted to let her know how wonderful this all was. “You look so beautiful.” He uttered sincerely.

She wanted him so bad. She wanted to feel him deep so she thrust down hard.

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