Office Dom Ch. 00

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Sarah had made a name for herself as an office manager and it wasn’t uncommon to catch other employees looking a little too long at her. When working with her I did my best not to stare but she caught my gaze lingering on more than one occasion. Fortunately, she pretended not to notice.

After several weeks of working together I started to suspect that she was playing with me by intentionality leaving that extra button undone on her blouse or leaning in a little too close and allowing her auburn hair to brush across my face. There were evenings I went home and imagined having my way with her. I have to admit, I wasn’t very creative. It was standard fare fantasies, bending her over and hiking up her skirt so that I could thrust my cock inside her or imagining her on her knees anxiously begging for me to be in her mouth. Like I said, standard masturbation fantasy.

A rather unremarkable week had passed and Sarah called me into her office. I assumed we would discuss next weeks inventory schedule and she asked me to take a look at some schedule changes on her monitor. As I moved around her desk to take a look she dropped her phone and asked me to pick it up for her. As I bent down to retrieve her phone I smacked my head on the corner of her desk and supporting myself with my left hand went to one knee while I rubbed the top of my head. Sarah let out a small chuckle and spun here chair to face me. As if I wasn’t embarrassed enough, as I turned to look at Sarah I realized that I was looking directly up her skirt and she knew it. She smiled and appeared to adjust herself in her chair to provide a better view. The lighting in the office only kaçak iddaa allowed me to see about half way up her thighs to the edge of her thigh high stockings but beyond that everything was left to my imagination. As I convinced myself that it was my imagination that she wanted to provide me a better look, her throat cleared. “Ehhm, like what you see?” Feeling my cheeks flush I responded in a series of partial words and mumbles “…sorry.”

She responds with a commanding voice “If your going to stay down there make yourself useful.” As I try to reply only a weak “ummm” is managed and Sarah directs me to kiss her feet. “Well get to it, your already on your knees, kiss my feet.” As I try to determine if this is just some joke I realize two things; I am still staring up her skirt and her ordering me to kiss her feet has both disturbed and aroused me, as is evident by partial erection. My hesitation was received with a foot on the back of my head pressing my face down to the one remaining on the floor. My feeble attempt to resist is likely unnoticed and likely imagined, for my own benefit. As I begin to timidly put my lips to the top her foot I am still trying to wrap my mind around what is happening and have only started to consider what might happen next.

My timid and gentle touching of my lips to her foot are not appreciated and Sarah begins to rub her foot all over my face and to stick her stocking covered toes into my mouth. I begin to respond, sucking on her toes and now kissing harder on foot as she presents the arch to my mouth and then her heel I find myself fully erect and pleased that she has began to let out quite kaçak bahis moans of approval. Half forgetting that we were still in her office I begin to imagine her pleasuring me once I have managed to satisfy her, making me even more eager to please. Sarah slides her left stocking down to her calf giving me a chance to remove it and to kiss her naked foot and to suck her now unclothed toes. As her moaning increases and she presents her already uncovered right foot to me all I hear is a half moaned “now this one…mmm.”

Wanting to be thorough I spend as much time on her right foot as I had the left hoping to receive confirmation that I had done well and that she had been satisfied. Thinking more and more about when my turn to be pleasured would come as my hard cock had begun to ache and throb. While half kissing half sucking her foot a pair of black panties slide down her legs and come to rest around her ankles and on the side of my face.

Finally, this is what I had been working for but then at first quietly and then more forcefully I hear “Eat me, oh just lick me.” I quickly comply landing a few kisses on her legs and thighs as I make the transition from her feet to what is an already full and wet set of lips between her legs.

Even more eager to please her as making her cum must surely be reciprocated by her and she would in some unimagined sexual act release the pressure built up in my cock. While this thought kept me fully engaged licking sucking her clit was masturbatory in its own right as I imagined how she might return the favor and make me cum in return. Her wetness and rhythmic moaning signal to me that her orgasm isn’t illegal bahis far off. She grabs the back of my head with both hands and pulls me in to her tightly making it hard to breathe, which is strangely pleasurable under the circumstances. She grinds her twat against my mouth several times as she cums in waves and covers my face with her glistening wetness.

Anticipating what comes next I am not surprised when she slides up in her chair and begins to rise. I begin to stand and expose my throbbing hard-on when she finishes straightening her skirt and composing herself. Smiling she looks down and says ” Thanks, that was great, um, I’ll see you Monday.” Left alone with an aching hard-on I know that if I don’t cum I will a massive case of blue balls all weekend.

Noticing Sarah’s stockings and panties on the floor I reluctantly grab one of her stockings and slide it over my cock in proceed to stroke and jerk myself to relieve the pressure and ejaculate before heading home. As I had been anticipating Sarah’s touch I begin to jerk and squeeze aggressively as it isn’t about pleasurer anymore but completion and as I feel relief is only a few strokes away I let a grunt and begin to cum hard. At the very moment of my release Sarah opens her office door and sees me. Her stocking on my cock, my jizz shooting out of me , and a look more of pain or anger on my face than pleasure. She laughs and say ” I forgot my phone, and since you like them so much sweetie, you can keep my stockings and my panties too.” She grabs her phone and almost giddily exits again.

Mortified and ashamed at the same time as feeling completely satisfied I pull up my slacks and compose myself while collecting up her under garments, to take with me for use over the weekend, I can’t help but think the Monday morning meeting is going to be awkward.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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