Oh My! Such Naughty Family Ch. 5

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I wanted to suck my Daddy’s cock, and Aunt Niguie with Khalee was going to help.

“I hope you’re happy Lovette!” my cousin blurted at me with a glare. Once again Khalee was cuddled under Aunt Monigue as we drove towards our Grandparents ranch.

Aunt Monigue stroked her lovingly as Khalee pouted.

“You know I want your cousin very bad Khay, it was all we could do to help her” she pampered her.

And I was guilty. I had refused my Aunt’s sexual advances, and sexually blackmailed her. I remembered my Father wanting Khay’s mouth on his cock, and I talked Aunt Niguie into offering it. Now with it over, I really wanted them to tell me the details. I was so hot thinking about it.

“It wasn’t so bad, ungh sweetie?” my Aunt asked her. “You were great!”

“Only my own Daddy fucks my mouth!” she fumed. “But…his dick is nearly as good” her words trailed off towards Aunty, certainly not for my amusement.

“And you didn’t let him shoot in my mouth. You take good care of me Aunt Niguie.”

I thought that was part of the deal, disappointed with them…but relieved with that detail would allow Khalee to forgive me quicker.

I wanted to ask them that if they didn’t complete the seduction of Daddy, as planned, why did he agree to their terms. But they didn’t say that the deal was off, so I didn’t push Khalee on it.

We drove down the long driveway to the Ranch house stopping in front of the old stables. Daddy’s car was also parked there, it appeared that the whole family was there. I couldn’t get my mind off of seeing my Daddy’s big cock pumping Aunt Jane’s throat. Soon it would be my turn.

But what did Aunt Monigue do to arrange this?

A light steady rain fell, forming puddles of mud that covered everything a foot high. The three of us tip-toed in the mud, towards the house several yards away. Not even passed the old rickety horse stables, that was missing the rear wall, we herd noises of urgency and lust.

There were no more horses around, but the old tie-post was being put to use. It was my own Mother leather strapped to it by the wrist, her ass up, and her knees hidden into deep rising mud. Khalee and my eyes widened with the shocking display. We stood in the warm rain and listened to Khay’s brother’s demands of my Mother…

“I’ll ride this butt like a bronco! Keep shoving your sweet ass back Aunt Patty. Try and throw me off, you cunt!.”

Equally shocking was Khay’s and Chad’s Mother, Aunt Jane. Her hands also tied to the post but she sat astride my cousin Robbie, his back totally submerged in splashing mud. Her big mature titties were teasing his face as she obediently rode his cock!

“Ride my cock Aunt Jane! Ride it hard like the bitch mare you are!”

Khay wrapped around me lustifully and clutched my heated pussy with one hand, and pointed to the ground with the other.

Between the four rutting bodies were an old funnel-can laying down, with rich synthetic oil pouring from its spout. It was obvious that the young family men had used kaynarca escort it to prepare the holes they were fucking! I had never actually seen… ass-fucking!

Chad had a hand full of Mommies hair as he steadied his crouched stance behind her, fucking his long stiff rod down her squishy spasming rectum. Yelps of submissive moans escaped her mouth as he slapped her plump ass with stinging loudness.

His Mother, Aunt Jane, rocked her rump up nearly a foot of cock that Robbie ordered her to fuck. Robbie’s cock wasn’t as thick as my Daddy’s or Unkle’s, but the narrow rear chute of Auntie’s oiled ass was forcing ripples of cock-meat to wrinkle and taut about his poker-red cock. He repeatedly smacked her ass lewdly to inform her of his wishes.

Khalee and I watched in awe as mud splashed about the horny fuckers, rain streaking down their bodies.

My cousin’s cocks were still wider than most boys, and I felt disturbed watching Chad’s cock pummel into Mommie’s tender shitter! The tight pulsating oriface stretched salaciously around the shafting stick, peeling back with his cock, and caving in on the balls-deep plunges. Mommie’s big titties flopped back and forth as Chad rocked her body forward, her knees slipping in the mud. Re-gaining her position was insisted as she submitted to being taken like a female horse in heat. Her stud nephew was giving her throbbing asshole a horse of a cock!

The leather straps about their wrist were loosly tied, dropping free into seperate puddles of muck. But that only allowed two hot, horny-assed mothers to work back against the brutal butt-fuckings.

Aunt Jane’s round pretty ass was a blur as she did Robbie’s bidding. She consumed his entire cock shaft with her horny poop-chute. Robbie bucked up at her squeezing spinchter with lunges that widened her bung beyond normal range, twisting his bending fuckstick into her contourting rosy ring. Occcasionly the big fucker popped out noisily, followed by a flush of dirty oil…or something. He’d immediatly grab the funnel-can to re-apply lube to his already slick cockshaft. Aunt Jane bobbed above him several times as if she still had an ass-full of cock. Then she’d steady herself high above his muddy hips and used her freed hands to spread her sticky asscheeks wickedly wide apart!

“Please no! Chad, untie me please!” my Mom begged. But Mommie was shoving her jiggling ass back for the beastly stud’s delight. Her big round ass met the boy’s pace, causing his bloated hairless balls to recoil against his rump.

“Fuck my cock you bitch in heat! Suck it with your horny asshole!” Chad replied, with more buttslapping. Mom’s pucker was stretched tautly around the big dick, indeed sucking it with fevor. Chad pulled his cock out on one long tug, to gain a higher position up her back. Her leaky butthole stayed open for him, but he ordered more lube anyway. Mom blindly groped and pawed for the funnel-can, and let shiny oil run freely into her gaping shit-hole. Most of it came back out and down her muddy legs orhanlı escort when Chad’s cock went plunging back in to the balls!

My hot little pussy exploded in Khalee’s hand, and hers into mine! I was so hot that the rain water seemed to evaporate into beads of sweat before it dripped from my drenched body. Aunt Monigue toyed with our virgin assholes as she pointed out such nasty kind of fucking.

“Your Mommies got such horny little shitters, ungh!?” she teased. “Your Daddy’s would love to try your tight little bumholes.”

“NO Robbie! Don’t make me…My son is watching!.” But Aunt Jane was riding his mud and oil covered dick as if in the saddle of a wild horse.

“Ride my cock like the butt-slut you are! Oh I love this hot tight ass of yours. Gonna cum in your butt!” he insisted.

By the time my dripping hot cunt ended its rippling orgasm, my once unexplored asshole went into one of its own! Auntie had at least two frigging digits back there, it felt like more than that. But neither Khalee nor I could refuse such nasty antics as we succombed to her sordid raping of our rear ports.

“Ohh! Yes! That’s it…Use my poor asshole Robbie! Fuck me like a whore!” cried Aunt Jane. “Agghhh!” “Unnggghh!” “Oh shit…I’m cummmiinnggg!”

“Fuck! Damn-it! I love your fucking cock!” Mom squeeled. “Agghhhh!” “Fuck it!!, “Ohhhh yes…Ride my hot little…Gonna cuuuumm!”

Mom’s head hung low between her arms, then flung back sending her hair flailing. Her body shivered spasmodicly, though her rump stayed focused for an ass-full of boy-cum. Her butt rolled up as far as to expose the taut angry plum of Chad’s cock-head, then reared back to eat up every inch of his throbbing staff.

Aunt Jane’s bung exploded with egual disposition. Almost disgusting the way Khay’s Mother’s hungry asshole clasped and grasped at her nephew’s trembling meat. His expanded sac of boy-nuts came paddling against her wiggling assglobes on his up-thrusts.

Having not noticed the rain stopping, the sun momentarily shone when Robbie shoved his Aunt from his stiff boner, and Chad’s cock came barrolling from Mommie’s rectum with slight resistence. Even before he was positioned for it, his huge cock bolted with urgent geysers of thick foamy coco-nutts blasting onto her opened lips and chin!

“Oooohhh!” he bellowed, followed by a croaking sound from Robbie.

“Grrnngghh!” went Robbie, as he began to flood his Aunt’s face with gushers of boy-juice, thickly pumping from his hose-like gun!

For nearly a minute, the potent boys took turns showering their Aunt’s faces. Cock-sewage stung my Mom’s shut eyes as hot jism layered Aunt Jane’s cheeks. A third and forth spurt battled my Aunt’s tongue as hot jizz blasted Mom’s forhead.

After six spurts their rain-soaked hair was streaked with boy-seeds. Noses were dripping with more cum than rain by now, and my cousins still had most of their cummage rumbling around in their balls.

The thicker, heavier of their nutts began to cover faces tepeören escort completely, lumping together with smaller clumps. The two hot cum-loving mothers were drinking some of the stuff as they recieved their facials.

What hadn’t congealed at their contourted faces were running luridly down foreheads, noses, cheeks, and chins. I never seen seen such a mess, thick muck of cummage leaked on necks and shoulders, and finally enough to coat the huge heaving titties and lust-hardened nipples.

The two Mom’s delicatly licked sensitive cock-heads as if to avoid mud, motor oil, and what other slimy gunk that covered the cocks. But they soon were mouthing several inches of rubbery cocks, seemily in appreciation of having two beautifull fuck sticks to themselves.

And then my pussy and asshole erupted once again.


Once inside the Ranch house, we could smell sex happening before we even saw it. The sunken Livingroom exposed my petite Grandmother laying on her side with her legs spread wide. Uncle Colt lay behind her, her sagging buttcheeks held apart. He was snacking on her mature musky asshole while my Daddy ate her pussy. Granddad licked her drooping titties as she moaned into a throaty orgasm.

Aunt Monigue responded to my anxious concerns.

“Your Mom’s asshole is alright dear. Your whorish little Mothers love having their asses banged!”

Auntie also answered Khay’s concerns of anal sex.

“Well yes hon, I like it up my backside too. How do you think I got your Unkle Ridge to give Lovette his cock!?” Aunt Monigue flaunted. “Only your Grandfather had fucked my bum, your Fathers have begged for it for years!”

“Granddad?…” I blurted, both Khay and I sneaking feels of our Aunt’s soft rear.

“In fact, the third time is when my Mother caught us!” she laughed. “No she wasn’t mad. She was already fucking my brothers. She was so turned on with it that she wanted in her cunt. My punishment was licking his dirty cock clean enough to go into her pussy!.”

I remember being shocked by my Aunts story, even as I watched and listened to Elder men of the Family lapping out my Grandmother.

Granddad was in such an awkward position as he lowered to suck his wife, but still Khay and I watched Aunt Monigue slither around his body to find a way for his hard wrinkly cock in her mouth.

A loud commotion behind Khay and me was Robbie and Chad entering the Foyer. They shouted more adult obscenities to our Mothers as they led them in by ropes. Mom and Aunt Jane came in on all fours with dog collars around their necks. They even looked mangy with hair soaking wet and matted from rain and thickly drying cum. The smell of staled mud was benign for the heavy scent of masculine boy-nuts that covered them. The boys cocks looked worn and rubbery, drooping between their legs witch reminded me of what I looked forward to so much.

I crawled between my Daddy’s strong muscular legs and sniffed his huge hairy balls as if I was a dog. Inhaling the powerful scent of his mature fuck organs made me dizzy with excitement and anticipation. I remember waiting for my parents to shouted off limits to me at any moment. But I had to savor the moment of suffocating in Daddy’s strong male arouma.

I was actually getting ready to taste my Daddy’s cock!

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