Old Flame, New Game Ch. 05

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I want to give special thanks to AlabasterThighs for her assistance in transforming the rough draft into a finished story. Her insights and eye for detail are an invaluable asset in my creative process.

* * *

Sharon and I returned to the hotel room around 6:30 pm. I realized that we were not going to have time to go out for dinner, so I ordered a pizza. I brought in some clothes that I had in the back of my car, and got ready to quickly iron out any wrinkles that had developed. However, Sharon took the iron from me and did the job in much less time than it would have taken me. She then undressed, went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. I turned on the TV and started watching a ball game.

I heard the shower shut off, and then a few seconds later a blow driver went on. It was hard to hear the game over the noise of the blow dryer, but I wasn’t really all that interested in the game anyway. There was a knock at the door, so I got up to answer it. Standing in the doorway was a mid thirties latin guy, with dark skin and black hair (probably Dominican, I guessed), delivering the pizza and some cokes. I let him in, had him set the pizza on the small table in front of the window, and took the cokes from him. Just as I was reaching for my money to pay him, the bathroom door opened and Sharon walked out, completely naked.

“Baby, hand me that Macy’s bag,” she said. Then, turning to face me, she noticed the pizza guy standing there.

“Ahhhh! Damn! What’s he doing here? Why didn’t you tell me someone was here?”

The pizza guy got a good eyeful, and then hurriedly left the room.

“I’m sorry Sharon, I thought he would be gone before you came out. Did you see that look on his face?”

“Yeah, I bet he never saw a naked white woman’s shaved pussy before.”

“There’s a first for everything, I guess. He’ll have that image in his mind for a while. He’s probably out in the parking lot stroking his dick right now.”

Sharon got a slice of pizza from the box and sat on the bed to eat it. I got a slice for myself and joined her.

“What time do we have to be out of here?” she asked.

“Take your time. We have about an hour before we need to go.”

We finished eating, and then I stood up to take a shower. By the time I got out of the shower, Sharon had finished fixing her hair and was putting on her make up. I watched her get ready, feeling my love for her grow with every second that we were together. I could not take my eyes off her. She looked incredible for a forty-eight year old woman with two children. Her skin was soft and creamy, with just enough tan that she did not look as though she had wandered in from a snowstorm. Her long auburn hair was thick and luxurious. Her perfectly shaped breasts, defying gravity and age, sat perfectly on her chest, capped by two tender nipples resting amid her pale aureolae. Her belly was smooth and soft, free of stretch marks and bulging very slightly, the only indicia of having bore two children. Her long shapely legs tapered to her delicate ankles and her sexy, perfectly shaped feet. She was a beautiful, mature woman, and the more I watched her, the more I felt myself being overcome with emotion.

“So, how am I supposed to wear this outfit? What does it go with?” she asked, snapping me back to reality..

“Wear what we bought today, nothing more and nothing less.” I told her.

“Open my suit case and get me out a pair of panties,” she said. “We forgot to buy them when we were at the mall.”

“I didn’t forget. You won’t need panties.”

“Oh really. You sure you don’t want me to put some on so you can strip them off me in a restaurant again?”

“That will not be necessary tonight.”

She stepped into her skirt, then turned her back to me asked me to zip her up. I did so, and then handed her the bustier.

“This is really pretty,” she said, as she wrapped it around her torso. “Now fasten it for me, please.”

“It looks beautiful on you,” I said, as I impatiently struggled with the hooks on the back of the garment. Sharon sat on the bed when I finished, and I got down on the floor to help her with her shoes. Just like a shoe salesman– or the prince in Cinderella– I thought, as I gently placed each foot in the shoe and then adjusted the straps for her. Once that was done we both stood up. Sharon paused to adjust her breasts in the bustier. The garment lifted them even higher on her chest and squeezed them together, creating awesome cleavage and making it look as though she were almost top heavy. The teal and purple cloth barely covered her nipples. She looked stunning.

She walked to the bathroom and examined herself in the mirror.

“I look like a whore,” she said, frowning at her image.

“Not a whore, more like a slut. No streetwalker ever dressed this nicely. Actually, I’d say you look more like a partially dressed call girl.”

“Oh, that makes me feel better.”

“Don’t be upset. That means you are a little more high class. Like that girl that got Governor Spitzer in trouble. That also means you would be making a lot more money for your services. istanbul escort And besides, you are a little past the median age for streetwalkers.”

“Oh, I see, now I’m old. You’re digging yourself a pretty deep hole, mister. You’re going to end up going alone to where ever it is you want to go tonight.”

“I’m just teasing you baby. You look beautiful, sexy, and it is going to be pretty difficult for me to get dressed if I keep looking at you.”

“So where are we going?”

“Let me finish getting dressed, and I will tell you.”

I put on a pair of cream colored linen pants, an aqua colored linen shirt, and a tan jacket.

“Are you done?”


“Where are we going?”

“Club Risque’.”

“Club Risque’. What is that?”

“A sex club.”

“A sex club? Why are you taking me to a sex club?”

“So you can fulfill all of your fantasies.”

“I don’t have any fantasies of going to a sex club. Are you sure you don’t want to fulfill your fantasies?” she asked, her voice heavy with sarcasm.

“Baby, don’t be afraid. You will enjoy it, I guaranty. You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Have you ever had sex with another couple having sex right next to you? It is so hot. Its like watching a porno, but its right in front of you. You see, hear, even touch the other people, if you want to. You can smell the sex. Its hot baby, so hot.”

“I can watch a porno in my room, that’s hot enough.”

“Maybe we can find you another girl. You certainly enjoyed Dolores last night. And I know that she enjoyed you.”

“That was a one time thing. It just happened. I don’t know how it happened, it just happened. I was drunk.”

“Drunk on pleasure. Maybe we can find you another guy. You told me it would be hot to have one cock fucking your pussy and another one in your mouth. Tonight could be the night.”

“Just because I thought it was hot does not mean that I would actually want to go through with it. It’s a fantasy, that’s all.”

“Look baby, you have nothing to lose by going. No one will do anything to you that you do not want them to. No one will touch you unless you give them permission. What do you have to lose? And if you don’t like it, if you absolutely hate it, we can leave. But at least you will have been there and you will know if you like it or not.”

“We can leave when I want to?”


“You promise?” she urged.


“Alright, but if we don’t leave when I want to, I swear that I will never talk to you again, ever. Agreed?”


We left the hotel room and walked toward the entrance. Every male we passed in the hallway and in the lobby of the hotel stared at Sharon as we walked past. The women stared also, then turned in disgust. Sharon’s face flushed red.

“I don’t think I can do this,” she said.

“Sure you can baby, the hard part is over. Once we get to the club, most of the women will be wearing even less than you are.”

We got in the car and drove off. About ten miles down the road I pulled into a well lit parking lot. We got out of the car, and started walking toward the door. Sharon looked up at the sign on the building. Puzzled, she looked at me and asked:

“Why does that sign say ‘Velvet Touch?’ I thought we were going to someplace called ‘Club Risque’.'”

“We will be. This is just a warm up. Its still a little early to go to Club Risque’. It doesn’t really get going until after eleven. I thought we could stop here, have a drink or two, and then head over to Club Risque’.”

We walked to the door, where the bouncer stopped and frisked us both, and then ushered us in without requiring payment of the cover charge. Once inside the door the blasting music was overwhelming. Sharon stopped just a few feet inside the door, grabbed my hand, and shouted in my ear.

“Why are we in a strip club?” she asked.

“I told you. To kill some time. To get warmed up. To get you warmed up,” I shouted into her ear.

Looking around the room we saw an island bar with a stage in the center and a naked girl dancing on the pole. There were small tables all around, each with one or two or more men, and some had a partially dressed girl sitting with them. In the back was another bar and another stage, with another nude girl dancing. Off to the side was still a third stage, with another girl dancing. A hostess approached and greeted the two of us.

“Good evening, and welcome to Velvet Touch,” she said. “Do you have a seating preference?”

“Is there a table in the champagne room?” I asked.

“Of course. Its still early. There is a one bottle minimum. Follow me, please.”

She escorted us through a door to a very dimly lit room, where semi-private booths were lined up against the wall, and the music was not nearly so loud. We were then led to a smaller room with a very small stage and two chairs. The hostess asked which dancer we would like.

“We just got here,” I said. “I don’t know any girls by name.”

“Well, is there any particular type of girl? Blonde, brunette, redhead, Latin, escort bayan Asian, African-American? I can go find someone for you.”

“Ok. Hmmm. Alright. See if you can find us a Latin girl with large, natural boobs, and kind of mature.”

“Mature? All of our girls are over eighteen.”

“No. No. I mean, send us the oldest girl you have. Latin. Big boobs.”

“Very well.”

The hostess left us in the room. As soon as she was gone a waitress brought us a bottle of the house champagne and three glasses. She poured us each a glass, and then left.

“Why did she bring us three glasses?” Sharon asked.

“One is for the dancer,” I explained.

A few minutes later a woman came back to join us. She was probably about five feet, five inches tall, but in her heels she appeared to be nearly six feet. She had cinnamon colored skin, straight, shiny black hair, and was wearing a pink thong and bra. Her breasts were not huge, but from the way they jiggled as she teetered on her heels, they looked natural. She appeared to be in her late twenties.

“I’m Sapphire,” she said. “Who am I dancing for?”

“Her,” I said, pointing to Sharon.

“Him,” Sharon said at the same time.

“Both of us, I guess.”

I handed her a $20 bill. She waited for the next song, and then started dancing in front of us. She quickly removed her bra, revealing a nice set of tits with long, dark nipples. She crawled onto my lap and hung her tits in my face, shaking her torso from side to side. Just as I reached for them, she got up and stood in front of Sharon. Sapphire reached to her side and unhooked one side of her thong, while holding the other side up with the other hand. She peeled back the front of her thong to briefly reveal her shaved pussy. She covered herself again, and then reached for Sharon’s hand. She placed Sharon’s hand on the remaining clasp, and urged her to unfasten it. Sharon did as she was asked, and the thong fell to the floor. Sapphire then sat on Sharon’s lap, reached for her hands, and placed them on her tits. Sharon rubbed the stripper’s tits for a second, and then gently pinched her nipples. Sapphire ground her naked ass into Sharon’s lap. She then turned herself around and was kneeling on Sharon’s lap. She put her tits in Sharon’s face, shook her torso for a second, and then placed one of her nipples against Sharon’s lips. Sharon sucked it in for a second, but she did not appear very enthusiastic in doing so. The girl then stood up again, and with her knees she nudged Sharon’s legs apart. Once they were completely splayed open, she knelt in front of her and placed her head in Sharon’s lap. She then lifted Sharon’s skirt and put her face right into her crotch.

That’s when Sapphire got her surprise, finding Sharon’s pussy uncovered. Sapphire blew on her, and proceeded to act as though she were licking Sharon. Sharon shifted her hips forward, providing easier access to her rapidly moistening pussy. Just then the song ended, and Sapphire stood up.

“Another song?” she asked.

I handed her another $20.

Another song started, and she resumed her position in front of Sharon. She attempted to continue pretending that she was going to lick Sharon’s pussy, but Sharon would have none of that. She put her hands on the back of Sapphire’s head and pushed the girl’s face into her slit. The girl started licking. In the dim light of the private booth I could see that Sapphire was indeed licking Sharon’s pussy, concentrating on her inner lips. But she was taking frequent breaks, licking the inside of Sharon’s thighs, before returning to her hungry pussy. Then the song ended again.

“One more?”

I handed her another $20 bill.

This pattern continued for another thirty minutes. Sapphire continuously brought Sharon to the brink of orgasm, then diverted her attention elsewhere. And then the song ended. By the time that nine songs had finished Sharon was in her seat panting, but I was starting to get annoyed. Finally, on the tenth song I told Sapphire this would be our last song, and if she wanted a tip, she had better make this “dance” especially good.

Sapphire understood my message. She buried her face in Sharon’s pussy and licked her furiously. She quickly brought her to a huge orgasm. Sharon was bucking her hips in the chair, mashing Sapphire’s face against her crotch, and shaking in orgasmic pleasure. After about thirty seconds of sustained cumming, she relaxed and went limp. But Sapphire kept licking her, and soon she was on the verge of cumming again. This time she put her hands in Sapphire’s hair and pushed her face against her pussy. She thrashed all over the chair, cumming even harder than the first time. She kept cumming and cumming. Finally, her body went completely limp.

“Enough,” Sharon panted.

Sapphire stood up and put on her bikini. She leaned over and kissed me, letting me taste Sharon’s pussy on her lips. I slipped a finger into her pussy, finding it to be soaking wet. She let me finger her for about five seconds, and then pushed my hand away. I handed her a $100 bill, and then she walked away in Kadıköy escort search of a new customer. We waited a few minutes for Sharon to catch her breath, and then got up and left.

We went to the car and drove away. Sharon turned to me and said, “that was different.”

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Not at first, she was too aggressive. There was no seduction. And she was kind of young. But the ending was really good. She knew what she was doing.”

“She was really teasing you for a while there.”

“I know, she brought me to the edge of cumming so many times, then let me go. She was very good.”

“Yeah, those girls are very good at getting money out of a guy’s pocket. They will do whatever it takes.”

Fifteen minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot of the club. I had never been there on a Sunday night, so I did not know what to expect. I drove around the parking lot one time looking for an empty space, but found nothing. So I drove to the front door and let the valet park the car for me.

Once inside the club Sharon had to register as a new member. I handed over a bottle of rum that I had picked up earlier in the day. The girl behind the counter marked it with my membership number, and then told us we were all set.

“Just one moment, and Carina will give you a tour of the club,” she said.

“That’s not necessary,” I replied. “I have been here many times before.”

She buzzed us through the door, and I escorted Sharon to the bar. The bartender mixed us two mojitos, and then I gave Sharon a brief tour of the front end of the club. There were numerous tables surrounding a surprisingly small dance floor at one end, and leather couches arranged into small groupings near the walls. The music was loud, of course, and there were people everywhere. Most of the women wore short skirts, tiny tops, or other revealing outfits. The men were dressed in slacks and dress shirts, unbuttoned to varying degrees. The ratio of men to women appeared to be about three men for every two women. By the time that we had completed one revolution we had both finished our drinks.

“Let’s dance,” I shouted in Sharon’s direction.

She took my hand, and I led her to the dance floor. We managed to wedge ourselves into a space between several other couples. The space was so tight that contact with the other dancers was unavoidable. No one seemed to mind, however, as much of the contact appeared intentional. Men were feeling up their partners, and women were feeling each other up. Some women lost their tops, and one was wearing nothing more than a thong and a see-through blouse.

“I guess my outfit is appropriate for this club,” she shouted at me over the roar of the speakers.

I nodded my head, and then directed her attention to two women whose blouses were completely open, with one woman’s mouth attached to the other woman’s nipple. I then pointed her in the other direction, where a man had his fingers inside one woman’s thong while another woman was on her knees blowing him.

“That’s a little extreme for this side,” I told her. “But it happens sometimes.”

We danced through two more songs, and then I led her back to the bar. We picked up two more drinks, and then walked around the perimeter again. We stopped by the pool table and watched two couples playing eight ball. One of the women had her top completely open, and her rather large breasts were hanging down and brushing the table as she leaned over to take a shot. The other woman wore a skirt so short that it barely covered her ass cheeks when she was standing straight. When she bent over to take a shot it rode all the way up, revealing that she was naked under the skirt. The opposing husband rubbed the butt end of his stick against her lips as she lined up her shot. Both women were rubbing their men’s crotches when they attempted to shoot. I guessed that it would take forever for these four to finish a game, so we moved on.

I got another drink for Sharon, which she drank quickly. I ushered her back to the dance floor, where I spotted a couple close to our age. It did not take them long to notice us. The woman wore a loose silk tank top, no bra, and a short skirt that must have been painted on her ample ass and hips. She looked both of us over, and nodded at her husband. He eyed Sharon hungrily, then nodded back at the wife. The wife migrated toward us, until she was inches from Sharon. She leaned into Sharon and put her lips against her ear, but I could not hear what was said. The wife danced over to her husband, backing her ass into his crotch and bouncing it up and down. She then danced over to me and did the same thing. She danced over to Sharon and shook her tits in Sharon’s face, and then lean in and kissed her. To my surprise, Sharon kissed her back.

We stayed on the dance floor with this couple for another half hour. Sharon followed the other woman’s lead, and was soon grinding her body against the woman. After that she began grinding against me and eventually the other husband, as well. Still, the dancing was rather tamed compared to what was happening all around us. By the time we left the dance floor most of the women were at least partially undressed. Bodies were grinding against bodies everywhere. Fingers were slipping inside of orifices, dicks were hanging out of pants, and mouths were all over any exposed skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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