Old Flame Relit

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Droplets of water trickled down the window just like the sweat that trickled down our bodies as we engulfed each other.

She was my then girlfriends friend and had a huge crush on me.. to some extent I’m sure I did too but due to situations nothing fabricated between us. She moved back to India while I stayed overseas. Years later, we get back in touch through the power of social media and get to talking about our past, present and all and the game of truth or dare led to several new things including knowing that we both had a crush on each other.

Well little chats evolved to long chats, calls and skype dates.. slowly we opened up about our intimacy and discovered how wild we are.. I prefer my ladies to be a bit wild submissive and surprising and she liked her men dominating and strong, perfect match right? We got to sexting and my oh my was she a treat.. never have I felt satisfied by words.. sexting moved to nudes and phone sex and I must say her boobs made me go into another world, her lips made me thirsty and my dick reached new heights like never before 😉

Fast forwarding to the time I came to India for vacations, well she had a few holidays to spare and we decided to meet up in Mumbai.

I went to pick her up in my car and was baffled as I saw her walk towards me in a white tight shirt, knotted at the bottom showing off her navel and dark blue jeans that showed her ass as two huge globes. Her hair was loose and her feet covered by black heels. She still was shorter than me since it took more than just heels to come face to face with a 6 feet tall guy. Little did I know my mouth was open as I ogled at her. She came to me, closed my mouth with her ever slender and soft fingers and said

“Teri hawas tapak rahi hai muh mein se ” and we just burst into laughter as I gave her a tight hug and let her feel my hard chest against her soft squishy tits.

We get into the car and back to my place where I’ve set up a table with candle lights and food and she walks in and is shocked. I’m right behind her, close the door behind me and hold her from the back with my hands over her navel and head on her shoulders as I whisper “I missed you babe” in her ears and give a slow, long lasting kiss on her neck. I move her hair to the other side, pull her closer as she gyrates her ass on my cock and let’s out a sigh as I continue showering her neck with kisses.

I see her boobs rising up and her moans tell me she likes it so I stop abruptly and tell Beylikdüzü escort her “you should freshen up since you must be tired from the long journey” and she looks at me with a state of anger and lust but doesn’t say anything since she knows I like to increase her temptations and let her be on the edge.

She goes to freshen up while I start playing some romantic songs. She comes back from the shower and let me tell you what I saw: her hair was wet, open and on one side, her neck still covered with water droplets.. her white shirt changed for a red silky shirt with two buttons open exposing her cleavage and her black lacy bra.. that’s all she had on.. no bottoms and I knew this was her revenge to me leaving her hanging.

Before I could even make a move, she quickly sits on the table and says she’s famished! Oh this would be a long excruciating game i thought to myself as I sat down. We continue talking and eating when I feel her feet move up my legs onto my crotch and move on my cock up and down as she smiles at me in the sluttiest way ever. I like this so much that I continue to bear with it and see how far she can control and she knows what’s on my mind

She gets up, comes close to me, leans in to my face and says, “let me thank you for the dinner” and seals her lips on mine as I pick her up and put her on the table. Her hands are playing with my hair and neck and pushing it on her lips more and her legs locking my hips from the back as I move my hand to pull on her hair and kiss her more with my other hand grabbing her tight ass.

I move my tongue into her mouth and we wrestle with our tongues as she rips open my shirt and scratches my back which pains me in a nice way.

But I wasn’t going to let her go so I continue kissing her and bite on her lower lip as I put her against the wall.. now her back is facing me and she’s pushing her ass back to feel my cock. I dry hump her as I move my hands up from her sides onto her boobs and press them and let my lips kiss her neck again. She starts grinding my cock which starts getting hard and all we can hear now is her heavy breaths with moans and me sighing on her neck as she moves her ass faster.

Not being able to take it anymore I push her to her knees and she gladly obliges. She looks up at me and with the most sexy eyes kisses my crotch over my pants. With her teeth she opens my zip and pulls both my pants and boxer down to reveal a thick large cock which hits her in Beylikdüzü escort bayan the face.. she takes a moment to just look at it and says “seems like I’m going to be stretched a lot tonight” and I sigh and a moan escapes my mouth as she takes my cock into her mouth and lets her tongue play with the tip and her hands playing with my balls, massaging them and pulling on them slightly.

She sees me taking deep breaths and slows down and I being dominant hold her hair into a ponytail and tells her to open her mouth.. she knows what’s coming and like a good girl opens her mouth wide.. I take my saliva covered cock out of her mouth, hit it on her lips and put it all into her mouth in a go, she gags and I take it out and do it again a few times. Now she starts liking it and says “please just fuck my mouth already” and I smile to see her being a slut and shove my cock in and start fucking her mouth hard and fast.. tears rolled down her cheek but she kept on gagging and held onto my butt to go deeper.. I pulled her hair as I continued to fuck her mouth and when on the verge of cumming I told her but she held my ass even tighter telling me to cum in her mouth. I go on fucking her mouth with full pace as I feel spurts after spurts of cum shooting into her mouth and slowly moving out from the side of her lips.. I pull out and look at her.. she looks up at me satisfied with my cum in her mouth and she stares at me as she swallows the cum and smiles.

This turns me on even more and so I carry her and throw her on the bed, rip apart her shirt and just take in the sight: messed up open hair.. cum and dried up tears on her cheeks and lips, a set of black lacy lingerie covering her boobs and pussy. I was wild and couldn’t be tamed after a blowjob like that, I go ahead and tear apart her bra and panties and she just lets out a shrill to that and says “Bohot time hai humare pass, itni jaldi kyu?” To which I just reply ” iska intezaar toh maine saalo se kiya hai ab nahi ruk sakta”

She smiles and pulls me in for a long kiss which is much more gentle and passionate this time.. her hand in my hair and other moving my cock up and down. I pull away from her lips and move down to her collar bone, kiss her and bite her there, further below I kiss her boobs, lick her all over her boobs but not her nipples, I just pinch her nipples and rub them with my fingers. I keep doing this for a while and she not being able to hold it anymore says “fucking suck Escort beylidüzü my nipples you asshole” as she shoves my face on her nipples and I suck them with my might and flick on them with my tongue alternating between the two boobs and just holding them as if they were my life. She has really big boobs, which easily covered my hands and barely filled my mouth.

With my free hand I pressed on her navel and traced my fingers down to her hip bone which made her jump up a little bit.. my mouth kept her nipples wet as I sucked and ate them while my finger moved further down to her already wet pussy.. as my fingers slowly touched her pussy, she arched her back up and let out a loud moan “yesssss”

Feeling how wet she was I said, “seems like you’re already pretty ready” to which she replied “all because of your cock baby”. She knew exactly how to turn me on and I had to let her know that. I continue sucking her boobs and just when she seems to get relaxed I moved my finger into her wet pussy which made her moan an ahhh and ask me to give her a head.. i moved down and spread her legs wide, my fingers squeezing her fleshy thighs as I kissed her feet and moved closer to her pussy.. I kept kissing and biting her inner thighs to keep her on the edge and after a while she lost it and pushed my head onto her pussy as she screamed fucking suck my pussy dry you scoundrel, don’t fucking tease me anymore!! It was great to make her this wild and I placed my tongue on her pussy and gave her a long lick from the bottom to the top where her clit was.. I kept on giving her long slow strokes with my tongue as she kept on pushing my head more and more into her pussy.. she smelt so great that I didn’t want to give it up. I inserted a finger into her pussy while my tongue flicked on her clit.. I brought my finger all the way out and inserted two now and continue to suck on her clit and flick it with my tongue.. her sighs and had turned to moans and moans into slutty words as I moved my now three fingers into her pussy and kept on licking her pussy at the same time.

She was close to cumming as her moans had become louder and more frequent and I replaced my fingers with my tongue as i moved it in to tongue fuck her tight pussy, this was the trigger for her and I was ready to taste her cum and she came well actually she squirted all over my face and in my mouth to my surprise which I loved.. she kept pushing my head in to make me drink it and I did with pleasure.. she looked at me and in a sexy tone said “oh btw I squirt, hope you knew that” which made me laugh and she pulled me up and kissed me and licked my face clean.

We both were pretty exhausted from these but really horny still so decided to hop in for a quick shower.. which I will tell you all about in my next story 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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