Old Friends, New Excitement

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Christian strolled into the coffee shop, grabbed a newspaper from the rack and proceeded to go to the counter to place his order. Ahead of him was a woman he thought he recognized.

“It couldn’t be,” he thought, “That was fifteen years ago.”

When he watched the woman pick up her latte and walk across the shop to a table, sit and cross her legs he knew it was Trish. He knew her motions from watching her in so many study halls, lunches and especially watching her accept her diploma at high school graduation. After getting his mocha java he crossed the shop to her table.

“Trish, is that you?” he asked with a tone of uncertainty.

At first her face showed an expression of puzzlement. Who was this stranger that knew her by a name she hadn’t used is ten years? Everyone now knew her as Patricia. Then the puzzlement passed and her face changed to an expression of recognition. “Christian? I never would have guessed that was you if you hadn’t called me Trish. Nobody calls me Trish anymore. How are you?”

The two of them sat for an hour and a half talking about the happenings of the past fifteen years. Trish had gone to college and then law school. She returned to her home town to open a successful law practice. Christian moved to Virginia after graduation and, although he didn’t plan to, opened a lucrative importing business. Christian had returned home on vacation to visit his family. Trish and Christian spoke of old times, old friends and family. They spoke of found and lost loves.

After the coffees were gone and the conversation seemed to dwindle, Trish invited Christian back to her house to sample some of the Merlot which she brought back from her trip to France. Christian graciously accepted.

* * *

After a fifteen minute drive they arrived at her house. She drove her Mercedes and he drove his rental. The house was a colonial set back about fifteen yards from the road. To look at it one would think this house was built in the eighteenth century, not just four years ago. Christian parked in the front drive. As Trish was pulling into the garage she motioned Christian around to the side door.

He entered to find the house decorated in the same time period as the exterior. Each room was extremely beautiful but very comfortable. Her taste was impeccable. Christian sat himself on the sofa and Trish followed with the wine and two glasses.

The bottle was soon empty and Trish retrieved another from the cellar. This one Trish purchased at a California vineyard when she was visiting friends. When the bottle was half empty Trish asked “Christian, why didn’t we ever get together?”

“Well,” he replied, “all through high school you were with Brad and after graduation Debbie moved with me to Virginia. She stayed about a year but it didn’t suit her. It was really OK by me. My thoughts always came back to you.”

“I had no idea you felt strongly about me, Christian.”

“Oh, yes. Ever since we started high school.”

“I have to tell you Christian, I always found you attractive and a few times I thought of you when Brad and I were intimate with each other. I never had the nerve to act on my feelings.”

Trish excused herself from the room and was gone for about fifteen minutes. Christian stayed on the sofa reading the wine bottle labels and admiring the art displayed on Trish’s walls. When Trish returned Christian had found that she had shed the business suit she had donned a thigh length, lavender colored silk robe. It was open to just below her breasts revealing her enticing cleavage. Christian stood up from the sofa dumbfounded to see her this kaçak iddaa way. He had fantasized in the past about what Trish would look like in something other than the jeans or skirts and sweaters which she wore all through high school. His fantasies paled in comparison.

Trish untied the lacey belt that was holding the robe closed and let the robe fall to the floor. Her long brown hair fell over her beautifully rounded breasts. Her tall, firm nipples were surrounded by small dark areolas. Her stomach slightly protruded out above her waistline. Christian found this to be very sexy. Her hips had strong curves to her luscious thighs where, between them, her small triangle of short, dark pubic hair barely covered her plump lips. In gazing down at her lovely pussy Christian thought he could see the tip of her clit jutting out.

Approaching her, he took her face in his hands and softly kissed her. He felt her hands on the buttons of his shirt and he proceeded to help her undress him. By the time he was naked their lips had not parted once. Trish stepped back to see his full nakedness. His chest was tone but not over powerful and covered with a thin mat of hair. His stomach, also tone was bare except for the soft strip of hair leading from his naval to his pelvis. His cock was circumcised, shapely, long and large but not enormous. The color was a little dark but Trish guessed this was from the blood now engorging it. It was not hard yet but began to slightly throb. Below his prick hung his perfect balls covered with dark pubic down.

He stepped towards her and gently kissed her neck. As he pulled her close she could feel the pressure on her clit from his rising cock. Trish tipped her head back as his lips found their way to her chest then breasts, one nipple then the other. Christian moved to her cleavage, her stomach, her pussy and finally she felt the tip of his tongue toying with her clit. Her legs began to quiver and she knew if this went on, her legs would give out and she would fall to the floor. She pulled him to his feet, kissed him and led him to the bedroom. Oh, she loved how sweet her own pussy tasted and was fond of licking the juice from her fingers after masturbating.

* * *

Christian followed her into the bedroom to find the sheets on her king sized sleigh bed turned down. At the foot of the bed was an open velvet covered box with a small brass lock hanging open on the latch. Inside were various “toys”.

“Are you Ok with those?” asked Trish.

“I’m fine with those.” said Christian as he surveyed the contents. He reached in and pulled out a strap-on dildo and proceeded to put it on Trish. She was amazed by this. She had bought it for her one, long ago, lesbian lover, Cynthia. Since then, any man she was ever intimate with would have no part of it. She thought they feared it, but it was the first one Christian chose! Once it was secure Christian went to his knees and took it to the back of his throat.

“I had no idea you would be so open,” whispered Trish, as Christian looked up at her with her “cock” in his mouth. She could see the smile in his eyes.

As his head backed away from her pelvis she saw that he was stroking his cock and caressing his balls. Taking her eyes from the most erotic blow job she had ever witnessed, she reached into the box and took out a small rubber band. After watching him suck her for some moments and feeling the juice begin to flow from her twat she pulled him to his feet and wrapped the rubber band around the base of his pulsing shaft.

“What is that for?” he blurted after feeling the constriction on his prick.

“You kaçak bahis are not going to cum until I am ready for you to cum,” she retorted. Trish turned him around and bent him over the side of the bed.

She reached into the bedside table and retrieved the KY, slathered it on his ass and slipped her cock into his tight asshole.

“Oh my GOD, Trish! I had no idea you were so crazy! This is so fucking good! I love it!”

“I have always been this crazy and I love that you love it. Now take that cock up your ass. Take it!”

“Jesus, Trish! Give it to me!”

Trish watched the muscles in Christian’s back flex and relax with every stab into his ass. His hands were clenched into fists holding onto the sheets and, Damn!, he was enjoying it! She reached around and stroked his throbbing cock. After giving his ass a good hard screw she stood him up with her cock still in his ass and saw that the sheets were stained where cum was desperately leaking from his choked penis. She pulled the dick out of his hole, unfastened the buckle and dropped it to the floor. Spinning him around, she dropped to her knees and began sucking him. She could taste the small droplets of semen that managed to escape from the prison of his balls. She heard him rustle around in the box and he bent forward while she slid her lips up and down on his shaft, slick with her saliva.

“What the hell is he doing?” she thought.

Releasing his rod from her lips she watched him push a string of beads into his ass. He pussy gushed with juice at the site of him pleasuring his own anus.

“Now pull them out!” she ordered as she stepped back and started rubbing her clit.

Watching him slowly draw the string from the hole that she fucked so thoroughly made her cum three times over. His eyes never left the rapid motion of her hand on her now swollen and throbbing snatch. Her hand was soaked with her cream and she let him watch her lick it off her fingers. She stood and walked to her vanity table, bent over it and spread her ass wide. God, how she wanted those beads in her ass now. She saw him in the mirror walk to her and get on his knees behind her. Waiting for the beads to be shoved into her she felt instead his warm, moist tongue push its way into her ass. Not just around the asshole like most guys would have done but into it! The beads were there too, but not for her ass. He pushed the whole string right into her sopping twat. This was new for her, and she loved it.

Christian left her bent over the vanity for a moment. She couldn’t see him in the mirror any more. She just stayed as she was, quivering from the beads inside of her and the tongue fucking her ass just received. He returned with a pair of her nylons, bound her hands to the vanity table, rubbed her asshole with KY and started finger banging her rectum. First one, then two, then three of his fingers were shoved into her. With each thrust he would pull one bead from her cunt. When her legs were shaking so badly and she thought he was done he shoved the whole string back into her pussy and plunged his cock into her ass.

“You really enjoyed fucking my ass, didn’t you?” he barked at her.

“Yes! Yes! I loved watching that cock ram into your tight virgin hole!”

“You’re glad to be the one fuck me like a bitch, aren’t you Trish?”

“When I saw you get on your knees and suck my cock, I had to be!”

“When you were banging my ass were you thinking of me as your bitch?!”

“I was, now fuck me Christian, like I am your bitch!”

“Do you like cock jamming into you, Trish? Jamming into your sweet, sweet ass?”

“Yes, illegal bahis dammit, YES! Christian, this is the best I’ve ever had! Give me your tongue again, please! I want your tongue in my ass!!” she screamed.

Her hand went back to her swamped pussy and aggressively assaulted her clit. Christian dropped to his knees again and plowed his tongue between her ass cheeks. She howled with pleasure. As he continued to tongue fuck her gaping asshole she felt the entire string of beads get ripped from her cunt. She screamed from the orgasm the sensation provided. God, she wished she was untied so she could take his cock in her mouth and suck him off.

When the beads were out of her juicy twat, he disappeared again from her view in the mirror. While he was away she heard the metal “clink” of the strap-on buckle. When he returned to her field of vision in the mirror, she saw that he had put the strap on around his waist in such a way that the dildo was below his cock. “Oh my God, no.” she muttered. He heard her say this and she saw his face go soft in the mirror.

“Are you OK?” he asked in a soft sweet voice. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Christian, you are so beautiful and thank you for asking. No. Don’t stop. DOUBLE FUCK ME!!”

Christian’s cock rammed into her ass and the dildo plunged in her cunt. Trish tore the nylons that bound her hands and started pulling and twisting her nipples. She saw the strain on Christian’s face in the mirror as he pounded away on her.

“That’s it Christian. Do ’em both! Do both of my fuck holes! Do both of my fuck holes!”

“Please Trish, I want to cum! I want to cum! Please let me cum!”

Christian’s begging, coupled with the drilling of her slippery ass with his cock and the fucking of her swollen pussy with the strap-on, pushed Trish over the edge. The orgasm she felt was nothing she had ever experienced before. The glass bottles on the vanity clinked and rattled as the table as the quivering of with her body caused it to shake. Christian untied the nylons and was instantly on his knees licking the juice from her pussy. She had to push him away, it was too much. She couldn’t take his mouth on her snatch after an orgasm that powerful. Christian fell to the bed. Trish stayed where she was for a moment and then, on wobbly legs, she walked to the bedside table and pulled a pair of scissors from the drawer. When she turned back to him he was lying on the bed. He had removed the strap on from his waist and was stroking his unbelievably swollen cock. The rubber band was still on it. All this time he had never taken it off. God love him.

Trish carefully put the tip of one of the scissor edges under the rubber band and started sucking his cock. Christian was screaming “Let me cum, let me cum! Please, Trish, LET ME CUM!” and she snipped the rubber band.

Christian exploded in her mouth. His whole body twitched with every shot of hot sticky jizz that filled her mouth. It was too much cum for her to take. When her mouth was filled with his sweet hot load she pulled away and he shot his sticky goo all over her lips. She swallowed some, but could not swallow it all. As she was reaching for a towel from the bedside table Christian grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He kissed her mouth and opened it with his tongue. He sucked out the gob of cum that was left in her mouth and swallowed it all. With the tip of his tongue licked the remaining droplets of cum from her lips.

* * *

Christian lay back on the bed and closed his eyes. “You are wonderful, Trish. I never realized how much I missed you. I don’t want to miss you again”

Trish lay alongside Christian, rested her head on his shoulder and ran her fingers across his chest. “I’ve missed you, too.”

That is how they fell asleep together, and that is how they woke up — together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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