Older Next Door Neighbor Pt. 02

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Everyone in this story is 18 or over.

I had just lost my virginity to my next-door neighbor and I already wanted her again. We sat in her kitchen at her small glass breakfast table, and I just stared at her. Her chest was heaving from breathing hard after just sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. I watched her small breasts bob up and down as she breathed. To my surprise, she was also staring at me. Her eyes fell over my chest and arms, and she was also taking me in. Her eyes lingered over my semi hard erection. She licked her lips and then caught my eye and smiled.

“Well, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time for a lesson,” she said lightly patting the table. “I knew that you would have to cum at least once before I would have your attention,” she continued.

I had no idea what she was talking about. I’d do anything she asked at this point if I could be with her. She stood up in front of me after grabbing her robe from the floor. She put it on but left the front open so I could look at her body. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. A real adult woman was in front of me. Not some young 18-year-old high school girl but a real woman.

All I could think about is getting my hands on her body. I had held her head as she sucked my cock but other than that I had barely touched her. I had seen the rest of her body and I longed to touch her breasts and find out what they felt like. I wanted to hold her ass in my hands, and I wanted to touch her pussy. I had no idea what I’d do with her pussy, but I’d do whatever she wanted.

“Ok, now pay attention,” she started. She moved closer and then she put one foot up on a nearby chair. Her legs were spread in front of me as she leaned in and put her hands on my shoulders. She rubbed my shoulders as if she was admiring my muscles, but I was too fixated on the beautiful display in front of me. Her outer pussy lips had slightly parted and showed hints of her inner pussy lips. The upper part of her inner lips jutted out slightly and looked like little flaps at the crest of her pussy. Simply looking at her, I could see she was wet.

I had never been this close to another woman’s pussy before. I had seen my mother naked a couple times when I walked into her room to use the shower but nothing ever this close. The first time I saw my mom naked, she saw me. She was facing me and drying her hair. I got a good look at her breasts and between her legs. She didn’t shave so she had quite the bush that obscured her pussy. Her pendulous breasts swayed as I startled her and I saw her nipples facing the floor as she yelped. The second time I caught her naked, her back was turned, and she was bending over drying her legs. I left before she saw me that time. I don’t have to tell you what I imagined that night as I stroked my cock and came on my chest. Sharon was nothing like my shorter, slightly heavier mom.

My mom was nowhere in my mind as Sharon gave me a guided tour of her pussy. She put one hand and spread her lips apart, exposing her vagina and giving a hint of her clit. “Let’s start with basics. On the outside, these are the outer lips and inside, are my inner lips,” she explained. Pulling back her clitoral hood she continued, “Now pay attention, this is my clit,” I saw her little bud and was fascinated by her matter of fact guided tour. She moved her hood back and forth to expose and show off her clit. “Remember how to reach my clit because this will come up again,” she instructed. I didn’t need to take notes and I was committing everything she said to memory. She let her clitoral hood cover her clit and let her pussy return to normal. Then she moved her hand down and spread her inner lips wide revealing her vagina. “This is my vagina, and I shouldn’t tell you what normally goes in here,” she said with a grin. I nodded wondering what my fingers would feel inside her. Her wetness glistened as she moved and showed me her hole.

After a good look that I wanted more of, she took her hand away and her pussy lips moved together. She stepped down and I saw her pussy return to it’s normal look. “Lastly, I have one more thing to show you before we have a little talk,” she said as she began to turn around. My head was spinning from the close-up inspection of her pussy. She turned around and showed me her heart shaped ass. Her ass was big, and she had a slightly pear-shaped hourglass figure. With her small breasts, she didn’t quite look like those Playboy models I had lusted after. She had a different look that I hadn’t imagined I would lust after. She was perfection.

She bent over in front of me and spread her cheeks. She showed me her little puckered asshole. “I don’t have to tell you what this is,” she said. She continued her instruction, “I simply wanted to show you where it is in relation to my pussy.” I understood what she meant. Her ass cheeks covered her clenched asshole when she bent over. When she spread her cheeks it all made more sense. It was so close to her pussy. I needed the anatomy lesson.

She sat up turned around and I enjoyed her flashing me her body one more time. Then she closed her robe Bolu Escort and tied it. I didn’t even notice that I was still naked. My cock recently drained, was starting to get erect from the show.

She pointed at the floor where my shorts had landed, “Go get your shorts, and come back down and sit with me. There is something I need to tell you.”

I walked over a bit defeated thinking we were all done. I put on my shorts and sat down in my chair across from her. My erection was stuffed in my shorts, and I wrestled with the bulge so I could sit. She looked sympathetic. I looked at her face and beautiful hair that I had recently held while my cock erupted inside her mouth. I remembered she wanted to talk. I didn’t really want to talk. I wanted to fuck her like a jackrabbit. Only Sharon could slow me down and teach me as I would learn. But it would be -her- way. It would be on her terms and how she wanted it. I barely understood a woman’s needs but hers would prove to be erotic, taboo and satisfying.

She watched me adjust myself in the kitchen chair and I took in her legs through the transparent chair. “Ok, I need to tell you two things,” she began. “First, you will do what I say and when I say. No questioning my word. Sound good?”

“Uh huh,” is all I could say.

“I will take care of you, my way, train you as my lover and together we will make sure that cock of yours is milked to your satisfaction. Is that clear?” she almost barked.

“Ok, Sharon. Absolutely!” I said enthusiastically.

“NO!” she exclaimed pounding her palm on the table, so it shook. “From now on, you will call me mommy,” she said gritting her teeth. Then turning sweet, she said, “A son doesn’t call his mommy by her first name. It’s disrespectful. I’m sorry, honey, I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well. It’s all clear to me in my head but I need to make it clear for you,” She was talking fast, and I was trying to keep up.

“You are my son and I’m your mother, that’s the second thing I have to tell you,” she said looking into my eyes. I stared back at her blue-gray eyes.

“But I’ve already got a mo—“, I started but she cut me off.

“No, she’s not your mother. I am your mother. I carried you. I changed you. I bathed you. I nursed you and I raised you,” My head was spinning. Whoa.

“Jason, I’m just so happy you are back with momma.” She beamed at me as she looked at me and we shared a moment of silence. This wasn’t a roleplay.

For maybe the first time since I walked into her house, my mind was on something other than her body. My mind started to put the pieces together but how could it be? Clearly the blood was not in my head but still in my swollen cock.

“Your parents made me keep quiet. I was never supposed to tell you,” she said.

“Tell me what?” I asked. I didn’t want to fill in the blanks. I needed her to spell it out.

“I had an affair with your father and I had you. They made me give you up since I wasn’t married. It was a different time back then,” she said slowly. “I was able to babysit you. I wasn’t allowed to nurse you, I did change you, but slowly I lost you and my ex made me forget about you.”

My mom is not my mom and I’m in lust with my mom, I thought. Yep, that about sums it up. That and I just lost my virginity to my mom. I started to remember my first memories of her caring for me. They were some of the best memories. My other mom was kind of cold to me but Sharon was always loving and kind. I loved her as a babysitter then I fell in lust with her later on when I turned 18. My mom wanted an incestual relationship with her only son. My cock started getting hard again and I shifted in my seat.

“Oh, poor baby is hard again. Mommy needs to milk her son again, doesn’t she? Or is my son hungry?” she coyly said as she pulled one side of her robe to the side and exposed her left breast. She reached out to me.

“Yes, mom,” I said, “I need both. I need my mommy.” I held her hand. We had crossed the line to incest when she sucked my cock for the first time. I was over 18 so I knew what was going on. I’d never hate her for seducing me but she would be the only love that I would know.

“Ok, baby,” she said as she got up. “Mommy has something for you to do before you get another turn though. I hope you remember your lesson.”

She stood in front of me and motioned for me to get up. She led me back through the living room while I stared at her body. We went through the back hallway, past Joey’s room, and into her master bedroom. She left me standing at the side of the bed while she removed her robe and hopped on the bed. I ripped my shorts off in a flash. She crawled over to the middle of the bed on her back and put her legs up.

“Mommy is ready,” she said as she called me over. I started to get on top of her. I wanted to push my cock inside her wet pussy. “Oh, no, no, no,” she scolded. “You are a bad boy. It’s time to taste mommy’s pussy.” She pushed my head down toward her legs in a scolding way.

I moved down her body awkwardly not knowing what really to do. I moved my head between Bolu Escort Bayan her legs and could smell her hot pussy. It was a smell that I would learn to love and enjoy tasting on my breath and face.

I somehow remembered what she had said and parted her lips and enjoyed my close up view. I wasn’t sure but I swore her pussy was pulsating. I parted her pussy lips further to reveal her clit and I dove in with my mouth. I imitated her actions with my tongue thinking that would be a good idea. I pressed it flat with my tongue then I stiffened my tongue to a hard tip to run across her clit. I had to keep pulling her pussy lips away from it to stay on her clit. This was harder than I thought!

“Mmmm, yes. Mommy loves when her son eats her mommy,” she moaned.

I was now courageous enough to explore further. I moved my tongue down her pussy to her wet opening and dove in. She was so wet that I had a mouthful of her wetness in my mouth. I swallowed. My face was covered in her wetness from my nose to my chin. I lapped her up knowing full well that she was my mother. I wanted to touch her all over.

“Ohh, hmmm, shhhh.. My son is going to make mommy cum,” she groaned.

“Cum for me mommy. I want to see you cum,” I said briefly taking my lips away from her pussy. I went back to her clit and rubbed it hard with my tongue. A steady pace at first then faster and faster back and forth. I easily slid a finger inside her and then two. I was pulling at her pussy like a come here motion. The tips of my fingers ran across the top of her vagina and it drove her wild. I must have read that somewhere.

She nearly screamed as she started to tense up. “That’s it, that’s it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

An explosive orgasm was building deep insider her and I kept up my pace. I forgot to breathe so I started working on holding my breath. Her legs clamped down on my face and rocked me back and forth as she started riding my head. Her hands gripped my hair as she started to cum.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! Fuck! Oh my God! Don’t you fucking stop!” she screamed. Her pussy was pulsating with orgasm now and becoming even more wet. I held my breath and kept licking her clit. My fingers inside her were wet with her juices. It was a juggling act but I found I could easily do it.

Her legs were clamped down on my head as she rocked me to the side with her orgasm. I felt her asshole pucker and push out with my fingers that weren’t inside her.

“Oh, my son, I’m cumming,” she moaned as she locked my head in place.

My face became even wetter then to my shock she started squirting me. Her first little squirt just landed on my chin before I realized what was going on. Her second and third big squirts landed in my parted mouth as I licked her clit. With a mouth full of unknown liquid that was like hot water, I simply swallowed and continued my licking. She relaxed and after I slowed my pace, she patted my head.

“Oh, no more, no more,” she said exhausted. She parted her legs and pushed my head away from her pussy. I wanted more. I could have gone down on her forever.

Under her pussy there was a dark stain on the covers. When I looked at my own cock that was still hard. I could see I made stain too from all the precum leaking out.

She caught her breath and looked at me and smiled.

“Come to mommy, my son. Fuck your mommy. It’s ok. I need you inside me,” she said in her best mom voice ever. Her hands called me over.

My face covered in her wetness I crawled over her and between her legs. My cock rested on her belly. She helped guide me to her pussy.

“No, not there,” she said as she pushed my cock toward her wet opening. “There you go, that’s it.”

It all felt wet to me. I was awkward as I started pushing in even before I found her hole. She guided my cock to her wet vagina and the head of my cock pushed inside her. I thought I would cum instantly. I pushed deeper inside her and she let out a moan of relief. My cock easily slid all the way into her. I thought of the forbidden incest we were guilty of and it excited me more. I felt my balls against her ass and felt my cock get wet with her wet pussy.

I didn’t need much instruction to know what to do next. Looking at her body below me, I watched as my cock penetrated her. I watched her breasts jiggle and slide to her armpits as I fucked her faster and faster. “Oh, my God, I’m fucking my mom,” I thought.

“Oh, yes, give mommy your big cock,” she purred. Her wetness engulfed my cock and balls. Her smell was intense and I loved it. She held my back and stroked my butt as I pushed inside her. Her legs wrapped around my skinny body.

I continued to hump her like a whore. Her breasts had flattened when she was on her back but I enjoyed their movement as I slapped into her. Those Playboy breasts were long gone from my memory of what a woman really looked like. I had no idea that I would lust so hard and be so passionate about a mom!

“Remember, ugh, to tell, ugh, mommy, ugh, when you cum,” she said between my thrusts. I said nothing as I continued to enjoy Escort Bolu the sensation of my wet cock inside her. Her mouth was great, and so was her pussy. I never want this to end.

I was staring at her breasts and watching them move with my pounding. Her tummy jiggled as I thrusted deep inside her. I forgot she was my mom and we had begun an incestual relationship and saw her for what she was. A sexy, beautiful middle aged woman. Then I remembered that she was my mom and I was fucking the same vagina that I came out of as a baby. I started feeling that point of no return feeling. Normally, I would have been grasping for a tissue to catch the fountain of cum. Except today, I finally had my mom’s vagina to cum into.

“Mommy, I’m cumming,” I grunted. As I said that, she held my face and I met her gaze. Looking deep into her eyes, I started ejaculating inside her. I said nothing as years of masturbating taught me to keep quiet. I felt a first big load of cum spurt inside her as she felt even more wet as my cum joined her juices.

“Oh, yes, fill your mommy up,” she purred and smiled like a proud mama. I came harder than I had ever cum before and I felt like like I was pissing in her with all my cum. I felt every ounce of cum flow the entire length of my shaft and into her. Multiple contractions of my cock pushed out four loads of cum of different volumes. The first and second were the largest and were already leaking down my balls and onto the bed as the last two pushed inside her vagina.

“That’s a good boy,” she encouraged. I was still pumping her as my cock started to soften. I stopped and just let my semi hard cock rest inside her. After a minute, she patted me on the sides and motioned to pull out of her. Mom was clearly in charge.

I pulled out of her and my cock was covered with white cum on top and the sides. I huge pearl of cum hung from the tip. The sides were slick and shiny from her wetness. Cum was bubbling out of her pussy and dripping down her vagina covering her asshole flower. I was mesmerized. She motioned for me to bring my cock up to her mouth.

“Ok, give mommy your cock. Mommy has to clean her son,” she said in motherly voice. Cum dripped on her stomach as I moved my cock up to her mouth. She took it in her mouth and used her lips to wipe off my cum. She swallowed. She gently licked my balls and cleaned my shaft of any more cum.

“Thank you mom,” I said as she continued to clean my cock. She pulled out a drop or two more of cum that was still part of my load. She completely drained my cock of that session of cumming. I was so satisfied, but any more of this and I’m going to get hard again. She knew better and once she was done sat up in the bed. Cum was oozing down between her legs but she didn’t seem to care or mind that the blanket was getting multiple spots on it. I was on my knees next to her and she motioned for me to lay down in her lap.

She brought a small pillow and set it on her lap. I wasn’t sure which way to face so she motioned for me to face her on the pillow. I was now eye to nipple with her right breast.

“You must need a nap after such a workout and you must be hungry! Time for mommy to nurse you. Unless you have to go potty?” she asked. I shook my head no and simply admired her breasts. Her nipples were long and hard from our session. I was on my side and my cock was resting between my legs still semi hard.

“Oh, I guess mommy has to show you what to do,” she said. She squeezed her breast hard like I imagined one would squeeze a cow’s teat. After a few squeezes tiny white drops appeared on her nipples. My mouth dropped open instinctively. The next squeeze produced a squirt right into my mouth. I could barely taste it. She guided my head toward her nipple and I latched on best I could.

It took me awhile to figure out how to nurse. Still, when I was doing it wrong, looking up at her smiling blue gray eyes gave me a peace that I had not felt for a very long time. My head buzzed as though I was high. I felt such a connection to her that far exceeded when I had cum inside her. I had no idea that such a thing was possible. By trial and error, I put her nipple at the back of my tongue so I could use my lips to suck out her milk. She put her fingers through my hair and played with my ear.

“Mommy has been planning this for months. I started taking supplements to allow me to lactate again,” she explained. “This is what I wanted. I wanted my son back. I got him back for my use and my use only,” she said with a tear in her eye. “Now you are back, and I need to train you to be mine,” she sniffled.

I had not been listening. I only heard the parts that I wanted to. If I had heard the parts about her using me or training me to be mine, I still probably wouldn’t have cared. She would explain later and I still wanted her.

She rocked me as I suckled her breast for at least a half hour then she gave me her left breast and I repeated the process. Her left hand found my cock and started playing with it. She massaged my balls and stroked my shaft as I got hard. I didn’t care what she did. Our incestual relationship had just begun. I didn’t care who she was. I just knew I did belong suckling her breasts and swallowing drops of her milk. She looked down at me and smiled and looking up at her, there was no other place I would have rather been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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