Olivia’s Game Ch. 07

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“Upstairs Mikey, quick.” Olivia said curtly, but surprisingly not unkindly, as she answered the door. “I thought she might get here before you, that would have made things…interesting.” She chuckled at the scenario that had come not to pass.

“She?” Mike asked as he climbed up the stairs, extremely nervous for whatever Olivia was planning, especially since it sounded like she was involving someone else.

“You’ll see Mikey,” she answered knowingly. “Surely you don’t want me to spoil any of the surprises I have planned for you. I can’t wait. This is going to be so much fucking fun.” She said gleefully as they entered her bedroom.

Mike swallowed but said nothing as Olivia closed the door and ordered him to strip. To his bewilderment, she had him stash his clothes in her closet. Olivia looked at the time before turning her attention back to Mike, uncharacteristically not paying any attention to him while he’d been stripping.

“Let me get a look at that denied little prick,” she said with relish as she ran her hands over his balls. His suppressed erection stirred at the feel of her hands on his balls, much as he wished otherwise. “Ooh, if you’re straining this hard from driving me around, licking cum off my lips, and hearing about me sucking cock, you’re going to be leaking like a waterfall later tonight!”

What could he say? Much as he hated all of this, there was no truthfully denying that Olivia had lit a dormant spark in his sexuality. He just wished it had been someone who actually cared about him and respected him that had introduced him to the kink of denial. Mike’s thoughts, and Olivia’s teasing caressing of his cage, were interrupted by the chime of the doorbell.

“Looks like that’s her!” Olivia beamed with genuine excitement. “Better get under the bed and stay quiet Mikey!”

And with that she went to answer the door, positively elated. Butterflies gnawing at his stomach, it took Mike several seconds to find control over his movement, sliding himself under the bed after he had heard the door open downstairs.

He swallowed and sought to control his agitated breathing, knowing that something important hinged on his silence, even if he didn’t know what exactly it was. Mike strained to listen, picking up the sound of two people in conversation heading up the stairs. Even muffled through the wall, both voices were recognizable to him. One of the voices was clearly Olivia’s. As for the other one, Mike felt a pang of primordial dread upon recognizing the voice, his blood running cold.

The door opening interrupted his racing thoughts.

“Anyway, thanks again for agreeing to tutor me on such short notice Christina.” Olivia said as the two women in this twisted love triangle entered the room.

“No problem at all.” Christina answered. “I’m happy to help.”

Mike’s cage tightened more than it had all day at the sound of her sweet voice, though he was filled with a whole new level of terror over being so dangerously close to exposure. Just one loud breath, or movement, or involuntary moan, and she would see him for what he was. Why couldn’t he have just made a move on her earlier? This all could have been avoided.

“Still, I’m sure there’s a million ways you’d rather be spending your Saturday,” Olivia said with a kind laugh, much different from the ones she had directed at him. She was a chameleon and a charming manipulator, Mike would give her credit for that. The convincing nice act was how she had roped him into this nightmare, after all.

“Nah,” Christina said nonchalantly, a shrug in her voice. “Weekends lose a lot of meaning once you’re in the real world.” Sexy, kind, smart, solid work ethic and interested in him? He couldn’t lose this gem of a woman. What did Olivia have planned, exactly, anyway? Was she going to expose him? Or was she just messing with him for her amusement?

“Speak for yourself,” Olivia laughed, again in a kind and good-natured way. “The weekend is one giant party!”

“Maybe that’s why you need tutoring.” Christina said in good-natured jest. Mike was glad to hear Olivia sort of get put in her place, even though it had been a humorous and barbless remark.

“You’ve got a point there!” Olivia laughed. Mike could scarcely imagine how she’d respond to him saying something like that.

“But seriously,” Olivia said as they both sat down on the side of her bed, their feet no more than a foot from Mike’s nude form, “you didn’t have any plans on Saturday? Even geniuses have to live a little.”

“Well…,” Christina began hesitantly before trailing off.

“What?” Olivia asked.

“Well…I am kind of seeing this guy right now. I texted him earlier asking if he wanted to do something tonight, but he hasn’t gotten back to me.”

That must have been the text he had gotten earlier, Mike realized.

“That’s rough,” Olivia said. “Who is it?” She was truly brazen, asking someone she barely knew such personal and prying questions.

“You don’t know him.” Christina answered. If only she Bostancı Escort knew.

“You’d be surprised how many people I know,” Olivia said, her tone indicating she was aware of the irony of the situation. Mike reached down and grabbed his tightly compressed cock, vainly attempting to relieve the discomfort. It was taking all of his self-control not to moan, or squirm around.

“Actually, you’d probably recognize him if you saw him,” Christina began in a tone showing that she was weary of this topic, “but you don’t know him or his name. At least probably not.”

“Who is it then?” Olivia asked disingenuously.

“Well do you know Mike, from the economics class we’re in?”

“Him?!” Olivia exclaimed with feigned surprise. “You could do SO much better than him.”

Mike felt a pang of humiliation, partly because he felt that it was true. Someone like her could do so much better than a pathetic pushover like him. Even in the third person, when he was a mere bystander, she had to degrade him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Was Christina’s cross response.

“What do I mean?” Olivia sounded amused now. “Look at you and look at him!”

“Look, we clearly have different tastes.” There was a slight edge in Christina’s voice now.

“There’s different taste and then there’s no taste! Seriously, a pipsqueak like him?”

“That’s enough of this conversion!” Christina snapped. Mike wished he could stand up to her like that, but she had so much blackmail material on him that that was out of the question. “He’s a good guy. Good enough for me, and if you’re just going to focus on parties and sex I’m leaving.”

Mike’s heart soared hearing her defend him so vociferously, a feeling of genuine affection rising in his chest, a very strong erection stifled by the hard pink plastic, a constant reminder of his predicament and the iron grip that Olivia had his balls by. He had to get out of this somehow. He couldn’t lose a chance with someone as amazing as this. He wouldn’t be able to bear the humiliation of Christina seeing him in such an ignominious position.

“Ok,” Olivia said with an exaggerated sense of exasperation. “I was just trying to help. If you ever change your mind, just say the word. I know all the parties. I’ll hook you up with a stud.”

“So what do you need help with?” Christina said in a highly vexed voice, making it clear she was moving on from this topic.

“Well I’m pretty good on most of the basic stuff, you know supply and demand, scarcity, all that stuff,” Olivia answered after a brief delay. “But I could definitely use a little help with Keynesian economics.”

And so the next few minutes passed by relatively quickly, nothing of note happening. Just a bunch of banter about the drab and monolithic drudgery that is economics class. Mike’s erection had even subsided from the lack of any prurient discussion, though he was still over the moon from Christina’s defense of him.

Mike was shaken from this reprieve when Christina demanded that Olivia stop looking at her phone and pay attention.

“Sorry,” she said in a disinterested tone, clearly not sorry at all. “Just texting this guy that I’m going to see later tonight.”

Mike’s cock once again stirred in its cage at that, though he desperately hoped that he would be allowed to leave before then. But he had a sinking feeling that he was going to be cucked again today.

“That’s it!” Christina snapped. “Fail for all I care! I’m leaving!” A few seconds later the door opened and closed, Christina letting out a groan of disgust as she left.

After several seconds, Olivia beckoned for Mike to come out from under the bed.

“Oh that was fucking priceless,” Olivia laughed. Back to that snide and derisive laugh. “I would have kept her around longer, and fucked with you longer, but I don’t wanna keep Tyler waiting.”

“Oh yeah,” Olivia grinned, sensing Mike’s reaction. “That Tyler. He’s going to hammer me with his mythical cock tonight while you listen. I’ve been planning this for a few days and didn’t want it to fall through. Tyler’s impatient, and has so many options. If I kept him waiting he would have spent the night with another lucky bitch. Because he’s a real man. A little bitch like you would wait hours.”

Mike squirmed, grabbing his locked up bits, making Olivia laugh.

“You’re not a real man, are you Mikey?” She smiled and cocked her head to the side.

“No.” It was the only right answer. Back to be viciously torn down, to having Christina’s boost of his self-esteem deconstructed.

“No what?” She asked menacingly as she approached him.

“No, I’m not a real man.”

“No,” she agreed, suddenly reaching forward and grabbing his balls in a painfully tight squeeze. “You’re my bitch, and that’s all you’ll ever be. Say it!” She snapped.

“I’m your bitch and that’s all I’ll ever be!” He yelped as he doubled over from the pain.

“Good fucking boy!” She exclaimed through cruel giggles as she let go of his full and Ümraniye Escort heavy balls. Mike’s renascent self-esteem wilted as she continued laughing. “Sorry about that Mikey,” she said with clearly no contrition, “but I had to make sure you didn’t get ideas from Christina’s praises, just in case listening to Tyler pounding me isn’t enough to put you back in your place. That poor, naive woman. I’ll convert her yet,” Olivia said with a devilish smile. “Trust me Mikey, before we’re finished a stud will plow her just like Tyler’s about to fuck me.”

Mike had nothing to say, defeated.

“And speaking of Tyler, I’m not sure if you can be trusted to stay quiet while he fucks me into next week. So I’m going to gag you.” She retrieved a ball gag from her dresser, snickering as she strapped it into place.

“Perfect,” she smiled. Mike was again hard in the cage, despite everything. He didn’t want to be here, even if his dick said otherwise.

“Nice red ball gag and tight pink cage,” she rubbed a hand over the cage, making Mike moan into his gag.

“Oh I just fucking love that sound already!” Olivia laughed. “I’m definitely going to gag you more from here on out. But try not to moan while Tyler’s fucking me!”

She laughed again and ordered him back under the bed before heading downstairs, presumably to wait for Tyler. Mike closed his eyes and counted silently, trying not to think of the sad state of affairs he was in. He could have spent the night with Christina, who was probably very close to coming to the incorrect conclusion that he was uninterested in her. If only it wasn’t for Olivia and this cage, he probably would have lost his virginity to Christina by now. So many opportunities and so much dignity lost. And now he was about to listen to his tormenter and some asshole fuck right next to him. He hoped he had finally hit rock bottom, but somehow he doubted it.

His cock had mercifully deflated at last when he heard two voices approached the door – Olivia’s and a man’s, deep and commanding. To his chagrin, his erection surged back to life. Or tried to. Dammit.

The door swung open, closing loudly a second later. Mike looked to his right, greeted by the sight of two pairs of feet. Almost immediately, the sound of aggressive kissing followed.

“I want you to fuck me so hard,” Olivia moaned in between kisses, breathing rapidly. Mike silently bit into his gag, gripping his tight cage, resisting his urge to moan.

She was nothing but cruel to him, but she was so pretty and being in such close proximity to carnal activities could only arouse him, especially after so many days of denial.

The sounds of frenetic kissing, groping, and hot and heavy breathing continued for several minutes, with the occasional article of clothing falling to the floor as well. Mike squirmed as he saw Olivia’s pants and panties drop to the floor, nothing that they were pink like his cage.

“I’m so wet, I can’t wait for you to pound my pussy,” Olivia said hungrily as she initiated about kiss with Tyler.

Mike grabbed his balls in a vain effort to stop the discomfort, pulling at the ring of the device to relieve the pinching of his balls.

“Get on the bed,” Tyler’s deep voice said after the kiss ended. “And spread those legs for me.”

Olivia sat on the side of the bed, Tyler dropping his pants a moments later.

“My favorite Saturday slut,” Tyler said with audible lust. “Beg. Beg me to fuck you. Tell me how bad you need to filled up.”

He really sounded like a douchebag, Mike thought. He had tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he was just a regular jock. But he was a perfect match for Olivia. Mike shuddered to think what would happen if Tyler discovered him.

“Come on, stop teasing and fuck me!” Olivia groaned. She let out an indecipherable squeal, a sexy sound that exacerbated Mike’s discomfort.

The bed began creaking as Tyler began thrusting hard into Olivia. Olivia’s screams of pleasure and Tyler’s animalistic grunts permeated the air, redefining the word “tight” for Mike. Olivia had been telling the truth when she said Tyler was more of a stud than Anthony. He could only hope he wouldn’t explode in his cage, as Olivia had suggested he would.

“Yes! Yes!” Olivia screamed in a high-pitched voice. “Fuck me Tyler! Fuck me!”

The bed rattled against the wall as Tyler jackhammered in and out of her, the creaking increasing as she thrusted as well. Mike couldn’t help but picture Olivia throwing her head back as her screams intensified.

Mike noticed that Olivia’s feet were no longer on the floor. Whether her legs were wrapped around Tyler or up in the air Mike could not tell.

“Yes,” Olivia whined like she was in heat. “Oh yeah, grab my tits. Fuck.”

Mike felt himself beginning to leak in the cage at that. He could only imagine what grabbing her attractive body would feel like. His thoughts were disrupted by the sound of Tyler spanking Olivia’s ass.

“Yes!” She screamed, her breathing Anadolu Yakası Escort becoming extremely rapid as she had what sounded like an Earth-shattering orgasm. Mike almost groaned into his gag, but caught himself. His stifled erection was actually painful now, precum leaking out of the front opening of the cage. Mike squeezed his eyes shut, trying to blot it all out. But to no avail.

Tyler continued pounding into Olivia, soon bringing her to a second screaming orgasm before pulling out.

“On all fours.” He ordered. “Time to take your ass doggy style.”

Mike squirmed as much as the cramped space would allow him, wrapping his hand completely around his caged and compressed penis as he heard the bed creak as Olivia shifted her weight. A few seconds later the sounds of hard smacks started, as if Tyler was going balls deep.

“Oh fuck,” Olivia whimpered before letting out a raw cry of pleasure. Mike hadn’t thought any worsening of his discomfort was possible, but it had just happened. In fact, he had groaned slightly into his gag. Fortunately, Olivia’s moaning drowned it out. Petrified nevertheless, Mike silently swore he wouldn’t slip up again.

His cock absolutely cramped, he couldn’t help but visualize what was happening right above him. Much as he loathed the situation, and fervently as he wished he wasn’t in it, he couldn’t help but leak precum to the mental image of a nude Olivia, with her slim figure and beautiful face, hair, and eyes, bucking back and forth as she was fucked. Add in her moaning and hot breathing, separated from him by just a mattress, and there was no hope of him not leaking.

Olivia was whimpering uncontrollably now, clearly in a state of sublime and blissful pleasure, as Tyler began thrusting even harder and faster. Olivia must have had multiple orgasms from anal by now, having been reduced to a whimpering mess.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Tyler had his orgasm, likely shooting a huge load. Olivia sounded as if she was still on all fours on the bed, her breathing returning to normal as she relaxed in that peaceful post-orgasm bliss. Bliss Mike wished he could feel, instead of the continuing torment and tightness. He bit into the gag again, needing an outlet for his energy and angst.

“Our Saturday hook-ups are always fucking magical,” Olivia said, clearly enamored with her favorite stud. “But I know,” her voice gained a flirtatious quality, “that it wouldn’t be the same for you without one of my famous blowjobs. And,” she giggled her kind laugh, “it wouldn’t be the same for me if I didn’t get to take that magnificent cock of yours in my mouth.”

It felt emasculating and stinging for Mike to hear Olivia speak so approving of another man’s penis after she had spoken so derisive about his. He really was pathetic. He really was just a pipsqueak. He wished he could be as endowed as these other guys. Shame gave way to burning envy, which just led to more shame that he would never measure up. Creaking on the bed indicated that Olivia had gotten up when Tyler spoke.

“Damn girl,” he laughed. “My dick needs a few minutes. Us guys aren’t like you girls.”

The two spent a few minutes talking idly before the sound of movement started. Mike forced himself to look, seeing that Olivia had gotten on her knees and that Tyler was sitting on the bed.

Seconds later, the sound of slurping and gargling began, Olivia taking Tyler in her mouth. Mike strained again, imagining what a blowjob must feel like. Judging by Tyler’s moans, it must have felt really nice. Mike saw one of Olivia’s hands under the bed frame as she continued to slurp and suck, giving Mike the middle finger with it.

A whole new concresence of shame and arousal overtook him. She was saying ‘fuck you’ to him for no reason other than to be mean, while he had locked him in chastity and blackmailed him. Yet he found himself aroused by her disdain, as if pleasing her was a distant goal on a horizon. To make Olivia happy was to chase a dragon. He just wanted praise and gentle teasing from such a beautiful woman. He would pine for it no matter how cruel she was to him.

Mike’s thoughts were interrupted by Tyler groaning hard in pleasure, Olivia slurping on his cock some more before taking her mouth off of it, a smile and laugh in her voice as she did.

“Good fucking girl,” Tyler said as Olivia stood up.

After a few minutes of chatter they slowly got dressed, Olivia walking Tyler out. Mike remained under the bed, trying unsuccessfully to get soft again. It was no use. He was hard in anticipation, and felt a new wave of stifled pleasure when Olivia returned.

“Come on out,” she laughed. She laughed even harder when she saw just how flustered Mike was, and how much he had been leaking. “Looks like I was right! You are leaking like a waterfall!” She smiled as she undid his gag.

“What do you say Mikey?” She asked as soon as the gag was out.

“Thanks.” He knew that was the answer. Just another humiliation exercise.


“For letting me listen to Tyler fuck you.” Mike hung his head in shame.

“Head up Mikey,” Olivia said through her laughter.

“You really are leaking,” she said as she put her index finger in the slot of the cage, holding it up to his face. “Suck.”

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