On a Dare

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Lisa is lying on her back, staring up at me. She is breathing heavily, her breasts straining the buttons of her sweater. She’s lying in the middle of her bed, and I’ve just tied her wrists with a scarf from her closet.

She is silent and still, but her pretty brown eyes follow my movements with a mixture trepidation and excitement. I smile down at her, comfortable with the situation: my control over her and her submission. Her eyes move anxiously towards the door. Outside we can hear the low murmur of voices, the lasts guests at her party. We both know what they’re discussing: how far will we go on a dare? Or rather, how far would she? About me there is probably no doubt. You might say that my reputation precedes me.

“So, you’d rather spend an hour in here as my slave than tell them the truth about your first time with Fran? My, my, Lisa, was it really that bad? Jeez, it’s not like anybody’s first time is all that memorable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I mean, I’m gonna have to send Rachel some flowers or something. I’d never have thought she was so kinky to think up that dare.”

Lisa continues to silently stare at me. The perfect submissive, who would have thought she’d be up for this? But there’s something else about her expression now. Some sense of apprehensiveness…or fear. What’s that all about?

I pause for a moment and consider the facts. How could it be that she is OK letting me take her into her room, lock the door on her friends, and tie her up on her own bed, but she is not comfortable discussing when she lost her virginity with her own best friends? And anyway, how come they don’t already know? I’d always assumed that girls talked about that stuff like immediately after it happened. So why would Lisa be so secretive? And why is she so uncomfortable now when I bring it up again? After all, we’re alone in her bedroom, and she’s allowed me total control of her while “Fran,” her supposed boyfriend is off saving heathens on some religious “mission” in South America. I mean, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I’m not really in their circle of friends in the first place, and it was kind of strange to be invited out here to one of their parties. She’s practically engaged to this guy, but here we are. In a way, it feels almost like…

“Lisa, did you put Rachel up to this? Did you tell her to dare you to come in here with me? Is that why you invited me here in the first place?”

She stares at me, and in an instant I recognize the truth of the situation. She quickly averts her eyes in the embarrassment of my discovery. For a moment, I weigh my options, then move to the side of the bed and sit by her. I put my hand softly on her cheek and turn her face towards mine. She still avoids my stare. I feel kind of like “Goran” on Law & Order, Criminal Intent, I’ve just cracked the case on my prime suspect.

“You invited me here because you and Fran haven’t had sex yet. You haven’t had sex because Fran says it’s wrong. It’s some kind of religious thing? Is that it? He wants to save you for marriage?”

She looks into my eyes, then, but doesn’t answer.

“…but you don’t want to wait.”

Lisa’s eyes fill with tears, and her hands struggle against the binds to wipe them. She looks so sad and vulnerable now, and not in a sexy way. I let out a breath. Look at myself for a moment in the mirror over her bureau, then lean down and take a corner of the sheet. I dab the wetness away from her eyes, then tilt her chin so that she can’t avoid my eyes.

“You invited me here because Fran wants to save you for marriage, but you don’t want to wait? Is that it? You figured that with him away and with my reputation, it’d be a cinch?”

Lisa’s eyes betray the truth of situation. She wanted me here. She wanted me to have her. Only, she didn’t want me to know she’d planned it. In affirmation, she nods her head “yes.”

As I gaze down at this pretty young girl, I must admit to feeling a bit “used.” But I try not to let my pride ruin the situation. After all, she is a beautiful girl. Even more so with her hands bound behind her. We are both the same age, and we both just graduated from high school together. Maybe her friends and her life are completely separate from my world, but we’ve known each other and been in classes together belugabahis giriş for years.

In fact, I’ve often tried to catch her eye, but she’s always avoided my looks. Until tonight, I wrote her off as hottie, but a bit shy. Sometimes even aloof. I’d often wondered through the years whether she could be attracted to me. A few months ago, I’d caught her eying me in class, but didn’t take it too seriously. Anyway, she’d been dating Fran, (we called him “J” for Jesus as a cut) for a couple of years, and me and my friends kind of assumed they’d be the first ones in the class to get hitched. Anyway, I guess assumptions do really make an ass out of you…I mean, here she was, not at all the shy, religious girl I thought. And if I ever wondered about her feelings towards me, the answer was now here, lying on the bed before me.

“So you invited me here tonight so that we could hook up. Your boyfriend isn’t here, but your friends know. You wanted to trick me in here to see what would happen, is that about it?”

Lisa nods, she looks embarrassed, but maybe a bit relieved too.

“Can I ask you just one more thing Lisa?”

Here eyes now turn to mine. She nods her head “yes” and I see that there’s something else now in her eyes, a softness, or willingness now. I’ve always secretly loved her pretty almond-shaped eyes,

“Are you as attracted to me as I am too you?”

And for the first time since we entered the room, she speaks,



I’m lying on my side, propped up on my elbow, staring down at my pretty young quarry. She stares back at me, an intimate, reckless look on her face. My other hand rests on her hip, my thumb has secreted under her sweater and is lightly massaging the skin there.

I look down at my other hand, and turn my wrist to check my watch.

“We’ve still got about forty-five minutes to go. So Lisa, I’m going to ask you some questions. I don’t want you to explain, I just want you to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Or nod your head. Sometimes it’s sexier if you don’t speak. Do you understand?”

She stares back into my eyes, and nods ‘yes.’

“Very good. You’re a natural. Very sexy, and you didn’t speak a word.”

She smiles a bit at the compliment, and as I continue, I look down at where my hand rests on her hip. I move the sweater up a few inches, so that I can rest my whole hand on her soft, rounded flesh. I spend a moment or two tracing my finger across the contour of her skin, watching the dimples rise to my touch. I look up and see her staring at me. We won’t be strangers for long.

“So, I’m guessing that you’ve gone this far before?”

She nods her head and says “yes.” I move my eyes from hers and back to her midsection. My hand moves a bit farther now, disappearing again under her sweater as my fingers skirt across her stomach and then press lightly on her ribs. I can feel her heart beating now, it’s fast, and her skin is warm under her sweater. My hand continues up to the base of her bra and traces the underside of her breast.

“And how about here, he’s gone this far before, right?”

Lisa lets out a breathy, “um huh.” I look back at her face. She is very pretty, with her high, rounded features. Almost doll-like, with a pouty little smile. I wish I could see those sexy almond-shaped eyes as my hand feels her up, but she’s closed them now. As my hand continues to trace the curve of her breast, she arches her back a little. I raise my hand, and unhitch the buttons of her sweater, peeling it open to reveal her stomach, then her chest. She’s wearing a white lace bra, which contrasts nicely against her dark Italian skin. Her breasts look gorgeous: high and round and so sexy as I get my first view of her cleavage. I wonder to myself what the hell is wrong with her boyfriend.

“And you’ve gone this far too…”

As I continue to stroke her breast over the fabric of the bra, her nipple hardens and I let it stand up between my fingers. As I draw my hand back down, I pinch it and I feel her harden more. I stop for a moment, waiting for her to open her eyes again. When she does, there is a dark, distant look in them. It is a fresh, wanton look that is incredibly erotic.”

“…You like that don’t you?”

She looks right into my eyes as she says “yes.”

“And belugabahis güvenilirmi do you like how I do it?”

Again, looking me right in the eyes, she says, “Yes.”

“Better than Fran?”

She answers by leaning back onto the bed and pressing her chest up to me.

With that, I raise up off my side, and reach over my head to take my shirt off. I’m no jock, but I’m young and I keep in shape. Lisa’s eyes open and travel down over my chest and stomach. I smile back at her.

“You like?”

She nods her head yes.

I move over, kneeling above her prone position. She’s wearing a front-clasp bra. I reach down and flip the closure open, then open my hands below her breasts. I straddle over her lap, and stare into her eyes as I cup her naked breasts in my hands. Her skin is soft, and I let her feel my hands covering her completely, from below. My thumbs travel up to rub her nipples, first from below, then all around, then over her hard, swollen nubs. As I have my way with her, her eyes wander over me, sometimes staring at me, sometimes at my chest, or down at where my hands are on her.

“This is as far as it’s gone, right?”

She nods ‘yes,’ as I bend down and kiss her hot skin. I let my lips graze her ribs, and as I suck on the skin there, I feel her heart beating rapidly under her skin. My hands travel up over her breasts as my mouth moves across her stomach. I let her feel my lips and tongue, licking and sucking at her skin first gently, then harder, wherever I go. I bite gently on her skin below my hands, then move my mouth up to the soft flesh of her breasts. She moans loudly as I lick across her areola, then the tip of her nipple. I press her breasts together roughly, then suck one nipple, then the other into my mouth. Lisa is arching her back now, practically forcing her breast into my mouth. After a few more moments, I return my attention to her face. Her eyes look directly into mine.

“Have you seen Fran naked?”

Slowly, she nods her head “no.” I smile and rise up off of her. I stand beside her prone body and look directly into her eyes as I unbuckle my belt. She stares back at me, again, a hint of fear maybe, mixed with excitement.

I strip my pants and boxers down at once. My cock is half hard. Thick and arched out before me. I’m not shy about my body, and I continue to shuck my pants, kicking them to the side. I look into Lisa’s eyes again, she is being a little shy, not looking at me naked yet. I hold her stare until she understands and obeys my silent command. Her eyes take in my body, my cock, half hard only a foot or two away. She stares at it for a little longer than I’d expect, then back up at me. There’s no more fear in her eyes, it’s been replaced by a sort of complicity. She smiles like she’s seen something naughty.

I kneel back on the bed. I continue to stare at her, taking in the sight of her delicious young body, my eyes travel over her, down across the plaid skirt, and to her thighs. I take hold of her knee, and knead the flesh there, feeling the hot perspiration behind her thigh. I squeeze her firmly, digging my fingers into her muscle. My cock begins to harden and stand up straight as my fingers continue down the inside of her thigh. Again, I feel how warm she is as my hand goes under her skirt.

She opens her legs slightly, to allow me better access, and when she does, her calf brushes against my cock. I hold my position and wait for her reaction. She doesn’t pull away though, instead she looks directly into my eyes, as she presses her calf harder against my thick length, kind of massaging me.

I take the hint, and move over in front of her, letting her legs encircle my waist. She squeezes against me and I allow my hands to continue up underneath her. I cup her ass, then move her legs wider apart. Leaning down, I play my thumb across her panty line, then up between her legs. Before I go any further, I look up at her, only to find her eyes closed and her mouth open slightly. Her little pink tongue plays across her lips.

I move directly between Lisa’s legs, and press down between her pussy lips with my thumb. Squeezing her seam, I press directly up the front of her panties, spreading her lips beneath the material. She is warm, and very damp here, clearly she’s been wet for belugabahis yeni giriş some time. At this sign, I don’t hesitate anymore, and to continue to stroke up and down her slit. I notice the feel of her nub, practically pressing through the fabric to my fingers.

I reach up to the top of her panties, and hook my fingers. As I pull them down over her thighs, she opens her eyes again. There is a moments hesitation there, then it disappears, as she lifts her legs for me. I lean back enough to pull the panties down the rest of the way, past her ankles, then toss them aside.

As her legs spread open again before me, our eyes meet. I lean down onto her, pushing her skirt up so that my rigid cock presses between her legs. Reaching up, I pull her arms down over her head. As she watches me, I untie the scarf.

The moment her hands are free, they are all over me.

She claws against my shoulders, then pulls me down to her. My lips meet hers, and as our mouths open, I feel the contrast of her soft breasts against my chest and then the hard rub of her nipples. Her fingers dig into the back of my neck and we kiss wantonly for a minute. Below, I feel her begin to thrust her hips up. I feel her pussy, hot and wet, rub up against my cock. She’s kind of awkward, and a pressing a bit hard, so I take her hands again, fighting her now for control, then press them down beside her on the bed. She takes my cue and relaxes a bit, but her mouth is on fire now, sucking on my neck, then my chin. She leans into my ear,

“I don’t want you to stop anymore. I want you now. I just want you to fuck me, OK?”

I take her chin in my hand, and slide my thumb across her lower lip, pinching her mouth open. I play across her lip, then move my thumb inside her mouth. As I look her in the eye, she begins to close her mouth, sucking on my thumb.

“Just let me do it, OK?”

I stare her down for a moment. She understands, and relaxes again, slipping back into the role of the submissive. I can tell by her eyes, that she is enjoying the feel of my thumb between her lips.

With my free hand, I reach down and grab hold of my shaft. I’m kind of surprised at how turned on I am, and how big my cock feels the first time I’m with a new girl. It feels like it’s twice as big as normal, or when I’m home, jacking off.

Lisa continues to give head to my thumb, her cheating lips wrapped appreciatively, her tongue licking me like candy. I pause to appreciate the situation. Her there on her back, with her legs open, practically begging me to fuck her, sucking on my thumb like she wishes it was my cock. Whatever there is between her and her boyfriend, it ain’t this. For a second, I feel some remorse. Then, remembering what a stuck-up, uptight prick he is, I let that go completely. After all, I’ve got a job to do.

I position Lisa’s legs around me, rubbing the head of my cock against her slit, coating my dick with her juices. I take my time to rub it up all the way up, then the underside too, spreading her lips. She lets out a loud moan, then stops sucking. As I continue to prime my cock with her wetness, she looks up into my eyes.

“You don’t have to be gentle. I already lost it….my first time was with my hand.”

I must admit to a moment’s disappointment at that revelation, but I don’t miss a beat. In a way, it’ll be that much easier. I grasp the base of my cock and guide the end into her hole. She maybe a virgin of sorts, but she’s so wet now that it doesn’t take much to get the head in. Once I do, I place both hands on down on the bed at her sides.

As I press in, she looks up into my eyes and breaths a slow moan of “yeeeesssss.”

I lean down into her, wrapping my arms up underneath and around her shoulders. I tilt her neck up so I can kiss her. My cock continues to suck down inside her. I begin to withdraw, then build up a slow rhythm, in and out as she opens further to my advance.

We kiss deeply now. Her arms wrap around me and her legs encircle my waist, almost like she’s trying to climb a tree. I continue to stroke in and out of her pussy. She feels amazing, warm and tight. I feel her squeezing me as I continue to push further, now burying myself all the way inside. I’m gentle but not too gentle.

As I begin to slowly fuck her, I lean back up and arch my cock inside. I begin a slow seductive rhythm as I push up on the back of her thighs. I can feel the tip of my cock grazing up inside her, and I know I’ve found her spot. She looks up at me with a shock, and then a smile as I begin to fuck the swollen head of my cock into her g-spot…

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