On The Auction Block Ch. 02

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Jason spent the ride home still coming to grips with what had just taken place. With the help of his friend Scott, he had crashed a swingers auction and through dumb luck ended up bidding on and winning an incredibly hot and horny older woman for the night. It just turned out that the hot and horny older woman he won was his mother. Of course he didn’t discover who she was until it was too late, due to the face masks that everyone was required to wear. But even after finding out that he was making out with his mother Jason couldn’t resist the opportunity in front of him. Especially because he still wore his mask and she would never know that it was her son that she was begging to fuck her.

He knew that he would never be able to get the image of his mother, on the floor of the hotel room covered in his cum, out of his mind. He would never forget the feeling of her soft flesh against him or the taste and smell of her pussy. He was determined to fuck her again. He considered it a stroke of genius that he was bold enough to convince her to begin dressing like a slut and showing off her body. He just hoped that she would follow through with her promise to dress and act like a slut in front of him and his friends from then on.

Jason was dead tired by the time he got home. His mind was still reeling from the possibilities. He passed out as soon as his head hit his pillow.

Rachel cleaned as much of her son’s cum from her body as she could before leaving the hotel room and then met her husband in the lobby. She was still reliving the best sex that she had ever had and didn’t say a word as they drove home.

One of the things that helped keep their marriage alive was the one day each year that she was able to get on stage and show off her body, tempting every guy in the room to fuck her. Rachel had long ago accepted that her deepest sexual fantasy was to show off her body to men, but that night she discovered an even more powerful desire burning inside of her. She wanted to have someone else control her and force her to do whatever he wanted. She wanted to give control of her own sexuality to someone else and that night in the hotel room she found someone who would took control her – she just didn’t know that it was her son who she was giving control to.

Rachel knew that she needed to feel his cock inside of her again and she was determined to do whatever it took to make sure that she did.

The next morning Jason stayed in bed with a raging hard-on as he replayed the night over in his head. He convinced himself that it was all just a dream, a figment of his overactive adolescent imagination, despite the fact that his mother’s juices still covered his cock and the faint scent of her sweet pussy still permeated the air.

It wasn’t until he smelled bacon frying that he finally stirred. He threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and went down for breakfast.

Jason’s mother woke up to her husband getting dressed for his morning run. She could barely think straight through the fog of her hangover. Despite her aching head she couldn’t wipe the smile from her face. She had just been fucked like never before by a stranger who was much younger than she was. She could still feel her mystery lover’s young hard cock inside of her aching pussy. The best part of it for her was that she still didn’t know who he was except that it was one of her son’s friends. The mystery allowed her to accept his control more easily and would lead her to imagine each of her son’s friends cocks inside of her every time she was in their presence. That thought alone was almost too much for her. She also loved the fact that she now had a reason to carry out her exhibitionist fantasy during the rest of the year and was planning doing whatever her mystery man wanted even if it includes giving her son and his friends a show.

Rachel lingered in bed after her husband left. She replayed the events of the previous night in her head while her hand slid between her legs. Her pussy was sore but was aching for another orgasm. She could still taste her sons cock in her mouth as she fingered herself. Images of her son’s friends flashed through her head. She pictured their hard naked bodies all over her. She wondered if there was some way that she could convince them to all fuck her at the same time. The thought of being fucked by a roomful of young studs pushed her over the edge. Rachel’s pussy clamped down around her fingers as she came. Her legs tensed up and her hips thrust high up into the air as her cum dripped from between her thighs.

After masturbating, Rachel was starving but couldn’t bring herself to shower so she washed her face and scrubbed her chest enough to clean off the dried cum that still clung to her skin. She decided that she should begin her new exhibitionist lifestyle that morning but was disappointed when she realized that she didn’t have much that she could wear to show off her body and noted that a shopping trip was in order.

One word rang through her head as she searched her wardrobe from something tuzla eve gelen escort suitable to wear; “cocktease”. She heard his voice encouraging her as she picked out a long black satin night gown that she usually only wore on the few occasions that she wanted to seduce her husband. Even though it was floor length, she knew that it was still very sexy on her. The top had a halter strap that tied together around her neck and the back was fully exposed down to just above her ass. The back opened around the side enough to expose the sides of her ample breasts and revealed a portion of their undersides as well. The neckline plunged between her breasts and exposed even more of her flesh in the front.

It was Rachel’s favorite gown because it clung to her body perfectly. It hugged her breasts, ass and thighs like a second skin and then fell loosely to the floor. The thought of someone besides her husband seeing her dressed like that filled her head with infinite possibilities.

Jason stumbled into the kitchen and immediately did a double take. From the outside, there was nothing overtly lewd or sexual about what his mother was wearing. But he knew better. He knew that she would never have walked around the house in a nightgown like that without a robe over it. He also knew that she was always up early and showered and dressed properly by that hour. From her unkempt hair, Jason could tell that she had only recently gotten up and had not yet showered since he fucked her. His mind flashed to the sight of his mother on the floor of the hotel room covered in his cum and he wondered if his cum still covered her breasts, thighs and pussy beneath the thin silk gown she wore.

He also thought to himself that she looked like she had just finished having wild sex. Jason reflected to himself that maybe last night wasn’t a dream and maybe she was actually following his instructions. He felt his cock stirring at the prospect that his plan might actually work.

Jason stood in the doorway and admired his mother. The morning light through the window cast a glow upon her skin. He noticed his mother’s legs and ass through the thin material and watched her body beneath the flowing fabric. He wanted to fuck her again so badly but he knew that he had to wait. He knew that being able to control her anonymously would be much more satisfying than a quick fuck in the kitchen.

“Good morning honey” Rachel said to her son over her shoulder as she cooked.

“Morning, mom.” He mumbled while continuing to stare at her.

Watching his mother, Jason came to two conclusions. The first was that she was definitely doing what he told her to do, which meant that he would definitely be able to fuck her again, and the second was that she was not wearing panties or a bra. It was obvious, given the open back, that she wasn’t wearing a bra but it took him a few minutes to decide that she didn’t have any panties on.

As his mother shifted her weight and moved around the kitchen, Jason’s eyes were glued to her ass and legs. The thin gown that she wore left nothing to the imagination. He could see each muscle in her ass flexing beneath the black fabric with every step she took. There is no way that he wouldn’t notice panty lines under something so thin and so tight against her body.

His eyes darted up to her breasts as she reached for the frying pan and marveled at the fact that he was able to clearly see so much of her skin. Blood raced to his cock while he watched the soft mounds of her flesh as she moved.

Jason’s cock sprang to full salute while lusting after his mother and he didn’t feel a shred of guilt. Rachel, on the other hand, felt uncomfortable putting her body on display for her son but she was prepared to do anything for another night with her mysterious lover.

She casually served breakfast, making idle chit-chat while they ate. Even though she was following his orders to show herself off, she had no idea that it was her son who had fucked her the night before and had set out to transform her into his slutty toy.

Jason struggled to concentrate on anything but his mother’s swollen nipples pressing against the thin satin gown. Rachel noticed her son’s eyes lingering on her chest and realized that her hard nipples easily visible through the thin gown. She realized that even her own son couldn’t resist the urge to stare at her body and knew that she would have fun teasing him and the rest of his friends. Despite the guilt that she was flaunting her body in front of her son, she couldn’t help but feel aroused at the same time. She knew that she was dressed for sex and that must be what was on his mind.

After they ate, Jason cleared the table and caught a whiff of his mother’s sex in the air as he passed by. He would recognize that smell anywhere and even though he suspected that she hadn’t showered yet he was surprised at how noticeable her scent was. He imagined that his mother’s pussy was still filled with his cum and his thick cream was dripping from her pussy as tuzla otele gelen escort she served him breakfast.

Jason was so turned on by the end of breakfast that he needed to jerk off badly. He quickly ducked out after cleaning up, but not without first telling his mother that some of his friends would be stopping by later. He couldn’t wait to test her and made sure he planted the seed right away.

After breakfast, Jason ran right up to his room and jerked off before taking a shower. In the shower, he jerked off again while thinking about fucking his mother. He knew that he was sick and had crossed a line, but as long as he controlled her he knew that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He spent the rest of the morning calling his friends and making plans.

Rachel also ran up to her room after breakfast and again fingered herself. Even though she didn’t have any sexual thoughts for her son she still felt liberated and sexy in a way that she had never felt before. She was still horny after her shower but decided to wait until later to relieve herself.

She spent a half hour searching her wardrobe for the sluttiest thing she could find; which ended up being a white tank top and a pair of cut-off jean shorts over a matching set of black lace bra and panties. The thin white top clearly revealed the black lace bra beneath it and her cut-off shorts, which she never intended to wear outside of the house, were cut short enough that part of the pockets stuck out through the leg holes. Even though it was a mild winter, Rachel still needed to cover up a little and put on a button down sweater before leaving the house.

Rachel struggled to focus as she drove to the mall. Images of her son’s friends kept cycling through her imagination as she drove. Initially she wanted nothing more than to know who it was that had fucked her the night before, but she soon came to realize that there was much more in store for her because she didn’t know. She knew that the best thing for her to do was to follow her instructions and show off her body to everyone like he told her to.

She spent the morning pampering herself at the salon. She got a fresh coat on her nails and tried out a new hairstyle that she thought might appeal to younger men. Her next stop was shoes and other accessories and then finally she went to the high-end department store that took up the entire north side of the mall. By this time in the day, Rachel was carrying enough bags that she had to resort to using a shopping cart. Rachel slowly made her way through the women’s department loading up her cart as she went along. It had been a while since she had really been shopping and decided that this was a good reason to treat herself and refresh her entire wardrobe.

After making a complete circuit of the store, Rachel headed to the dressing room. On of the things she liked most about this particular store was the dressing room. It felt more like a lounge and provided plenty of room in each of the stalls that lined the hallway. The individual stalls were separated from the hallway by a thick curtain strung across a rod. Between each of the stalls was a small backless leather bench meant for husbands who were waiting for their wives to decide what to buy and what made them look fat. At the far end of the hallway was an elevated platform surrounded by a semi-circle of floor-to-ceiling mirrors. It provided women with an easy way to see how something looked from every angle before actually buying it.

Rachel pushed her cart into one of the stalls and pulled the curtain closed behind her. She felt like a kid in a candy store. She had never bought to much clothes at one time before and she certainly never bought so much clothes that was designed to show off her body before.

She began with the underwear. She had decided to replace most of her existing underwear collection and so she picked out a large assortment new pieces. Most of what she selected was matching sets of silk and lace bras and panties. Many of the panties were thongs but she also found a few g-strings that she liked. The panties that got her the most excited however were a pair of purple mesh bikini briefs with black lace trim.

Looking at her body, naked except for the panties, she liked that the material was thin enough that her pussy was clearly visible but was disappointed that she couldn’t see what they looked like from behind in her dressing room. She decided that the best way to get a peek of her ass in the panties was by using the mirror at the end of the hallway. She threw on a simple lime green linen dress that she had already tried on and stepped out into the hallway. Rachel saw that a man was sitting on one of the benches, waiting for his wife she assumed.

Rachel was already feeling horny enough that she wasn’t going to let an audience stop her. The man was trying to focus his attention on some distant object in the other direction as she made her way to the elevated platform. Rachel watched the man in the mirror as tuzla sınırsız escort she looked herself over. She already knew that she wanted the dress but she thought she might be able to get his attention before she was bold enough to check out the panties.

While trying to act like she was oblivious to the man, Rachel turned and twisted in front of the mirror. She bent over and watched herself over her shoulder while she ran her hands across her body, letting them linger on her breasts for a moment. It was at that point that she knew she had his attention and decided to go for it. She stood up and faced her back to the mirror. Looking over her shoulder, she smoothed the backside of the dress and then slowly lifted it up until her entire ass was exposed. She struggled not to be obvious, but her eyes were glued on his which were glued on her ass. She took a moment to enjoy the view herself and appreciated how the thin material stretched across her firm ass leaving the valley between on display.

The thought of some guy watching her like this sent a chill through her body. Knowing that his wife was likely only feet away made it even more thrilling to her.

While holding up the dress with one hand, Rachel ran her other hand across her ass. She then looked forward and caught the guilty voyeur’s eyes with hers. His face lit up like a beet as he quickly turned away. But it was too late, she caught him.

Rachel waited a moment before fixing her dress and stepping down from the platform. She silently padded down the hallway on bare feet and positioned herself in front of him. He tried to keep looking away but she took his chin in her hand and turned his face towards her.

With a devious smile across her face Rachel looked right into his eyes and asked; “Well?”

She waited a moment for him to respond before continuing.

“What do you think of the dress?”

He was too afraid to say anything. He had just been caught staring at a woman in the dressing room and his wife was in the stall next to him. He didn’t know if she was mad or what, but he didn’t want to find out.

“I don’t know,” She released his chin and continued as she playfully twirled in front of him. “Do you think it’s too short?”

She teased the hem of the dress in her hand and slowly lifted it up. Rachel watched his eyes widen as her thighs appeared before him. His mouth gaped. He had still not managed to say a word.

“Or do you think it should be shorter?” The hem of the dress was now inching its was up to her panties. He wondered how far she was going to go.

In an attempt to encourage her, he nodded his head in agreement and blurted “Shorter.”

“Are you sure?” Rachel’s voice took on a flirty tone.

The man’s head rocked up and down like a bobblehead doll. Her dress continued up until her panties were fully visible.

Rachel could feel herself getting wetter while she teased this poor man. His eyes took in the sight of her pussy, only partially obscured by her thin purple mesh panties. She moved a hand between her legs and pressed against her panties. She began to rub her pussy through the material as she spoke.

“Do you like this?”

“Yes…” His voice trailed off as he spoke.

“What was that dear?” A voice from behind the curtain shattered the silence in the hallway. It was his wife.

Rachel froze, not interested in getting this poor guy in trouble, she released the dress letting it fall into place.

“N…Nothing honey. It was just a salesperson.” He was quick under pressure.

Rachel knew that the show was over and gave him one last knowing smile before retreating to the solitude of her dressing room.

The rush of exposing herself was all-consuming. Rachel would never have guessed a week ago that she could bring herself to do such a thing but here she was. Not only did she just give some random guy a peek of her pussy she was so horny that she was desperate to masturbate in a department store dressing room. Her young lover had released something within her; a burning and neglected desire to expose herself. She knew that she had taken a bold step and though it was just the beginning she knew that there was no turning back.

Inside her private room, Rachel hesitated before closing the curtain. She noticed that her nervous voyeur was able to see into her room. She teased him with the curtain but left it open enough for him to get a good view. Stepping back into the middle of the room she unbuttoned the three buttons at the top of the dress and slowly revealed her breasts to him, she then pushed the two spaghetti straps from her shoulders. The green dress danced across her quivering body as it fell to the floor.

Facing the man, wearing only the purple see-through panties, Rachel’s heart raced. She had never been so forward before. At least the Halloween auction was a controlled setting with people who were in on it. This was something entirely different. She was giving a complete stranger a strip tease in a very public setting. She loved ever second of it.

Rachel hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down over her hips. They joined the dress in a heap on the floor. Rachel was finally standing before him naked. She waited for a moment, a moment that felt like an eternity, and then disappeared behind the curtain.

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