On the Loveseat Ch. 17

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Hello Readers!

What can I say that I haven’t already written? Thanks for continuing to read. Your words of encouragement keep me writing! Comments and suggestions always welcome.

Read on!

Note: There is a synopsis of the story up to that point in Chapter 10 for longtime readers to refresh their memories if needed. New readers I would like if you started at the beginning.



After Saturday’s early arising, I slept in late Sunday. I also had no visit that morning, so I took ten minutes to relieve my built up pressure. A quick trip to the bathroom and I made my way downstairs to get some food, expecting that breakfast for the others would be long over. I was not wrong in that assumption. Mom looked up from the couch as I came down and started to rise. Jojo was laying sprawled on the floor coloring and watching cartoons. I assumed Johnny was outside on his bike.

“Do you want me to make you something to eat?” She said eagerly.

“He’s eighteen. He can feed himself if he isn’t going to be up at mealtime.” Dad said coarsely, looking up from his tablet.

Where was his fatherly affection from yesterday?

“I’m his mother. Feeding him is part of the job.” Mom said decisively.

“You coddle him much too much.” Dad snorted.

“Again, I’m his mother. It’s what I do. Besides when he’s gone next year, you’ll miss him being around.” Mom glanced slyly at me from beneath her eyelids.

“Thanks mom, you’re the best!” I went over to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. The hand that I was ostensibly hugging her with was firmly on her ass through her thin robe and nightgown.

“You’re up kinda late. Did you have a hard night?” Mom asked casually as she went to the kitchen.

“I was wiped out last night. It was hard getting up this morning.” I looked deep in her eyes for a brief moment.

“I’m sure it was.” She said over her shoulder. I followed her to the other room. “Did it get better?”

“I handled it.” I answered flatly.

“That’s a shame.” Her eyes flicked to me as she went about pulling out a couple pans. “Eggs and pancakes alright?”

“Yeah, thanks mom. Maybe some bacon too?” I looked hopefully at her.

“Sure honey. Whatever you want.” Mom hurried about making me breakfast.

I didn’t want to return to the living room and have to sit with dad’s glare on me, so I pulled out a chair and sat at the kitchen table. This also afforded me a view of my lovely mother moving around the room as she cooked. It also let me see her as my mom and not my lover. I loved her as both, but being my mom would never change no matter what else might happen between us.

Dad came into the room and got a beer from the fridge.

“I was thinking, now that it is spring that I should clean out the gutters. Jeremy can help out, can’t you son?” He looked at me expectantly.

“I would love to dad, but I have a paper to do for tomorrow.” I glanced at mom but she was busy.

“You should have been doing that instead of basketball yesterday.” His tone hadn’t changed but I felt the harshness of his words.

“Jeremy. You can help your father with the gutters.” Mom turned and scolded me.

“No, he’s got homework to do. That’s more important, even if he doesn’t do it in a timely manner. It’s nothing I can’t handle on my own. Been doing them myself for years.” Dad trailed off muttering to himself as he returned to the living room.

“Do you really have homework?” Mom’s tone was still cold. It was a pinprick to my heart.

“Actually, yes. I was going to do it later this afternoon. I thought that maybe we could …” I looked up at her longingly.

“I don’t know. You’re father is right. Homework is more important than … fooling around with your mother.”

“Nothing is more important than that mom!”

“School is.” Mom answered as solidly as granite.

“I’ll get it done. I promise.” I said defensively.

“You better. If your grades falter because of me, us, I will cease doing anything with you.” Mom’s eyes burned into me with cold fire.

I was confident in my schoolwork, and my grades. Fortunately, though, the next set of grades I would get would be the last set! But no, I was good with school.

Mom’s face lit up as she placed the food before me.

“Justin will be up the ladder and not be able to come in and out of the house.” Mom said suggestively.

“Are you implying that we should do something we shouldn’t?” I grinned at her.

“It’s been almost twenty-four hours.” She said calmly.

“That sounds like an addict talking mom.”

“An addict for addict.” Except she made that last word sound slightly different.

“Mom!” I exclaimed in a loud whisper.

She turned back to the counter but as she did so, she bent over and lifted her robe and nightie to reveal her panty clad ass. She gave it a wiggle at me and I heard her giggle.

Thoughts of the plate of food before me suddenly fled from my mind, I was now hungry for something else.

“Mom!” I said again.

She giggled matadorbet again.

“Eat your breakfast Jeremy. I want you to keep up your strength!” Mom went about cleaning up the small mess she’d made making me breakfast.

I know what mom wanted!

I finished eating, the helpings large enough that I didn’t need seconds. Not that I couldn’t have eaten more, but lunch wasn’t far off.

Not much later, dad went outside and made a production of pulling the ladder and the other tools he would use from the garage. Johnny and Jojo were playing in the backyard; I didn’t know what they were doing, but I could hear their loud laughter. I hid upstairs until mom was ready for me. My dick was already half hard in anticipation!

It was only about twenty minutes later when mom showed up at my door. She was still wearing her robe but she pulled it open to reveal a deep green satiny camisole that matched her eyes and clung snugly to her figure. It hung above her hips and didn’t hide the tiny pair of matching panties that barely hid her trimmed bush. It was one of the pieces that we had bought when we had gone shopping together.

“So, do you like?” Mom said with a hand on one hip, the other stretched up my doorframe, and one leg bent provocatively to the side. She truly could have been a lingerie model. Minus the old plain white robe of course.

I just gave a wolf whistle as I stared at her.

She smiled at my response.

“I guess that’s a yes.”

To leave no doubt, I sprang at her, took her in my arms and pulled her tightly to me. I stared into her jade orbs for a moment before I was irresistibly attached to her lips. Her hands, one up and one down, came together behind my neck as we joined.

We had only been kissing for a couple minutes when mom pulled from my face.

“We don’t have much time. We shouldn’t spend it all just kissing.” Mom said in the same voice she would have told me pick up milk while I was out.

“Mom, I love doing anything with you. Kissing … or other things.” I said with my hands now cupping her silky panty-clad ass cheeks.

“Other things, you mean like eating me out, or fucking me silly?” She asked in nearly her normal voice, but with a touch of sultriness coating it.

“Yeah. Those things are nice too.”

“Nice as in nice, or nice as in incredible, amazing, remarkable, etc., etc.?” Mom cocked her head to the side.

“Yeah, nice.” I tried to hold back my grin, but failed.

“How about we try those ‘other things’?”

“You just don’t want to kiss me, admit it.” I teased her.

“Jeremy. Kiss you, suck you, fuck you. I want to do them all with you forever.”

Have I said that I love my mom?

“Oh, is that all you want?”

“Now Jeremy, now!” Mom practically ordered me.

“Yes, pretty lady. Okay.”

I grabbed her ass even tighter and picked her up. This surprised her, but when she realized what I was doing, she swung her legs up and wrapped them around my hips. Her arms held tight to my neck, but her eyes locked on mine more firmly than any of her limbs. That I was holding this sexily dressed, beautiful woman in my arms and that we were about to join our bodies together still overwhelmed my mind. Well, almost sexily dressed.

“Can we lose the robe?” I asked her.

Mom smiled and with some little trouble was able to remove the drab once-white robe.

Except now, sexy didn’t even come close to describing my mother!

“Can I just say how hot you are mom? Cause you are. Smoking hot!”

“You can and you just did. I don’t feel hot, smoking or not. But that you keep telling me makes me feel like I’m twenty again!”

“Twenty? You’re still too old for me.” I joked.

“Jeremy. Take me to your bed.” The most wonderful chore mom had ever given me!

“Okay mom.” I agreed eagerly.

Whether we had time for it or not, our lips met again as I crossed my room with my angel in my arms. We fell together on our sides into my bed.

Mom broke out laughing a moment after we fell.

“You really do make me feel like I’m twenty again Jeremy! I love that you make me feel this way. I love you too. My handsome son. My wonderful … lover.” Mom’s voice was playful, sincere, loving, and serene. Her hand came up and brushed against the side of my face as she stared deep in my eyes.

“Are we going to fuck or not mom?” I asked. Not that I was trying to break her mood, but we needed some levity before we both got all mushy. We didn’t have all day for that.

“Always direct.” Mom smiled. She had understood what I meant. Her smile showed she agreed. “You’re right though. I need you to fuck me Jeremy. Good and hard.”

The sexy cougar was coming out.

“Don’t I always?”

I didn’t wait for mom’s answer as I kissed her again. This wasn’t just kissing to be kissing. This was kissing as a prelude to sex. I kissed my way from her lips, along her jaw line and down her neck, across her collarbone and between her wonderfully encased breasts. I kissed the visible skin of mom’s tits as matadorbet giriş I pushed the thin green threads off her shoulders. I kissed under the lacy trim, pushing aside the smooth fabric. My hands pulled the straps of the camisole down her arms that mom slipped free. I ran my fingers along her arms, causing her to shiver and her tiny hairs to stand up, and gently pulled the bra cups off her boobs revealing her erect nipples waiting for the touch of my lips.

“I love your teasing … but we don’t have the time Jeremy.” Mom sighed.

“I haven’t begun to tease you. I am hurrying, but I want to taste you first.” I stated.

“Oh.” That one syllable said so much of how mom felt right then.

I worked my lips and tongue over each nipple, teasing them, tugging on them, tweaking them. Mom cooed as I worked.

I did need to hurry. It would take dad a few hours to do the gutters, especially when he got to the second story ones along the back of the house, but we couldn’t expect him to not come in the house for a break or need mom for something at some point.

I left her lingerie in place and kissed her belly button just barely visible under the bottom of the green cloth. Mom giggled as if I tickled her. My tongue and lips made their way over the gentle rise of the female pelvic mound to the edge of the emerald satin that hid mom’s intimate treasure. I dragged my tongue in a swirling pattern over the slick material, feeling the thickness of her pubic hair, the bumps and dips and the long valley that lay hidden beneath.

“Oh!” Mom gasped as I brushed her sensitive bits.

“Lick me Jeremy! Make me cum on your face!” Mom growled like a caged beast.

Yes ma’am!

But not before I was done licking her panties first!

I zigzagged my tongue over the barely discernible ridges off her labia, circling down almost to the netherlands of her asshole, then around the edges along her thighs. Mom’s panties were now damp, inside and out.

“Are you sure you want me to lick your pussy mom? Last chance to change your mind.” I teased her verbally with my tongue to match the physical torment.

“Lick me now, dammit!” She yelled through gritted teeth.

“Yes, mom.”

I pulled the small triangle of satin aside and gazed once more at the spot from which I had entered the world. It seemed kind of bizarre that I had once come out of that beautiful chasm. And now, I was spending my days trying to get back in that velvety tunnel. Actually, only parts of me were. My tongue, my fingers, my dick.

I gave one long lick up mom’s slit, from asshole to her clit. When my tongue flicked her little bud, she quivered like a leaf brushed by a breeze.

“Like that honey.” Mom purred.

I knew how to do it. But her reassurance was nice too.

We had little time, but I still had to do this right.

I pushed my tongue in mom’s pussy and sent it on a site-feeling trip in that dripping cavern. I pretended to get bonus points for every drop of mom’s nectar I collected. I intended to get high score!

Mom was moaning continually by then. Moaning, and uttering helpful hints to me. Like, ‘right there’, ‘deeper’, ‘faster’, and the old favorite, ‘harder’.

Speaking of harder, I could get no harder at that moment; my dick was like a fallen tree beneath me. It would get its chance soon enough. When I had mom good and ready for it!

I spent about twenty minutes working mom into a frenzy, lapping her voluminous flowing fluids as she tossed about beneath me. I removed my shorts and boxers, then moved up between her legs and aimed my shaft at her gaping hole. Mom’s hands reached between us to grab my dick and guide it into her.

“Let me mom. Just lay back and enjoy this.” I swatted her hands away and pressed my cock head against her opening. I stayed this way for a few seconds, staring in mom’s hungry eyes with an equal desire.

I pushed forward until I was completely buried in mom’s saturated cunt.

Mom’s eyes widened and her mouth formed an ‘O’ as if she was going to cry out, but no sound emerged.

I stayed there deep in mom’s womb, my eyes just as deep in hers, as we were joined as man and woman.

I slowly raised my hips until my smooth dome was again at her entryway. I slammed back in and mom did cry out this time.

“Fuck! Fuck me Jeremy! Fuck me hard!” Mom wailed.

I clamped a hand over her mouth. She stared up at me in disbelief.

“Quiet mom!” I hissed at her. “Dad’s only outside.”

She nodded. I pulled my hand away. I started a slow rhythm up and down while mom lay near silent staring into my eyes. Near silent, because on every downstroke she let out a little yelp of pleasure. I stared at mom’s face as I fucked her, seeing the woman that raised me, the woman that had always stood beside me, and the woman that had welcomed me to her bed.

“I love you mom. Not just because of this …” I never ceased my motions, relentlessly driving us both closer to our mutual ecstatic oblivion.

“I … love you … too … honey!” Mom moaned. “Just … keep … fucking … me!”

I think the moment was lost on mom as I had her on the brink of an orgasm.

“I want you to cum with me mom! I want to cum together with you!” I groaned as I fought back my own orgasm. At least for a few more moments.

“Yes, honey, yes! Mommy’s gonna cum soon baby! Oh yes, yes, yes!”

Mom was still staring up at me, but the focus had gone from her eyes. She was either staring at me, the ceiling, or Alpha Centauri!

Suddenly her head flung back, she let out a muted shriek, and her hands pulled me on top of her with a jerk. Knowing that I had made mom orgasm sent me off likewise. Mom shuddered with another spasm as I began to spray her insides with my spunk, my cumming in her adding to her own orgasmic bliss.

“Yes, honey, yes, oh God, yes!” She whimpered.

The room spun as I came, my every muscle clenched as my body put every bit of energy into sending my seed deep into mom’s pussy. As I recovered my wits, I found that I was still solidly erect and mom’s pussy was still pulsing around my dick. I took up my tempo again, slowly rocking in and out.

“More Jeremy! Give me more!” Mom’s eyes found mine again. They were strained and seemed to have trouble staying on me. “Keep fucking mommy baby!”

My room suddenly darkened.

It took me a half second to realize the implication.

Dad was outside my window on the ladder!

I quickly looked at mom who had also noticed the dimness and why. Her eyes bugged wide.

We both rolled out of my bed and out of view of the window.

Mom was holding her nightie against her sweaty frame and I stood beside her in only my tee shirt. She turned to look at me and clearly, the nervous tension was slipping away as she began to laugh. I stared at her. Then I broke out also. We hugged each other as our laughter became giggles. Then we were kissing again.

Our interrupted passion returned and mom was rubbing herself against my damp hard cock. I reached around, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up until my dick found her hole again. Mom slid so deliciously around my shaft as our lips stayed locked together.

“Against the wall again honey.” Mom whispered in my mouth.

I pressed her between me and the wall, the one that was opposite the corner from the outside wall where dad was working.

“Fuck me Jeremy. Fuck me hard.” Mom breathed.

As always!

I put my hands on the wall on either side of mom’s head, letting her arms around my neck, her legs around my back, and the pressure of me pushing her against the wall to keep her in place. I stared deep in her eyes as I worked my dick just as deeply into her nether realms. Mom stared back at me just as intensely.

“Dad’s less than ten feet away. On the other side of that wall.” I nodded over my shoulder, my eyes never leaving hers. “He could look in if he wanted.”

“I know.” Mom said quietly and full of portent.

She knew and still she wanted me to fuck her!

And so I did!

Mom and I took up right where we had been interrupted. Whether the pause or the close call had heightened our arousal, we were soon on the brink of mutual orgasms. Mom was gasping loudly as I pounded her, the noise of her ass smacking against the wall becoming a favorite sound for me.

“Close. I’m close.” Mom choked out.

“Me too mom. Me too.” I grunted back at her.

“Fill me up honey. Shoot your cum in mommy’s cunt.”

If I hadn’t been about to, her words would have had me ready also.

“Cum with me mom. Cum with meee!” I groaned as I jerked against her, my orgasm breaking my rhythm.

“Gaaaah!” Mom moaned as her body trembled with blissful convulsions.

I struggled to stay standing with the now-limp weight of mom draped around me. I pushed against the wall and unlocked her legs from my hips; they slowly sank to the floor. Mom stood as shakily as I felt. I noticed her glance towards my window and the dark shadow there. A shadow passed over her brow before she turned her gaze to me.

“We really shouldn’t have done that. Not with Justin, your father, right outside.” Mom whispered, as if dad might hear her.

“I know mom. But when I’m around you, I just can’t help myself.” I said defensively.

“Me too Jeremy. Me too.” The shadow was now in her eyes. “One day, we are going to go too far and it will all come crashing down around us.”

“Well then, stop being so damn sexy!” I said with a leer.

“Or easy?” She responded.

“You’re not easy mom, you’re just willing.”

“Or desperate.” Mom’s gaze flickered to the window again.

“Like on that old show. Except that you’re way hotter than any of them.” I paused dramatically. “Although Eva and Terri are probably …”

“You better not finish that sentence if you want any more of this housewife!” Mom retorted.

I had to laugh then. This broke mom’s serious tone. Her cheery smile lit the darkened room more than any sun could!

In that moment of silence between us, I could hear Jojo and Johnny outside. They were obviously on the swing set as they were having a contest to see who could get higher, and if they could get as high as dad. What they didn’t know was that I had taken mom higher than they, or dad, could ever go!

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