One Last Time

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When we met up he held me and kissed me. He smelled amazing like he always does! I wanted him to take me right there.

We got to our hotel room and even though I knew he wanted to shower I hoped that he would rip my clothes off and throw me on the bed. He kissed me sweetly before walking towards the bathroom. I watched him longingly. Before I realized it he was back with me pinning me against the wall looking into my eyes as though telling me I am his. I raise my mouth closer to his and his mouth encompasses mine. he grabs my wrists pinning me to wall as his tongue dances in my mouth. He presses his knee between my legs pinning me tighter to the wall kissing me passionately, as I moan and rile under his control. I felt weak when he released me leaving me to go shower. I took off my pants and laid on the bed as I dripped with anticipation in the underwear he had picked out for me. I know it wasn’t long but it felt like an eternity when all I wanted was to have him inside of me.

When he came back he reacted just as I hoped he would. He grabbed my ass spanking it and rubbing it. Sending pleasure throughout my body. My ass is his and he knows it! He laid next to me still holding onto my ass kissing me softly. I kissed him back as he caressed the rest of my body with his strong smooth hands. The kissing became more intense my hands are exploring his body now I am wanting every inch of him. We are now playing with each others hair our bodies intwined, our tongues rubbing as if they are meant to be right where they are. My hands are exploring his body again they find their way to his hard cock it feels so good in my hand but we both know that isn’t where it is should be.

He demanded I undress and I happily complied. It surprises me I still had clothes on at this point. Once my shirt is off he reaches one hand behind my back and unlatches my bra. You wouldn’t think I could be any more turned on in that moment but that definitely did it. His lips are soft on my neck as he kisses it moving escort bursa slowly down my chest before taking my nipple into his mouth. As he moves from one nipple to the other his hand finds it way to my clit. He rubs my clit and one nipple simultaneously as the other nipple feels the intensity of his mouth. I cum so hard moaning in pleasure!

He kissed me hard as he moves his body on top of mine. He looks into my eyes as he enters me. I feel every inch of him slowly entering my hot wet pussy. He continues slowly pulling it almost out and then slowly back in as deep as it will go letting me feel him enter me over and over again as I moan like the first time each time he enters me again. He tells me how much he loves watching his dick enter me and I feel a bit jealous i can’t do the same. He chokes me as he gets harder and faster and I cum hard for him again. He demands I choke myself and as I do he enters me deeper. He feels so good inside me! He is speaking dirty to me in Vietnamese and the feelings intensifies. As I explode again I feel his mouth stop my moaning. I can’t believe how long he is lasting. He continues to kiss me as he fucks me hard and deep. He slows down as he asks me to put my plug in. Again I happily comply.

I brought my fox tail plug. The feeling is so extreme as I push it into my tight ass. He asks me to walk around the room for him. As I do I feel the plug rubbing against my insides as the soft fur rubs against my legs. All the sensations really have me ready to cum. He looks so sexy laying there admiring me. It’s been so long since someone has desired my body the way he does.

I go to the bed and take him into my mouth rubbing the tip with my tongue before forcing him deep into my throat. I taste myself on him and I like that. I massage up the shaft with my tongue as I come back up and lick down his shaft slowly making my way to his balls. I take his balls into my mouth one at a time massaging them with my tongue. I can tell he really enjoys it so I bursa otele gelen escort stay here watching him enjoy my mouth until I can’t take it anymore I want his cock so bad! I take him deep into my throat again hard and deep as he teases me. He knows how badly I want to taste him! He hasn’t let me yet and I don’t think he will this time. He asks me where I want to get filled knowing full well the answer is my mouth. I tell him in my sexiest voice “You can have any hole you want baby.” knowing full well he will choose my ass which let’s be honest is just as good. He moves swiftly from where I was straddling his legs taking my pussy from behind.

My fox tail is rubbing my skin as the plug is rubbing inside me with every movement. The feeling is incredible as I cum again moaning his name! He takes the plug out and enters me slowly. I know he has wanted to try dry anal and I am so happy I can give him that. He is going slow. It feels so good but I can tell he is being careful with me. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me but I also know I can handle more. I tell him I can and he eagerly accepts! He is so deep inside my tight ass! I love feeling him inside me and knowing how happy he is to be there! He spanks me and a jolt of pleasure rushes through me! I cum hard again just before he does and I feel his hot juices explode inside of me! He pulls out and watches it drip out of me. I want to tell him to take a picture so I can see but I don’t.

He laid next to me looking exhausted. He kissed me sweetly. We lay there talking and laughing. When I am with him everything feels so easy and natural. I love giving him control knowing he will always take care of my needs.

The sweet pecks and caresses turn into passionate kisses and longing touches. I know he wants to be inside me as much as I want him to be. His growls send a trembling tingle down my spine, making me throb with desire to feel him in me again. He encourages me back to my knees bursa sınırsız escort entering my ass slowly using his cum as lube. This time is much more forceful because he knows what I can handle. I hear the sounds he is making and I know this is what he needed and I needed it to. He fucks my tight ass hard and fast as I moan his name cumming twice before he finishes inside me again. It feels so hot filling my insides!

This time he lays next to me sucking my nipples. He knows exactly how to please me. We kiss passionately both of us knowing we don’t have much time left together. We cuddle our bodies intertwined, his foot rubbing mine. I can hear his breathing change. He is tired, and so am I. We could stay like this all night but we both know we can’t. I kiss his forehead waking him from near sleep. We kiss again and I expect for him to leave me like this wanting more. But he asks if I want anything. i feel like he has been waiting for this moment, I know he knows what I’m wanting. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of telling me no. I tell him I want him to fuck my ass again. I know this is something he would never say no to and I definitely want him inside me again. Before he goes to fuck me one last time I realize I’m not going to get the other thing that only he can give me. I ask him if he will go down on me. Almost knowing the answer. I have been bad and he knows keeping that from me is the punishment I need to be a good girl. He teases me while reminding me why I am being punished. I had rolled on my side slightly pouting from being told no. He took that as the opportunity to switch things up. He put his hard cock in my tight ass, wrapping his powerful arms around my waist.

The feeling is different than before, more intimate. I fall into him as he moves deeper and deeper inside me. He is speaking to me in Vietnamese again and I am entranced. Everything in this moment is so extreme! I cum again moaning his name! I know he felt me tighten around him and now he is fucking me harder and pulling my hair. I move my head and he pulls harder putting my head back to wear it had been… unsure if this was intentional I try again. He pulls me back into place again this time holding me there tightly. I moan in excitement releasing again just as he fills me with his hot cum one last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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