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“Oh, god, this feels great,” I say, sinking slowly into the steaming water. “Hey, you got to try this!”

“We’re coming!” Amanda says, shouting out of the house. Soon she runs out of the house, shouting “Oh, it’s cold, oh it’s cold!” She jumps into the water.

You, showing off your manliness, saunter out to the hot tub slowly, and take your time getting in. Both Amanda and I smile. “Ooh, that was impressive,” I joke.

“You know it!” you shoot back, still standing. I look at Amanda, smiling mischeviously… suddenly, we both shoot forward and flag you. “Oh shit! Damn you!” you shout, quickly sitting in the water and pulling your pants up. We both just giggle and slide over next to you, both on either side. I put my hand on your knee, and slowly slide it up your leg and I start going under your swimming trunks. Amanda has slid her hand up your arm and down your chest and is playing with your waistband. “Uh, isn’t this a little weerd for you two?”

“Not really,” I answer. “Amanda?” She just shakes her head. “See?” I say, pressing my body against yours and whispering into your ear. I flick my tongue out and lick your neck, and then your earlobe. “Do you?” I whisper into your ear.

Before you get a chance to answer, Amanda says “I don’t know if he believes us… maybe we should prove it?” At that I lean forward and kiss her lightly on the lips. Then her mouth parts and her soft tongue slid out into my mouth. I move forward onto your lap and cup one of her breasts through her bikini top. She reaches around me and attempts to undo the top of my bikini. However, she can’t do it. She then takes your hands and puts them onto my back. Breaking the kiss, she says “Help me.”

You fumble with the knot, but manage to undo it. I finish removing it and drop it into the water. Amanda breaks the kiss and licks a line down my throat and starts sucking on my breast. I moan and lean my head back. I open my eyes and turn my head xslot giriş to look at you. I lean forward and kiss you, parting your lips with my tongue and exploring your mouth. Amanda then says “Hey! My turn!” and I break the kiss, sliding off of your lap. She throws her leg over your lap and straddles you, kissing you with passion. At the same time I undo her top, and slide it off, dropping it too into the water. She moves your hands up from her waist onto her breasts. Her nipples are hard and swollen, from the cold and other things. I tickle her and she breaks off the kiss laughing.

“Do you believe us now?” she asks, sliding off of your lap and sitting down across from you as I slide over next to her.

“Yeah,” you answer in a slightly shaky voice.

“David,” I say, “Take off your swimming trunks.”

You get a mildly perplexed look on your face and as you start Amanda says “I think we should too, just to be fair.”

We all stand up and finish stripping, dropping them into the water, and promptly sitting down again. “You look a little excited there, David,” I say, gesturing to your hard-on.

“How the hell could you not expect me to be?” you answer. “Get over here you too!”

“I don’t think he asked nicely enough. Do you Meaghan?” asks Amanda, turning to me. I shake my head. “Will you ask nicely?”

“Come over here, please, baby. So I can give you an orgasm that’ll make everything else pale in comparison,” I say, my voice deep with lust. She slides over and I slide my hand up her thigh and down. I cup her and say “You feel wet,” and start laughing hysterically.

“If you’re going to laugh at me,” she says in indignation, barely holding in her laugh as well, “then I guess I’ll have to make you come first!” She leans down over my breast and starts sucking hungrily, nibbling and pulling. I arch my back in appreciation just as she slides two fingers up into xslot my pussy. “Ah…” is all I can get out. She starts working at it, rolling my clit with her fingers and my areola with her tongue and teeth. My breathing gets heavier and heavier, soon coming out in shaky gasps. “Oh my god, I’m coming!” I scream, and stop breathing for a moment. Afterwards I moan loudly and slide down deep into the water as Amanda slides away.

“You are amazing,” I finally say. “But we need to move out of this water and inside if I’m going to retaliate.” I look over at you. “David, are you okay?” I ask.

“It’s my turn. Good god it’s my turn. We’re going inside,” you say, standing up. You’re so hard that you’re nearly vertical, and nearly 7 and a half inches long. However, once the cold hits you, it calms down a little. Amanda and I jump out of the water and sprint back to the house, you not far behind. Once you’ve entered, I shut and lock the door behind you.

“Lay down on the floor,” I command. “Mandy, do you mind if I…?”

“No, it’s fine,” she answered.

I lean down and kiss you, letting my hands roam. When they find your cock, they start caressing it, softly, teasingly. I kiss your neck, your chest, your stomach, licking softly. You finally push my head down until my cheek is against your hot shaft. Starting at the base, I lick up to the head, and circle the ridge. I flick the head back and forth quickly with my tongue, and you groan as precum starts coming out. I take the head in my mouth, grabbing your cock tightly at the base. I start swirling my tongue around the head, and then start bobbing my head up and down. You can feel the back of my throat against the head, and my tongue is still moving. I pick up my efforts, and you can feel that you’re about to cum. You open your eyes and lock eyes with Amanda, who is masturbating. Suddenly, she throws her head back and starts saying “oh god, oh god, oh god…” This pushes you over the edge, and you start to come in my mouth. You feel me sucking and I swallow all of it and don’t let go until you stop.

Amanda crawls over to us, and takes one of your hands. “Finger fuck me,” she says pleadingly, laying back and spreading her legs. “Please.” You move towards her and draw a line from her ankle to her pussy with your finger, tantalizing her. I crawl up and kiss her. “Mmmm, oh, god, please David, please!” she says, beginning to writhe on the floor. You slide one finger into her hot hole, curling and uncurling it, causing her hips to buck. I take one of her nipples in my mouth, rolling the other with my finger. You insert another, and then with your other hand start rolling her clit. This causes her to moan, and then she starts breathlessly saying “David, god, make me come. Please, oh fucking make me come, please. oh god…” she starts bucking her hips in a rhythm, and you use it to move your fingers in and out quickly. “Ah….. ah….. oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming. oh god!” She finally shrieks once, long and loud, and lies back, a light sheen covering her body.

As she’s recovering her breath, I crawl up to you and start stroking you, and soon you’re ready again. “Lie down,” I say again, but this time I’m asking, begging. You lay back against the soft carpet and I lay down on top of you and kiss you savagely. I slide my body down yours slowly, until my wet pussy is against your hot, hard dick. I raise my hips and then sit up onto your pole. I start riding you, hands on your chest. You roll us over so you’re on top and we’re in missionary position. A rhythm starts, and you feel my tight wet pussy walls contract and release. I close my eyes and grip the carpet as I open my mouth and suck in air. “Fuck me harder David. Please. Oh god, fuck me, fuck me.” You start pumping faster, and can feel you’re about to come. I arch my back as orgasm after orgasm hits me. You can’t hold it any longer and you cum into me in one long load. Collapsing on top of me, you look over to see Amanda asleep. We move over to where she is and curl up with her and fall asleep, to continue, perhaps, in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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