Online Couple Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. At first, I was convinced it was my alarm and I was late for work, but as the drowsiness started to subside, I realized it was actually my phone ringing. I made an attempt to pick up the receiver but ended up knocking it to the floor.

“Don’t hang up!” I yelled at the phone as I leaned over to pick up the receiver. I dropped it one time then finally got it to my ear. At this point, I was prepared for a dead line.

“Scott?” I hear on the other end.

“Yes? Who is this?” I ask in my slow, tired voice.

“It’s Steve. Did I wake you?”

“Nah, I mean, yes, but it doesn’t matter I had to get up. What’s going on?” We engage in light banter and banalities about our plans for the day, work and other BS people find themselves involved in. He asks me if I want to meet for a drink around noon. I accept and we decide to meet at a local sports bar for some lunch and a few drinks.

“Alright, sounds like a plan to me. See you there!” He says as he hangs up the line. I have about 2 hours until I’m going to meet up with Steve, so I decide to take care of myself. I take a long hot shower, thinking about the last time I hung out with Steve. It was our first meeting, and things went very well. I met him and his wife, Kara, on an adult dating webpage. I had been rather bi-curious for quite some time, and found them while looking for new experiences. We had a night of insane sex. Just thinking about it gave me a huge erection.

I found myself starting to stroke my cock, closing my eyes and imagining Steve’s strong hand pulling my hips back towards him as he fucked my ass. My left fingers started to work around my ass hole, pushing in slightly then out again. My other hand started to work my cock vigorously. Pretty soon I was on all fours on the shower floor, two fingers in my ass and a strong grip on my cock. The hot water splashed against my body as I finished on the shower floor. Hot cum exploded on the wet floor and ran slowly down toward the drain. I picked myself up off the floor and finished washing my body.

After my shower, I shaved, and got dressed. I wasn’t too fond of what I was wearing and had another hour to kill, so I decided to hit the mall for some clothes. I felt like a kid going on his first date or something. I was nervous and excited and wanted to look my best. I found a nice sweater and some new jeans to wear. I had a bit of spending money, so I picked up a new pair of shoes also. A quick stop by the barber and I was ready to hit the bar.

I felt a little overdressed walking into a sports bar at noon the way I was. My hair was all perfect, new clothes and a look of nervous excitement painted all over my face. The place was mostly empty. Only a few staff and a couple sitting at a back table having lunch were present. There was no sign of Steve, so I grabbed a table near the wall and ordered a drink.

“I’ll have a Long Island iced tea.” I told the waiter. He strolled off after trying to push some appetizers on me. I found myself getting more and more nervous as time went on. I could barely remember what Steve looked like. It had been a couple of weeks and only a few phone conversations in between. At first, I was convinced they regretted the night, but it turned out they were nervous to call me again. I guess they thought the night ad been too much for me. My drink arrived and I started to pound it down. I needed to take the edge off before Steve got there.

I alanya escort was about half way done with my drink when I heard a deep confident voice behind me. I turn and see Steve standing there in shorts and a t-shirt. Again, I felt greatly over dressed and obvious. I blushed a little when I saw him.

“You look really nice today!” He said with bright enthusiasm in his voice. Again, I blushed and he laughed.

“Thank you. I feel overdressed.” I told him in my shy voice. Even though just weeks ago I let this man violate my ass hole, I was still like a nervous kid around him. He had grown a goatee since the last time I saw him. It was neatly trimmed and looked good on him.

“Well I like it. What are you drinking?” He ask, looking at my half empty glass.

“A Long Island.”

“Dang boy, you don’t mess around with your booze do you?!” he said with surprise in his voice.

“I guess. Truthfully, I’m just nervous, but this is helping.” The booze was helping. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable.

“You’re nervous? That’s cute!” He said, like he was talking to an attractive young woman. It felt good the way he said it. I wanted to jump across the table and kiss him for that. I think he could see the happiness in my eyes when he said that. He let out a manly sort of laugh. Under the table, his foot started playing with mine. It felt really good. The waiter came by and we ordered two Long Islands and continued our obvious flirting.

Time went by and all the sudden, I had three drinks in me and I was feeling really good. My flirting with Steve had become very obvious. Luckily, the bar was all but empty at this point. I kept biting my lips and finding ways to show off my mouth to him. He stared at my full lips, my moist tongue sliding over them. He was definitely getting quite excited.

“I have to use the restroom.” I said and excused myself. I stumbled slightly to the restroom. I found my way to stall, half-closed the door and started pissing. I was just finishing up when I heard someone else walk into the restroom. I peaked out, and saw Steve standing there. I stepped out from the stall and embraced him. We started kissing and my hand automatically moved to the growing bulge in his pants. It was rock hard and I wanted it right there.

“Let’s go to my house.” He said in a hurried voice.

“I’ll go out first and pay the bill. You grab our stuff from the table and we’ll meet outside.” I told him as I pulled away. I made my way to the bar and paid our tab. The bartender asked if I wanted a cab, but I told him I had a ride. I heard Steve come out of the bathroom and grab our stuff from the table. I stepped outside first, the bright day blinding me for a second. I fumbled with my sunglasses and got them on as Steve stepped out of the bar.

“My house is close. I’m ok to drive, but if you want, we can walk.” He said, noticing my apprehension.

“Nah, we can drive, I trust you.” He pulled his keys out and stuck them in a large Toyota truck next to us. It was the same one I saw in their driveway the first night I met them. I crawled up into the high cab of his truck and buckled in. He started the engine and my nerves started to act up. I wanted this so bad, but I felt that shy nervousness again. I could see the bulge growing in his pant and it excited me. My left hand found its way to the lump in his shorts, rubbing it, teasing it. He started to moan slightly and rock his hips.

I artvin escort unzipped his shorts and pulled the rock hard meat out. He jumped a bit, but then relaxed. We only had a short time before we got to his hose, and I wanted to suck that cock right here while he drove. I quickly unbuckled and dove down on the erect organ. Steve moaned out loud as the warm flesh penetrated my lips and filled my mouth. My tongue rolled over the meat in my mouth as I tried pushing it deeper in. I was consumed with lust and wanted his cock buried in my throat. I pushed harder and harder, relaxing my throat muscles to let the cock in. We went over a swift bump and my lips rested firmly on his scrotum. I had his meat choking off my air and I loved it. My cock was so hard.

He reached over with his strong hands and started rubbing me through my pants. I pulled off his manhood for a second to take in some air and spit my thick mucus all over his giant meat. His shorts were wet with my saliva as I dove back down again. His cock felt so good in my mouth, the hard flesh sliding over my wanting tongue. I felt like I was going to ruin my new pants right there as I let him fuck my throat while he worked my cock. Finally, we pulled into his garage and it closed behind us. The room got dark and he let out a loud groan of pleasure. I pulled off his cock and planted my lips on his. His tongue worked in and out of my mouth. It played with my tongue then lapped up the spit all over my mouth. I straddled him, making out, his bare cock rubbing against the lump in my pants.

“I love the taste of my cock in your mouth!” He said as he pulled away form me for a second. Then he went back to feasting on my mouth; biting my full lips, flicking my wet tongue, taking in the flavor of his cock in my mouth. I moaned as his strong arms pulled me closer to him, our bodies pressed together.

“Take me in the house and fuck the shit out of me!” I exclaimed, pulling myself off him. We got out of the truck and ran inside. He grabbed me and picked me up over his shoulder. My skinny frame lifted easily off the ground and I watched the upside-down world bounce around me. He flopped me down on the bed and pulled my pants off me. My cock sprung free, precum glistening on the tip. He lifted my legs up and buried his face in my ass. His tongue flicked over my ass hole, sending waves of extreme pleasure through me. His hand worked my cock as he worked up from the ass hole to my taint then balls. His goatee tickled a bit, but felt good.

“God, your ass hole tastes so fucking good kid!” He said, panting as he licked me some more. He rolled me over onto my stomach and pulled my hips up, so my ass was in the air. He spread my cheeks apart and continued his oral assault of my anus. I was lost in my pleasure, my hips bucking out of control. His warm mouth molesting me was more than I could handle. My load spilled from my cock all over his sheets. Each time my ass hole convulsed with my orgasm, he darted his tongue in and out, making me cum harder. I collapsed onto my stomach, my semen spreading all over my body.

He rolled me over and started to lick the cum off my belly. He slowly kissed up my body, and planted him semen soaked lips on my mouth. We made out for a bit when a sudden slam in the background made us pull from our embrace. We both looked up to see Kara standing there with a huge grin on her face.

“Please don’t stop boys, I want to watch!” She said, kicking burdur escort off her shoes and undoing her top. I pushed Steve over and climbed on top of him. I grinded my now flaccid cock against his, the soft flesh smashing against his hard manhood. I kissed down his body, licking his stomach, biting his nipples and then diving onto his cock. I felt Kara sit down on the bed as I started swallowing Steve’s cock again. I could feel the desire welling up in me again and pretty soon I was hard once more. I looked up to see Kara and Steve kissing while I sucked him off. She was molesting her pussy, the sound of her sopping wet fleshing manipulating under the pressure of her fingers turned me on. I could smell her excitement; her pussy was very close to Steve’s cock now.

“Why don’t you say hi to our friend.” Steve said to Kara. She bent down, her head close to mine and kissed me.

“Hi honey!” She said, a smile on her face as she pulled away. She stared lovingly into my eyes as she swallowed her husbands cock. She slid down with an ease that I can only dream of. She pulled me closer and we made out with Steve’s cock. Our tongues danced around it, sliding over each other then over his flesh. The look in her eyes made me feel a sudden rush of emotion.

“I’m sorry Steve; I need to make out with your wife, now!” I said, pushing her down and climbing on top. We embraced each other, our mouths playing out the lust in our hearts. My hands worked over her body, feeling her sexy hips, her round ass, her sopping wet pussy. Her slick lips felt good under my fingers as we kissed. I didn’t want to stop kissing her, it felt so right. We moaned in pleasure as we made out, poor Steve left just sitting there. I felt him behind me, dragging the head of his cock over my ass then down my taint, then lower, slapping his wife’s hard clit. My hips rocked and I felt her hand pull my cock down to her wet opening. I slid in easy as she was very turned on.

“If you are going to fuck my wife, then I’m going to fuck you!” He said, laughing a bit. I pushed my hips upward, Kara pushing her hips up so my cock didn’t slide out. I heard the lube spreading all over his cock. Then I felt the lube pour over my ass hole. His finger rubbed it around then pushed inside me. I jumped a bit as his thick finger entered my ass hole. It pushed in deeper, and then another joined it. His fingers filled me up until I didn’t think I could stand it anymore. It hurt, but I loved it. Then he slowly pulled out and pressed his cock against my tiny hole.

“Are you ready little boy? You want this big meat in your ass?” He asked.

“Yes, please fill that ass hole!” I exclaimed.

“Fuck him good honey. I wanna feel him slam into me each time you pound him!” Kara added in excitement. His cock tore my hole open. I winced in pain as it entered my ass. I could feel it deep in my bowels. I was losing it again. Steve was slamming into the back of me, Kara wet hole was swallowing my cock and her tongue danced so gently around my mouth. Our moans filled the bedroom as I started to orgasm again. My ass hole tensed around Steve’s cock then released, pushing him over the edge. I felt it explode inside of me, hot cum shooting up my bowels. The sound of her two men cumming drove Kara to explode also. Her pussy got sopping wet as wave after wave of her orgasm rocked her body.

Steve collapsed on me and I was warmly sandwiched between the couple. Steve kissed and licked my ear as Kara and I made out some more. I felt so good there with them, and I know they felt the same way. At some point we all passed out together in their bed. I woke up between the two of them, naked and happy. I listened to them sleep and took in how much I loved my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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