Open Doors Ch. 02

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This is part two in the series, I strongly suggest starting with Open Doors before reading this one. Thanks again to BradBigBrain, Jett_73 and everyone else who helped make this readable. As always, please rate and comment! Constructive critiques are always appreciated!


Adam shifted as much as he was able to given his current predicament. The three of them were like toppled dominos there on the couch. He stroked his fingers through the dark hair of the tiny woman sprawled naked on top of him, and smiled to himself. Shannon was sandwiched between her two best friends in a sleepy mass.

The third in the trio, Liam, was the oldest of the three, curled up against Shannon’s back. As Adam surveyed his two companions, one an old friend, one new, he considered his luck. He’d only intended to crash with Shannon for the weekend, catch up, and maybe flirt a little. Instead he found himself fulfilling bi fantasies of Shannon’s very cute best friend, he thought with a grin, and he had not even been there for three hours yet.

Liam stirred behind Shannon, and Adam’s mind began to wander, as creative minds do — He imagined Liam’s cock buried into Shannon as he watched them from behind. He envisioned the curve of Liam’s ass as his hips thrust, so delicious and inviting. His own cock twitched to life under Shannon and he groaned a little. Before long, her slim fingers closed around it.

“What have we here?” purred Shannon gruffly, looking for all the world like a cat curled in his lap.

“Aren’t you the one who complains when your men fall asleep, sweety?” Adam taunted quietly, and then moaned again, “Oh, don’t stop, that feels so good.”

“And just what were you thinking about that’s got you so excited again?”

Adam lowered his voice a little, unsure if Liam was asleep or pretending, “Actually I was just thinking about my new friend there — thinking about things I’d like to do with him and to him. God you find good ones, Shannon, his mouth…” His dark eyes rolled back a little behind blonde-lashed lids, emphasizing his point.

“Honey if that felt even half as good as it looked, I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did,” she sighed, remembering. She suddenly squealed and her eyes went wide, all thoughts of Adam’s cock forgotten. “Ohhh, everyone’s awake now!” Adam glanced over her shoulder just in time to see Liam stick a slick-looking finger in his mouth, sucking what he was sure were Shannon’s juices from it with a mischievous glint to his eyes.

“Jesus, Liam!” Shannon twisted around and pushed his shoulder playfully.

Adam used this break to extricate himself from the bottom of the pile, gently moving Shannon off of him.

He stretched his muscled arms above his head, and stood on his toes. “More beer?”

“Mmmhmm, help yourself…” Shannon was enjoying a stretch herself, but the laughter Adam heard when he turned his back told him that Liam had likely interrupted her mid-stretch with a wandering hand or two.

For two people who weren’t really a couple, they were fucking adorable. He grinned to himself and shook his head. It was no wonder people around here talked about them. Who wouldn’t want what they had? Best friends, easy lovers and yet so entirely caring about one another’s happiness that they were free. Amazing.

Adam grabbed three bottles from the fridge and padded back out into the living room, which had gone suspiciously quiet again. From his vantage point at the door, he could see Liam’s head and shoulders over the back of the couch. Shannon was perched on his knee, and the laptop screen was once again bright. A couple steps closer told him they were watching the footage they’d just recorded.

Shannon’s body swayed in time with the image on screen as it showed Liam’s first taste of cock. Adam couldn’t suppress his own shiver as he remembered those lips. He silently moved around the couch. Shannon’s eyes never left the screen and Liam’s hands stroked over her sides as she ground herself over his knee.

Adam left two of the bottles on the side table. He leaned in and placed a warm soft kiss against the curve of Shannon’s shoulder, and slid the neck of the bottle down the slope of her breast. She hissed as the cold wet glass teased her nipple and automatically raised one hand to pull the source of the chill away, the spell of the screen momentarily broken.

Liam chuckled against her other ear, almost purring. “Nooo, I don’t think so. That made you so beautiful and perky. I think he should do the other one too.” His hands slid down her arms to capture her tiny wrists, and he nodded at Adam. The tiniest squeak was the only sound from her as the frigid condensation dripped down the sides of the brown glass, rolling slowly down her skin, gathering at the erect tip.

Adam lowered his face to her chest, teasing that drop from her nipple to his warm tongue and finally soothing and warming her aching tight nub between his lips, sucking and pulling against her skin. She still squirmed against Liam’s knee, and they knew Betturkey she was growing increasingly wet. “Enjoying seeing us all recorded, aren’t you?” teased Adam.

She found her voice again after a moment and laughed, her tone just a little breathier than normal. “I’ve never been in a porno before. It’s amazing. But now there are all sorts of… you know… all sorts of filthy porno things I want to do.” She licked her lips. “I’ve never had two cocks at my disposal before, you know?” Her eyes narrowed in an expression he was sure was intended to look predatory, but just ended up being cute.

“Well tonight has certainly been about trying new things so far, I don’t see why it should be any different now,” Liam smiled and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear as he spoke. Shannon moved from her perch to the floor, and pulled both men to their feet in front of her, immediately beginning to stroke and play with the pair of quickly hardening cocks.

Her teeth sank into her lower lip as she looked up at the two of them. They were nearly the same height, but everything else contrasted: blonde and dark – tan to pale. She wrapped her fingers around the base of each cock, stroking them in time. She watched as each man reached out a hand, steadying themselves against each other, forearm to forearm. Just that simple act made her heart and her pussy clench in the same instant. God they were beautiful.

“Fuck, Shannon,” breathed Adam when she dragged her tongue across the head of his cock, “Those women in the videos you were talking about have nothing on you. Nothing.” Liam groaned in agreement as she moved her lips to tease him, still stroking and twisting with her slender fingers.

Her lips and fingers worked in blissful union, feather light, hot and wet. She cooed and stroked the velvet soft skin of each over her cheeks. Without even realizing it each man allowed her to slowly shift them until they were facing one another as she smoothed her thumbs over each cockhead. With a start each man looked up at the other and her fingers tightened around them. Both shafts were side by side, full and pulsing and sliding against one another. She used both of her hands, cupping around them, holding them together.

Adam reached lustily for Liam. He noted a moment of remaining hesitation, but leaned in anyway, overcome with his own need, stoked by Shannon’s fingers. One hand behind his head, curled into his dark waves, he pulled him forward and pressed his lips forcefully against Liam’s.

He was rewarded with an impulsive thrust of hips, a small but telling movement. He pressed on, sliding his tongue across Liam’s lips, which parted for him almost immediately. Shannon watched entranced as the men kissed. Their bodies seemed to melt into one another as she stroked cock against cock.

His ecstasy was interrupted by Shannon. “Let’s move this somewhere more comfortable.” She’d said it with a teasing grin, but he had to admit that he and Liam had been lost to each other, almost forgetting the needs of their hostess.

She rose and led the way to her bedroom. Before she made it three steps past the doorway, Liam scooped her up from behind, making her squeal and laugh in surprise. He turned her in his arms as if she weighed nothing and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms and legs securely around him, enjoying the familiar textures of his body against her skin.

Liam sat back onto the bed with her in his lap, kissing her, making his way down her throat and to her breasts. Adam watched from the doorway, stroking himself slowly, playing the voyeur for the moment. He wondered briefly if he had been forgotten. Liam’s hands caressed her lower back and down her thighs, gently pressing on her knees, spreading her wider over his lap. His fingers skirted her inner lips, testing her wetness, making her gasp and shudder against him. Liam looked to the door and with an almost imperceptible movement of his head, beckoned Adam closer. Adam needed no further invitation.

From behind Shannon, Adam slid his own fingers under her round ass, meeting Liam’s probing fingers at the juncture of her legs. He gathered her juices onto two of his fingers and eased them back as he lowered his lips to her neck, kissing a path to just beneath her ear.

Shannon’s entire body was on fire. Whatever cocky minx had possessed her while she teased and coaxed Liam through his first blowjob was now replaced with someone suddenly much more tentative. Adam’s lips settling against her pulse point drew a whimper from her. In her current haze she couldn’t remember a time when she had more desperately wanted anything in her life. And yet somehow the prospect of fulfilling her fantasy frightened her terribly now.

Liam watched her face, trying to read her, to gauge her. He slowly slipped two long fingers through her delicate folds, twisting them as they gained entrance. Shannon’s body seemed to melt around him. She was slim and lithe like some sort of beautiful Betturkey Giriş serpent. She sighed and pressed down against him. Adam’s body was behind her, like a bronze wall. His fingers pressed more urgently, rubbing circles against her ring. He nipped the flesh of her neck, and growled, as if he had read her thoughts, “What do you want now, Shannon?”

Shannon’s head swiveled and her eyes met Adam’s. She hoped he would read her need, but he pressed her again with a smirk that was almost cruel. Somehow his expression made her, if possible, even wetter. “Say it, Shann. Tell us or we’ll stop.”

She wasn’t sure she liked this new game, and his tone made her whimper. She didn’t want to say it – didn’t want to be made to say it. As adventurous as she was, saying it seemed… dirty. It seemed dangerous. She delayed still, until suddenly her soaking pussy was empty, Liam withdrew his fingers. Those bastards! They were teaming up on her! And not in the way she wanted.

She gasped, and the whined softly, “No! Please….” She squirmed and writhed, trying hard to gain back the glorious sensations that had suddenly stopped.

It was Liam’s turn, and he liked this new play. “Say it, Shannon.”

She flushed scarlet, embarrassed, but so full of need she couldn’t bring herself to care anymore. She closed her eyes tightly and said the words in one long breath, one rush of syllables. “I want you both, I want you both to fuck me — Together. Please?”

The last word made Liam and Adam both soften, they grinned at one another, neither ever having quite heard Shannon so much at a loss. “I thought you’d never ask…” chuckled Adam.

Liam cupped her face and kissed her lips gently. He nudged her off of his lap and slid his body into the center of the bed, grasping his cock and coating himself with the generous beads of precum that had seeped from the tip.

Shannon stood on shaky legs and surveyed him, spread across her bed. Adam wrapped his arms around her from behind, squeezing her tightly, almost protectively. “You sure, sweetheart?” His breath was warm against her cheek. She nodded emphatically. When in her life would she ever have this chance again? And with men she knew loved her, no less?

She opened a drawer on her side table, grabbed a small bottle, and handed it to Adam with a cheeky grin, a flash of teeth, before climbing up onto the bed and settling herself over Liam, stroking her hands down his body, following fingers with lips.

He followed her up onto the bed and knelt beside them. “You’re a goddamn Boy Scout, honey.” Adam laughed at her.

A small hand reached back and swatted at Adam. His fingers cupped her exposed sex from behind. Four strong hands once more stroked her supple body where she straddled Liam, and she fell silent. Her hips moved of their own accord, swaying to an unheard rhythm, seeking any touch, any sensation.

Liam felt strong fingers close around his cock where it lay against his belly, lifting and stroking just slightly, making his hips buck. He met Adam’s eyes with a hint of a plea in them. Adam’s touch still sent him straight to the edge, but seeing the look in Liam’s eyes, he eased his grip. Slowly and teasingly he rubbed the tip of Liam’s cock through the folds of Shannon’s already quivering pussy.

She was beautiful, her head thrown back, her dark hair splayed across her tanned back. Her tiny waist was accentuated by the swell of her perfectly proportioned breasts and hips. Her ass was smooth and tight, curves flowing softly from her back down her legs.

Adam stilled her swaying with one hand and pushed down, easing her onto Liam’s pulsing cock before releasing it and stroking both hands again down her sides. She began to ride him slowly and smoothly, rocking her hips against the body beneath her. Liam sighed and lay still under her, content for now to just be a toy, a tool for her pleasure.

Shannon’s skin prickled as she heard Adam move behind her. She trusted him… as much as she trusted Liam. However that did not mean she had no reservations. Relief washed over her when she recognized the pressure behind her as a single finger. It slid down from the top of the cleft in her ass down to rest against that beautiful little crinkled hole. Adam rubbed just his fingertip across it, no pressure, no pushing, just gently getting her accustomed to his presence there.

Watching them make love was in and of itself amazing. Adam could almost just watch them and stroke and touch the both of them and be happy. Almost.

Shannon felt hands grip her hips and then move back. With a firm push, her ass was spread and Adam pushed his lips and tongue to her asshole. If he had not been holding her so tightly, she would have lunged completely forward and off Liam’s cock, but she was held in place and had no choice but to submit to the probing of his pointed tongue.

Her lungs filled but still she felt breathless. It was so completely dirty, so wrong and yet so wonderful and intense and she never wanted him to stop. He licked and kissed her there as she slowly rode Liam. A myriad of sounds came from her lips, whimpers and sighs and soft squeaks of delight.

Another sound, one of protest when Adam pulled his lips from her ass made him laugh. “Oh don’t worry, kitten. I’m no were near done with you and you know it.”

A finger once more pushed at her ass, which had relaxed and loosened a little under his gentle caresses. She heard the top of the little bottle click open, and the sudden sensation of cool gel against her warm skin made her giggle. Now it was Liam’s turn to laugh.

“Mmmm, whatever you just did, do it again. It’s so hot when she clenches like that.”

Liam groaned and Adam was sure she must have squeezed her muscles around him again. Adam used the momentary distraction to push his middle fingertip through the outermost ring of her freshly lubed hole. He was glad to feel it give easily, opening for him. Slowly he pushed and twisted his finger through until his knuckles were pressed to her ass.

The finger bent and wiggled inside Shannon’s ass, and Adam could feel Liam’s thick shaft moving inside her. He applied a little more pressure, and both Shannon and Liam gasped. That wolfish expression once more spread across Adam’s features.

“God you guys are perfect,” he murmured as he began to slowly fuck his finger in and out of her sweet little ass. Before long he began to tease a second finger in. This time he met with some resistance, and he could feel her begin to tense up around him. Her rhythm slowed and faltered.

The calming words this time came from Liam. “Relax baby… just breath and let him in…” Liam slid his fingers down between their bodies and began to work two fingers over her clit. He was gratified to feel her ease and to see her eyes close as she pushed down again on his cock, and back against Adam’s fingers.

Adam’s eyes met Liam’s again and the question in them was answered by a slight nod. The second finger pushed through slowly but firmly to line up with the first. The invasion was met with a deep groan from Shannon, one that was thick with pleasure. The further she stretched the more certain she was that she wanted this. She wanted to be fucked and filled until she was out of her mind.

Slowly, hypnotically, the fingers pushed and twisted deeper inside her, coaxing her open. Shannon’s pace quickened mirroring her increasingly shallow and rapid breaths. Liam felt her pussy beginning to tighten and flutter around his cock. She ground against his fingers as they tweaked and teased her clit.

“Are you going to cum for us, baby?” he murmured, watching her face, her beautiful brow creased in concentration.

She whimpered and nodded and he moved his fingers quicker. It was all Liam could do to control his own breathing and to keep completely still as her whole body began to rock and seize around him as she came.

Adam waited patiently behind her for the rhythmic tightening around his fingers to slow before he withdrew them, and while she was still gasping, pushed his cock against her hole. Before she could even take a breath or say a word, before she could voice that moment of panic, he pushed forward, and the flared head of his cock was inside her.

It was like nothing she had ever experienced. Even in the blurry fog of her receding orgasm she knew this was everything she wanted. Everything felt stretched, it felt tight to the point of breaking. It was blissful and intense and she wanted more.

Liam watched her face. It seemed frozen, those full lips parted, gasping quietly, her large dark eyes were wide with almost a look of wonder in them. He held her face in his hands and kissed her hard. He pushed his tongue between her lips, muffling his own moan.

The pressure around his cock was insane, the further Adam continued to push the harder it was to keep still.

Finally Shannon gave a cry, pulled back and twisted to look back at Adam. He gave one more thrust, and was completely buried inside her ass. Everyone froze for a few moments, panting and breathless, giving Shannon time to adjust as much as she could.

Liam was the first to move, he couldn’t take it anymore. He could feel every twitch of Adam’s cock inside Shannon’s ass. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer but he couldn’t bring himself to care anymore.

He pulled out just an inch, maybe two, and pushed up against her again, over and over. His cock moved and stroked through the narrowed passage of her cunt, rubbing against the other shaft inside her. The thrusting was slow and careful at first, holding her still between them, but soon they were both pumping into her.

They moved separately, each man filling her to his own time. At times she was completely filled to bursting, Adam and Liam filled both holes at once, and at others, one was thrusting in as the other was withdrawing. Each movement brought new sensations more brilliant than the one before.

Shannon’s fingers slipped beneath her to her clit, and at the first touch of that slick and swollen nub every nerve inside her buzzed with heady anticipation. She was almost frightened of her impending orgasm, she felt like she couldn’t take any more, and yet there was no turning back.

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