Oral Dick-tation

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A quick note to thank all the people kind enough to write feedback on my stories, positive and negative. This is only my 5th submission and with your kind words and constructive criticisms, I hope to learn and grow as a writer. Your feedback inspires me
To write more stories. Feel free to contact me with story ideas or suggestions you may want to read about. Thanks for your input and I hope you enjoy my latest story.


Looking out the window of my lavishly furnished, corner office to the busy city streets below, I begin to think about my agenda for the day. Susan, my lovely assistant is preparing my morning coffee. Being a slow starter in the morning I like to give myself about 10-15 minutes to drink my mandatory coffee before diving into another hectic work day. The gentle tapping at the door does not interfere with my ritualistic, morning meditation as Susan quietly enters my office and places my coffee before me on my desk.

“Thank you, Susan.”

“You’re welcome sir.” Susan whispers softly, so as not to interrupt me.

It was Susan who introduced me to benefits of meditation. When it comes to stress relief and the pursuit of pleasure there is no better expert than the lovely and talented Susan. A free spirit if ever there was one, Susan never takes life or herself too seriously. She has taught me valuable lessons about human relationships and has given me insight into how to read people effectively. These skills helped me get to where I am today, President and CEO of Northland Credit Inc. I owe a great a deal of credit to Susan for my success. My personal and professional growth has been beneficial to her as I’ve taken her along with me as I’ve climbed the proverbial corporate ladder. It must be told that Susan is much, much more than a mere secretary to me.

I first met Susan 4 years ago; I was still only in mid-twenties and had just been promoted to Junior Executive. With that promotion came added responsibility and a heavier work load. The company authorized me to hire a secretary to assist me in me work. Northland Credit had an almost exclusive recruitment agreement with the local community college. The following Monday I was to begin interviewing applicants. I had a good but somewhat unrealistic idea of what I was looking for in a secretary. She would have to have to have superior typing and clerical skills, excellent phone manner and most importantly of all she would have to be a looker, a woman who would make my fellow execs jealous, a trophy secretary of you will. I had been interviewing all week long, my hopes of finding that trophy secretary were fading fast. I had interviewed mostly, older women making career changes, housewives with grown up kids getting back into the workforce, the younger women I interviewed were all either ugly or fat. In retrospect I was being ridiculously discriminating and unfair. Exasperated, I began to accept that I would have to settle for just an ordinary secretary like everyone else.

Then – She walked in. Wow! She strode confidently into my office smiling warmly at me. She looked to be of Scandinavian ancestry and probably 21 or 22 years old. She was gorgeous!
My jaw dropped to the floor. She was sleek and slender in her skirt; her legs were long and shapely. She had large round breasts barely contained under her suit jacket. Her hair was a light,
shimmering blond, carefully coiffed in an up do with soft wisps of golden locks cascading down her beautiful face. Her eyes were an intoxicating baby blue. Her frosted lipstick exaggerated her pouty lips and gave them a liquidy sheen. She oozed sexuality, her every move seemed sensual
and suggestive.

“Hello Mr. Sterling, I’m Susan Sundstrom, pleased to meet you.” Her voice was just as soft and soothing to the ears as she was to the eyes.

“Well! I’m pleased to meet you – Mrs. Sundstrom.” I replied over emphatically still taken aback
by her beauty.

“Miss.” She corrected with a bright smile.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Please have a seat Ms. Sundstrom.” I wanted to hit the roof, how could she not be married? I wondered to myself. My bursa escort excitement level was building and I was finding a bit difficult to speak, I was almost hyper ventilating but I did well to keep her from noticing.

“Thank you.” She sat down, oblivious to the inner havoc she was wreaking on me.

I asked her all the standard question about her qualifications, job expectations etc., and all the company bullshit we’re supposed to ask during interviews. Soon it became apparent that
we had chemistry, I mean it was electric. The interview started to feel more intimate and personal. She obviously sensed my attraction to her but I was now getting the impression that she found my ruggedly handsome exterior much to her liking. A powerful, magnetic mutual attraction hung heavily over our heads. My mind kept wandering off as she spoke, I undressed her with my eyes and the mere thought of her naked body made my cock tingle. As I continued playing sexual scenarios in my head my pants began to tent noticeably. Our conversation turned flirtatious and the interview ran long. Mrs. Crenshaw, the temp assigned to me, had already left along with most of my colleagues. It was now dark outside and we both chuckled at how quickly the time had passed but neither of us seemed in much of a hurry to leave. You could have cut the sexual tension in my office with a knife; this was especially true once everyone else in the office had left. I already knew in my mind that I was going to hire Susan but I thought I’d go through the formality anyway and ask her one final question.

“Ms. Sundstrom, what sets you apart from all the other applicants?” I asked. It felt strange asking her a serious question after flirting so uninhibitedly just moments before, it almost seemed comical but I contained the grittiness I felt inside and waited for a professional and objective answer from her.

“Well Mr. Sterling, there is this one, little thing that I do better than anyone else…” She purred, her provocative eyes and devilish grin spoke volumes.

I watched dumbfounded as she gracefully stood up from her chair across from my desk, she maintained eye contact with me as slowly and seductively strutted around to my side of the desk.
Her perfume was every bit as tempting and inviting as she was. As I sat entranced in my high back leather chair powerless to say anything, she leaned forward, holding up her slender frame up by the arm rests of my chair. She looked down at me with her beautiful, icy blue eyes and licked her lips in an unmistakably suggestive manner.

“Wouldn’t you like to know what thatthing is, Mr. Sterling?” She teased. Her eyes were now focused on the impressively large bulge in my pants and she was moaning sultrily as she swayed her large, full breasts rhythmically in a semi-circular motion.

“Yes…yes! What is thatthing you do better than everyone else?” I probed, trying hard to contain my obvious enthusiasm. Meanwhile my heart raced and my cock was ready to spring out of my pants at any moment.

“Nobody takes oral dick-tation like I do. I just love the feeling of having a big… thick…hard cock in my mouth…as I suck it ‘til it shoots… hot… gooey joy juice down my throat” Her soft, sultry voice was making my temperature rise as she whispered in my ear and breathed hot air into it. I felt as if I would melt in my chair now as her dainty hand cupped and rubbed my balls through my pants and she sucked my neck hungrily

She kissed me passionately on the mouth, probing me deep with her exploring and forceful tongue then stopped to look at me, her eyes were lusty and searching, like a dog awaiting the next command from it’s master.

“Oral Dick-tation, huh, that’s a good name for it…so let’s see you get down to some dick-tating Ms. Sundstrom!” I replied while unzipping my fly and guiding Susan’s pretty head down toward my lap with my other hand. It was such a deliciously sexy scene even wilder than I had fantasized about. Susan smiled broadly as she tantalizingly sunk to her knees between my powerful legs.

Her nimble hand fished out my cock from my bursa merkez escort open zipper, her delicate fingers barely wrapped around the thick base of my throbbing cock. She mewled pleasantly at the sight of my exposed and engorged organ. The cool air conditioned air contrasted sharply with her hot breath as she kissed and licked it lovingly. A generous dollop of pre-cum seeped from my spongy, bulbous cock head and she lapped it up hungrily with her warm, wet tongue. I sucked in air through clenched teeth as she licked every inch of my cock, her electrifying licks and kisses made the sensitive skin on my dick dance under her attentive mouth.

Holding my now shiny, hard cock straight up to her lips she drooled and gobbed heavily on the purple head of my cock, then she smeared her spit all over my shaft and head with her lips and some of the excess saliva trickled it’s way down to my balls and scrotum. When she wrapped her full lips around my pulsating cock I thought I died the deliciously wet and hot friction was too much. Every muscle in my body was tensing and flexing as I unleashed a massively intense, ball-draining torrent of cum.

“Aaah…Here it comes!” I groaned lewdly.

I blasted her receptive mouth with endless streams of thick, hot jizz. Susan eagerly pumped every last squirt out of my cock with her hands and mouth. She swallowed every last drop before letting my spent and satisfied cock plop out of her mouth. It was abundantly clear that this woman loved giving head like no other woman I’d ever met.

“How was that, Mr. Sterling?” She asked, grinning up at me timidly from between my legs.

“UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!” I exclaimed breathlessly.

“Sucking cock always makes me so hot!” she purred.

Her hand was snaked under her short skirt, rubbing frantically at her pussy. The look in her eyes begged me to return the favor. I watched in awe as she stood up and exposed her beautiful breasts, swaying them enticingly in front of my face. Her nipples were such a soft pink and they protruded like pencil erasers, they just begged to be sucked. With her hands busily unfastening her skirt I took one of her large, firm tits in my mouth. She let out and involuntary moan as I suckled her nipple eagerly.

When her skirt fell to the floor, I moved away from her tits and sat back to take in the view. What a magnificently beautiful woman, a vision of perfection. She was bending down slipping her white lace panties off, her full breasts swinging as she moved. Her shapely ass and flared hips seemed tailor-made for fucking. Her pussy was an artful masterpiece; only short, golden stubble covered her neatly trimmed and manicured mound of Venus. Her labes were puffy and pink; they looked hot to the touch. Her clitoris looked every bit the pearl in the clam, glistening and wet. I instinctively reached out to it, just the feel of my strong hand rubbing her delicate but inflamed cunt made her wilt as she ground herself against my hand. Her sweet nectar covered my fingers tips as I easily inserted two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. Even at arms length I could smell the heavenly, heady aroma her anxious and inflamed pussy was emitting. I eased her back against my desktop and she sat on it with my fingers now thrusting upwards inside her using the ‘come hither’ motion’ that drives women so crazy. She was no exception. Her hips arched forward and her high heeled legs rested on the arms of my chair and her large breasts heaved with every deep breath she took. Her head was thrown back as I continued to finger fuck her, my entire hand was drenched in honey while I kissed and sucked her tits. Her hands subtly pushed me downward to her burning pussy. An endless chorus of ‘ooh yeah’ involuntarily escaped from her lips sounding like a half moan half whimper as I hotly kissed and licked my way down her flat belly.

“Please eat me?” She begged impatiently.

Her hips rose off my desk upwards toward my face once I reached her scorching hot slice. She squealed with delight when I kissed her pussy lips and flicked my tongue at her clit. She bursa sınırsız escort entwined her fingers in my hair pressing my face hard against her pussy.

“Oh Yesss…kiss me there!” She purred.

She was already wet when I started licking up and down the length of her slit, she had a divinely sweet tasting pussy. I probed her deeply and forcefully with my tongue making her tremble with pleasure. Her whimpering and moaning now took on a satisfied tone, different from the desperate, almost pained tone of a few seconds earlier. My mouth clamped down on her puffy, pink labes while my tongue mashed and circled her clit. Soon my mouth and chin were generously coated with her sweet nectar as I continued to hungrily devour her. Susan’s hips moved in rhythm against my mouth and tongue, it was almost hypnotizing. I also resumed my finger fucking action which brought her over the top. She uninhibitedly fucked my face, grinding her pussy against my fingers and burying my face deeper inside her pussy. Susan’s body spasmed in the first of several climaxes as she reached one face flooding orgasm after another. She obviously had a very high tolerance, where most women would have pushed me away from their over sensitive pussies after the first orgasm Susan continued insatiably to fuck my face.

As my rejuvenated cock sprung back to life I was now driven by my own selfish need of stimulation and sexual release. I pulled myself away from her delicious pussy just as she had finished yet another orgasm. Upon seeing my erection she dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked to the brink once more. It took only seconds of Susan’s oral expertise to bring me to the edge. It took a great deal of will power to pull out of her titillating mouth before coming but I wanted to penetrate her tight pussy.

I helped her up to her feet and bent her over my desk. Her gloriously prone positioned ass stared invitingly back at me. Her inner thighs were glistening with her own moisture as Susan glanced over her shoulder awaiting my cock. I rubbed my cock all over the entrance of her tight, golden box then plunged the head inside her. She was so tight I had to wriggle it in inch by inch. Both of us savored the silky wet friction as I slowly pulled in and out of her. My cock seemed to grow while inside her thus stretching the walls of her canal. Her pussy contracted and squeezed against my intrusive cock. Steadily my pace hastened, my hands held her small waist as I relentlessly plugged her delicate hole. Susan whimpered with every ball slapping thrust, hanging on to edge of the desk for support. The smell of hot, animal sex filled our nostrils as I furiously fucked her scorching hot pussy. With the increasing tempo her whimpers turned into lusty cries of stimulation, music to my ears. I pulled out of her sucking pussy just before I was going to cum and Susan let out a disapproving moan. My cock spurted long strings of hot cum all over her back and ass before collapsing limply in my chair.

After Susan had gathered up all her clothes from my office floor I directed her attention to my personal office lavatory and she quickly sauntered inside to freshen up. A few minutes later she emerged looking as fresh as a daisy and smelling of sex masked by a thick veil of perfume. After an impromptu negotiation we quickly came to a mutual agreement and I hired her on the spot. As part of her job description she was to take ‘oral dick-tation’ at least once per business day. This woman is an “Oral Nympho”; she just loves to suck my cock. I sometimes swear that she has the same problem Linda Lovelace had in “Deep Throat”, where her clitoris is in the back of her throat and giving head brings her to orgasm.

Now I’m the envy of all my male colleagues and every other man who meets my hot, temptress secretary. Susan is always a big hit at all the staff parties and get togethers. The prestige and presence she brings to the office has meant immeasurable professional growth for me personally.

The rest, as they say, is history. Of course our relationship has never been just an exclusively professional one; the sex has spilled over into our personal lives. Susan remains the steadfast and devoted employee she has always been and she still sucks my dick under my desk everyday. Someday soon I will probably ask her to be my wife but for now I’m having too much fun playing tycoon and secretary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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