Our Anniversary

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We celebrated our 16th anniversary by renting our friend’s nude B&B for the day. I made arrangements with our friend’s massage therapist to come to the house and perform her magic on us. Their home is just off a state highway, but once you open their front door, you have privacy to over 20 acres of land, along with a beautiful pool and hot tub.

We arrived at the home at 10:00 on a sunny Friday morning! Our massage therapist, Janice, greeted us at the door. She is an older women, but she has a heart of gold and wonderful strong arms. She finished her breakfast and wanted to shower before working on us. We let her go and prepared ourselves for the day. We undressed and walked outside to the pool. Out her in Texas, it’s quite warm at 10:00. We jumped into the pool and enjoyed the cool water. We swam around for a bit and then got out to the lounge. We dried each other off, with me wiping Veronica’s vaginal and clitoris very well. We were enjoying ourselves when Janice called to announced she was ready for us. Since Veronica needed to cool down, I volunteered to go first. To my surprise, Janice (who is usually in a white T-shirt and white slacks) asked me if it’s OK to stay naked. I didn’t bursa escort mind as long as she was comfortable. She maybe a short women and a bit old, but she has a nice body and I didn’t mind admiring her from the table. She began my massage by working on my head, face, shoulders, arms and chest. She was going to the abdominal area when she commented about my erection (she called it a flagpole). I was very embarrassed to have that occurred. That hasn’t happen to me in a long time! She told me not to worry and continued the massage. Before turning over, she began to give me a “hand-job”! This was a wonderful surprise! She stroked my shaft up and down and then cupped the head and began to move her hand around like she was squeezing the juice out of a orange! Within minutes, I came into her hands. It was so wonderful! She excused herself and came back into the room with a warm wash-cloth to clean me up. She asked me to turn onto my back and then she worked on my back and thighs. After I was done, she helped me up and lead me outside. I saw Veronica and she asked if she enjoyed our surprise! I never knew she and Janice talked about giving me a hand-job. What a wonderful anniversary escort bursa present!

Veronica went into the house for her massage. Before going in, I whispered into Janice’s ear for a surprise for her. Janice usually packs some necessary items to use. One of them is a pair of barber shears and a comb. I asked her to trim and cut her pubic hairs. She smiled and agreed to do since it would easy to do when Veronica had some oil down there. I left the two women and went outside for the “all-over” tan.

After an hour, I went inside and took some pictures of Veronica laying on her stomach. She turned over and produced a wonderful trimmed pubic area! I was in heaven! I started to massage her breasts and work on her vaginal area when Janice announced it’s time for lunch. She prepared a Chinese lunch with rice and soup. We sat down to lunch and Janice began to pack up her stuff. I left Veronica to settle payment with Janice. I paid her the fee we agreed to, plus an extra bonus for her extra work. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek, and told me to keep it. She left us a bottle of oil and told us to have fun! I gave her a big hug and helped her load her car and saw her on her way.

I escort bursa returned back to the house and finished lunch. Veronica went to lie down and I went outside to relax in the sun and to prepare a surprise for the two of us!

About an hour passed and I went to get Veronica. I gentle woke her up by kissing her lightly on the cheek and helped her up to her feet. I blind-folded her eyes and lead her outside under a large maple tree. Once there, I removed her blind-fold and showed her a make-shift bed with pillows, towels, and a bottle of massage oil. We embraced one another and lie down on the bed. I took the massage oil and work on her vaginal area and reach in to massage her clitoris. She’s going into heaven and enjoying it very much. She tells me to stop and to stick my big dick into her! Like a good boy, I follow her instructions and we’re outdoor, having sex like it’s no tomorrow! After I cum into her, I move my body down to her vagina and begin to eat her out and use my fingers to put more excitement into it. Within 5 minutes, she screams very loudly and shoots a large wad of cum into my mouth. I continue to eat her out until she pleads with me to stop!

We rest, with her head on my chest, and the sun warming us in the mid afternoon. We lie there for about 30 minutes, and then go inside to the double shower and clean ourselves off. We go back to the pool for a quick dip, dry ourselves off, and then head home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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