Our Wet Camping Trip

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Big Tits

My wife and I went camping at busy campground several years ago. Although the campsite had showers, the flush toilets were out of service and outhouses had been brought in. My wife can not stand to use an outhouse. When she found out, she didn’t even want to stay at the campsite, although she loves camping.

That’s when I came up with a brilliant idea. I could drink her pee. Then she would only have to use the outhouse for

, or she could go in the woods after dark. I had just talked my wife into peeing in my mouth for the first time only a couple of months earlier. She had peed in my mouth a number of times since then, but she still wasn’t sure what to think of the whole watersports thing. When I told her my idea, I was surprised that she seemed to jump at the chance. Better yet, she even said I could have as much sex as I wanted that weekend to return the favor. I was so excited, I nearly came in my pants.

I had a rock hard cock the entire time we set up our campsite. As I was topping off the last of the air in the air-mattress, my wife said she had to go. She climbed into the tent, took off her clothes and laid on her back. I lay between her legs and spread her pussy lips, placing my mouth over her urethra. As this was still a new experience, she sometimes had a hard time going without stimulation. I put my finger into her pussy and pushed against her bladder. It only took a few seconds and the need to pee overcame her bladder shyness. She was good about controlling her stream so I could drink it all. It seemed like she peed forever, yet it didn’t last long enough. I didn’t spill a drop.

I was still hard as a rock, and my wife asked if I was ready to take her up on her offer. My wife and I had been having anal sex, almost exclusively, for the past 13 years or so, and camping was no exception. We packed lube and baby wipes to clean up after. I took the lube out of our overnight bag and lubed her ass. I spooned her and entered her ass. To my surprise, my wife was extremely turned on and began to work her ass back and forth against my cock. I could feel my wife’s piss in my stomach. I couldn’t believe I just drank my wife’s piss, and now I was fucking her in the ass… and she was loving the entire experience. It only took a couple of minutes and my wife was ready to get on top. I lay on my back and she sat facing me, my cock buried in her ass. She slowly began to rock back and forth and up and down. Within minutes, she was bouncing up and down on my cock in her ass. She began saying, “Oh god, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” We both had a mind shattering orgasm and she lay backward, my cock slowly softening in her ass. We cleaned up with the baby wipes, and I told her I had to go to the bathroom.

When I left the tent, I realized the three college age guys in the campsite next to us could hear the whole thing. One of them shot me a thumbs-up. All three had huge smiles on their faces, mardin escort especially after seeing my sexy wife.

I went to the bathroom and came back to the campsite. My wife was outside the tent, setting up the cooking gear. “You don’t think those guys could hear us, do you?” she asked. “No, I’m sure they couldn’t.” I assured her. My wife thanked me for making it able for us to stay.

As we ate lunch, she must have drank half a gallon of water and sodas. After cleaning up the dishes we collected firewood. Afterward, my wife said she had to pee again.

“I hope it’s okay.” she said.

I certainly didn’t mind. It was like a fantasy come true. I had always dreamed of drinking her pee for a entire weekend. Not only was this my chance, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

We got back in the tent and she lay on her back again. I placed my mouth over her urethra, as I had before. She must have peed for a minute and a half, and my finger in her pussy could feel her getting wet. I realized my wife was becoming turned on by pissing in my mouth. Once again I swallowed every drop. My wife asked if I wanted her to do anything to return the favor.

“Drink as much liquids as you can.” I told her.

She smiled, “anything else?”

I grabbed the lube and put some on her ass and my cock. She put her legs on my shoulders as I placed my cock against her asshole. I slowly slid my cock in to the hilt. After she got used to it, I began to bang her ass hard. My wife was moaning with each thrust. As I had just cum a few hours before, I banged her ass for about 20 minutes before we both had another mind-blowing orgasm.

Afterward, my wife confessed she was turned on I would let her pee in my mouth. I drank a full bladder full of her pee at least three more times that evening and we had another fantastic round of anal sex. It was almost as if drinking her pee made us 18 again sexually. I could stay hard as long as I wanted.

Because she drank so much water that evening, my wife woke up during the night needing to pee. She woke me, worried I would be upset. Instead, I quickly assumed my spot between her legs and drank another bladder full. She thanked me again, as it was so cold and dark outside the tent.

The next morning I woke before my wife, with a full bladder of her pee. I went to the bathroom and returned to the tent. My wife was waiting.

“I really need to pee.” she said, “Do you think you can drink my morning pee?”

I didn’t know, so we placed a towel under her butt, and I took my position. She began to pee slowly. The flavor was exquisite! I can’t believe I had been scared to drink her morning pee.

When we left the tent, I noticed the guys in the campsite next to us had moved their tents closer to our site, and looked at us every time we came out of the tent with big grins on their faces. I think my wife noticed, but it marmaris escort only turned her on.

We ate breakfast, and my wife dutifully drank five glasses of water and a large mug of coffee. After cleaning the breakfast dishes, she gave me a look that let me know she needed to go again. We climbed back into the tent. This time, we got in a 69 position, with her on top. I placed my mouth over her pee hole, and she started peeing. Just then, she began sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe my wife was pissing in my mouth while sucking my cock. I came by the time she stopped peeing. The flavor of my cum in her mouth seemed to turn her on more, and she began to gyrate her clitoris against my tongue. Within minutes, she came. When she did, she let out one last squirt of pee.

After cleaning up, my wife said that she should go

, but she had held it so long, she really didn’t feel like she had to go. I suggested we take a bucket into the tent, and she could go in it and I would take it to the outhouse. I had given my wife a pee enema once before, but she hadn’t seemed interested in doing it again. She said she didn’t know if she’d be able to go, and she really wanted to be clean for anal sex later in the day. I went out on a limb and suggested I give her a piss enema. She could then expel it into the bucket, and I could take it to the outhouse. Her eye’s lit up and she smiled.

We got into the tent with our bucket, and my wife got on all fours, her gorgeous ass in the air. Within minutes my now hard cock was buried up her butt. As I had drank her piss twice already that morning without going to the bathroom, I was able to relax within a few minutes. I felt a trickle begin. Just then I pushed, and began spraying a torrent of pee into her butt.

“Slow down,” she said.

I stopped peeing and just left my cock in her ass for a minute.

“Okay, keep going.” she said.

I began to pee into her ass again. This time, I just let it trickle out. I must have peed for three or four minutes. It was like having a four minute cum-shot.

“Oh god, I have to go,” my wife said.

I waited in her ass for a minute, until she was able to keep it in. She moved over the bucket and emptied my pee from her ass. I took the bucket to the outhouse while she cleaned up then went to the shower.

When she got back to the tent, my wife said she had to go pee again.

“You didn’t go in the shower?” I asked.

“I thought you would rather I not,” she said.

I couldn’t believe it. My wife wanted me to drink her pee. I assumed my position between her legs and in seconds, she began to pee. When she was done, she asked if there was anything I wanted.

“Can I lay in your ass for a while?” I asked.

Minutes later, I was laying next to my wife in our tent, my cock in her ass.

“What did it feel like to have me pee in your butt,” I asked. nevşehir escort

“It was uncomfortable at first,” she said, “But, when you went slow, it felt really good. I could feel how warm it was flowing into me.”

“Does that mean you liked it?” I asked.

“I’d like to try it again,” she said.

“Right now?” I asked, “I don’t have to go.”

“No, I want you to really have to go,” she said. “I want you to fill my butt with pee and fuck me. Let’s do it before we leave, then if we get something on the sleeping bag we can wash it when we get home.”

By this time I was so horny my dick must have been like a piece of steel. I had her get on all fours and grabbed her hips, and slammed her ass against me, shooting my fourth load of the weekend up her ass.

She peed at least three more times that afternoon. As we packed our campsite, I felt like I was going to explode. The only thing left was our tent, sleeping bags, and some towels. We got inside, and she got on all fours, her ass in the air. I lubed her butt and slowly slid my cock in. She let out a little moan as my pee began to trickle into her ass.

“Don’t move, or I won’t be able to pee.” I told her.

“Oh god, it feels really good,” she said. “I hope you have to go a lot.”

My piss must have trickled into her ass for nearly five minutes. I asked her several times if it was uncomfortable. All she did was moan. When I stopped peeing, I said, “I think that’s it.”

“Just stay still for a minute,” she said.

I could feel my cock stiffening in her ass again. I felt her hand go to her clit and knew that was my signal to start. I began sliding my cock in and out of her ass. We use a silicone based lubricant, that isn’t affected by the urine. Within minutes I was slamming my cock into her piss filled butt, and she was moaning and pushing against me uncontrollably. Piss was running out around my cock. Thanks to her earlier enema, she was clean, and only pee escaped her ass.

Then she yelled, “Fuck my piss filled ass” I love your cock in my piss filled ass! Oh god, I can’t believe you peed in my butt! It feels so good.”

She began to cum, and I came deep in her piss filled ass. I could feel her pee hitting my balls from her pussy. She fell forward, and I went with her, my cock still stuffed in her butt.

“Stay inside me,” she said.

I lay on top of her, my cock still in her piss filled butt. After a few minutes I asked her if she needed to use the bucket.

“No, I think what didn’t leak out, will stay in.” she said.

We cleaned up, and packed our wet sleeping bags, tent, and towels. The guys in the space next to us stood by their campfire with their mouths agape with the thought my beautiful wife was so nasty.

About an hour into our two hour drive home, my wife had to have me stop at a gas station.

“I’m really clean,” she said as she returned to the car.”

When we got home, my wife asked me if I was thirsty.

“Of course,” I said.

After I drank her pee for the final time that weekend, my wife rode my cock with her ass again. It was the best weekend of my life, and a fantasy come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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