Party Mom Ch. 03

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This story starts exactly where the previous one left off. PLEASE leave a comment if you read, or send me some feedback. If you like my stories, email me. I’m happy to take suggestions from readers. In fact, I hadn’t prioritized writing part three here until I got an email, so if you want more, say so and be specific in what you want to see.

Alex put his hands on the side of my mom’s head and shoved her deeper onto his cock. I stood before him, unsure of what to do.

“So,” Alex said, not even looking at my mom sucking his cock, “We need to work out a contract to get your mother into some hot filthy films.”

I scratched the back of my head.

“And I’m involved?” I asked, not knowing why I would be.

“Of course,” he said, “Look, I mean, it’s obvious that your mom is a little sex kitten. And it’s only partly because she’s such a whore.” My mom moaned slightly, letting saliva and precum drip down her mouth.

“It’s also because she’s your mom,” Alex said, “Look at all these people staring. Sure, it’s somewhat because your mom knows how to handle a cock in her mouth, but it’s also to see the look on your face. People love watching a guy watch his mom get fucked. “

My mom grabbed the base of Alex’s cock and shook it in her fist. The tip was red and swelling. Alex shoved it back into her mouth violently and she groaned.

“So let’s talk contract. You and her, a feature film. You take her around the mall or somewhere, picking up guys. It’s called “Watch me pimp my mom”. You in?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, that sounds pretty humiliating…”

“That’s the point,” he said. “But it pays.”

I took the bait. “How much?”

“Fifty thousand dollars,” he said. I was shocked.

Alex thrust out his pelvis deeper into my mom. He leaned back his head and groaned, and my mom gagged “ahhhhhhhhhh”. He erupted down her throat, jizzing down my mother’s throat and into her stomach. It was still dripping down her chest when she stood up, looked into Alex’s eyes and asked, “Each?”

Alex laughed. “Fifty thousand for you, twenty thousand for him.”

Still, that was a lot of money. Alex pulled up his speedo.

“Come by my office tomorrow,” he said, “I’ll call you and leave you the details. And great party.” He walked away.

I left and went into the hallway, where I found Sonny getting cozy with Josh.

“Hey,” I said, going up to them. They ignored me and went into a kiss. They waltzed away into my mom’s empty bedroom and I heard the door lock.

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Two guys were sitting across from me.

“Did you see that chick suck that guy’s cock?” one said.

“Yeah, she was the mom who owns this place.”

“No way, I didn’t know a mom could be such a slut.”

“Yeah, neither did I. The guy said she was going to be in a porno soon.”

“Holy shit, that sounds awesome. I’d buy it.”

“Sure you would, so you could jack off to it.”

“Yeah, of course, I want to jack off to that kid’s mom; she’s fucking hot.”

“Yeah, I’m probably going to jack off to her too, ha.”

They both laughed.

“Look, there she is.”

My mom walked in at the door way and plopped her ass down on the couch between the guys.

“Hey,” she said, putting her arms around the guys. Their eyes both moved downwards towards her open tan chest.

I turned away. I grabbed a drink from the side fridge and took a chug. After a few minutes, I was a little tipsy, and I closed my eyes for a little. When I opened them, I saw the guys across from me holding my mom’s breasts in their hands and bouncing her tits up and down as she laughed.

“Ha ha, you guys are too funny,” she said as they groped her in front of her son.

I stood up and headed towards my bedroom. I was tired, and still confused about the day.

I got into the bed, but it was hard to get the image of the boys fondling my mom out of my head.

I fell asleep eventually, but awoke a few hours later to some strange sounds besides my bed.

It was my mom, of course, lying on top of one of the boys from before. He was laying face up on the floor next to my bed, and my mom was riding him, facing him, as he mauled her tits with her hands. Her flat stomach gyrated above his, and the pressure of his cock shoved her firm ass cheeks jiggling above his groins.

She was moaning and talking dirty to him.

“Fuck yeah, shove that cock deep inside me, ohh yeahhh.”

I shoved my face into my pillow. Maybe I was dreaming. I didn’t know why she would be in my room, but then I remembered that Josh and Sonny locked the doors to hers. Whatever. I tried to fall back asleep, but I could still here my mom riding that young guy.

“Where’s your friend?” I heard her ask.

“Over there,” the guy grunted.

I turned over in my bed. There, by the door, I saw the other guy, sitting.

“What’s he doing?” my mom panted.

“Jacking off, I guess,” the guy said, thrusting into my mom’s body.

“Come over here,” she called to him, and I could kartal escort bayan see him get up.

“Jack off a little closer,” she added, “Because when he’s done, you can stick it in my ass.” She giggled.

I rolled over and fell back asleep.

I woke up a little later and was confused that time had passed. I looked down at the side of my bed and saw my mom asleep, face down, her back and ass cheeks sticky with cum. Both of the guys were passed out next to her, their limp fat dicks sticking to the sides of their legs. One their hands lay underneath my mom, her tits pushing up against it with the weight of her body.

On my pillow, I noticed, was a wet, dripping used condom, and I flung it onto the floor and fell back asleep disgusted.

When I woke up the next time, it was morning, and my mom was gone. The condom was still there on the carpet, joined by two more that weren’t there last night.

I walked out of my room and into the hallway. It was like a scene out of a college comedy movie. There are guys passed out asleep, girls strewn over couches, red cups littered everywhere.

I stepped over a busty sleeping girl into the kitchen.

There were a bunch of people sitting at my kitchen table, all my age, and all naked. Most of them were guys, beefy and muscular, with huge cocks between their strong legs. There were one or two girls, sitting topless with big tits on the laps of some of these naked men.

Everyone was eating huge stacks of pancakes and drinking freshly squeezed orange juice.

At the stove was my mother, frying pancakes and shaking her tight ass as she flipped with a spatula.

“Come back over here,” one of the guys yelled to my mom, “I’m hungry for a piece of your fine ass.” I recognized him from school as Tony.

“I’ll be right there,” my mom said, prancing over to the table with a fresh stack of pancakes. She sat down on Tony’s lap, and his thick hard cock pressed into the nape of her back.

She giggled feeling the touch of his manhood.

I walked in and she landed a big fat kiss onto Tony.

“Hey Chad,” Tony yelled to me, his cock still digging into my mom. I sat down and grabbed some pancakes.

My mom kept giggling.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked her.

She kept giggling. “Just Tony’s cock,” she said. She reached and grabbed the massive thing with two hands and pointed it to me, showing me its size and girth. She leaned down and stuck out her tongue, taking a big lick off of Tony’s cock head.

“Yummy,” she said, “Oh, and we have that meeting with Alex the Porn Star today,” she told me.

“You’re a porn star, baby?” Tony asked her, and she nodded. “I knew these titties were professional quality.” He stuck his face between my mom’s breasts and motorboated her back and forth.

“And you?” he said, turning to me from my mom’s cleavage, “You work in the porn with her?”

“I guess,” she said.

“Oh cool, I didn’t know you were a fag,” he said, pointing his big fat cock at me, “You should suck me off; you have pretty much the same lips as your mom so you probably suck cock pretty good.” He stood up and waved his cock in my face.

“No, I don’t really do that,” I said, but he shoved his cock closer into my face. He kept laughing.

“Ah, alright, I’ll just stick here with your mom.” She reached down into his lap and started jacking him off under the table.

“Come on,” he said, “Join her. Help jack me off.”

I frowned.

“You look like you’d be into it. I got a cock big enough for you and your mom.”

My mom kept jacking him off for a few minutes before he finally finished, erupting up all over my mom’s hands and onto the table.

“Clean me off, at least,” he said to me, but I refused. My mom dipped her head into his lap and started licking the cum off of his hard cock.

“It taste good?” he asked her.

“Delicious,” she said, letting it drip off her face.

Later, she got everyone rounded up and out of the house, cleaned up a bit, and we left for Alex’s office.

My mom chose to wear a yellow tang top that clung to her breasts and exposed as much cleavage as she could. It rode up her body, letting her tan slim midriff stand exposed to the entire world. Her bottoms were a short pair of jean shorts, one that hugged her ass tightly. She let her thong ride up above her waist, and unbuttoned the front of her jeans in a sexy slutty manner. She wore shiny pink lip gloss, and high heels that thrust her legs up in a way that made her seem asking to be slammed down to the ground and mounted.

Her clothes, however, were not long for her. When we got into Alex’s building, we realized that all the other women there were entirely naked. Alex greeted us.

“Hello, glad you both showed up.” He was dressed only in sun glasses, his long cock resting against his leg,

“I’ll meet you both in my office in a half hour, you both need to be groomed.”

“What?” I asked.

“You both need to get prepped for the screen. It’s standard, just follow my assistants.”

A woman with yakacık escort big tits and wide hips approached me and grabbed me by the arm. Another woman approached my mother and led her away, peeling off her tight shirt as they walked. My woman led me into a room and closed the door.

“This is just standard grooming,” she told me, walking over and taking off my shirt, “Trimming hairs, making sure everything is okay.” She tossed my shirt onto the ground.

“This your first film?” she asked. I nodded.

“What kind of film is it? Gay?” she asked.

“No, not gay.” I told her.

She got down on her knees and pulled down my pants.

“My, my,” she said, “What is this?” She was referring to the size of my penis.

“You’re the smallest porn star I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, the film is mostly about my mom,” I told her.

“Shit,” she said to me, “That woman with you was your mom?” I nodded.

“You’ve got some tasty mom.”

I shrugged.

“Can you get hard for me, baby?” the girl asked, and I was surprised.

She noticed and added: “If you’re going to be in a porno, we can’t have you shooting off in one second. I’ll get that first round out of you.”

The idea that this hot porn girl would be jerking me off made me instantly hard. She grasped my cock with her right hand and started.

“Still not bigger, but that’s okay,” she added.

The girl had been working my cock with her hand for a few minutes when I asked, “Do you think I’m going to get to fuck girls in the video?”

“Well, you’re fucking your mom, right?” she said.

“What, no, it’s not THAT kind of video,” I said.

“Oh, that’s too bad. I’m sorry your mom doesn’t let you fuck her.”

I frowned. “It’s not that. I don’t want to fuck her; she’s my mom!”

She stopped jerking me off.

“Are you serious?” she said, “How could you not want to fuck that hot piece of ass? Seriously, kid, we get a lot of girls here, and your mom is stunning. I could lick her all over and never stop. She looks so yummy.”

“Uhhh, thanks?”

“I’m so wet just thinking about it, see?” she stuck the hand she had been jacking me off with in between in her legs, and pulled it back out dripping with fluids.

“Your mom is fuckin’ sexy.”

She resumed my handjob, using her wetness as a lubricant now. With a wetter and faster jerk, I knew I was about to cum. She sensed it.

“Shoot it in my mouth,” she said, sticking out her tongue. She thrust my dick towards her face and I shot out two or three shots of sticky mess down her mouth.

“That’s all? But I’m still thirsty,” she said, “Maybe I’ll get to drink some of your mom later.”

She finished with some powder around my groin and stood back up.

“Wear this,” she said, handing me a pair of pants. However, the pants were made of perfectly transparent plastic.

“Are these even clothes?” I asked.

“They are in a porno, honey,” she answered.

I put on the “pants” and looked at myself in the mirror. My shriveled cock looked smaller than usual, and my sack looked tired from the recent ejaculation.

“I don’t look very manly,” I said to the girl, leading me out into the hallway.

“That’s fine,” answered another girl, passing by, “It’s ‘Watch Me Pimp My Mom’; you’re not supposed to look manly.”

I knocked on the door to Alex’s office and he called me in. He was working on some paperwork, and asked me to sit down. The office was empty but for us.

Alex slid a packet of papers over to me.

“Sign these,” he said, “It’s your contract.”

I began to read through them, when the door opened, and the girl who had jacked me off came in, leading my mom through the doorframe.

They had dressed my mom in a bright pink bikini two sizes too small. Her tits strained to get out of the flimsy top, pushing fleshy tit out of the sides, the bottoms, and forming a massively deep cleavage in the center. The bottoms were a thong, also bright pink, that rode just around her pussy and slid up the crack of her butt, holding the firm cheeks in place. They had covered her in oil, and her tan skin shone in the light. Her hair was tied up in a sexy mature style, and she wore whorish lipstick that made her face look inviting.

“Beautiful,” Alex said, standing up and hugging my mom, “You look great.”

My mom took a seat and grabbed the contract from my hand, signing it at the bottom with a flourish. She handed it back to me, and I signed beneath her, and gave it to Alex.

“Excellent,” Alex said, and stood up. “I’ll show you to the camera man and the car and you’ll be off.”

We rode in a white mini van that the camera man, Joey, drove. On the way, my mom fixed her boobs in her top, sometimes taking it off and readjusting. She even let Joey have a few squeezes when she caught him staring at her bust.

“Chad, help your mom with her top,” Joey said to me, still cupping one of her breasts but with eyes fixed on the rode.

“Do I have to?” I sighed.

“You bet,” he said, “It’s in your contract. You have hürriyet mahallesi escort to do what I say or else you don’t get paid.

I leaned forwards and my mom stuck out her chest towards me. I helped move the small strips of pink fabric so that they were centered around her large breasts.

“Thanks, honey,” my mom said, petting my head.

When we arrived at the beach, Joey parked in a spot and unloaded a bunch of camera equipment into a large sunny beach bag.

“Carry this,” he told me, shoving the heavy equipment into my arms, “It’s really cameras for the shoot, but on film it will just look like your mom is making you carry her bag.”

The bag was heavy, and it made my arms hurt. My mom stepped out onto the sand and put on a big pair of sunglasses. They made her look cheap and easy, which she was.

We all stepped onto the beach, Joey behind us carrying one of the cameras.

“Here’s what you do. Chad, it’s your job to find guys who are interested in fucking your mom. You go up and ask different guys if they are interested in meeting your mom. She will be standing right behind you, but won’t say a word unless they address her directly. They can touch her, feel her up, do whatever they want, but before they take anything out of their pants, you have to reach into there and make sure they have really huge cocks. It’s really because the video is hotter with bigger dicks, but you should tell them it’s because your mom only accepts the nicest and fattest cocks.”

“That’s true though,” chirped in my mom, “I don’t want any small dicks; they have to be big and fat and scrumptious.”

“Of course,” smiled Joey, patting my mom on the ass, “Let’s go.”

The beach reminded me of the show “Jersey Shore”. It was full of muscled guys and hot girls in small clothing, much like my mom. I wandered around for a bit, letting the sun soak in and, incidentally, letting people notice my extremely transparent pants. Some attractive girls sunning themselves sat up to stare at my package as I approached them, giggling to themselves. It made me nervous, which only made my penis shrink more into my body, causing more laughter from the surrounding sexy people.

Eventually, we came across a pair of guys, ripped and tan, sitting on towels. One was listening to music on an iPod, while the other sipped from a beer.

The guy looked up from his iPod and saw my mom walking towards him. He took his headphones out of his ear and stood up.

“Out of my way, weirdo,” he said to me, in reference to my pants. He shoved me aside and walked towards my mom. “I want to have a chat with your hot friend.”

“Actually, she’s not my friend,” I told him, “She’s my mom.”

The guy stopped short.

“Are you fucking serious?” he asked, “This hot piece of ass is your god damn mom?” He laughed.

“Hey Mike, come check this out,” he called to his friend, “See this fucking hot ass bitch? She’s this kid’s mom.”

“What’s up with your cock,” the guy Mike asked me, “Did you chop it off or something?”

“It’s just cold outside…” I offered.

“It’s not fucking cold,” Mike said, basking in the warmth of the sun on this beach, “You just have a small fucking cock.”

The other guy laughed.

“So what were you saying, Kevin”

“This bitch is tiny dick’s mom.”

“No fucking way.” Mike looked at me and then looked at my mom.

“I’m going to totally bang your mom.”

“What’s with the fucking cameras?” Kevin asked, noticing Joey.

“I’m making a porn video,” I explained as per my contract, “It’s called ‘Watch Me Pimp My Mom’.”

“Sweet, let’s fucking bang her then,” Kevin said.

“Well, I have to make sure your cocks are big enough,” I said first.

Mike walked right up to me, so close that I could smell the sweat on his muscular chest.

“Fucking feel it then, fag.”

Glancing at Joey for a moment, I slipped my hand down the man’s swim trunks. I couldn’t imagine how the man walked around. There was no room left in his pants. His cock was so thick that I doubt I could have wrapped my hand around it fully. It extended further and further down his leg until finally ending with a warm pulsing tip. I couldn’t believe it. It was just so long. My hand brushed up against his heavy ball sack. They were hot and sweaty, and heavy like two pool balls.

I couldn’t help but let out a “Fuck…”

“Yeah, you’re impressed, fucking fag,” Mike said as I withdrew my hand, “I’m going to ram it up into your mom’s ass, maybe I’ll let you lick it clean afterwards.”

Rather than having to suffer the humiliation of feeling Kevin’s cock too, I looked over at the guy to see that he had whipped his out, in its thick and lengthy glory. It was equally as impressive as his friends, with possibly more mammoth sized balls dangling and glistening with sweat beneath his thick shaft.

Joey let us all to a cabana that had been prepared. He gave us all some directions and then started rolling.

The first shot was me standing with my mom on the beach without the guys.

“Hi I’m Chad,” I said, hugging my mom at the shoulder by my side, “And this is my mom.”

Here my mom let out a laugh and her tits jiggled in their top.

“We’re here at the beach today,” my mom continued, “Because I’m tired of just raising a son all day. I’m ready to get fucked.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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