Past Life of Mary Alice

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Josh knew he was some kind of pervert, but he was eighteen and he figured that everyone was a pervert at eighteen. Besides, he hadn’t gone looking for this shit. Just sort of stumbled across it at a friend’s house when they were sitting around jerking off.

They’d been doing it for years: stealing magazines, borrowing their dad’s or older brother’s collections, downloading what they could without being caught. Mostly they just talked about what they’d seen, but sometimes they jacked off together too – hands on each other’s dicks while some chick got fucked out of her mind on screen.

His mom had always been pretty cool about it – never once commenting on the magazines that he sometimes got careless with, or tried to sneak onto his computer – and maybe that should’ve been a clue, but it still wouldn’t have prepared him to be in his friend’s basement, his dick hard and twitching in his hand, when he realized that the chick getting banged on screen was his mom.

He creamed all over himself right there, biting his lip so he wouldn’t blurt it out, and then dealt with the razzing by his friend’s for coming so fast while he zipped up and got the hell out of there. He ran all the way home and called himself a jackass because it couldn’t possible be true. Sure his mom was hot, but no way would she ever be in a porno.

Except that when he got past the different hair color and the fact that his mom was maybe fifteen years older now, it had really fucking looked like her. And yeah, he was a pervert, because he was already getting hard again at the thought that he could go home and watch his mom get her pussy pounded again and again and again.


The house was dark when he walked in; mom’s night out with the girls, he remembered. Probably a good thing since he was pretty much a walking boner at this point, bounding up the stairs with an urgency he wouldn’t have been able to explain.

His computer system was pretty sweet and almost always on, and he didn’t waste any time googling the movie he’d just watched. There were pictures and lame ass descriptions that all said the same thing, and a whole shitload of movies with the same girl he’d seen.

Different name, and twenty years younger, but fuck him sideways, that was totally his mom. It was clearer than ever, now that the camera was focused on her face instead of her rack or ass or cunt, and all Josh could do was stare and stare wondering what the fuck he was supposed to do with this information.

Was he supposed to confront his mom?

‘Yeah, me and the guys jacked off to this hot chick last night who, as it turns out, was you.’

Somehow he just didn’t see that as ending well.

And he sure as hell escort kartal couldn’t tell his friends, because they already gave him shit for having a hot mom: asking him if he ever saw her in the shower, or if he ever searched her room for toys.

Of course knowing the kind of assholes that they were, it was likely that they knew already and were just fucking with him, and Josh figured if that was the case, then he should have as much information as possible.

And hell, that didn’t sound half bad as a justification, even if his hand was shaking when he started downloading movie after movie.

After movie.

And Christ, over a hundred movies later, Josh thought he was going to lose his mind. Especially since she’d mostly done them all when she was eighteen and nineteen, which meant that she’d basically done a movie a week. Which meant that if Josh only watched one movie a day, he’d be watching his mom fuck for almost four months.

If he could limit himself to one a day, that was. And based on his recent actions, Josh didn’t think he had that kind of willpower.

Which was probably why, while all those movies were downloading, he was scouring the rest of the internet for anything else he could find.

It wasn’t much: a couple of wholly inadequate bios, and some seriously freaking warped fansites that he devoured every single word of. He’d started jacking himself when he’d found several scenes on streaming video; his fingers shaking as he opened his pants the minute she got on screen.

She was blond in these, just like she’d been in the one he’d seen at Kevin’s house: hair much longer than he was used to, and kind of wavy. Her face wasn’t as heavily made up in this one though: pale skin that was already flushed, pink lips that were curved in a fuck me smile.

There were two guys, but like in most porn, he never saw their faces, just saw his mom as she shimmied out of her tight short shorts, her thong red and wicked over her pale smooth legs. She was wearing a little halter-top, her breasts pushing at the thin material as she sank to her knees in front of them.

They had pretty respectable cocks, long and thick, and Josh couldn’t help but compare them to his own as they pushed at each other, fighting to shove them into his mother’s mouth. She let them fight, making greedy noises when one managed to push himself inside, sucking and drooling as she worked the other with her slim, pale hands.

They were hands that had treated his scraped knees when he’d wrecked his bike and pressed against his brow when he’d been sick, and they were just as strong and capable as they’d been every time he’d seen them – short, unpainted nails and dexterous fingers.

He uğur mumcu escort threw his head back and groaned, low and deep as he imagined those hands on his cock rather than his own.

He forced himself to slow down, to loosen his grip, knowing that if he continued at this rate he was going to jack himself raw by morning. He took a deep breath and stood, stripping out of his clothes quickly before he sat back down and looked back at the screen.

His mother was on her hands and knees now, between the two men as one of them fucked into her pussy and the other fucked into her mouth. Her lips were red and swollen; her eyes half closed like she was blissed out just by the fact that she was being used like a fuck toy.

When the camera cut to the cock riding her cunt, Josh had to grab his dick hard just so he wouldn’t come.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said, under his breath, panting along with her.

She was shaved bare, and had obviously been worked over for a while, her pussy lips as red and swollen as her mouth. And she was drenched: her creamy legs slick with pussy juice as the guy’s dick cleaved into her.

His hands were on her hips in a bruising grip like he was afraid that she was trying to get away, even though she was fucking back into him with every thrust: greedy and grasping before she shoved her mouth forward onto the other man’s cock.

Josh was lightheaded with lust as he pinched his own nipples and rolled his balls in his hand, thinking back on every time his mother’s mouth had touched him – soft and comforting – and how if she ever touched him with her mouth again, he might end up just coming in his jeans.

Like in any porn, the scene switched suddenly, his mother going from on her knees to sitting up facing the screen, her back arching in pleasure as she sank onto the cock beneath her. This position offered a much better look at her pussy, and Jesus, her breasts, now surrounded by the twisted red fabric of her halter. She cupped them in her hands, pulling and tugging on her own nipples as she flexed her trembling thighs and sank down again and again on the cock beneath her.

Her mouth was hanging open, and her voice was rough from abuse when she whispered, “Fuck me. Oh God, do it harder.”

It was average porn dialogue – not exactly imaginative – but it was his mother’s voice through cock-swollen lips, and Josh couldn’t hold himself back any more as he licked his palm and grabbed his dick.

The guy beneath her obliged her command, and the low quality of the streaming video made everything a blur for a moment as the guy jammed himself into her as hard and fast as possible. His mother’s voice rising in çavuşoğlu escort praise over the slapping sound of their hips, and Josh’s hips raised off the chair as he fucked up into his own fist.

He wasn’t at all prepared for her to come. Wasn’t prepared to see it happen almost violently in front of him as she suddenly went tense, her whole body frozen for a split second before she shuddered all over and gushed out what seemed like a gallon of come over the guy’s cock, the couch, and herself.

Josh came without a sound, all air sucked from his lungs as he watched his mother twitch uncontrollably from aftershocks, her body limp and pliable, making it easy for the guy beneath her to heave her into the other man’s arms.

The second man took her, hauling her up easily, his arms hooking under her legs as he impaled her on his cock. The first man, now up off the couch, stepped up behind her, his thick fingers moving to her ass, and Josh’s dick twitched painfully when heard her moan, a low, pleading sound.

“Please,” she whispered, twining her arms around whomever she could reach.

The guy pushed two fingers into her, fucking her hard once, twice, before breaching her with his cock.

They were large men, hefting her slim frame easily as they pushed into her cunt and ass, and Josh’s hand, slick with his own come, moved roughly on his still hard cock.

They took her, and she let them, body trembling with every release, and when they came inside of her, she whined and clung to them, hips moving like she hadn’t gotten enough.

The clip ended with Josh still hard and his lips swollen from biting into them. The clip ended with a noise at the front door, his mother’s keys jingling in the lock, and her footsteps on the stairs.

Josh was still breathing hard, his hand still wrapped around his come-covered dick when his mom knocked on his door.

“Hey Josh, you in there?”

“Ye-yeah,” he said, clearing his throat. “Yeah mom, I’m here.”

“I thought you were at Kevin’s tonight.”

He knew she wouldn’t come in unless he asked her to. Knew that she had always respected his privacy, but that didn’t stop him from wanting her to walk in and see herself on screen covered in come, to see her son’s cock waiting for her.

Knew it was best that he never work up the nerve to ask her in.

“It was pretty lame,” he said, after taking a deep breath. “I decided to come home.”

“You’re sounding pretty rough there, kid. You’re not getting sick, are you?”

“No,” Josh said, looking at his mother’s blissed out face, red mouth, full breasts and greedy cunt. “I’m not sick.”

“Okay, sweetie,” she said after a moment. “But if you need me in the night, you come get me, okay?”

“Yeah mom,” he said. “I’ll come get you.”

He heard her walk away, then clicked off the video and checked his downloads. There’d be two done in just over an hour.

He tried not to think of how he could pass the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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