Patty’s Eyes Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction and a continuation of the story “Patties Eyes”. Warning: this is a self-edited long story with women exploring their sexuality in a variety of ways. Volunteers for story suggestions, editing, and/or grammar desired.

Chapter 1 – Last 10 Years

I am sitting in my chair, a cup of coffee in hand, French Toast and bacon on the table, and I am looking outside at a beautiful sunny day. How did my life get so screwed up? Ten years ago, I compliment a little girl fighting cancer. That night I lose my job and three months later that girl and her two moms save my life. I get a new job, have regular sex with two awesome, gorgeous women, and help raise an amazing little girl into a goddess. Life was awesome.

However, after several years, Janet and Jackie had a parting of the ways and to this day can’t stand each other. Patty was given a choice to live with Janet or Jackie, she selected me. I had already purchased a house for all of us and now only two live here. Half of my income is going to help Janet and Jackie. I still love them both, I support them financially and we still enjoy sex. It’s just two of us a night rather than three like it used to be.

I pick up a part-time job to help ease the financial burdens. Both Jackie and Janet got jobs, they’re just not good enough to fully support themselves. With my help, they both live OK and don’t complain … much. They hate to take too much from me because then it hurts Patty and she means everything to them. For five years now, we alternate weekdays where one of the two sisters come over to see Patty and/or me.

Why am I looking out the windows on a beautiful Saturday morning? Patty is sitting next to me in her tiny two-piece yellow bikini that I refuse to let her wear. She doesn’t listen to me. The bikini is indecent on her. She is now 6′ tall, 38C-28-34. She has straight long natural blond hair that goes past her shoulders, and those magnificent deep blue eyes are still as mesmerizing as ever. I told her they were special and now they sparkle. Men can’t say no to her. She is gorgeous and even I can’t help myself, yet I feel that I should as I am her father figure.

Patty is my big problem, if I look at her, I end up staring at her, and she loves that. It’s a game with her, to get me staring at her.

I ask a simple question, “Patty, you turn 18 in a week. What do you want for your birthday?”

Patty looks deep in thought, I know she is playing with me, I know that look. This girl is too smart, she already anticipated my question. She knows exactly what she wants. I am surprised at what she says.

Patty is eager to tell me, “Jack, there is only one thing I want, and you are going to give it to me. I won’t take no for an answer. You know I have had no serious boyfriends. There is a reason, I am in love, it isn’t anyone from school. They are not experienced enough for me, I want someone that is more … mature, more experienced, and can give me what I need. I want you to … get my mommies back together.”

I spit out, “What? No way. I don’t want them hating me. Do you hate me?”

Patty is prepared and calmly tells me, “I got a plan and Uncle Don is going to help.”

For the next hour, she explains to me her fantastically outrageous plan. She explains how she will counter about 50 potential snags, many of which I thought could happen. She has been thinking about and planning this for a while. Uncle Don took care of the tickets and a rental island. Janet and Jackie don’t know it, Patty already requested time off from their bosses who were more than willing to help.

Patty informs me that Janet, Jackie, and I just aren’t as happy anymore. We are going through the motions of life, not really enjoying it. She is mostly right. I point out that I am working two jobs to help them, have a decent life, and put food on the table. She doesn’t remember her and her parents shared one plate of mac & cheese when I met them. I explained how they used to eat, I got mad, I get up and go to my room. I am still tired from working late, a nap might help improve my mood.

Patty wants to climb into bed with me, I assure her there is no way that is happening. I ask about potential boyfriends and that makes her leave. I get several more hours of sleep before I go out to do the weeks shopping. Patty is gone when I get back, I must have hurt her feelings again. Sometimes I doubt my ability to be a father. I do the best I can and try to make them all happy. It’s the weekend, I won’t see Janet or Jackie, sure would like their company again. It was nice when they liked each other. I hope Pattie’s plan works.

Chapter 2 – The Setup

Friday night I get off work, go home, and find Uncle Don’s car in the driveway. I walk into the house and find two suitcases by the door. Uncle Don and Patty are cooking in the kitchen together. He is giving her tips on cooking.

Don commands me, “Jack, go take a shower, clean up, and wear the clothes Patty kartal escort has set out for you. Be quick about it, dinner will be ready in 20 minutes.”

Patty giggles, she is all over Uncle Don, I go to my room sulking. There is a pair of white shorts and white and blue polo shirt set out for me with white tube sox and white tennis shoes.

My travel bag is out. As I use things like my comb, I put it in the bag. As a mechanic I get dirty and greasy, I don’t wear white, EVER! What is she thinking? Brand new bar of lava soap, ok I get it. I shave, clean up, remove all the grease and dirt, cut my nails, and dress. I look in the mirror, wow, I clean up nice. I go downstairs and am run over by an 18-wheeler named Patty. She jumps into my arms and gives me a huge hug.

An excited Patty says seductively, “Damn you look awesome. I love you so much, daddy.”

She is near tears in my arms, completely wraps her arms around me, no feet on the floor.

Don, dripping with sarcasm, “Ya, I get that same hello every time myself. Do you have any clue as to what’s going to happen?”

I answer, “Don, I have absolutely no clue. Patty seems quite driven yet secretive about getting her two moms together. I am all in with the idea, I have no idea why I am being left out.”

Don knowingly replies, “You are still too close to both of my nieces, you would have spilled the beans. Patty and I have been planning this for two months and left no contingency unplanned. Trust her, she knows what she is doing and what she wants. It took some convincing I must admit, she is so determined, and how can anyone say no to her?”

Sadly, I say, “I know what you mean.”

Patty is a bit frustrated with me, “Oh come on, you make this sound bad.”

I reply nicely, “Patty, I just want you to be happy. College is coming up, boys, parties, and hopefully, a school will be a big part of your life. While I would love to have Janet and Jackie together again, they are so full of hate towards the other I just don’t hold out much hope. I really hope you can pull this off, however, just because you want something to happen doesn’t mean it will.”

Dinner is ready. I find out that Don is taking us to the airport and then we have two flights. One to the Caribbean then a second to a smaller island. From there we are going to a tiny private island by boat. Patty and I will arrive Saturday morning, Jackie will be there around noon, and Janet early evening. That means the fireworks start on Saturday evening. Don has rented us a fantastic house with four bedrooms and a gorgeous beach. Only the four of us (Jackie, Janet, Patty, and myself) will be there.

Patty is not at all embarrassed when she says, “I know my moms are lesbians and they used to be together. I want to explore that side of me and I want Janet and Jackie to show me how. I don’t want some nympho at college showing me, I want someone that loves me. I want you three together so you are all happy while I am at college. You know they both love you as I do, I want them to love each other again like they used to. This has gone on long enough.”

I coldly comment, “I noticed that you keep ignoring men and boyfriends when I bring it up. I take it you don’t have much interest?”

Annoyed yet again at me for the subject, Patty says, “I feel like a trophy to be won rather than a person. I grew up in a female dominated house so that had a big effect on me. You treated me like a person from the first time you saw me, and I love you for that. I always will. No other man has ever treated me as well so until I find one that does, I have no use for men. OK, other than Uncle Don.”

We clean up, go to the airport. First class tickets, nice. Patty is nervous, she is holding my hand. She has never flown before. I spew facts about how much safer flying is than driving, especially since cars don’t float. That makes her giggle and smile again as I am locked hand in hand with her. I admit it is nice.

It’s now late Friday night and we land in the Bahamas. It’s nice and warm even late at night. We stay at a hotel for the night and tomorrow we drive to a small airport. The room has two queen beds. She wants to sleep in my bed, no way. She is 17 still and my daughter. She looks upset that I said no, sorry, no choice, not 18 … yet.

Chapter 3 – The Trap Closes

The next morning it is Patty’s birthday, 18 years-old. I wake up to find her in bed with me and she is in my arms. She is already awake.

Defensively, Patty explains, “Before you complain, I slept in my bed last night. I woke up an hour ago, used the washroom, you were asleep, I am 18 now, I climb into bed to see what it was like. I wanted to know how it feels. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect being held by a man to be so awesome. Room service is on the way up, go take a shower. Your clothes are laid out already.”

I take my shower and then I notice a problem, no towels. Not a single towel in the room. That sneaky bitch!

Patty smugly shouts cumhuriyet mahallesi escort out, “Towels are by the bed next to your clothes.”

She left out that they are where she can see me. I am not going to give her the satisfaction of seeing me blush. I walk out of the washroom naked, find a towel and dry off. I never make eye contact with Patty or pay her any attention. Still naked, I shave, use deodorant, comb my hair, and then finally I dress. Only after my shoes and socks are on do I see her eating and paying me zero attention. Ya, right.

I sit down, drink some orange juice, and look at the eggs when she says, “Nice ass dad.”

I spit the OJ out my nose, “I walk in here naked, dry off, do my stuff, get dressed, and only when I am drinking OJ, do you say, nice ass? Kids. I see by the mimosas and small chocolate cake they found out it is your birthday. Don?”

Patty in a monotone voice, “Since you asked, I guess it so. Someone cares about me. We need to leave soon, flight in 2 hours.”

I notice Patty is wearing a bikini top type blouse. Enough to cup her boobs and nothing else. She matches that with some white short shorts and sandals. I understand now how she can get away with just one suitcase.

We fly to another island in a plane that seats six small people and had two squirrels to power the engine. Air conditioning is provided by holes in the plane. Change of plans, this is a seaplane so they will drop us at the front door and pick us up at the end of the week. They will also bring in Jackie and Janet, they know not to say anything about the other. Since the boat was going to bring us the supplies, the pilot will get the food from the boat guy (his cousin) and bring it to us as well. Uncle Don already tipped well. They will refund the boat ride fees.

The house and island are amazing. It’s an open concept house, very few walls. Perfect small beach, a dock, jet skis, a boat, a full kitchen, and a bar. We have four bedrooms if things go according to plan we will only need two. It’s only now that I realize I may have some lonely nights. If Patty gets her wish, she, Jackie, and Janet will have quite the week. That leaves me the odd man out. Why am I here? Bait? Patty is bait enough. I pick out a bedroom, they are all very nice with big beds.

Patty grabs my hand playfully and commandingly, “Come with me.”

She kicks off her sandals, I take my shoes and socks off. We walk over to the beach. What a marvelous view. The ocean is a light blue, the sand is white, the sky is perfect.

Patty asks with a questioning voice, “I was talking to you. You looked sad. What were you thinking about?”

Glumly, I answer, “Honestly, I was wondering why I am here. You have this under control. You will talk reason into them. You will get what you want. Then the three of you can have a hell of a week. You could have left me back on the big island so I wasn’t in the way.”

We are now in the water; the ocean is slapping against our feet and legs as we walk around the island. It’s a mile around. It is beautiful here with the gorgeous blue water for as far as the eye can see.

Patty affectionately answers, “They love me but it’s like a daughter and since I stayed with you, my relationship with them has chilled. Not dead, just not the same. They still adore you and the way you make them feel. You are the bait. I didn’t want to freak you out, when they each get here you will have work to do, that is a secret for now. Mom will be here soon. I love you as well, I want you to be here for my 18th birthday. You have suffered more than all of us trying to keep us happy, you will enjoy the week, trust me.”

That perked up my attitude, my prospects for fun are high. I trust Patty and I should have known better. We are almost back to the front door when we hear the plane coming it. It will be Jackie. Patty runs off to get us some waters. It’s hot out so we need to keep drinking water. When Patty came out she gave me a glass of water and had one for Jackie. When Jackie is getting off the plane she had on a simple sundress, white with sunflowers. It is awesome on her, not surprisingly, everything is. Single suitcase and a present in hand. She gave Patty an enthusiastic hug and has tears in her eyes. Jackie exchanged her present for the water and I take her luggage. The pilot takes off.

Jackie is very excited, “I miss you so much, Patty. You look delicious as usual and Jack, oh my, you are a stud when cleaned up. Last time I saw you this clean is when we gave you a bath about 10 years ago.” She lunged at me and gave me a big sloppy kiss.

A coy Patty states, “Remember to drink your water, it’s hot here. Let’s go inside where there is some shade.”

We go inside, sit down, and enjoy the nice overstuffed furniture. There are several fans in the room and ceiling to make it quite comfortable.

I ask, “How was your flight?”

A confused Jackie asks, “What the hell is going on? yunus escort My boss calls me to say I am free for the next seven days, Uncle Don shows up, picks me up, takes me to breakfast and then the airport. He hands me tickets and says that you two are waiting to celebrate Patty’s birthday. What … is … going …”

She is sleepy and falls asleep quickly. I look at Patty. She grins, gets up, and goes to her room. She comes back with a butt plug, lube, some type of ball, a ball gag, and some rope.

I reply with a shocked voice, “Damn you have a kinky side. I never knew.”

Patty has a mischievous grin on her face, “There is a lot you don’t know about me. Strip her and then tie her up. I need access to breasts, vagina, ass, and mouth.”

Patty lubes up the butt plug and shoves it into her mom. She uses a remote and the ball makes a buzzing noise, vibrates as well. She turns it off and sticks it deep into her vagina. The ball gag is in her mouth and I tie her up. Not tight enough to cut off circulation and good enough she is not getting out. Patty then has me place her in a bedroom on the bed.

When we finish, Patty confidently says, “See, that wasn’t so bad. You understand why I needed your help, right? I didn’t want to hurt my mom when moving her. She may be stubborn and pig-headed, but I still love her to death. Let’s go for a walk again.”

She grabs my hand again and smiles at me. She is stunning.

Patty explains to me, “We are going to do the same thing to Janet.”

It’s nice walking in the water, splashing waves, seeing the vivid blue water.

Patty is lost in thought then continues to explain, “When they both wake up I will be having a chat with them. I will do the talking, I want you there with me. You make me stronger so that I won’t cave in. They must learn to love each other again. Then maybe there will be room for me as well.”

I am astonished, “Patty, they both love you more than you think. They didn’t come out here for me, I’m not that special. This is because they love you and it’s your 18th birthday. I have tried to make them see how silly their hate is, I have had no luck. I truly hope you can get them together so you three can have fun. It’s all I ever wanted.”

Patty is giggling at me, “Oh, so you don’t like fucking them?”

I smile, “Hey, I didn’t say that. I just said it is more important for you three to be happy than one of them and me. Their your mom, you mean the world to them which is why they are both unhappy you stayed with me. I know you love your moms and I want you to be happy as well. They will love pleasing you.”

Patty seems concerned now, “What about you?”

I scoffed at her, “Oh no Patty, this week isn’t about me. This is your 18th birthday and I think, no, I know your moms will want to show you a wonderful time.”

Patty shows her concern for me, “Don’t you want the same?”

Being the concerned dad, I explain, “Patty, for me it’s different. I am your protector. The guy that raised you. Your dad. The one guy in this world that should not touch you.”

We have been talking and walking for a while, so I wasn’t surprised when we hear the plane coming in again. We rush to meet them. Same as before. She gets off the plane, water with a drug is given, I take the luggage, we talk, she falls asleep, we tie her up exactly like her sister.

Chapter 4 – Patty’s Present

Janet and Jackie are sat up in the bed with backs against the headboard. They are gagged and tied up. Jackie is up and unhappy with the situation. Patty is at the end of the bed and I am behind her. She uses the remote to stimulate their vaginas. Janet wakes up and Jackie looks happy now. Patty turns both dials up. I can hear a soft hum in the room. The sisters look distracted. Their trying to move, yet find they can’t. Doesn’t take long and they both have an orgasm. They look spent. Patty turns the remote up to the next level. The buzzing is louder.

Both sisters are looking at Patty with desperation in their eyes. She doesn’t flinch. They start looking at me.

Patty turns up the intensity again and says, “Eyes on me, I am the one that will stop this.”

They look at her with a mixture of lust and hate. Patty increases the intensity again and they can no longer look at Patty or anything else. They enjoy the awesome feeling of the devices and quickly, the orgasm. Patty turns both down low enough that I can’t hear them anymore.

Patty in a commanding voice, “Do I have your attention now?”

They both nod their head. I take the ball gags out. Patty gets up and slowly takes off her top.

Patty explains like she is ordering breakfast, “Jack, this is a nude island, we are over-dressed.”

Oh shit. Her huge breasts fall out and sag some, but not much for their size. They are every bit as glorious as I expected. She now slips off her shorts and panties. She is clean shaven, not a hair on her lips. All three are looking at me.

I slowly take off my shirt. I then slowly inch down each side of my shorts till they fall to the floor. I have my boxers and an obscene bulge. Three naked, beautiful women, you bet I am hard. In one smooth move, I bend all the way down dragging my boxers with me. As I come up so does my cock. Patty is licking her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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