Peach Fuzz

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A short story about a lonely old geezer and the young lady who solicited at his door on evening.


“No need to be afraid,” the man said as he watched the girl follow him into his garage, and after he closed the door behind them he put his hand on her shoulder.

Debbie Blair jumped when she felt the older man’s hand touch her, even though his hand had landed mostly on her blouse and not on the bare skin of her rounded shoulder. The man, who was well over three times the age of the student he had managed to talk into coming into his garage with him, tried to give her a grandfatherly smile in an effort to get her to relax.

“Are you sure you’re eighteen?” Henry Wilcox asked her, and after she nodded briskly he added, “You don’t act it or look it. Are you sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable inside my house?”

“No,” Debbie said as she inched a bit away from the man who had only been in the neighborhood a week.

“Okay. Like I said, you came in here on your own and you can leave any time,” he reminded her, his eyes measuring the contours of the teen’s still growing body, and given that she was a little pear-shaped and not too busty he figured the cutey to be around 33-26-38.

“I know,” she said in a voice that betrayed her nerves. “Can we just do it and get it over with?”

“Gee, you make it sound like you don’t want to do this. I know you’re only doing it for the money so your school can buy new playground equipment or whatever you said it was for, but you should think of it as being fun too,” the old-timers suggested

“I don’t have to take anything off – that’s what you said,” Debbie repeated for at least the third time.

“That’s right. All you have to do her pull your panties down to the top of your knee socks and then lift that cute plaid skirt of yours up to your waist,” Henry Wilcox agreed.

“And you’ll buy that stuff in the catalog you checked off?” Debbie asked hopefully.

“Anything to further the cause of education,” he said of the fundraising effort of the religious school that had brought his young neighbor to his door in the first place.

Henry Wilcox didn’t care about the popcorn or the greeting cards or anything else he had said he would buy. All he wanted to do was get a better look at the girl who had caught his eye as he was moving in. Look and maybe and touch a little.

“Nobody can see us in here,” eskişehir escort Henry said as he watched the cherubic blonde fidgeting while craning her neck to look out through the dusty glass windows near the top of the garage door, and as her blue eyes darted back towards him he added, “Just you and me here.”

“The least you can do is give me a smile, seeing how good of a customer I’m going to be,” Henry kidded, and when Debbie gave him a tepid little grin and exposed the clear braces on her slightly crooked teeth his heart started beating faster. “That’s it. Now how about you doing what you said you would?”

“Just pull the panties down and lift the skirt up?” Debbie squirmed.

“That’s what we agreed on,” Henry said as his growing frustration started to show in his voice, and when she still squirmed around he added, “You know, the way you keep delaying I’m beginning to think I was right – that you don’t have any hair down there.”

“I do too,” Debbie pouted, and finally after delaying the inevitable for as long as she could she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.

Henry salivated when he saw the white cotton panties go down to the tops of Debbie’s equally white socks, taking a deep breath when he saw the slight discoloration in the crotch of the undies and wondered whether that was pee or a case of her being wet.

Even if you are excited about this honey, Henry pondered as he waited for the skirt to rise, you can’t be anywhere near as charged up as I am because my cock is trying to rip through my trousers right now.

“There, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Henry asked as his eyes were briefly sidetracked by the sight of the little swells under the girl’s blouse rising and falling faster with her heavy breathing. “Now just lift your skirt up – that’s it – higher – higher – little more.”

“There. See?” Debbie said in a voice that tried to be defiant but failed when the words quivered as they came out. “Told you.”

“Oh!” Henry said, his eyes wide open as he stared at the raised mound with the modest wisp of golden hairs guarding the opening. “I guess you do have a little hair down there, although it looks more like peach fuzz – wait a minute. Keep your skirt up for a second.”

“You said you were just going to look Mr. Wilcox,” the young woman pouted, but even though she complained she kept her skirt up gaziantep escort around her belly button.

“Did you pee yourself?” the old man inquired as he pointed out the wet spot in the crotch of the panties, and to that Debbie shook her head no violently.

“Then what is that there?” he asked and then noted, “Your peach fuzz is sparkling too, like it’s wet too.”

“Mr. Wilcox,” Debbie whined as she saw the old man’s hand come towards her, the teen seeming to be frozen in fear as the weathered hand softly brushed against the ultra-fine hair that guarded her sex, and when those fingers touched her pouting labia – so wet that they sparkled in the dim light of the garage – her body shuddered in response.

“What’s happening?” Debbie sobbed as she felt herself being gently lifted onto a plastic cabinet of sorts, and the way her senior citizen neighbor looked at her should have been comforting because he still looked like the kindly old man he always was but everything was different.

“Something wonderful,” Henry said as he knelt down on the cement floor between her slightly pudgy thighs and looked at the pussy that not many if any others had seen while easing the panties off. “Something you’ve been waiting for all your life, even if you didn’t realize it.”

“OH!” Debbie cried out when after the grey-haired senior had moved his face between her legs she felt something warm and wet sliding inside of her opening, and as the old man’s tongue wiggled around her clitoris she squealed loudly.

“Ssh!” Henry hissed when he briefly pulled his tongue out, only to dip it in deeper as he held onto the squirming young lady as she writhed around on the top of the cabinet, and the senior snorted as he inhaled the ripe scent of her pussy while he lapped at it.

Debbie wasn’t trying to get away but she was thrashing around on the somewhat perilous perch and so Henry grabbed her around her hips, the effect not only stabilizing the teen but drawing her sex closer to him, and the result was a mad wail that Henry only hoped wasn’t as loud as it sounded.

The pale fleshy thighs crushed his ears as the girl came, her hands clawing at his thinning scalp while the old man’s wrinkled face was misted with her juices, and his face became drenched as he kept licking while Debbie’s orgasm continued until she had to beg the senior citizen to stop.

The girl giresun escort was crying, sweating and shivering as Henry struggled to his feet, her bunched up shirt and the disheveled blouse making her look nothing like she had when she came in, and her confused expression would have been comical if it wasn’t real.

“There, wasn’t that nice?” Henry asked as he put her hands under the young lady’s arms and gently set her back down on the floor, and when his hands were in Debbie’s armpits he felt something besides the sweat that the hollows were drenched with.

“Mmm,” Henry said as he lifted the teen’s right arm up a little so he could see the little patch of tiny golden hairs in the center of the otherwise creamy white crater. “You’ve got a little peach fuzz under your arms too, don’t you honey?”

“I have to go,” the shivering girl said as she bent down to get her panties back on, and after she did the old man helped her get herself somewhat together.

“It would have been nicer to have been inside, don’t you think honey?” Henry suggested as he brushed off the dust that had gotten on the back of the girl’s white blouse. “Maybe when you deliver the things I bought you can come inside.”

“I couldn’t,” Debbie said, and then the old man man let the frazzled young lady out.

She staggered to her bicycle, and as she kept a wary eye towards the garage she fumbled with the order book that had been in the basket of the bike before climbing on.

“Sweet,” Henry sighed as he looked through the window, his eyes taking in the sight of the pudgy cutie before she departed as he stroked his cock that had been as stiff as it was back when he was 18 too, his pants and boxers down around his knees as his one fist worked rapidly while his other hand rubbed his mouth and he savored the scent and flavor of the teen’s sex and sweat.

Debbie’s leg was just passing though the opening of the bike, revealing a lot of smooth pale flesh as Debbie got on the seat, and Henry Wilcox came as he wished his face was the seat, his cum spurting energetically on the inside of the garage door.

“I know I’m sick but that was fucking good,” Henry said to himself as he pulled his trousers up, not sure whether the next knock on his door would be made by the girl’s parents or Debbie herself.

“Better than watching Wheel of Fortune, that’s for sure,” he concluded while moving his aching body slowly into the house, sucking on the fingers that had stroked the teen’s armpit and knowing damn well than Vanna White’s wouldn’t taste half as sweet.


Thank you for reading the story. Debbie may return to the house depending on the opinions of the readers.

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