Perfect Prey

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The prequels to this story are Copenhagen Couple and Meetings with Mark, but it’s not necessary to read those first. All you need to know is that the story takes place in Denmark about 20 years ago. Enjoy.


Being seduced by an experienced couple the summer I was nineteen taught me that I was bisexual. That I liked fucking (and being fucked by) handsome men as well as beautiful women. Later during my holiday I managed to get together with a gorgeous guy my own age, and we sucked and fucked each other for a week. When I got back home, I was ready to go looking for some pussy and cuddly tits. Luckily, the major I’d chosen to study at college had plenty of pretty girls attending, which was in fact true for the university in general.

I went on the prowl, especially at social events and parties, but for some reason I was out of luck. Maybe because I was signaling my needs too clearly. So I was rather frustrated three months into the semester, and I tried to work out a strategy as I sat at the bar during another college dance event. As I contemplated my lack of pussy, I kept a look out for enticing tits. Spotting a pair of very nice breasts in a revealing top, I lent sideways as I tried to keep them in view. Suddenly I felt a hand gripping my arm and heard an amused voice by my ear.

“Watch out,” I turned my head and realized that the girl who stood next to me, had just saved me from knocking over my beer by removing it with one hand, as she took hold of my elbow with the other. Before she let go of me, she slid her hand up and squeezed my biceps gently with an amused smile and then handed the beer back. She was not particularly pretty (though that’s a relative term, because in average Danish girls are very good looking), and she was definitely lacking in the bosom department, so I thought no more of the incident, until I saw her on the dance floor later in the evening. Though I didn’t at first realize it was the same girl, when I noticed the slim figure spinning joyously to the loud music.

She was wearing a black dress of some sort of shimmering velvety material, tight on her upper body and emphasizing her narrow waist. The dress then became loose around her hips and bottom, swirling enticingly around shapely legs that were encased in glossy stockings. (Or may that should be pantyhose — I’m not that familiar with the US terms for ladies’ underwear.) She was on the dance floor constantly and often took the initiative in asking guys for a dance. Afterwards they would typically receive a hug and in a few cases even a kiss on the cheek as a thank-you-for-the-dance gesture.

Obviously this was a girl who knew how to flirt and dance, and she was successful in attracting the attention of guys, though not exactly beautiful. I only recognized the girl in black when I came face to face with her, as she came off the dance floor, and I saw the arch look in her blue eyes. “Well, if it isn’t the bar hanger. I should demand a dance from you in return for saving your beer.” She ran her hand through the dark blond hair that surrounded the gaily smiling face in a wave of perm curls. Slightly out of breath, with shining eyes and a delighted smile, it caused my sexually deprived mind to flash me a vision. Showing me that she would probably look just the same when she was satisfied from horizontal rather than vertical dancing.

Returning her smile I grabbed her hand as she was going to move on, and dragged her back on the dance floor. After the first dance the DJ put on a slow song, and she accepted close body contact without hesitation, when I pulled her into my embrace. She was a head shorter than me and the mixed scent of woman and perfume filled my nostrils, as she nestled against my chest. Her small but firm and well-shaped bosom did not take up much space, so as we danced stomach to stomach she must have felt my dick getting erect and rubbing against her.

To my amazement she pretended not to notice, nor did she withdraw when my hands slid down her back and briefly wandered over her buttocks, which were sweetly plumb and soft. When the song ended, she rose up on her toes to plant a kiss on my cheek and whisper in my ear: “Thanks for the dance — and for the nice compliment.” A quick hug and she turned away, but I followed her closely, as she walked off the dance floor. Partly to avoid people noticing my hard-on, partly because I hoped to talk and flirt some more with this intriguing creature.

Luckily I got my dick to deflate pretty fast, because we were only half way to the bar when we met a guy who knew her, probably someone she studied with. He was drunk and standing where he could lean against a pillar and survey the dancing. When he spotted the slim figure with me hovering right behind her, he grinned. “So, Kristine, targeting another handsome young stud, huh? How about dancing with me instead?” She stopped, but didn’t reply to his teasing. Instead she just said something about being too tired now, but that bursa escort she would get back to him for a dance later.

I continued without pausing, as I did not want my interest to be blatantly obvious and subject her to more crude remarks. But the part about targeting young guys certainly occupied my mind as I stood by the bar, waiting to be served. It implied that she was quite a bit older than me, something I’d not considered before. After a while Kristine entered the bar as well, but she made no effort to locate or approach me. Obviously she did not expect anything more from our encounter than the one dance with a dash of erotic attraction. I couldn’t fathom it, but as the night progressed I came to various conclusions while observing her behavior.

Kristine did not take the attention of men for granted like women with obvious beauty and perfect bodies. On the other hand she certainly did not let guys take advantage of her out of misplaced gratitude for their regard. She seemed quite self-assured and relaxed, able to fend of clingy types and never once making a fool of herself about the popular guys. She reacted to their attractiveness but kept her distance — mentally I mean. If they wanted to get up close and personal during a dance, she was game.

She rarely declined an invitation to dance, unless the guy asking was clearly drunk, but I noticed she left a nasty dude in the middle of a song, when his hands wandered all over her body as he tried to kiss her. Her drunk acquaintance got the promised dance, but I was amused to see that he had too much respect for the small woman in his arms to try anything else on. As I watched Kristine in between my own dancing and drinking, I couldn’t help compare her to all the very pretty women I had been trying to get into bed for the past three months.

I realized that a lot of those beautiful girls were arrogant, demanding, and so convinced of their own high status that they were a waste of time. They cared more about their own good looks and keeping a tally of the admiring glances and remarks from guys, than about having fun. Unlike Kristine they turned down most invitations to dance, playing hard to get or just signaling that most men were beneath their notice. It dawned on me that it would be a much better strategy to select relatively plain girls as a target for seduction. Especially when they, like Kristine, sent out signals that they were prepared to play.

Of course if I’d realized this earlier, I could have avoided having my self-esteem and confidence eroded by being turned down by stunning women who were out of my league anyway. At least at that point of my life where I was not as experienced and adept at the game of seduction. Looking younger than I was probably did not help either, whereas it is a distinct advantage 20 years later on. Especially since I’m still fit, tall with wide shoulders and slender hips. My dark blue eyes and soft golden curls are probably my best features, but a fair number of men and women have also complimented my mouth in various ways.

Anyway, at some point during that night it also dawned on me that I was like a hunter observing his prey, trying to figure out how to bring it down. The fact that Kristine was not easy to catch only made this new challenge more fun. We had danced again, but without any success in achieving close contact or luring her aside afterwards. Getting her drunk was out of the question, because she kept to soft drinks all the time. When I saw her in the arms of a tall, handsome, dark-haired guy about an hour before the music ended, I almost gave up. But even he did not manage to leave with the vivacious and elusive woman.

Finally I realized that the trick was to get the last dances of the night with Kristine, as she apparently did not want to miss out on anything. So when only twenty minutes remained, I kept myself ready as she came back to the bar after a visit to the ladies’ room. Kristine hesitated for a split second when I asked her, but her pleased smile when accepting was the same as had greeted most of her dance partners. At this time of night the DJ was mainly playing slow songs designated for the couples who had formed during the party and were now dancing cheek to cheek.

We started out with arms around each other but not too close. Kristine knew my name (Anders) from the last time we had danced, and that I had only just commenced studying. She now disclosed that she was on her last year at university, so she had to be four or five years older than me. She was obviously aware that I was hitting on her and I think she expected me to withdraw my attentions due to the age difference. But I just thought that her relative maturity confirmed my conclusion about her: she was experienced, so she would not stand me up, if she agreed to go home with me. Though she sure made one part of me stand up.

So I kept circling my prey, getting closer and closer. When the party ended, we had been bursa merkez escort dancing with full frontal contact between our bodies for a while. My hands had played with her hair, but they also roamed all over her back, hips and even strayed down on her butt. Kristine’s hands reciprocated, caressing my back, neck and curly hair, and I’d felt her breathing increase against the thin T-shirt I was wearing. My dick had soon proclaimed that it agreed with my assessment of her as attractive and available.

By the time the DJ announced the last song of the night, I had maneuvered her close to a door leading to an outside staircase. Kristine did not resist when I suddenly ceased dancing and pulled her outside. She tilted her head back, as I embraced her again, making it very easy for me to bend my head and kiss her. I slid one hand up her side and let it cup one of her breasts, and her nipple immediately hardened against my palm. Maybe it was the cold air outside, but I didn’t think so. ‘It’s now or never,’ was my thought, and I whispered in her ear: “Would you like to go home with me?”

At the same time I rubbed my erection against her hip, and in the light from the dance hall windows I could see her mischievous smile as she consented: “Yes, I think that would be best. But let’s try to be discreet if it’s not already too late.” We quickly agreed to meet on a certain street corner away from the venue, and she slipped back into the hall, while I went down the stairs. I walked around to the main door, got my jacket from the cloak room and fetched my bike. Like all students in Copenhagen bicycling was my main form of transportation.

So it was no surprise, when Kristine had a bike too, and within ten minutes we were at my flat. I had rented it from a friend of my father. It was only two very small rooms and a tiny kitchen, but it did have a decent bathroom with a shower and even a separate cupboard-like toilet. Much better than normal student accommodation and a huge advantage in relation to bringing home a girl (or a guy) for sex. I got rid of my jackets and shoes, and Kristine dropped her bag, handed me her coat and unzipped the long winter boots she had donned instead of her dancing slippers.

After hanging up her coat I stepped behind Kristine and embraced her. She leant back against me and was clearly pleased with my initiative. One of my hands fondled her breasts and the other caressed her leg below the hem of the black dress. Her pantyhose felt smooth and sexy as I slid my palm up her thigh. I explored further up, her inside thigh was warm and a bit moist. I pulled her firmly towards me, so I could press my enthusiastic manhood against her soft rear. Kristine gave a contented sigh and wriggled a little, clearly testing the bulge that threatened to make my jeans burst.

“Would you like to take a shower first? Together?” I asked, and she nodded and turned around. Her hands slid under my T-shirt and explored my front, before she pulled my top off. As I stood bare chested in front of her, she smiled with delight and began kissing and fondling my smooth pecs. I was relieved that she seemed to like my naturally hairless state. Undoing my jeans was her next step, and it was an even bigger relief to get more space for the throbbing hard-on she had created in my pants. I was thrilled to see a satisfied smirk on Kristine’s face at the sight of my dick poking its head out of the top of my underwear. I’m fairly average in size, but I can honestly say that the thought of fucking this sexy woman had me at maximum engorgement.

I didn’t give her time to touch, but immediately dropped down on one knee and slid both hands under her dress. Grabbing hold of the top of her pantyhose I pulled them down and managed to get her panties down at the same time. I could smell her wet pussy and the moist state of her tiny panties also revealed that she was already very excited. The dark triangle of pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and her legs were completely smooth, as were her armpits. The latter was revealed when I stood up and pulled her dress with me. Kristine lifted her arms, so I could remove it completely.

She was not wearing a bra, and the pert breasts also proclaimed her desire by their hard nipples. I really enjoyed the way she just stood there, calm, self-assured, and not in the least shy about being naked and an object of lust for a young guy. She helped me get rid of my jeans, underwear and socks, and when my erect manhood was fully exposed, Kristine obviously couldn’t wait any longer. She wrapped one hand around my dick and the other cupped my balls. Oh, fuck I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed the caresses of soft female fingers, rubbing my shaft and sliding the foreskin gently back and forth.

I used the opportunity to get one hand in between her legs, which she willingly spread a bit more, so that I could get two fingers into her tantalizing slit. As I felt Kristine’s hot, wet pussy, I bursa sınırsız escort was almost overwhelmed by the need to push her down on the floor and just fuck her silly, there and then. But I managed to control myself and get a half choked ‘mmm, bath?’ out. She sighed a bit as we pulled apart, but agreed: “Oh, right — and anyway I need to use the toilet first.” I pointed to the appropriate door, and Kristine disappeared behind it, giggling a bit as she almost had to back into the tiny cubicle.

Meanwhile I went into the bathroom next door, got out towels and started the shower. My flat was on the fourth floor, so it always took a while for the hot water to arrive. Soon Kristine joined me in the shower, and we soaped each other all over, enjoying the relaxed way of getting intimate. She was very careful about getting my dick clean in every crevice, which I took as a good sign. Indeed, no disappointment there: “You clean?” was Kristine’s succinct enquiry accompanied by the arch look, and I knew exactly what she meant. I gulped and nodded to indicate that I had no known STD problems.

A satisfied nod, then she bent over and took my dick in her mouth. She stood with her left side towards me, and in that position I could easily fondle her ample buttocks. It was too tempting, and I poured more soap into her crevice and let my finger find her anus. Kristine gasped around my dick, when I pushed the tip of my finger into the tight star, but she did not demur or pull away, when I continued sliding my soapy finger into her ass. Not that I wanted to fuck her there, because pussy was all me and my dick craved, but I just wanted to see her reaction.

Soft moans and a clenching around my embedded finger revealed that Kristine probably was no stranger to anal sex. She certainly was familiar with oral sex, because she sucked cock with both enthusiasm and skill. Fuck, it felt good when her tongue tickled the sensitive head, and I groaned with appreciation every time she went down on me and sucked hard. I tried to distract myself a bit by using the detachable shower head to rinse her ass, followed by having the water play around between her legs, trying to hit her clit. I finally turned off the water, and then I just had to test the cave I desired.

Kristine emitted some very lusty sounds, as I slid two fingers all the way up her wet pussy, fuck I wanted her. I pulled her up, kissed her hard, and grabbed the towels. We dried quickly, then proceeded to the bedroom. As always I’d changed the sheet and the covers for my pillows and duvets before I went to the party, and for the first time my preparations paid off. We more or less fell on the bed, and it was quite clear that Kristine expected me to get down to business immediately. She pulled me on top of her and spread her legs in invitation, and for a second I had no other thought than getting my throbbing rod inside her, NOW.

At the last moment, I managed to regain a sliver of common sense, and I muttered something about protection and reached out for the condoms on the table next to my bed. Kristine looked up at me with her customary mischievous smile: “Have you done something to make that necessary? I’m on the pill, and I’m clean too.” I hesitated, and she raised her eyebrow mockingly: “You wanna see my blood donor card first?” I blushed, because I knew that she was thinking of HIV, the main scare and reason to use rubbers at that time. Also the one thing other than pregnancy which could be a reason not to come inside her, even if we had begun with oral sex.

I took a deep breath and told the truth: “I … I’ve been with a couple of guys, but we used condoms.” I think Kristine was rather surprised and maybe slightly impressed with my confession. Well, to be honest I was a bit too, but somehow I felt that I owed her this, since she had shown such trust in me and also paid me the great compliment of letting me seduce her. She certainly did not disappoint my secret hope that this mature, level headed and experienced woman would be OK with my bisexual nature. I’d actually been wondering how girls would react to this if they knew, whether I would be best off keeping it secret.

“If you want to do my ass, you’ll need to use a condom. But otherwise I prefer to do without, it feels so much better.” My face must have shown my surprise, because she laughed: “Oh, yes that goes for women as well as men.” Interesting, I had always thought the hate of condoms was a guy thing. It always pissed me off that sexual education in school and safe sex campaigns tried to pretend that rubbers did not make any difference in how it felt. So now I gleefully chucked the packet away.

At the same time Kristine reached down and her small hand gently enclosed my hard shaft and managed to position the head of my dick against her slick opening. Utterly irresistible, so I rammed my manhood into the sexy woman below me, making us both moan with delight. I hadn’t fucked a girl without a condom since I broke up with my high school girlfriend, and the wonderful feeling of her moist, hot pussy hugging me like a soft glove was like a revelation. ‘Oh yes this was why I loved fucking girls!’ In the back of my mind was a small sigh of relief at the thought that I still wanted women.

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