Peyton and Mark Pt. 03

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I am so very sorry it took me so long to get back to this story. Part 4 is already half done. Thank you for all the feedback and positive comments. I hope you enjoy and thanks for sticking in there with me.


Peyton and Mark lay side by side in his king sized bed. He was slowly running his fingers across her stomach. They had just made love for the first time and he had taken her virginity. Neither one of them had imagined this day would ever happen.

“Baby girl, are you sure you’re ok with all of this? It’s a lot and I know you love me, but this takes that love to a different place. I would rather die than hurt you in any way.” Mark had so many mixed emotions.

“Yes Daddy, I am so much more than ok. That was better than I ever hoped or dreamed it would be.” Peyton’s voice was almost a whisper. She was basking in the feelings of love and being loved for the first time by a man, by her Daddy.

Mark leaned over his beautiful little girl and kissed her gently. He didn’t know how he could have loved her more until right then. He knew without a doubt he would never love another woman the way he loved her. He also knew that at some point he would have to let her go. A love like their’s couldn’t last forever. One day she would want a family and babies of her own.

“What are you thinking so hard about Daddy?” Peyton asked as she saw his brow creased in deep thought.

“I didn’t think it was possibly for me to love you more baby.” Mark couldn’t tell her all the other thoughts he was having, he didn’t want to ruin the moment.

Peyton scooted closer to her father and rested her head against his chest. She couldn’t imagine a better place to be, about that time her stomach growled. They had totally lost track of time.

“Oh hell, what time is it? We haven’t had dinner.” Mark hadn’t thought of anything else since he had come home and found Peyton masturbating on her bed.

Peyton sat up and looked at the clock beside her father’s bed. It was almost 8 at night, she laughed as she told her dad the time. They had been wrapped up in each other for almost 4 hours. She giggled. God she was so happy she didn’t even care she was hungry.

“Ok, time for a shower for us both and how about we go out for dinner?” Mark swatted her bottom as he spoke.

“Daddddy, can we shower together?” Peyton giggled.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. We can talk more about our new situation over dinner. Get up and let’s get moving.” Mark kissed her forehead as he got out of bed.

Over the next couple of days a few things changed at the Franklin house. Peyton no longer slept in her bed at night but with Mark and as long as they were alone, they showered each other with the affection they had both wanted to show for so long. It wasn’t much of a change from their normal routine. The pair had also discussed Jen and how to handle her situation.


The day after:

When Peyton pulled into the school parking lot, Jen was waiting for her. Peyton knew she would be and just laughed. She barely had the car door open before Jen started asking questions.

“Ok, you have to tell me everything!!” Jen was all but jumping up and down.

“Calm down, and be quiet. I’ll tell you everything and there are some things we need to talk about too.” Peyton trusted Jen with her life but this was different.

Peyton told Jen they were gonna do something that day they had never done, ditch school and practice so they could talk. Jen looked at Peyton and was a little concerned.

“Is Avrupa Yakası Escort everything ok Pey? You seem so serious this morning. You’re glowing but serious.” Jen would fight anyone that hurt her friend, even if it was her Daddy.

“Oh, I’m wonderful so much beyond wonderful I don’t even have a word for it. We just have a lot to talk about and I don’t want to do it here.”

Peyton and Jen got back in their cars and headed to Peyton’s. Once inside the comfy house they had spent so much time in Peyton turned to her best friend, almost sister, and burst into giggles.

“Jen it was the single best moment of my life. Daddy was so gentle and loving.”

Peyton filled Jen in on what had happened after she had hung up the phone. She felt herself getting worked up as she told Jen all the dirty and loving details. Jen was getting flush and her pussy began to pulse the more Peyton told her.

When Peyton was finished she told Jen what her and Mark had decided about their situation as well as Jen’s.

“Daddy said he would talk to your dad and kind of hint around to see how he felt about what you’ve been doing at home. He also said you may need to up your game.”

“He’s going to help me?!?!? Oh my God Peyton that is amazing!! Thank you oh thank you!!” Jen hugged Peyton tightly and sighed as her taunt nipples brushed against her best friend’s.

The girls both felt the spark that had passed between them. They had kissed, looked at each other’s bodies as they had grown into young women, and done some heavy petting out of curiosity. It had never gone beyond that, but today felt different.

Peyton looked into Jen’s eyes and leaned in and kissed her softly. Jen pulled back for a moment and then moved forward and kissed Peyton this time. Their mouths opening and their tongues touching lightly as they became comfortable and took the kiss deeper.

They made out for a while keeping things above their clothes when a chime from Jen’s phone broke the moment. She had a special notification for her father so she would always know it was him texting. Peyton’s phone went off shortly after. The school had contacted their father’s when the two hadn’t shown up for their first classes.

Jen hoped up. “I’ve got to go. Dad’s pissed and I don’t know what to tell him.”

“Tell him I got sick in the parking lot and you followed me home to make sure I was ok. Then you stayed with me when I got worse.”

“That will work. Maybe he will finally give me that spanking I’ve been dreaming of. I’ll text you later.”

Mark knew what Peyton was going to do so it wasn’t a big deal and he was texting to tell her he loved her and to find out how things had gone with Jen.


That conversation had been two weeks ago.

Mark and Peyton had slept together everyday since the first time. They had made love in every room of the house and even on the big swing in the back yard. That night they had agreed to relaxing and watching a movie.

As the two were cuddled up on the couch Mark ran his fingers lightly up and down his little girls side and along the outside of her soft warm breast.

“I talked to Rick at the gym tonight. We are gonna go out for a drink tomorrow night.” Mark told Peyton casually as they lay there watching a silly comedy show they both liked.

Peyton shot up and wanted to know everything.

“What did you say to him Daddy?” Peyton’s eyes sparkled and hoped it was good news.

“Calm down princess. I asked him if he noticed Jen acting Bahçelievler Escort any different lately? I said I had noticed you were and seeing as how you two are connected at the hip, I was curious.”

“Oh, that’s smart Daddy!! What did he say?” Peyton was so excited. She would have to text Jen.

“He seemed to think about it before he said anything, but said he had noticed Jen acting odd as well. I suggested us having a drink and talking about it.”

Peyton kissed her father swiftly on the lips and hopped up to grab her phone. She was texting at lightening speed. Mark knew exactly who she was texting. He laughed and made his way to the kitchen for a couple of bottles of water.

The girls texted back and forth like mad. Mark smiled as his daughter’s thumbs moved quickly. He began kissing her neck and across her naked shoulder. Goosebumps broke out over Peyton’s skin as she arched her body closer to her Daddy’s touch.

Mark took the phone from her and texted Jen: *She will have to text you later.*

“Come on princess, Daddy is ready to go to bed.”

Peyton didn’t hesitate and threw her arms and legs around her father. He carried her up the stairs squeezing her soft round ass in his hands as he did. Mark walked to the edge of his bed and bent until Peyton was laying on her back. She reculentaly let him go and he sank to his knees so his face was between her legs.

“Mmmm baby girl, I have been thinking about this sweet pussy all day.” Mark leaned in and kissed her mons and slipped the tip of his tongue across her swelling clit.

“Aaauuggghh Daddy eat your little girls pussy, make it feel good, make me feel good Daddy!!”

Mark loved that his sweet girl had started talking dirty to him. He enjoyed their love making and he had been gentle with her but he was holding back. He wanted to slowly introduce her the the other side of his sexual personality. The part that wanted her to be his dirty slut.

Mark thought of having her arms and legs bound, her body helpless and on display for him. The sounds she would make as he spanked her till her peach shaped ass turned red. How her nipples would look with the clamps he had hidden away in his closet, attached firmly to them.

Her dirty talk was getting them closer. For now Mark focused on the sweetest pussy he had ever eaten. He opened her lips with the pads of his thumbs and licked her from that sensitive spot just below her dripping slit to her throbbing button.

Peyton fisted her fingers in his short hair. Pushing her hips into his face.

“FUCK YES DADDY!!’ Peyton yelled as her Daddy almost licked her tight pucker. ‘Make your pussy come Daddy. Make your baby girl come!! Please Daddy!!”

Mark latched onto her clit and sucked and bit. Not hard but enough to make her jump. Just a small amount of pain. Slowly Mark thought. He sucked as he slipped a finger into her tight opening. Mark could feel her pussy clenching needily against his finger.

“Mmmmm, Fuck baby your pussy is sucking my finger like you do my cock. Is it feeling empty baby? Does Daddy need to fill it up princess?”

“God yes Daddy!! Please fuck me. Please!! I need to feel your big cock inside me!!” Peyton begged her Daddy.

“I think I’m gonna keep eating this sweet pussy till you come on Daddy’s face!” Mark pushed a second finger into her hot core and sucked her clit between his lips.

Peyton bucked her hips with Mark’s rythem and felt the delicious wave of her orgasm begin to build higher. Mark took his fingers out and ran them down to Bahçeşehir Escort her tight pucker and pressed lightly. Still attacking her clit.

“Oh Daddy, that’s so naughty. Are you gonna finger my tight asshole?!?! Oooo God Daddy eat my pussy!! Mmmmmmm”

Mark stuck his tongue into his daughter’s hot core and fucked her with it, while working around her virgin asshole. He wanted to feel how tight she was and to make her come as he slide his finger inside her. He wanted her to associate pleasure with ass play.

Peyton was panting and begging her Daddy not to stop.

“I’m so close to coming Daddy!! Oh God please don’t stop Daddy!!”

Mark could feel her spasm around his tongue. He knew she was close. Taking his free hand he slipped two fingers into her quivering pussy and began to rub her g spot and sucking and flicking her clit with his tongue. Peyton was moaning and her juices were running down her slit to her pucker. Mark felt her hips start to rock and pushed his finger in the tight opening of her back passage.

“Oh Fuck Daddy that feels so good. Please Daddy please don’t stop!!”

Mark pushed his finger slowly but deeply into her tight ass and felt her body tip over the edge. Her pussy squeezing his fingers so tight as she squirted for the first time. Peyton screamed as her body gushed and jerked against his fingers and face. Feeling the rush of liquid and the clenching of her pussy almost made him come right then. As it were his cock was dripping precum like a faucet.

Mark pulled back and finger fucked her holes thru her orgasm. Peyton called out as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Taking her breath away.

“Yes baby girl, cum for Daddy!!”

Mark watched his princess writhe like a dirty slut as he fucked her tight holes.

“That’s it baby girl!! Fuck your sexy when you cum!!”

Peyton began to slow her bucking hips as her orgasm eased. She let go of her father’s hair and her legs relaxed. Mark eased his fingers out of her clenching openings and stood over her. He pulled his raging hard on from his boxer briefs and looked at her naked body.

“Baby Daddy is gonna come all over your sexy body.”

Mark began stroking his cock. He could see Peyton jerk with after shocks of her massive orgasm. The precum had him slick and he was stroaking fast and hard. Mark knew he wouldn’t need long to cum, a few more strokes and he felt his balls tighten and his cock swell in his hand. He put two fingers inside her quivering cunt and covered her stomach and tits with his hot thick cum.

“Oh my God!! Daddy that was amazing. What happened? I felt like I was wetting the bed.”

“Baby what you did is called squirting. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. As a matter of fact it’s fucking hot!!”

“Oh, I didn’t know that could happen. I guess there is alot I still don’t know about sex. I hope you don’t get bored of me Daddy.” Peyton covered her face.

Mark lay on the bed and pulled his sweet girl beside him. He knew there was so much more to teach her and they had plenty of time. He was slowly leading her down that path and she seemed more than willing to learn.

“Baby, Daddy will teach you everything you need to know. I will never get bored or stop loving you. Do you understand? You will always be my little girl and I will always be your Daddy.”

Peyton yawned and stretched. It had been a long and emotional week. Mark covered them with the blankets and kissed the top of her head.

“Sleep my beautiful girl. You have a game tomorrow and we can’t have you slacking.”

Mark lay beside his sleeping princess thinking about how to go about talking to Rick. They were both basically single parents, as Rick pretty much raised Jen alone. He knew this was a touchy subject and could go horribly wrong if not handled the right way.

Peyton snuggled closer to Mark and he tucked her into his side and rested his chin atop her head and closed his eyes.

To be continued…

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