Piano Practice

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Kristy walked downstairs as her brother’s piece he was playing on the piano got louder. She knew that his recital was in a couple of hours and she wanted to give him a pep talk. She quietly walked over to the piano right behind her brother Joe who was sitting on the bench playing his heart out.

Kristy like her mother was always telling Joe how great he was and how he helped his sister get into school with him. After all, his scholarship to North Hill Academy was dependent on Kristy being accepted with him. Although a year older, she got left back at an early age and was now in the same grade as her eighteen year old brother.

It was also because of his talent that their mother did not have to worry about her two children going to a good school. North Hill Academy had an association for the arts that provided a stipend for students who performed at recitals. It was a way for the school to bring in top level students, but for a single mother it was a much needed paycheck.

Kristy knew her mother struggled with money and having kids at an early age ruined her college years, but she was always open about it and said she never regretted having the two of them. She loved being close with her mother, even chipped in with her own paycheck to help pay bills.

Kristy now she stood only a few feet behind her brother entranced by the song he was playing. She was not a fan of classical music, but the music her brother played always sounded brilliant and amazing.

Joe was dressed in his pristine tux playing his heart out, and only focused on making sure every key was hit at the most precise time. When he was done playing certain keys, he stopped to have a sip of hot tea which he carefully placed above him on top of the piano.

Kristy saw an opportunity to scare and surprise him by sneaking closer and jabbing her hands under his armpits. She never intended to harm him, just give him a little scare before she told him his new song was great. It was something she did to him often and loved the fright it gave him when he was so focused.

When she got her hands under his armpits, he jumped up violently, hitting the piano hard with his legs. His left leg slammed against the piano hard enough to knock his hot tea right on his lap.

“OHH FUCK! Kristy what the fuck are you doing?” Joe screamed out.

Kristy’s eyes grew wide in horror that his tea had spilled all over him. “I am so sorry! I never thought that would happen.”

She looked down to see his dress slacks covered in tea. It was noticeable as it looked like he had an accident right near his groin. Even with the black covering up the color of the tea, the outline of the wet spot was clearly noticeable.

Joe threw his hands up in disgust. “I have to get ready in half an hour, and now my pants are soaked. You know they take points off for some stupid shit like this.”

Kristy covered her mouth as she knew she had gone too far. “I just wanted to scare you a little to get the edge off. I never wanted this to happen.”

“Mom is meeting us there, and our ride will be here in a half hour. How am I going to get these dry before I leave?”

The idea hit her, and it seemed to solve her problem. “OK, wait. Let me think. I can dry your pants real quick in the dryer before your ride gets here. We have to hurry, so let’s go.”

Kristy hurried to the kitchen where the dryer was and threw out the clothes that were in it on the floor. The idea seemed perfect and it was just a matter of time. In her mind she thought that his pants could be dried quickly before he got picked up. She felt the feeling of impending doom, but it could be dealt with by doing everything within the time constraints of his ride.

She heard her brother behind her and knew her short dress was riding up past her ass and that her thong covered ass was now visible to him. She knew the dryer needed to be empty and bending down was quicker than kneeling.

She did not think her body was all that, as she was very petite like her mother but without the large breasts. She thought that if she had a more pronounced ass or larger tits the show would be better, and that since she did not have that he was probably not looking at her in a sexual way.

“Ok, get over here and give me your pants,” Kristy commanded like she was a general commanding her troops in battle.

She could see that he was a little nervous, but finally handed his pants over. She had no idea what was taking so long until she saw his hand by his crotch hiding an erection. She knew he did look at her ass crack as her blue thong was thin and barely hid anything.

With a startling cry, Kristy yelped, “Oh, my god!”

Trying to cover himself the best he could. “I’m sorry, I get this before a big event.” With his hands covering his dick, she saw his boxers ride up on his leg to expose his ball sack.

Kristy could not help but stare as the moment stopped her brain from telling her to turn away. “What do you mean, you get this way before a big event? I have seen every kartal escort concert you have ever played in. I have never seen you get a boner before any of them.”

“Well, if you must know. I do my thing before I play any concert.” Joe then made a jerking gesture with his right hand to illustrate his point.

With a snarled look on her face. “Bullshit! I would have seen you do it, or heard you.”

“I do it before I get dressed, and always right before the concert. I have to or my nerves make me jittery when I play. Remember last spring when I fucked up at the school play? Well I was only told about the performance that day. I had no time to do it, and I messed up.”

“So you have been jerking off before every concert?” Kristy replied, still not convinced her brother masturbated right before every concert he played in.

Joe’s voice sounded defeated as he still had his hand over his erection. “I have to, or I make dumb mistakes.”

Kristy watched Joe finally release his hand from hiding his erection as she figured him admitting it ruined any excitement he might have had.

Joe pulled out a kitchen chair and sat right down looking up at his sister, still looking beat down. “I have a bad feeling about the concert today. I know I will fuck up if I don’t jerk off. It has been a routine of mine for years now. I always keep to a routine; it’s not just a physical thing but a mental thing. Our ride will be here any minute and there is not enough time for me to do it.”

Kristy thought about how her brother was very OCD about certain things and realized he was not bullshitting her. She quickly tried to think of a solution to the problem as the dryer rolled on it bearings, making her also think about how time was not on her side.

She never saw her younger brother in a sexual way before, but knew that this needed to be done for him. The notion of incest and being gross had to be thought of after the fact as she knew he had to get off.

Kristy knelt down in front of her brother and looked him in the eyes. “This is going to sound gross but, I suppose I can help you. You can never say anything about this to anyone. No telling mom, or any of your little friends.”

The feeling of guilt was already coursing through her body as she still thought it was a gross and bad idea, but it was her only chance. The guilt of her causing the spill now wrestled with her sense of morality. Knowing it was wrong but seeing the need to help was tangled up in her mind.

Joe nodded his head and Kristy took his nod as acceptance of the deal. She reached into his boxers and felt his semi hard penis. He was not some hung monster, but he differently had a cock and it was in her hands.

“Oh, this is so gross.” She gripped the shaft of his dick and slowly stroked it up and down in his boxers.

Kristy had seen plenty of dicks in movies and such, but she never had one in her hand. The sensation of her hand around the soft skin felt good. It was hard yet soft at the same time. Knowing it was her brother’s made it more of a disgusting chore then an erotic experience.

Once it was coming close to full strength, she pulled it from the confines of his boxers. She gasped at seeing it for the first time. It was a mixture of excitement and regret. In the back of her mind she knew that this was wrong, and disgusting. It was about six or seven inches long and looked ready to spit out cum as the mushroomed shaped tip pulsed. The sight of a cock always turned her on, but since it was her brother’s she needed to make sure it didn’t.

Once out in the open, Kristy used her hand more forcefully to stroke her brother’s member. Starting slowly at first, she moved it with a steady rhythm. “I can’t believe I am doing this for you. You owe me big time.”

She looked up to see him slouched back a little as he watched her. She knew this must be the first time his dick had ever been touched by another girl. She felt that he did not even mind it was his sister as long as someone other than himself was playing with his male organ.

Kristy looked up with a devilish grin. “Does it feel good now that someone other than yourself is playing with it?”

“It feels so good,” Joe answered as his face began to show expressions of pleasure.

As Kristy stared at her brother’s dick, she could not help thinking how wrong and dirty this was. The idea of stroking a dick off always got her wet, but the fact it was her brother kept her from getting worked up. Although she kept telling herself it was gross, the feeling of his hard cock in her hand as she stroked it was making her wet a little.

She could see and feel that her brother was getting off by the pulsing of his member in her hand and the expression on his face. The heat and throbbing let her know that she was jerking it just right.

She could feel her brother tense up as she moved her hand at a faster pace. Looking at the head of his dick, she could see the head almost pulsing as it was about ready to explode. Kristy just continued cumhuriyet mahallesi escort moving her hand up and down on her brother’s shaft while watching his balls shake with every stroke.

Joe felt his body start to stiffen as his dick was ready to shoot. He could feel the urge to come at any second, until he heard a dreaded sound. Then the sound of a car pulling into the driveway distracted him as she watched his head turn, knowing his focus was lost.

Kristy looked at her brother as she saw the same expression of dread. She got out a quick question as the car pulled up the driveway “Are you close to cumming?”

Joe moaned out like he was almost out of breath. “Don’t stop, I am so close.”

Kristy looked up at him stressed about time running out. “I have to, they are here and you haven’t come yet.”

The sound of the car door opening gave Kristy the reason to stand up and get Joe’s pants out of the dryer. She quickly opened the dryer and tossed him his pants. “We have to go now…hurry and get dressed.”

Kristy grabbed her purse as she looked over to see Joe slip on his pants and tuck his erection down to conceal it. She felt guilty about doing it and thought she got played by him into doing it.

Once in the auditorium of the school, Joe went off with his teacher and Kristy searched for her mother. When she found her mother, she listened in her conversation about Joe’s prospects for college next year. She almost giggled how some colleges were hounding her for him to attend.

Kristy knew her brother was a child prodigy and grew up knowing that all the family’s talent went to him. Although Joe was never conceited about it, she loved how he tried to include her in everything of his life. Although his life was boring, she enjoyed being a part of it.

Kristy tried at school, but her SAT scores were less than stellar. The only thing she had going in her favor was that Joe insisted that whatever school takes him must take her as well. She loved her brother for always making sure she got included and he always did this without being prompted by their mother.

Kristy walked into a small practice room where a few students were sitting around smaller electric pianos trying to get in enough practice as possible. The sound of the pianos was turned down, but the room was still a mix of songs from all the different songs being played at once.

She walked over to where Joe was as he was flipping through music sheets looking for the piece he was going to play. She stood right next to him wondering why he even needed the sheet in the first place, but he always was quirky with his playing.

She looked over to see a kid the same age as her brother playing the same piece. He was an Asian student from another school who had both of his parents talking to him in Chinese like he was in trouble.

Kristy listened to the other kid play and knew that her brother Joe was much better than him. He was off on a few notes and she knew she was no expert on music either, but it was so obvious. In her mind, the competition was a no brainer and her brother was going to win.

When Joe being playing the same piece, she smiled proud knowing her brother was the absolute best. The thought of him embarrassing the other student made her feel ecstatic.

When Joe played the first few notes Kristy looked down in horror. He was missing keys, and going too fast. He was also getting the attention of his own school officials for doing so. Kristy saw her school’s principal stare in disbelief as if he knew his school was going to be embarrassed. Kristy knew they spent good money on making sure he would attend and now that money seemed wasted.

When Joe finished he walked right out of the room. Kristy rushed after him wondering what was wrong. When she finally caught up with him, she saw the frustration in his face as he seemed ready to tear up.

“What happened in there?” Kristy asked, looking worried and sorry that her brother was upset.

Joe looked around making sure there was nobody in earshot. “I told you, I make mistakes. That’s why I have to find a bathroom.”

Kristy looked in utter shock as she knew he was going to jerk off at school. “Oh my god, are you going to jerk off in the bathroom? That’s so gross.”

With a stern look on his face. “I don’t have a choice. If I don’t cum quick, I am going to suck. I only have a few minutes too.”

Kristy realized that her brother was serious and that he needed to get off. The idea of her helping was still gross to her, but she knew it needed to be done. “OK, let me help find you a place to do your thing.”

Kristy gave a quick look around to see if anyone was watching and grabbed Joe by the hand. She led him down to hall to the hallway bathroom away from any prying eyes. She saw the teacher’s bathroom sign and knew that this was the best place.

Joe looked at her. “Why am I going in here, the students bathroom is right there?”

“This door has a lock yunus escort so we won’t get caught,” Kristy replied back quick, looking at him with a smile.

Joe had a dumbfounded look on his face. “You’re going to help? We tried it before and it took too long.”

Kristy opened the door and pulled Joe in, and then locked the door. “I guess we are going to have to try harder.”

The bathroom was only meant for one person and was quite small. It had a sink, and a toilet only. With both her and her brother in the room, there was barely enough room to move around. She quickly thought how anyone could use this bathroom, but she knew it was her only option.

Joe went to sit down on the closed toilet seat, but she quickly moved him in front of it instead, and sat down in his place. Before he even said a word, she went to undo his belt.

“There is not enough room in here. Let’s go to the other bathroom and use the handicap stall,” Joe commented as she saw him looking down at her.

“Don’t have enough time for all of that. We are just going to have to make due.”

Kristy quickly pulled down his pants and then pulled down his boxers to reveal his flaccid member. It only looked a few inches long, but she knew he could sport more once excited.

She wrapped her hands around the shaft gently and began to slowly stroke it. With the small confines of the room, his manhood was less than a foot from her face as the sink was forcing Joe to stand very close to her.

As she began to move her hands back and forth she glanced up at him.

“You have to think something dirty or this is going to take forever. If you have to close your eyes, that’s fine too. Just warn me when you’re about to cum.”

Joe nodded and Kristy went back to slowly stroking life back in her brother’s now semi erect prick. She thought that if she could get him off quickly he would not be noticed as missing or late.

He started to become erect and Kristy felt her hand needing to grasp it harder. The soft yet firm feeling of his male growth in her hands made her realize that her hands was going to help her brother ejaculate. She thought it was gross before, but now she knew it was not half bad.

Joe was quickly moaning and leaned forward so he could put his hands on the wall behind her. Kristy then knew the foot distance between his cock and her face was more like a few inches now. She knew he was enjoying it but wondered if the distance was closer than it should be.

Joe was moaning louder and she felt the pulses of his member as it twitched with pleasure in her hands. His body was rocking as she realized he was simulating sex using her hand. She knew whatever he was thinking about was working as his moans were letting her know she was doing a good job. The only problem was his rocking back and forth was making the tip of his member almost touch her lips.

Joe finally moved further with his body motions and the tip of his male spear touched her lips. Although it did not part her lips, it touched them. She did not know why she was not turned off, but the sexual feel of a male cock on her lips was nice. It was a soft yet firm feeling as the tip seemed to want to part her lips.

Kristy wanted her brother to feel good and finish and telling him he was going too far could stop him from finishing. She decided to just go with it and kiss it to let him know that she loved him and that she could solve his problem. After the first kiss, she felt her own sex tingle that she was touching a cock with her lips.

When Joe continued to move at full speed and moan with his eyes closed, she kissed the tip again. She did not see a problem with kissing the head of his cock as nothing else came of it, and doing it again was no big deal now that she did it a few times. So when he pushed forward more she continued to kiss the tip each time.

Joe was not stopping his body and was still moaning at a good rate for him to finish on time. Kristy was enjoying each kiss on his cock head as it made her feel that she was pleasuring it. The soft yet spongy feeling on her lips was more exciting than she ever realized and now she regretted turning down the few opportunities to give head to her past boyfriends.

Joe continued with his hip thrusts, but she could feel he was getting more forceful with them. Kristy then felt something wet on her lips as she realized he was precuming and she could not help but want to taste it. The thought he was this close let her know that he was close to finishing too.

Kristy continued to taste his precum but when she opened her mouth to taste a large drop his cock moved forward again entering her mouth. It was just the tip of his cock but it defiantly entered her mouth. Joe moaned wildly and she knew that he felt it too.

The erotic feeling of doing something taboo washed over her senses as she allowed her brother to continue entering her mouth with the tip of his manhood. She did not know it was going to go this far, but she loved how doing something so dirty and wrong felt so right.

Joe once again moved forward and Kristy once again felt his cock tip enter her mouth, but only it went further. Before she could do anything, Joe did not move back as much, but moved even farther forward with his body until Kristy now had a mouth full of his dick.

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