Placed an Ad

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I placed an ad online. She answered, mentioning her rates while giving a quick overview of the types of things she would, and would not take care of. We exchanged names, phone numbers and then I promptly forgot that I’d decided to make an arrangement.

Herein lies my problem. I am busy, simultaneously I hold three jobs which eat the majority of my time. I also live with friends, to reap the benefits of shared rent and utilities. My roommates and I had tossed the idea around of having someone come in and tidy the place for us. Finally, after months of procrastination and thinly veiled hopes that everyone would start doing their part, I broke down and placed the ad.

Again, I’d forgotten that we had even made initial contact. Luckily enough, I had given my cell number and a few days after our first interaction I received a text asking if we were to go forward with our agreement.

We settled upon a reasonable figure and that she would come twice a month. She said her preference is to work while canlı bahis no one was home, but that she understood the first few visits we may wish to be present in order to build confidence with the arrangement.

I had no real idea what to expect, whatever it was, it was not what I thought. She came the second Thursday of the month, to do her first once over and as she said, get comfortable with the surrounding. She was just a little thing, surprising she carried so much with her as she stood at the door, waiting for someone to usher her in. We exchanged pleasantries and she put her supplies down as I showed her in and began a tour of the house. Quickly she stole in front of me and followed my hand with her gaze as it passed around each room, defining her space of work. It was through this tour of the house that I really had chance to size this young woman up. She was quite a piece of work.

I asked her about a uniform, or some sort of branding to represent her company, to which she replied she bahis siteleri worked for herself. That comfort was the name of the game while working. This she readily displayed by wearing stretch gym pants and a matching workout top. It was during this exchange that I really noticed how divine her figure was. She looked to be in great shape, her attire hugging most every curve of her body. She reached up to point at something, asking if it need be dusted with regularity, and I could not help but stare at her sizable, seemingly firm looking ass. Just atop the rise of her pants I could make out the thinnest line of green, and as my gaze pierced I thought I made out the make of Calvin Kline.

I tried not to leer, and quickly diverted my gaze to the floor when she looked back in my direction. As we continued to talk I took every opportunity I dare to look at her supple figure, while finishing the tour of the house and laying out our business arrangement in finality.

It was at the end of our interaction, canlı bahis siteleri for the first time, that our eyes met. She held my gaze unflinchingly for what felt like an eternity as we talked about her next visit. Now at the front door again, while proffering my hand to seal our engagement, she hesitated before accepting my handshake. Her free hand she drew up my outstretched arm to rest on my bare elbow, to which I felt electric shock. It was then that I saw a glint in her eye, and what I thought was a wink, as she said thank you. That she would look forward to building on our grand rapport during her time here.

With that I saw her off and closed the door behind her. I couldn’t help but feel excited for the next time our paths crossed. Unwittingly, she invaded all aspects of my thought and imagination. I found myself looking up women in green Calvin Kline panties online. I ran scenarios in my head that would enable me to talk more with her, to help decipher if I did indeed see a wink. To get her to explain herself more, to see what exactly this gorgeous young thing was thinking. In hopes that the glint I perceived was in fact one that was mischievous. I had all of the next two weeks until this young woman came back into my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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