Plumber’s Perks Ch. 02

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After my first encounter with lady Kim, I should perhaps explain what happened at her friend Gloria’s house a month or so earlier….

In itself it was a very straightforward callout, a dripping tap in the ensuite of the master bedroom, should really have taken only half an hour at the most.

It was the first callout of the day, barely gone 8am when I knocked on the door of a large bungalow in the eastern suburbs, the well off section of town.

As the door opened I saw a tall shapely brunette standing there with a miffed look on her face, dressed in a knee length skirt suit the lady of the house looked as if she was waiting on me to do the repair then head straight for work.

“Morning M’am, you called for a plumber,” I said as she looked me up and down, her frown changing to a slight smile as her eyes traversed my body. OK, I was still young and in shape, so I was used to women of all ages looking me over….

“Ah, yes I did,” she started, “please come in, take off your boots and then I’ll show you the problem.”

As I bent at the waist to unlace my boots I got a great view of her high heels and shapely legs. Leaving my boots at the front door I stepped past her and waited for her to close the door.

With some urgency the lady of the house made her way to the master bedroom, I noticed the mirrored ceiling over the kingsize bed, the bay window overlooking the valley below. She saw me take in the luxurious surroundings and her slight smile grew wider as she led me into the ensuite with the leaking tap.

“Here is the problem,” she said. “This tap on the bath has been dripping for days, it’s driving me nuts,” she explained with some drama.

“OK, it’s probably just a tapwasher that needs replacing. If so, then it’ll just be a few minutes and you can be off to work,” I explained.

“I don’t have to go to work until this afternoon,” she quickly replied, almost too quick as she caught herself staring at my bum when I leant over the bathtub.

I said nothing but smiled inwardly at her power play, asking, “OK, M’am, can you tell me where the main water valve is for the house?”

“Please call me Gloria,” she said, “calling me M’am makes me feel so old….completely forgetting to answer my question.”

“OK, Gloria, you look only 27 so that’s only a few years older than me,” as I paused briefly to allow Gloria to take in this answer, then asking again about the main water valve.

As Gloria took in the reply I’d just given her, she awoke from her daydream and said, “oh, yes the main valve is just in front of the garage, Nick, she read off my workshirt.”

“OK, just gotta shut that off then I can check this tapwasher out,” I said out loud, mostly to myself as Gloria was standing there with her mind on something completely different than the bathtub’s tapwasher….

I found the main valve, shut it off, drained enough water from the system to remove the tap and returned to the ensuite. As I walked in Gloria asked me with a serious look on her face, “So you think I look only 27 then do you?”

Seeing as Gloria seemed rather serious at this moment I put down my toolbag and kneeled at the bath before I looked at her and softly answered, “Well, Gloria, I believe in saying what I mean, and in your case it’s real easy as you are so good looking. Now I don’t know your real age, all I can say though is that to me, you don’t look a day over 27.”

Her face beamed as I said it, and she was quick to come back, “So perhaps all the care I put into keeping fit is paying off? Young man, I am chuffed that you think I look 27….. now a lady doesn’t normally like to reveal her age…but I am going to be 43 next month, what do you think about that,” Gloria said as she squatted down opposite me, thereby giving me a good look up her skirt.

“Well, I am surprised that I was out that far,”I said in mock shame, “But then I can’t help it ’cause I’ve always had a thing for women a little more mature than myself….”

“Is that right,” Gloria said in a pensive manner, “so you like older women huh, Plumber Nick??”

“Yes I do, always have done, I like the confidence they have,” I said matter of factly as I started work on the leaking tap.

The way Gloria was squatted down on her high heels, her knees now slightly parted, giving me an even better view up her skirt was giving me some trouble in the cock department as my cock started slowly growing. I got the tap off and removed the valve insert. “Damn,” I muttered to myself, “gotta get one of these from the van as I got up.”

Gloria was still squatted down and looked like she wanted to get up again, so I extended a hand to her. She willingly took my hand and used it to help her get upright again, smiling when she saw my swollen dick making its presence obvious in my shorts. antalya escort With a smirk on her face she said; Why thank you, kind sir.” She looked a little flushed as I left the ensuite to get a replacement washer form my workvan.

When I returned from the van several things had changed in Gloria’s appearance….the most obvious being that her blouse was no longer buttoned to the neck, it was now opened a few buttons to reveal a bit of cleavage….the other change was more interesting though, her stockings were off, leaving her barelegged and high heeled…..damn, I love bare legs, high heels and skirts…my cock twitched from it’s half mast condition, and yes, Gloria noticed and smiled at me once more as she now ogled me without any shame.

I had to admit I was attracted immensely to Gloria and she was making it difficult to remain professional.

Having replaced the tapwasher and reassembled the tap I now had to turn on the main water valve again and test my work, then bleed the air from the system. As I got up my dick had only gone down slightly and Gloria saw this immediately, well she was looking mainly at my crotch at the time….she had the sense to ask me a question and thus keep me in this somewhat uncomfortable position a little longer, “So is that all there is to it then Nick?”

“Yes, pretty much, just gotta open the main and then bleed the air from the water system then I’ll be on my way,” I said calmly as Gloria’s eyes flitted back and forth from my face to my crotch, causing my cock to grow even harder. But hey, I am proud to have a nice fat cock so if an older woman wants to have a perve why should I feel ashamed?

As luck would have it my next appointment wasn’t until 10.30 so I could take my time with whatever was developing with Gloria….hey, I didn’t know for sure at the time but I damn well was hoping I’d get in between her luscious legs for a closer look….

With the job completed I was filling in the jobsheet as Gloria asked if I would like a cup of coffee.

“Sure, would love one,” I said as I felt my cock twitching again.

“Well, have a seat at the kitchen table and I will have a couple of coffees on there in a jiffy,” Gloria replied.

As I sat at the kitchen table I purposely took a seat that allowed me to look at Gloria as she went about the task of making a cuppa. I am sure she grinned as she saw me watching her high heeled legs walking back and forth across the tile floor, click clacking along….damn, there is just something about high heels, bare legs, skirts and a confident mature woman….My cock was filling to full mast and it was making a noticeable tent in my pants….

Gloria bent over to get the cups from a low cupboard, purposely bending at the waist, then looking back at me as she’s got her tight bum up in the air…grinning again as she spotted me perving once more!

The coffee cups were put on the table and she walked back to the sink, spun around in a twirl and asked me straight out, “So Nick, do you find me attractive?” She gave her hair a flick with her hand, put one leg forward and leaned her head back, pushed her chest out front in a model type pose, “well, do you Nick?”

Pushing my jobsheet away from me, I leaned forward onto my elbows and started off slowly, “Gloria, I find you immensely sexy, you have a great smile, a hot body and I just love your haircut….”

This last comment seemed to be a surprising one for her, as she tilted her head at me and replied, “Why thank you kind sir, wish my bloody husband would notice it! Then again he’s too busy banging his 19 year old personal assistant!!” She didn’t seem angry at all, but when she apologised for her outburst it lacked sincerity and it became obvious she wanted to get even….

I stayed silent while Gloria looked at me, thinking first, then asking again if I found her attractive…

At this I got out of my chair, took the few steps to where she was standing with her bum against the sink….took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly on her neck, just below the ear. As her body melted into mine she pushed her pelvis hard up against my stiff cock and ground back and forth on my shaft. No words were spoken for a while as we kissed slowly at first, but soon we were passionately tongue lashing and running our hands all over each other.

The first time Gloria grabbed my crotch she gasped, then once she got my shorts undone and had my cock out in the open she pushed me back, saying, “Let me have a good look at this beast.” Her head fell back as she got both hands onto my throbbing shaft, fondling my heavy balls gingerly at first, then tugging my shaft and squeezing my nuts firmly.

Having already peeled her blouse off and undone her bra I was now busying myself with Gloria’s ample bosom as she artvin escort was yanking on my cock. Holding a breast in each hand I tenderly fondled them, softly rolling each nipple between thumb and forefinger, first separately, then in unison…this only made her pulling on my cock more urgent.

Gloria squealed in delight as I began firmly pinching her nipples whilst pushing her breasts up, then pulling on her big hard nipples, making her boobs pointy… was enough to make her twitch and shudder in orgasm… Damn, this woman was hot and horny!! The only thing she said after this, and for the next half hour or so was a simple, “Just fuck me, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” over and over.

As I peeled off my workshirt I was now standing in her kitchen naked, Gloria just wearing her skirt and her high heels. I hiked up her skirt to reveal a lacy pair of panties matching her bra, peeled them off and stuck my face into her crotch briefly, to lick her closely clipped pussy…well, I intended to give her a quick lick, but when Gloria grabbed my head and rammed it into her crotch I slid down onto my knees and dove in between her now slightly spread thighs.

Licking her juicy pussylips she shuddered slightly each time my tongue passed over her still partly hidden clit. “Oh fuck,” she’s moaning as I then drive my tongue deep between her swollen fannylips and slither as far into her juicy hole as I can. Giving her tasty cunt a long slow lap from bottom to top I finish up with my tongue swirling around her clit.

Her rosebud is now well and truly out of hiding, proudly standing at attention as I wrap my lips around it and suck gently…this has her moaning louder.

After a bit of sucking her clit I grip it between my lips firmly and then start flicking it with my tongue, this just sends Gloria off into orbit in no time. She’s bucking her pelvis into my face, hands locked onto my head just mashing my skull into her sex….slowly she regains her breath and for a moment it seemed like she was going to buckle at the knees.

Giving her a moment to recover I keep my mouth on her swollen puss, slowly licking the juices that are flowing from her fuckhole…enjoying the pleasure that I have given her… When I then once again take her clit between my lips and start flicking it with my tongue she cums in short order, this time I have to steady her, otherwise she would have buckled at the knees….Her only words at this time are still just, “Fuck me, fuck me now!!!!”

So as I get up and lift her butt onto the kitchen counter, she spreads her legs willingly as my throbbing cock comes into her reach once more. Taking hold of my shaft she positions my knob at the entrance to her soaking wet hole and I simply drive forward, burying half my dick in her delightfully slippery slot in one go. This has Gloria leaning back against the wall, looking at me with half closed eyes, looking down at my fat prong now going into her tight juicy box….

When I drive the remainder of my cock into her on the second stroke she just moans out loud…”oh fuck me, fuck me.” So for the next 10 minutes or so she just lays slumped against the wall, her legs wrapped around my waist as I shaft this hot older woman with my young dick.

Taking my time to slowly fondle her breasts and tweak her stiff nipples, Gloria is just grinning this big shit eating grin at me….her eyes almost completely closed, mouth open as I lovingly shaft her appreciative pussy.

It’s once Gloria has cum again that she finally speaks, “Nick, please, I gotta get down from here, put me on the ground and drill me…”

As she wraps her arms around my shoulders I take Gloria firmly under her bum and pick her up, still impaled on my throbbing dick and ease her onto the carpeted floor in the dining area. As I put her down my cock escaped from her hot pussy and she urged me to shove it back into her, “hurry, get that cock back where it belongs.”

It was once Gloria was on her back that she became very energetic, pelvis thrusting up at me, hand occasionally sneaking a fondle of my full nuts, then at times just feeling between us, taking hold of my shaft as I almost completely pulled out of her redhot fanny. Gloria was now moaning less, taking a lot of time looking at my cock going into her and also looking into my eyes a lot.

“Nick, I want you to cum inside me when you’re ready, you just fill me with your spunk baby,” Gloria said as she lovingly gazed into my eyes. After maybe twenty or so minutes or my shaft enjoying her tight little pussy I couldn’t hold back anymore and just banged my prong into her balldeep and stayed there as my dick twitched and jerked as it spewed its sticky load deep into Gloria’s pussy…. “Oh yeah, that’s awesome,” Gloria cooed as she clamped her cunt muscles tight around beylikdüzü escort my prick.

She got a surprise though when I finished cumming, I pulled out in short order and slid down between her thighs once more and started licking her now well used cunt. Lapping her swollen lips from arsehole to clit she was soon squirming and squealing away, “You bad boy, sticking your tongue into my freshly creamed fanny, bad boy, but ooohhhh soooo delightful,” she managed to say just before she was wracked by a huge orgasm, shuddering and shivering for ages while she pinched her own nipples, my tongue lashing her big clit, then just softly kissing her thighs as she came down from this high.

Gloria’s next surprise came when I then clambered back into position to fuck her again, she felt my hard cock touch her thighs, her eyes opened in alarm as I then placed my knob at her entrance…. Pushing slowly but decisively into her steamy snatch in one stroke she just about had kittens!!

“Oooohhhhh, damn, yes, fuck me, ram me, do me, oooohhhh,” was about all this classy lady said for the next few minutes as I forcefully fucked her now well and truly dripping wet fuckhole….yummy!!!

I just love to please a willing woman and I kept up a steady rhythm, letting her cum and then resuming at the same steady rhythm to bring her off again and again. She must have cum three or four times in close order before I picked up the pace and fucked her poor little fanny at a frantic pace for maybe a minute or two, then banged my balls against her tight little butt and stayed buried in her delicious snatch while my nuts emptied themselves into her again…..

Gloria is just laying back, mouth open wide, eyes closed with a huge smile on her face, sweat pouring off both of us…. When I slump down onto her chest she kisses me passionately, her tongue delving deep into my mouth for several minutes. After she breaks the kiss she looks into my eyes, she’s almost crying as she tells me, “Nick, there are no words to describe what you just did to me….I haven’t cum this often or this hard….ever…and your beautiful big long cock….your tongue making love to my pussy…..I am in lust…I want more of this, much more….”

My cock is shrinking inside her hot lovecanal as I just smile at Gloria after her expression of desire for our frantic screwing session. When I pull out of her and lay down on my back Gloria cuddles up to me on my chest, saying, “Please tell me you’ll come back to see me again.”

“I will Gloria, how could I resist,” I say tenderly as she runs her hand down to my now deflated cock. Lovingly she touches my wet cock, cups my balls in her small hand and once again kisses me with real passion.

After we lay cuddled up and talked for the next twenty minutes Gloria got up, stood over me in her dishevelled skirt, now sporting some cum stains. She dropped the skirt, now walking around in just her high heels as she gathers our discarded clothing, while I watch her shapely form….she notices and places both her hands on her hips, taps one foot on the ground in mock disgust, asking, “And what are you looking at mister?”

“A really sexy lady I would like to make love to again,” I said. This certainly brought a smile to her face. As I got up my cock was now hanging soft, my balls low in their sac, Gloria looking on for a second as I was about to get dressed. She stopped me, got on her knees in front of me and tenderly kissed my soft cock and balls, taking my knob into her mouth and sucking gingerly. Cupping my balls lovingly she then sucked my shaft into her mouth, licking and slurping noisily. After a few sucks she licked my shaft from root to tip, cleaning off the majority of our juices from my now soft penis. Once she was satisfied that I was clean enough to get dressed she kissed my cockhead with a big wet kiss and got up, planting her lips straight onto mine, giving me another tongue lashing.

“Now young man, you better get dressed and get back to the job before you get in trouble, she says, “Now where is that jobsheet you wanted me to sign?”

“Right here Gloria,” I said as I went to fill in the finish time.

“Here, let me,” she said, grabbing the pen and paperwork off me and filled in the finish time as 10am, thus charging herself 2 hours for changing a tap washer. I looked at her in bewilderment, but she just said, “don’t argue with me.” She took her purse and pulled out her business card, wrote a cellphone number on the back.

By now I was fully dressed, she’s still naked apart from her high heels, and she’s putting the card in my shirt pocket. Call me she simply said as she squeezed my bum, opened the front door and stood there watching me put on my boots.

With a simple peck on the lips she bid me farewell and I was off, looking back as I got in my van she’s standing there with her head poking out from behind the door, waving me off……

Now I knew what the boys had always talked about, plumbers do get perks, and the customer is always right….especially when the lady of the house likes what she sees…..

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