Pool Day

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Reaching into the small ice chest for another wine cooler, I glanced over towards my left and saw a blur of movement in the huge oak tree behind our house. Grinning to myself, I realized that Tim, my neighbor home for the summer following his first year of college, was once again spying on me as I lay out by our back-yard pool.

For the past month or so, Tim had perched in his post almost daily and ogled me as I worked on my tan. Last summer he’d done the same. Almost every time I had lain out by the pool, I felt the sensation of being watched by my horny neighbor. The thought of the college freshman using me as jerk-off inspiration was very flattering and as I turned back onto my stomach I made sure to point the bronzed globes of my tight ass directly at him. The tiny pink and green thong bikini I was wearing displayed about 99% of my firm 27-year old ass and I had no problem showing it off.

Flipping absently though the pages of the “Self” magazine I had brought out poolside, I found myself growing moist at the idea of young Tim jerking off as he spied on me. My husband had been away for three days, and I had been home in bed for two days with a bad cold, so my needy little pussy was practically begging for cock.

“What the heck?” I thought to myself, “He’s been staring at me all summer. He must like what he sees…there’s nothing wrong with seducing a willing college stud!”

Deciding to do a little teasing first, I spread my slender legs wide, giving Tim a hot view of my barely covered crotch. Then, bending my legs upwards at the knees, I kicked them slowly back and forth, my tight little ass shimmying with the movement.

After a few minutes I ceased my kicking motion, and began to rhythmically grind my pelvis into the cement in a pantomime of a hot fuck. Up and down, I leisurely humped my hot twat feeling lustful warmth flowing through my almost naked body. I imagined I could hear Tim’s tormented grown as he watched his hot married neighbor rubbing her pussy against the rough surface of the pool deck.

“Bet he wants to fuck it,” I hissed to myself under my breath. “Bet he wants to fuck this hot pussy and spray it full of his hot young cum. Should I let him? Should I let him fuck me?”

I was become hotter and hotter questioning the idea of letting the spying boy shove his cock into every hole I had, and I reached a hand back to undo the string that tied the miniscule bikini top to my curvy body. With the top undone, I slowly turned over, my small, pink nipples pointing straight up at the clear blue sky.

With a small whimper, I cupped my firm tits in my hands and squeezed them roughly. “Wanna play with my tits Tim?” I murmured under my breath. “Wanna squeeze, and pull, and lick, and bit, and fuck, and cum on ’em? Wanna use my tits as play toys?”

Moaning softly to myself, I harshly mauled my moist tits and slowly pumped my ass up and down off of the warm cement. “Hop that fence, Tim.” I pleaded quietly to myself. “Don’t even say a single word to me; just come over here, rip this thong off, fuck me stupid, shoot hot fucking cum in me, and just leave me here splayed open and leaking. Then go back to college and brag to your friends. Tell them all what a stud you are and how you banged the slut who lives behind you.”

Soon, my little shaved pussy was oozing steadily as I reveled in my forbidden fantasy. Shivering with need, I decided that perhaps I should stop teasing and call one of Troy’s friends or one of the docs from work to come over and take care of my itchy pussy—it’d be safer in the long run. Rolling back over onto my tummy, I quickly finished my wine cooler, fished another out of the ice chest, and reached for the copy of “Cosmo.”

The title of one of the stories on the cover quickly caught my eye, though: “You and a Younger Man – It Can Be Hot (and an Ego Boost).” Flipping through the pages, I read the highlights: faster recuperative powers, enthusiasm; eagerness; willingness to learn; it’s fun playing the seductress. My head was spinning from the wine and the heat, and my pussy was still creaming as I imagined the possibilities. Forget calling somebody, I had a cock available 100 feet away.

Before I could stop myself, I turned to look over my shoulder and called out. “Hey, Tim, you can come over here and keep me company, you know. No need to be coy. I know you’re up in the tree. Come on over and talk to me; I’m bored.”

For a few long seconds, nothing happened and at first I figured Tim was too ashamed to show himself, but finally, a few branches shook wildly and I saw Tim scale down the tree into his yard. Several short seconds later, he agilely hoped the fence and slowly walked over towards the pool where I lay.

Looking up form my prone position, I smiled brightly at the somewhat embarrassed college freshman. “Don’t be shy, Tim. I know you’ve been spying on me all summer. It’s pretty flattering actually. I mean you could be out with your friends looking for girls your age, but you’d rather look at an old married woman sunning herself by the pool.

“You’re Esenyurt Escort not old Mrs. Z!” Tim blurted quickly. “I didn’t mean to spy. It’s just well…”

“It’s ok, Honey” I replied with a teasing laugh. “Lots of guys have crushes on older girls. Is that what you have? A little summer crush on me?”

Tim’s face turned bright red at my bold, teasing question. He tried to stammer out an answer, but before he could reply, I handed him the bottle of sunscreen I had brought out with me.

“Here, you might as well make yourself useful; you can rub this on my back.” With those words I rested my head on my arms and looked sideways at the excited teen as he flipped open the top of the bottle.

“Squirt it on my back, and rub it in for me.” I directed my neighbor.

Tim squirted a small amount of sunscreen and began to set the bottle down.

“No, more than that,” I instructed the hesitant young man, the racy innuendo clear in my voice “Squirt it all over my back, get it all over me.”

As I felt the cool cream hit my warm, tanned back, I let out a soft moan, “That’s it Tim, squirt it all over me, Honey. Cover me with it.”

My double entendre was clearly not lost on my aroused neighbor, and he quickly coated my back with a copious amount of sunscreen.

“Now, rub it in, Tim.” I commanded, squirming a little in anticipation of his warm touch.

Tentatively at first, Tim started to rub the cool, oily sunscreen across my bare back. I felt his fingers spread out and rub harder as I began to moan my approval.

“Good boy!” I praised enthusiastically, “Rub it in good. It’s pretty hot out here today and I don’t wanna burn; make sure you don’t miss a spot or anything. Rub it all over me, Tim.”

For the next ten minutes or so, Tim eagerly stroked his hands all over my slick, slippery back, working the cream into my bare, tanned flesh. He concentrated mightily on rubbing only my shoulders and the center portions of my back; he appeared to be very hesitant to go anywhere near my twitching little ass.

He may have been afraid to touch, but he sure was looking! Every time I glanced up at him, Tim’s eyes seemed to be locked onto the bare cheeks of my tight butt. I was reasonable sure he’d never been this close to a woman in a thong bikini before and he was sure getting any eyeful.

As my heart raced beat faster and faster, I upped the heat. “Don’t forget my butt, Tim. It’ll burn too if you don’t put sunscreen on it.”

Tim looked stricken for a brief second as if he couldn’t believe what I’d asked him to do, but he enthusiastically reached for the bottle of sunscreen, knocking it over in his haste.

“Mmmmm” I moaned softly, wiggling my firm, little ass in anticipation. “Squirt it! Squirt it all over my butt!”

Tim’s low, anguished groan made it clear he understood the intent behind my words and his hands shook as he squeezed the bottle and squirted more of the oily cream onto my quivering ass-cheeks.

“Aiiieee! That’s cold!” I squeaked softly, “Rub it in quick, warm it up!”

With hesitant strokes, Tim began to gently massage the sunscreen into my bare ass-cheeks. I moaned softly, with encouragement, “That’s the way…that feels sooooo good.”

I knew Tim had to have a painful erection by now, and I giggled with the thought that I was probably giving the randy eighteen-year old a major case of blue balls. Unable to help myself, I teased him even more.

Wiggling my tight ass from side to side, I spread my legs apart, the greasy sunscreen running down the sides of my butt-mounds down between my bronzed thighs. “Get the sides too, Tim. Anything that might burn needs to be covered.”

Tim let out a sigh of longing as his hands and fingers glided over the smooth skin of my pert ass, eagerly coating it with the slippery liquid shield. I could hear his raspy breathing as he worked his hands down between my legs to cover the inside curve of my round ass-cheeks.

“Oh! Work it in there good, Honey.” I purred to the aroused teen after a few minutes of getting my tight assed caressed by his slippery hands. “Work it in there!”

For long minutes, Tim rubbed all over my ass, his touch becoming firmer and more assured every second. My bald little cunt was leaking steadily and my fuck-lust was rising exponentially. When Tim’s fingers begin to explore near the pucker of my ass-hole, I knew it was time to move to the next level.

“Mmmm! Thanks for doing my back, Honey…now you have to do my tummy.” With those words, I rolled over to allow my aroused neighbor to apply sunscreen to my front. Knowing full well I had never retied the strings to my bikini top before inviting Tim over, I nonetheless feigned shock and surprise.

“Oops! Oh Jesus! Looks like I forgot something!”

Tim’s eye’s nearly bugged out of his head as he eagerly eyed my plump tits and obviously erect nipples.

Giggling softly, I attempted to act nonchalant as the boy ogled my tanned tit-mounds. “I don’t wear the top out here Esenyurt Escort bayan much, and it’s not like you haven’t seen them while spying anyway, right? Do they look as nice as those girls’ at UVA?”

Tim didn’t answer, nor did he move. It took me a few seconds, but then I realized he was probably trying very hard not to cum in his jeans. I didn’t make it any easier on him.

“Well? Do you want them to burn? Aren’t you gonna squirt on them?” I asked as I handed the bottle of sunscreen to the tormented freshman.

Laying flat on my back, I bent my legs at the knees and pouted up at my quivering neighbor before purring, “All over, Baby…squirt it all over my tits…and stomach…squirt it.”

Poor Tim! I could see the anguish on his face as he tried hard to compose himself. After what seemed like ages, Tim finally regained a modicum of control and aimed the squeeze bottle at my stomach. The first few jets of sunscreen streamed out and landed on my flat, brown belly, but then Tim quickly walked the stream up to my golden brown tits.

His eyes shining brightly, Tim coated my firm, fat tits with the oily contents of the squeeze bottle. Jet after jet of sunscreen squirted from the rapidly emptying bottle as I moaned erotically for my young neighbor. “All over them, all over them baby, cover those tits, cum all over them!”

Tim groaned loudly at my last comment, the pretext now fully exposed. Dropping the bottle, he reached out, unbidden, and began to rub and squeeze my oily tits. Using one hand on each tit mound, he worked the sunscreen into the brown tit-flesh, sighing with unabashed joy as he did so.

As I looked Tim in the eye, I now had no doubt as to where my teasing was going to lead. “Ohhh! Yeah! “Squeeze them, Honey. Harder! They like that. Rub and squeeze them!”

As Tim worked on my slippery tits, I slowly raised myself to a sitting position so that the panting teen had better access to the firm, plump mounds. Looking down, I watched with growing lust as his hairless hands firmly stroked and caressed my oily titties. Tim’s moans and gasps were clear evidence of his mounting excitement and I was too turned on to resist taking things further.

Stand up, Tim.” I directed, “It’s not fair that you’re still fully dressed and I’m practically naked out here.”

With desire evident in his eyes, Tim rose slowly. Carefully reaching out, I went for the tab of his zipper. His cock was straining hard against the denim of his jeans and, as I gently pulled on the tab, I cautioned the teen to remain calm. “Take it easy, Honey. I’m just gonna free this baby before you blow the button off of your jeans.”

With agonizing slowness, I eased down the moaning young man’s zipper, fearful that even the slightest touch might make his young cock go off. Bit by bit, I eased the metal tab down, Tim’s breath now coming in harsh rasps. I was surprised to see that Tim wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his erect cock came immediately into view as I painstakingly slide down his zipper.

“Don’t cum.” I cautioned Tim who whimpered in bliss as the pressure was released off of his throbbing cock. “We’ll go real slow. Don’t you dare cum on me.”

With his zipper finally pulled all the down, I tugged on the waistband of Tim’s jeans and they collapsed into a puddle around his feet. His youthful, slender cock pointed straight up in the air, swaying and throbbing with every beat of his heart. It wasn’t that long, no more than six inches, but it was about one and a half times thicker than any of the other cocks I’d had in recent weeks.

“Oh, Baby.” I murmured softly “That’s a nice cock. Mmmmm….such a nice thick cock for me to play with.”

Tim’s cock flexed and jerked threateningly at my words.

“Don’t!” I commanded. “Don’t do it. You better not cum. I mean it…don’t you dare cum yet. You college kids are all the same – always wanting to cum right away.”

Tim looked like he was in agony. I knew I was being very unfair, there was no way a youth his age could hold out after spending fifteen minutes coating my nearly-nude body with sunscreen, but I loved cock-teasing more than anything. I had to see how much he could take.

Rising up on my knees, I moved in closer to Tim and lightly brushed one erect nipple against his twitching boner. Tim gasped loudly and bit down hard on his lower lip. He was determined not to spurt too soon.

“Good boy!” I praised. “Now the other one!”

For a few seconds I took turns pressing each nipple against the enflamed youth’s engorged throbber. Tim seemed to have calmed down just a little and he shivered slightly as my tit-tips brushed back and forth against his steel-hard erection.

Changing my angle, I maneuvered my upper torso so that Tim’s cock was now positioned right between my plump tits, resting solidly on my breastbone.

“Ok, Baby, “I announced. I’m gonna wrap them around your cock. I’m gonna wrap my pretty titties around your hot cock and make it feel real good. Don’t you dare cum on them, Escort esenyurt though.”

As Tim grimaced in anguish, I pushed my bronzed tits together and enveloped his cock within a tight tunnel of hot tit-flesh.

“Ohhh God! Mrs. Z! Ohhh God! I don’t know if I can…”

“Yes you can! You better, Tim. I mean it. Do not cum yet! And call me Kathy. When you have your cock between a girl’s tits you can call her by her first name, or any other names you want to.”

For long seconds, neither of us moved, and Tim’s loud, ragged breathing soon slowed and quieted. Just a little, I began to move my tits up and down. Not enough to cause climax-inducing friction, but just enough to give Tim the tantalizing sensation of a hot tit-fuck.

“Isn’t that hot, Tim. Aren’t you glad you didn’t cum yet? You don’t really want to spray hot cum all over my tits and face anyway, do you? You don’t really want to see me all covered with cream like that.”

A tortured groan escaped the boy’s lips as I teased him with my hot words. Patiently, I stopped moving, letting him regain control before I started in again.

“Do you like my tits, Tim? Do you like having your hard cock between them? Did you dream about this while you were away at school? Were you missing me and thinking nasty things about me while you were supposed to be studying at night? Tell me how good it feels. “

“It feels so hot Mrs….unhhh Kathy. I don’t know how long I can take this. Please don’t get mad!”

“I won’t.” I replied casually to the trembling teen as I resumed slowly rubbing my tits on his cock. “Just as long as you don’t cum until I tell you to.”

Tim winced as my movements became bigger and more pronounced, and a big clear drop of pre-cum bubbled out of the top of his prick-head. We both watched as it sparkled in the hot sun, growing larger and larger.

Looking up at him, I tested his resolve and control. “Normally, I’d lick that off for you, Tim. But I’m afraid that if I touched your cock with my tongue, you’d blow my head clean off. You’d cover my pretty face with all that hot jizz and I’d look like you’d hit me in the mouth with a snowball. We don’t want that now, do we?”

Tim trembled and groaned at the image my words painted. For a moment, I thought he’d spurt for sure.

“You better not!” I warned the ready-to-explode boy. “You better hold it or I’ll stop. Do not cum on me Tim; I mean it.”

Tim’s fists tightened into hard balls, the muscles in his forearms knotted and clenched. He was drawing on every ounce of willpower to last. It was a valiant effort, but ultimately in vain.

Tim began to relax, thinking that he had survived for another few minutes. He left out a deep breath and unclenching his fists slightly. I looked down at his cock, only the head visible between the soft, warm confines of my tit-meat, pre-cum dripping down the sides and disappearing between my oily breasts.

That’s it! That’s the way to hold it!” I cooed sweetly looking back up at Tim’s strained face, “For a minute I thought you were gonna bust a nut all over my titties; I was positive you were gonna lose it. You don’t wanna hose my tits yet, do yah, Honey? You don’t want to frost my face and watch your hot cum drip off me like thick cream? Or do you? Do you wanna shoot cum on me? Do you wanna make my pretty little face a cum-dump?”

Tim trembled and uttered a high pitched, agonizing groan from deep in his throat. A single, thin stream of hot jizz shot from his cock and smacked against the underside of my chin before running down my neck. For what seemed like several seconds, nothing else happened. I looked down, puzzled, and saw the tip of Tim’s purple cock-head still poking up through my swollen tit-mounds. The tortured freshman suddenly bellowed like a wounded animal, and his cock unexpectedly thumped and recoiled ferociously. A huge bolt of white-hot cum erupted from his prick-tip and nailed me in my left eye, instantly gluing it shut.

My head jerked back in surprise at the force of Tim’s ejaculation and a second stream of ball-batter squirted from the boy’s cock and cascaded down onto my quivering tits. I looked back down just as another jet of jizz exploded, this one squirting directly into my open mouth. I quickly swallowed that hot, tangy nut-cream while rubbing my tits up and down on the young man’s spurting boner.

Tim was barely able to stand, the force of his orgasm had his legs ready to give out, and I felt him trembling wildly. Looking back up at him through my non-cum-covered eye, I urged him on.

“All over my tits, Baby! Squirt it all over my tits! Cum on me! Just fucking cum all over me! Give it to me! Paint those titties, Honey! Paint ’em with hot cream!”

Tim groaned and wheezed, hot sperm spouting and spewing out of his cock, drenching my firm tits as I fucked them up and down on his spurting boner. My cleavage was soon awash in foamy, sticky cum as Tim’s cock sprayed out the largest cum-load I had seen in years. It was like he’d been saving up his whole life for me.

Finally, Tim’s cock gave a dry heave. It still thumped and jerked, but every drop of cum had been drained from his rapidly deflating balls. He’d given me all he had! His face was flushed and his breathing was long and deep. His legs still trembled, and there was an apologetic look on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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