Preacher Man Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Preacher’s wifey perspective

She was surprised to see 3 big black men and a very large black woman sitting on the front row of her hubby’s otherwise very white church. If she had to guess, the woman was about 50, tall, and large, easily over 400 pounds. In her opinion a big woman like that should have worn a skirt that was at was longer than mid-thigh and a top that better covered up her oversized boobs.

She was very shocked that she noticed, but it didn’t look like any of the guys had on underwear and it seemed that what they said about black men was true, because each of them had something thick hanging down the legs of their jeans. As a good pastor’s wife she went over and welcomed each one. She was surprised to hear that her hubby had invited them, since he hadn’t mentioned it to her. She was more surprised when she felt a tingle of excitement in her clit as she shook hands with Irv, Sly and especially Big Mike. There was a wicked glint in his eye as he looked her directly in the eyes and emphasized the name, “Big” Mike.

Her knees were a little weak as she walked to her pew to sit down…and what was wrong with her, she could feel a wet spot in her panties. She cursed her hubby under her breath. Usually, he was horny almost every Saturday night or Sunday morning…and even though his cock no longer got hard, he sure did know how to use his tongue and lips on her needy pussy. But for some reason he hadn’t made any attempt to get between her thick thighs this week and now here she was on Sunday morning, in church and so horny that the handshake of a strange black man, with very large hands had made her clit get hard and rub against her scratchy granny panties and made her wet her pants with desire. Her hubby better be ready to do some serious pussy eating after church.

She watched as her hubby came in and greeted the new folks. She wondered what Big Mike had said that made her hubby’s face flush a bright red. In her horny mind, she imagined him saying something like, “I want to fuck your wife”, but of course he wouldn’t have said that to a preacher in church.

She tried to concentrate on the service, but she found herself, squirming in her seat, crossing and uncrossing her arms so that they rubbed over her hard, swollen, nipples. She thought she noticed her hubby glancing over at the black folks in the front row, a bit more than he should have. When he was sitting down as someone did announcements, it seemed like he was staring and licking his lips and she wondered if the big woman with the short skirt was flashing him.

As he stood to preach, she lowered her hand to her lap and pressed it against her swollen clit. Was it her imagination, or did he preach a particularly short sermon this morning. Maybe he was as horny as she was and just wanted to get home and devour her wet, aroused pussy.

In any case, almost as soon as the service was over, she thanked the new folks for coming, not minding that Big Mike seemed to hold on to her hand extra long. She was in front of him long enough to know that he seemed to enjoy her large, chubby white body because that thing down his leg was hard enough that it was pushing against his jeans. Again, she felt her pussy getting even wetter. She quickly excused herself and on wobbly legs, headed next door to the parsonage. She hoped hubby didn’t take too long with his goodbyes, because she desperately needed his talented tongue between Bostancı Escort her pussy lips.

She always waited for her hubby to make the first move but this time she was desperate. She went back to the bedroom and quickly stripped off all her clothes. She had been taught that only sluts played with themselves, so she only rubbed her hand over her swollen clit one time, as she slid on a short, thin night shirt. God, where was her husband? She figured he had to be coming soon, so she sat her big, fat ass up on the dining room table, laid back, spread her legs and allowed the cool area to flow over her wet, hairy, mature pussy as her lip opened wide.

She knew her hubby wouldn’t need any more of an invitation than that and when she heard the door open, she closed her eyes, waiting to feel his hot tongue inside of her. “Well, what are you waiting for?” she purred, when he didn’t immediately dive into her overheated pussy. He cleared his throat and she looked up and cried out as she scrambled to sit up and cover herself.

Behind her hubby were three big black men, with obvious erections and a very large black woman, licking her lips. Big Mike stepped forward at this point and asserted himself as the leader. “Well, well, well, Mrs. white, married preacher’s wifey, I see you already ready for Big Mike.” He laughed as she stuttered and stammered. “no need for discussion, Mrs. white wifey, I’m gonna tell you how it gonna go down. Like I told your hubby at church, I do really want to fuck your sweet, innocent pussy, but only if you want to.”

She tried to interrupt but he slapped her ass, hard, and said, “This ain’t no discussion lady….you want a discussion you can talk to your hubby later. You can ask him how it felt to have Big Mike’s cock fucking his ass, or how he liked sucking the cum out of Irv or how very much he enjoyed sucking our cum out of Big Mama’s fat, stinky pussy.”

Her mouth dropped open in shock as she looked at her hubby, who only stared at the ground. “So, we all gonna get naked and then we gonna find out if Mrs. fat, white, married, wifey wants Big Mike’s big black cock to fuck her sweet pussy.

Don’t worry we already know hubby here can’t get it up no more, plus his little dicklet isn’t much bigger than Big Mama’s clit. And I done seen from your little show when we walked in, that you nice and wet and horny, but sweety, if you ain’t wetter than you’ve ever been in a few minutes then I just let hubby take your fuckin for you. Now, let’s get naked.

She was surprised to see her hubby obediently stripping off his clothes. She gasped in spite of herself when each guy took off his pants and 3, black cocks sprung out. All of them were hard, and as had been pointed out, since hubby couldn’t get hard, it had been a while since shed seen a hard cock. Besides that her hubby’s cock, even when it got hard, was tiny compared to the 8 to 10 inches, thick, black cock’s in front of her. She almost gagged as Big Momma spread her legs once she was out of her clothes. It smelled like she hadn’t washed in a month. Shit, she knew how much her hubby was turned on by smelly pussy, she glanced at him as he stood in just his tighty whitey underpants.

She looked again, wondering why his undies were bulging and then as Big Mama pulled them down, she gasped. Her conservative, preacher hubby, had his balls tied up tightly with what looked like clotheline wound around Ümraniye Escort and around his testicles. They were purple as they bulged out from the cord. All of their guests laughed at the shocked look on her face and Big Mike said, “you didn’t know your hubby liked tying up his little white balls did you? But, hey, he is obedient, since Big Momma ordered him to have them tied up this morning.

Her head was spinning as Big Mike continued with his instructions. “So, here what we gonna do first…you gonna kiss your hubby, nice and deep like, you gonna fondle him and he gonna fondle you. Then, you and me gonna do the kissy, fondle thing and you see which one you like better.” When she hesitated, he slapped her big, wobbly, bare ass hard and barked, “Get to it.” It was weird kissing and making out with an audience, and naked too. But, it was nice, she and hubby kissed, tongues in each other’s mouths, his hands on her titties, rubbing over her hard nipples as she gently cradled his swollen, tied up balls and pulled on his limp, drooling cock.

She felt Big Mike’s hand on her shoulder as he roughly turned her toward him, “my turn”, was all he said and then he grabbed her violently, as his mouth covered her’s he seemed to take possession of her, his tongue forcefully sliding into her mouth as one large hand squeezed her tittie hard enough o make her cry out and to leave finger mark bruises. He turned her toward him and she felt his massive, throbbing erection pressed against her saggy belly as both of his hands engulfed her ass cheeks and squeezing and pulling at the same time.

Her knees were weak again and as he continued to kiss her, she felt her asshole being pulled open and her pussy lips pulled wide as he mauled her ass. At that point, she desperately wanted his big, swollen, thick cock buried deep inside of her old, married pussy, pressing against her womb. She was sure he could sense the change as she began kissing him back aggressively and grinding her hips against his legs, rubbing her soaking wet, hairy pussy against his firm thigh. He pulled back, even as she tried to keep kissing him. He smiled at her with a knowing smile.

“Oh, don’t worry baby, I know you want my big black cock in you, but we got more to do first. We gone watch Sly and Irv fuck Big Momma and then, we gone watch your cuck hubby suck all they cum out her nasty pussy and then…I mean if you want to, we let you feel Big Mike’s cock banging parts inside you cunt ain’t never been touched by no little white cock.” They sat back on the couch, hubby on one side of her, Big Mike on the other. She obediently stroked both men, although since hubby’s cock was limp and small, it was more of a pull on his, while her hand slide up and down Big Mike’s.

She tried to pay attention to Big Mama on all fours, Irv’s cock making squishing sounds as he slammed in and out of her pussy as she sucked Sly’s oversized dick. But all she could really think about was how good it was going to feel having this massive cock in her right hand, buried inside of her, needy, white, married cunt. She could feel the pussy juices coating her inner thighs, and leaking down onto her, tight, little virgin asshole. After a couple of minutes Big Mike had Irv stopped fucking so her hubby could suck the juices off of his cock. She marveled at how greedily her good little hubby sucked and licked that big black dick. He obviously liked Anadolu Yakası Escort it because his dick got semi hard and he was leaking a lot of precum.

A wicked thought came to her mind and she slapped her hubby’s tied up balls. Oh my goodness, he liked it. She slapped them harder.

She couldn’t help it, as Irv started to fill Big Mama with a huge load of black cum, she leaned over and started sucking Big Mike’s horse cock. It tasted salty and unwashed. She could smell his musk, which usually would have turned her off, but now it only aroused her more. She wasn’t even watching as Irv pulled out and Sly took his place fucking Big Mama. She didn’t see her hubby sucking and licking Irv clean and then Sly.

When big Mike pulled her head away from his crotch, she whined. But then he ordered her on her knees, head down, near Big Mama’s cunt so she could watch her hubby eagerly begin to lick two loads of cum from inside of her. Big Mike had planned on making her beg for his cock, but as her swollen, hairy, fat pussy poked between her thick thighs and her saturated pussy lips popped open to reveal a rather loose, pink inside of her pussy, he decided he simply wanted to own her married white cunt.

She sighed as she felt the thick, hard, head of his cock begin to spread her pussy open. She had never had anything close to this fat on big in her pussy before. She felt him grab her hips firmly and then, “Ahhh, Oww, that hurts, that hurts” flew out of her mouth as Big Mike violently thrust the entire length of his 10 inch cock inside of her. He banged painfully against her cervix, once, twice, oh, it hurt, and yet, she wanted more. She pressed her hips back toward him as he slammed into her cervix third time. Two things happened then, she orgasmed so hard she thought she’d pass out, and the head of his big cock penetrated her cervix. She was gasping for air as he thrust back into her again and again and again, each time penetrating a bit deeper into her womb. She orgasmed again only 30 seconds after the first one.

She got lost, there was nothing going on in the room except the feel of Big Mike’s balls slapping against her swollen clit each time he slammed inside of her. She didn’t see her hubby’s face coated in cum and pussy juice from Big Mama’s cunt. She didn’t see, or even notice that both Irv and Sly had lain on the floor and were each now sucking one of her sagging tits, biting her nipples and increasing her pleasure.

She had no idea how many times she orgasmed, although the consensus from others in the room was that she had cum at least a dozen times, although 6 of those were after she passed out. She slowly awoke to her hubby lovingly but hungrily licking a huge load of cum out of her ravaged, sore, swollen pussy. By then, everyone else was fully dressed and about to leave.

Big Mike bent down close to her and asked, “so you want some more of my big Black Cock tomorrow?” She protested that she was far too sore to be ready for more tomorrow, to which he replied. “OK, good, you call in sick tomorrow, I’ll be back about 7 in the morning and I’ll bring a friend. He got a long dick, probably a foot long, but it’s skinny, probably only as thick as your hubbies, if he could get hard, it will be perfect for breaking in your virgin asshole. Make sure you’re all cleaned up, naked, and ready to go at 7 in the morning. In fact, make sure you’re up on all fours, ass up, head down so I can just slide right into to that sweet, busted open married white cunt of yours.” Before she could protest, he was gone.

As she went back to go pee, she was so sore, she could hardly walk, and yet, she felt herself starting to get wet, thinking about 7 am tomorrow morning.

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