Prison Island Ch. 18

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Prison Island


“Why are you so mad? I don’t get it.” Mouse tried to make him look at him by grabbing his arm, but Francesco wasn’t in the mood.

They were finally alone, and it looked as if everyone had returned to their business as usual. It was as if they hadn’t gangbanged Anya just earlier.

“If I have to explain it to you, then you’re not the guy I thought you were,” Francesco spat angrily.

Mouse withdrew his hand. “I’m starting to think that Karl’s a bit right about you. You’re a fucking whore in denial.”

Francesco grabbed Mouse hard by the front of his t-shirt and raised his fist.

Mouse stared at him with defiant eyes. “Are you going to hit me? For calling you what you are?”

Francesco ground his teeth but lowered his arm. “No, I’m not going to hit you. I’m not like the rest of you.”

He walked out of the hut. He needed air. He needed to be anywhere else but there. Nowhere was safe. It wasn’t like he didn’t know that. But it still hurt like hell to realize that these boys couldn’t be his friends. There was a chasm between them and him, and he wasn’t willing to be the one to cross it and become like them.


He no longer spent his nights in the hut he shared with Mouse. The redhead had come to him, again and again, first just trying to get him to talk, then offering himself, then yelling at him. But he had remained resolute in his decision to have nothing to do anymore with the whole bunch, Mouse included.

He worked side by side with them, but he met each offer of a sign of friendship with icy stares. In the end, everyone decided to let him be. With the surety that there were other people on the island, dangerous people, everybody had become a bit wary and they often worked in silence, securing their defenses.

Francesco had taken to long walks. He wanted to know about the danger that surrounded them, and he didn’t want to be kept in the dark. Karl had warned him not to wander very far, but he wasn’t in the mood to take any more orders. He was careful, developing an extra sense, learning the voices of the forest.

And he was all alone, he stood by the side of the tree, his head caught in his hands and let it all out. His frustration at Mouse, his anger at Karl, his disappointment at Leon, and everyone else. It was the only time when he allowed himself to weep. He missed having Mouse wrapped around him. The redhead was a mess, too, and he knew it. Anya had tried to tell him a few times about how he should forgive his boyfriend, but he had brushed it all off.

Could he trust anyone? Karl was fucked up, Mouse had a darkness in him that Francesco was scared of, and he really didn’t know the others. If what Mouse had said that day was true, everyone else but him was there for things that were much, much worse than what he had done to his stepfather. And what was Mouse in for, anyway? There were secrets between them, and Francesco feared now to learn them all.

A branch broke, not far, making him jump to his feet. All İstanbul Escort his senses kicked in.

“It’s me, Francesco.”

He let out a breath as Morgan appeared through the trees. He was just as well dressed as that day, and the short stubble on his face was present there, too. Francesco wondered randomly whether the guy could never grow a beard for some unfathomable reason.

“Hi,” he said timidly. Suddenly, he had no idea what to do with his hands.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Tea?” Francesco looked around. “Where?”

Morgan smiled and gestured with his chin. “Just follow me. I have cookies, too.”

Francesco snickered. “That has to be a lie. Don’t be cruel, man. I don’t remember the shape of cookies, let alone how they taste.”

Morgan took him by the shoulders. Francesco felt safe near that man. That day, he had helped them and asked for nothing in return. Suddenly, his distrust reared its head. What if Morgan had ulterior reasons? What if he wanted to harm them and maybe hunt them with his shotgun through the woods? But that wasn’t what his gut instinct was telling him about this man.

“A penny for your thoughts, Francesco.”

“Nothing! I mean, I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

Morgan laughed, and soon they were in a clearing. He noticed a small camping stove with a pot on top of it. “A bit of warm tea will pick you up like nothing else.”

Francesco sat on a log as Morgan poured him a cup. Then the man opened a metal box and Francesco could swear he was about to cry at the sight of those chocolate chip cookies. He grabbed one with hesitant fingers.

“You can have more,” Morgan encouraged him. “Only that you need to eat them here. Let’s not have to others know about me, okay?”

Karl had kept it a secret, and he had done the same without thinking. Anya didn’t remember anything, so no one else knew about Morgan.

So he nodded and reached for another cookie. “Morgan,” he asked after a while, as the warmth of the tea began spreading from his belly to the rest of his body, “who are you, really?”

“Are you Karl’s spy?” The dark eyes glinted with amusement.

Francesco shook his head.

“Then forgive me if I won’t tell you.”

“Did Karl’s dad send you?” Francesco asked abruptly. He stared into his tea cup, holding it with both hands.

Morgan tipped his chin gently. “Clever boy. Pretty, too.”

He blushed and looked away. He hated himself for being such a whore, and under Morgan’s gaze, he could feel his blood rushing to his cheeks. It was enough for a man like that to pay him any mind, and he couldn’t help thinking of —

Morgan took his cup and put it down. Then, he took Francesco’s face into his hands and began caressing it with his thumbs. Francesco couldn’t help but stare into those black eyes who now seemed lit up with hidden fire.

“You are scared, aren’t you?” Morgan asked softly.

Francesco nodded.

“Abandoned kids grow up scared of the world,” Ataşehir Escort Morgan added.

“I wasn’t abandoned,” Francesco protested, but he didn’t struggle. He enjoyed Morgan’s hands on him, caressing him so tenderly.

“Daddy not much home, though, right?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t really know my real dad,” Francesco said matter-of-factly.

“Let me take care of you,” Morgan said and when they kissed, it felt like dying a little on the inside.

Francesco held on to Morgan as he was slowly pushed on his back. He helped as much as he could while the man removed his clothes, leaving him all naked and vulnerable. Morgan caressed his belly slowly, then his chest, teasing his nipples, and then his face. “Let daddy take care of you, okay?” he said, and Francesco closed his eyes.

Morgan wasn’t forceful, but he was strong, and his tongue was firm and demanding. Francesco was sure he was crying, but not because it hurt, but because it felt so good. Morgan caught his ball sack and pulled at it, making him buck his hips up.

“Easy, sweetie, let me kiss you a little more.”

How could a man so strong be so gentle? Francesco didn’t want to think of stupid questions. Morgan didn’t undress, he only took his cock out, a thing of quite the size, he noticed when the man stroke it slowly, allowing Francesco to see the engorged head.

He gulped, although he had been fucked before. His neglected hole twitched in anticipation. Morgan reached for Francesco’s crack with his fingers and moved them around, teasing. “Do you want daddy’s cock, sweetie?”

He nodded. He had hated his stepfather because he was rough and liked to humiliate him. But Morgan was nothing like that. He coaxed Francesco slowly into spreading wide and lifting his knees, to allow him to take a good look.

“What a nice little hole,” Morgan said with a small chuckle.

Francesco was holding his legs and moaning softly. The man wasn’t even in, but he was already making him feel so good. Morgan stood between his legs and began to tease him gently with the head of his cock. The precum was spreading and Francesco shivered at the thought of getting impaled by that huge weapon the guy carried.

Morgan caressed Francesco’s lips and pushed two fingers in his mouth. “Wet them for me, baby. Let’s get you ready for daddy’s cock.”

Francesco had never thought he would come from words alone, but now he knew that it was possible. He lapped enthusiastically at Morgan’s fingers.

“Good boy,” Morgan praised him. He now pushed the slick fingers through Francesco’s hole, working it slowly. He used his own spit to add more wetness. “If I knew I’d stumble over you, I would have brought something.”

Francesco wanted to say something, like how he didn’t have to bother, but Morgan surprised him when he kissed him hard and pushed his cock inside him at the same time. He trembled as the large cock made his hole stretch. It was a bit painful, yes, but he liked it, too. Kadıköy Escort His own cock was hard as a rock and when he felt Morgan’s hard member hitting somewhere deep inside, he felt the push like never before.

“Do you want daddy to stroke yours like this? This little cocklet?” Morgan teased him.

“Ngh,” Francesco barely managed. The moment Morgan touched his dick, he shot wave after wave, bucking his hips and squeezing his ass around the guy’s gun.

“What a messy boy,” Morgan teased him and chuckled. “Coming only from this? Do you like daddy’s cock that much?”

Francesco was red in the face and beyond embarrassed. He covered his face, but Morgan pulled his hands away.

“Let me watch your pretty face, Francesco. Yes, like this, sweetie, you’re beautiful.”

Francesco watched Morgan through his eyelashes. His ass was pounded slowly but firmly, and his cock was coming back to it. The man began kissing him again while pulling at his nipples. Francesco moaned and thrashed, wanting more, wanting that big hard cock to fuck him until he could forget all his fears.

“Lord almighty, what an ass you have on you, boy,” Morgan praised him as he began moving faster. He was holding Francesco by the shoulders, helping him impale into his cock over and over. “Daddy is so going to fill your belly with his warm jizz, baby. Do you want it, sweetie? Tell daddy you want it.”

“I want it,” Francesco whispered. “I… want… your… cum… daddy!” he exclaimed as he began shooting again.

Morgan laughed and covered his mouth with another kiss. “There you have it, baby. All for you.”

Francesco felt his eyes rolling in his head in pleasure as Morgan fed him all his cum up the chute. All this time, the man kept kissing him and holding him tightly.


Morgan was wiping his ass slowly with a wet tissue. “Hey,” he called softly and smiled at him.

“Did I fall asleep?”

“You were just a bit out of it for several moments.” Morgan offered his hand and helped him to his feet. “I know Karl would turn the forest upside down if you weren’t at your camp by sundown.”

Francesco nodded and began dressing up. He felt tired but happy, like he hadn’t felt in a while. “He’s stupid that way,” he commented.

“Yeah.” Morgan chuckled. “That’s one little thing I’m leaving out of my report.”

“What little thing?” Francesco asked. He didn’t have to ask about what report, as he could guess what it was all about.

Morgan caressed his head and kissed his forehead. “I can’t let the big kahuna know that his only son fell head over heels in love with a boy.”

Francesco had no idea what to do with that information.


AN: I don’t know how to respond to the comments to know that they reach the people who commented, so I’m using this space here. Thank you all, I’ve read some really interesting comments, and since I know that this story of mine is not most people’s cup of tea, seeing that readers like it means something. I’m all for hard and tough sex and love in fantasies, with the occasional touch of gentle, but only when it comes natural, and that’s what you’ll find in what I write.

And, in short, yes, Francesco and Karl will fuck again, and yes, there will be more of the threesome, too. Only that there are things that happen in the future, not right now.

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