Prize Island Pt. 06

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Day 6

Harry opened his eyes and heard the shower running. He was alone in the bed with just a small pile of Diana`s pale yellow lingerie and stockings on the covers to keep him company. The TV was still on and he saw that Jim and Mary were alone and asleep, and Harry quickly used the remote to switch off the TV.

He rubbed his eyes to clear the sleep from them before making his way into the bathroom. The shower cabinet was full of steam and he could only just make out the silhouette of Diana washing her hair behind the nearly opaque glass. After a quick pee, he slid the door open, joined his wife and slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her in the middle of her back with a, “Good morning Darling!”

His hands raised to cup her breasts with two fingers placed either side of her nipples and he moved in closer so that his morning erection rubbed between the cheeks of her arse. Diana was washing the shampoo out of her dark locks as she said, “Oh baby, really, again?” She was giggling so Harry knew that she was only playing hard to get.

Harry was smiling as he replied in a bad imitation of her breathless pleas from last night, “Whatever happened to, I will do whatever you want, when you want, as many times as you want?”

“That`s not fair. I was tied up, and being teased by my sadistic Master. My God, at that point I just wanted to come so badly I would have promised you the World!” Diana was laughing now and all of the shampoo was rinsed from her hair.

Harry continued to massage the globes of her breasts and tantalizingly ran his fingertips over her nipples that were now hard and responding to his touch. He used his hips to move his hard manhood up and down the crack of Diana`s arse until he felt her hand come behind her and grasp his shaft. After a couple of strokes Diana released him and bent forward whilst spreading her legs. Harry moved one hand from her breasts and pushed two fingers inside of her pussy. Feeling that she was already wet enough for him he adjusted his position slightly, before manoeuvring his penis inside her with his hand. Diana slid her legs further apart to enable him to push in deeper and she let out a small moan once he was completely enveloped within her.

Diana was grasping the metal pole that supported the shower head as Harry began to pump into her in short rapid strokes. This was no romantic lovemaking, but instead a virile man conquering his mate. Within minutes they were both struggling for breath as Harry took his wife from behind. Harry was grasping her hips tightly and Diana was pushing hard back against him as he thrust into her again and again. Harry moved one hand from her hips and grabbed her wet hair and pulled her back onto him. She raised herself up as he tugged her hair causing the angle of his thrusts to change. Within moments she was coming, soft mewling sounds filled the shower cabin as Harry grunted and shot his load into his wife and he continued to slide in and out languidly long after he had come.

Diana stood up fully now and Harry`s dick fell from her warm confines. She turned around, threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately as their tongues entwined. Harry broke the kiss after a minute and started to lather his body with shower gel as he watched Diana use the removable shower head to wash his deposit out of her pussy. He was fascinated as her fingers delved between the puffy lips of her womanhood and as she directed the spray to help her.

Once they were both satisfied that their bodies were clean again and ready for a new day they left the shower. Diana pulled her hair back using the red barrette and left it to dry naturally. They both donned T-shirts and shorts and went down for breakfast.

The other two couples were already there and eating. Mary was talking to Sandy in whispers and Harry guessed they were comparing notes about their activities with Moira the sex Goddess. This was confirmed when he heard Sandy gasp loudly, “Really? She did that?”

They all greeted each other and Gail provided Harry and Diana with plates piled with sausages, eggs and bacon. They had just started to tuck in when Moira entered looking as delectable as always.

She sat in her normal seat at the head of the table with a cup of coffee, and all heads turned towards her as she started to talk in her soft Scottish lilt, “Good morning all. Unfortunately today is your last full day here on McKinnon Island. I would just like to say what a pleasure it has been to have you all!” And she grinned at the double entendre. “As it is the last evening, and you have all entered into the spirit of things here on the island we have set up a rather special last evening. Lunch will be a bit later at three thirty and it will be a meal rather than sandwiches. The evening dinner will now be in the form of a buffet and the evening will also be Adult Fancy Dress if you agree!” She paused and watched as six heads nodded their agreement. “Gail will deliver your costumes to your rooms at around seven and the party güvenilir bahis will start at eight. We took the ladies measurements from their Scott`s purchases and we estimated the men’s sizes. We will set up the buffet in the great hall. I know you haven`t seen that yet, but there is a door that opens into there from the dining room so it is easy to find. I wish you a pleasant last day and I am looking forward to our last evening, so you can all go out with a bang!” she paused before finishing, “Hopefully!” With that she drained her coffee cup and left the three couples to finish their breakfast.

They chatted amicably, with the main topic of conversation being the Adult fancy dress party and what Moira had meant by that. What their costumes would be, and an overriding air of disappointment that today would be their last day. As they finished they talked about their plans for the day. It was another beautiful day, so Harry and Diana decided to spend it at the beach, before they returned to the stifling heat of London in the summertime. Jim and Dave elected to go to the gym as they had put on a few pounds due to the great food they had indulged in this week. Mary and Sandy had become great friends over the past few days and decided to go for one last walk around the island and to say goodbye to the dolphin.

Gail provided Harry and Diana with beach towels, and after wishing the others a nice day they departed for the small beach. The weather was perfect, with a cloudless sky and a light cool breeze. Harry and Diana lay their towels out on the warm sand, and next to the boulders that protected them should the wind pick up in intensity. Diana once again elected for full nakedness and Harry followed suit.

They lay back and talked openly with each other, discussing the events of the last week on the island

Diana: “This week has been unbelievable. The things I, and we, have done are just so out of character for us, but it has just felt right. I cannot explain it, can you?”

Harry thought long and hard before replying.

Harry: “I told you after the first day. It was like we had been bitten by some bug, and that turned us into raving sex maniacs. It wasn`t just us though. The other four are also sex mad. I know that Jim and Mary did a bit of swinging, because they told us, but this is way past that. I can just about understand the other couples, as they probably decided the same us. We are never going to see these people again, so let`s just enjoy ourselves. The thing I cannot get my head around is Moira and Gail. They work here, but seem to be just as in to the whole swapping and orgy thing as we are.”

Diana giggling: “Maybe the owners hired a couple of high class hookers just to enhance the romantic, sex angle of the place!”

Harry: “You could be right. However, they both seem so professional in everything else, it just seems unlikely! They seem to really enjoy all the sex and there is no feeling that they are only doing it because they are getting paid.”

Diana: “Are you complaining baby?”

Harry: “Oh no. Don`t get me wrong. I am loving every minute of it. I love the new sexually charged Diana with all her new quirks. I love being your Master for the night or watching you with the other people. I just never imagined we would do these things so easily. As you said earlier, it always just feels right. We have had the best sex of our marriage in the last few days. We have tried new things, and really gone outside our comfort zone, but for me, after the first day or so, I felt no embarrassment. Which I find strange”

Diana: “I know what you mean. Yes I had all these fantasies about you dominating me, and yes, even the pain and the punishment, but I never in a million years thought I would ever tell you, and worse, actually go through with it.”

Harry: “Are you sorry that you did?”

Diana: “Oh no baby. It was better than all of my fantasies rolled into one. I told you before. It was so goddam hot, and I have never been turned on to that extent in my entire life. I cannot wait until I can be naughty again and Master Harry comes to play! Having said that, I think my arse and nipples need a bit of a break, as they were nearly busted at the end of it!”

They both laughed loudly at her crudeness and she rolled over and snuggled into Harry`s arms. He began stroking her hair and Diana nuzzled into his chest.

Harry: “It really is strange though. Since arriving here, I want to have sex all the time. I love our sex life at home and I was always horny for you, but here it is like I can just take you whenever I want and you never complain. In fact you encourage it and instigate it, a lot of the time. At home there are some days when I cannot be bothered. You know what I mean? Bad day at work or I just want to sleep, but here I am in a constant state of arousal and my dick gets hard at the drop of a hat!”

They were both chuckling now at the thought of Harry`s super charged dick.

Diana: “I know exactly what you mean. I get wet walking güvenilir bahis siteleri down to breakfast, and that is after you fucked me twenty minutes before hand. All I do all day is dream about dicks and pussy, and I was never that much of sexual person. Yes, I love to make love to you or fool around, but it was never the defining thing for me in our relationship. You are my best friend and I love to be close to you. Since we are here though, you being close to me means I have your cock in my mouth or my pussy and even shoved up my bum!”

They were both laughing loudly now and Harry pulled Diana tightly to his chest. He could feel the laughter vibrating through her body and he felt so contented. Eventually the laughter died down and Harry continued.

Harry: “What about shagging the others? In the tub yesterday I had Sandy and Mary unashamedly bouncing up and down on my super charged dick and I was watching Dave and Jim shagging you. Not for one minute did I think about stopping or get jealous, I was just enjoying myself. Oh no, that is not actually true. I did get jealous for a second, when I saw you on Monster Dick Dave!”

Diana: “Fucking hell he is huge. But baby, you don’t have to worry about these things. Yes, he filled me up more than I have ever experienced in my whole life, but to be honest it hurt a bit and so wasn`t that great a thing. Your cock is perfectly proportioned for me and hits me in all the right spots. I thought it was fucking amazing watching you pump Sandy and Mary, plus the other night with Moira. I had never thought about sharing you with someone else until this week, but my God I was hot watching you. I knew you would come back to me, so unusually I didn`t see it as wrong. Same for me. I knew with who I would end the day with so for me it was just sex. I would definitely give Dave`s Monster Cock another go, but there would definitely not be any bum action!”

They were laughing again now as Diana continued,

Diana: “How was it to fuck Sandy and Mary? Where they better than me?”

Harry: “Oh no baby. Mary has a pussy like a ripped welly. Was nice, but not really my cup of tea. She does have wonderful titties though. She nearly suffocated me with them. Sandy did this wonderful thing with the muscles in her snatch. It was like the muscles were rippling, and it felt like she was massaging my dick. Sandy also has a great body for a woman of her age. I wouldn`t mind another go with Sandy, but Mary I can take or leave.”

Diana: “I noticed that with Mary as well. When I was licking her pussy I fingered her a bit, and I had to use three fingers instead of two before I got any reaction. One thing was, she tasted much nicer than Sandy. Not that Sandy didn`t taste great, it is just that Mary had a sweeter taste. Sandy was just fantastic. Jesus, she must spend hours doing aerobics or whatever, as her body is seriously well maintained. Then of course we get to Moira and Gail. Moira is just sex on legs. Everything about her is absolutely, infuriatingly perfect. I could bury my head between her thighs for the rest of my life. Gail is a different kettle of fish, but still super-hot, and the whole submissive thing really got me going. I think I came once just watching you cane her delicious arse.”

All the talking had caused Harry to harden. He watched as Diana slipped down his chest and take the head of his cock in her mouth. She licked all around the head before moving to squat above his cock and then gently easing herself down until he was fully inside her. Harry noticed that their chat had caused her pussy to moisten considerably. Once she was settled, Diana just rocked back and forwards slowly and continued their chat.

Diana: “What did you think of Moira and Gail? Plus, you never told me how do you really feel about all that submissive sex thing?”

Harry: “You are right about Moira. My God she is sexy. Even when we were fucking, she had this air and persona of being in charge, and I found that a huge turn on. Gail was much different, and I had the feeling I could have done anything to her and she wouldn`t have complained. She was definitely better than Moira in the blow job department. To answer your other question. Diana, I love you and would never hurt you in a million years. Having said that, the feeling of power and having you react to my every command was the biggest aphrodisiac ever. I am not normally an assertive person, as you know, but when I become your Master it gives me the biggest buzz!”

Diana was continuing to rock back and forward as they talked. Their pubic bones were deliciously grinding together, but having come quite recently they were content just to carry on slowly stimulating each other.

Diana: “What do you think Moira has planned for tonight? I think it will be one big fuck fest with pussy and dicks all over the place! At least that is what I am hoping!”

Harry: “I think you could be right Darling. An orgy to finish a week of weird and wonderful sex!”

They both stopped talking iddaa siteleri and concentrated on the sensations emanating from their groins as Diana increased the tempo. Diana’s nipples appeared to be back to normal Harry noticed as he reached up and squeezed them gently, not detecting a wince or a grimace from Diana. Harry increased the pressure using his thumb and forefinger in tandem with Diana increasing the pace of her pubic mound grinding against him. Harry saw the usual signs in his wife and felt himself stiffen as they hurtled towards their mutual climax. He started to thrust upwards, as much as her weight on him allowed, and he was soon ejaculating as she too arrived at her orgasm. It was all nice, and wonderfully romantic and Diana leant forward, keeping him trapped inside her, before kissing him tenderly on the lips.

They lay like this for a few minutes before Diana surprised Harry by leaping up, and running giggling into the water. Harry was only a few paces behind her and the cool water felt great on his body after their love making. They splashed about in the water for a good thirty minutes before returning to their towels laid out on the sand. They lay together as the hot sun dried their bodies. Gradually they both slipped into a relaxed sleep as the cool breeze played across their bodies.

Harry stirred awake as he felt Diana snuggle up to his body. The warm sun felt good on his skin, as did his wife as she tried to almost burrow into him. He guessed she had woken up chilled after her nap. He reached across and looked at his watch that he had put next to his towel and was surprised to see it was nearly three o`clock. They had slept for over two hours at least. “Time to go baby!” he whispered in Diana`s ear, and her only reply was an exaggerated groan as she had found the perfect position at his side.

Slowly they rose together and stretched the sleep out of their bodies. Harry grabbed the towels after they had dressed, and they walked arm in arm up the path towards the hotel. When they arrived they found the other four already sitting in the dining room sipping on Cokes and Fanta’s. Their greetings were familiar and friendly, as Gail started to ferry in plates piled high with chips, gammon steaks with pineapple and fresh peas. The plates were soon left empty and Gail cleared them and replaced them with bowls of ice cream and fresh strawberries. Harry had loved all the food that they had been dished up this week and made a mental note to thank Greg before he left.

When they had all finished eating Harry looked at his watch and saw that they had still about three hours before the evening party was due to start. He made a mental calculation of one hour to get ready and he was left with two hours to kill somehow. He conferred with Diana and they both decided a leisurely stroll around the island would do them both good after the rather large lunch.

They set off leaving the other four sitting and chatting in the dining room. They walked down to the beach, as this seemed a good starting point for their stroll. Turning right, they walked clockwise around the island. They enjoyed the sun on their bare skin and the cool breeze ensured that they did not get too hot. The island was a truly magnificent place and they both knew that they would miss it when they returned to London and its hectic pace. They could hear no sounds apart from the screeching of the sea birds and the crashing of the waves against the rocks. Diana grasped Harry`s arm tightly and nuzzled into his shoulder as they both walked luxuriating in their togetherness.

They found a couple of boulders that had been placed on the green grass. Harry thought they had purposely been placed there as they gave a fine view of the open sea in the direction of the mainland. The gulls were swooping and diving around a fishing boat in the distance. They were both overjoyed as they spotted the back fin of the dolphin break through the waves, and only about twenty yards from where they sat. They had a comical argument about naming the dolphin, and finally agreed on Donny the Dolphin as an apt name.

Harry was not sure how long they had been sitting there so looked at his watch. Again, the time had flown by and it was now just after six thirty. Harry showed Diana the watch and reluctantly they stood to start their return to the hotel. Diana surprised Harry by pulling him towards her and kissing him passionately and pushing her tongue deep within his. They kissed for nearly five minutes before, with one last glance out to sea, they began the short walk back.

On their arrival, they entered through the patio doors and found the bar unusually empty. Harry presumed that everyone was in their rooms preparing for the big party. Leaving the deserted bar they made their way through the foyer and up the stairs to their room.

Once in their room Diana went directly to the bathroom and Harry heard the shower running seconds later. Harry knew from experience that Diana would need more than a few minutes to get herself ready for the impending party and she would almost certainly rebuff his attempts for a “quickie” in the shower. With this in mind he stretched out on the bed and flicked through the channels looking for something to occupy his mind.

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