Professor for Hire

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Sarah and Katherine walked down the street, holding hands and giggling at little old ladies walking their tiny fifi dogs that looked surprisingly like their owners. They had been best friends since they were little, and holding hands came naturally, but lately they had been doing things that “just friends” didn’t normally do. Their sexual needs were becoming more noticeable, as the girls, 18 and 19, matured. Rather than waste their time with boys, they turned to each other, as with anything else. So now, they really did share everything, from girl gossip, to pillow talk.

The girls walked into a small shop on their side of the street. Moving from the bright sunshine outdoors to the dimly lit interior of their favorite shop took a little bit of ocular adjustment. They browsed through the racks of clothes, and Sarah found several things that she wanted to try on. “You go ahead, I’m still looking around” Kat remarked to her friend’s little suggestion that they “get a dressing room” which had been followed by a sly wink.

As Sarah sauntered, deliberately, over to the dressing room and closed the door behind her, Kat laughed a little, and continued browsing through a rack of brightly colored shirts. She never heard the man come up behind her. Suddenly there was a hand over her mouth, she yelped into it, looking around frantically, but couldn’t see anything. A man’s voice whispered harshly in her ear “Be quiet, and act like nothing’s wrong.” She felt a small point of pressure against her side, as he released her mouth, put a hand firmly on her hip, just like she was his girlfriend or something. “Call your friend, get her to come along as well.”

As he moved along side of her, she finally got a good look at him. For someone doing this sort of thing, he wasn’t that bad looking, really. He kind of resembled her history professor, professor Jackson, from last semester. She frowned at him, thinking. “How on earth am I to do that?” she stated with a rise to her voice, and then she added almost as an afterthought “are you going to rob us?”

He growled in a low tone “I’m sure you’ll think of something, and no…. I’ve got far more interesting things in mind,” as he jabbed the small shape into her side harshly.

“Okay, oookay, here goes.” She closed her eyes and hoped that he wouldn’t use whatever weapon he held against her for this, as she called out in the store “Sarah, come meet my dad’s friend from work, he’s super nice, and he just volunteered to pay for whatever we want!” She winced at the sudden jab of pain in her side, from the cylindrical shape that pressed against her, then smiled inwardly as that last bit struck home with him, and he glared at her, but didn’t seem too very upset. Kat grabbed a few random shirts in her size from the rack so her friend wouldn’t be quite as suspicious.

Sarah rushed out of the dressing room, tugging her own clothes back into place as she approached. She hung the “no’s” back on the rack, and looked at Kat. “You’re not gonna try ’em on?”

Looking up at the man next to her then back to her friend “No, David said he could give us a ride home too, but he’s in a bit of a hurry. Besides, I can always return whatever doesn’t fit.” She prided herself at coming up with an excuse so quickly, and with so little hesitation. She had to admit that she was actually kind of reeling from the excitement of it all. Her head was spinning a little, like it did last New Year’s when she’d downed three back-to-back glasses of her mother’s champagne.

Kat led the group to the register and placed her clothes on the counter, waiting for Sarah to do the same. The man pulled out his wallet with the arm that had been on her hip, paying with cash. They waited for the clerk to put the items into two bags before Katherine let Sarah lead the way out of the store. She hoped that the guy really did have a car, and the farce she had created so well wasn’t ruined by the lack of one. That might set off an alarm to Sarah, who could end up with a not-so-pretty little hole in her side.

There was a car though, which the man pointed to, not too far off. It was a pretty nice one with fresh beige paint, darkly tinted windows and a sunroof. He opened the doors with his keyless entry, even popping the trunk for the girls to insert their bags. “You girls should sit in the back, so you can be close to each other, I know how girls like to chat,” he said. Kat couldn’t figure out how he sounded so nonchalant about it, here he was, abducting two teenage girls, and he was acting like he was ACTUALLY her dad’s friend!


He ushered Kat in and let Sarah slide in alongside her, not worried about the girl escaping out the other side, as the doors were “child proofed”. He nodded as the girls got in, and closed the other rear door behind them. The prettier one, Kat, began whispering to her friend rapidly. She was, no doubt telling the other girl what he really was, but that didn’t matter now, it really was too late. He closed the trunk, and sat in the driver’s seat, pulling some scarves from the glove box.

Both girls looked at him fearfully as he turned around Avcılar Escort to face them, taking them in through his tinted sunglasses. These “children” were anything but, and they knew it. Their full chests and curved hips marked them for the young women they were. He understood now why he had been entrusted with their care. He turned his head towards the prettier one, the fiery one who would most likely bring more problems. “Your wrists, girl, NOW.”

He noticed the girl’s slight frown, but there was something shimmering in her eyes, that did not appear to be tears. Was it interest, or maybe curiosity? He would know soon enough. He bound her wrists securely with the soft fabric of one of the black scarves, and tied another around her eyes, then simply stated “I recommend not trying to struggle from them, things will be much easier for you if you just cooperate.” He looked at the other girl “The same goes for you, and now it’s your turn. Wrists.”


She trembled with rage, fear, and excitement as the man tied Kat with those soft black scarves, and then nodded silently as he spoke to her, holding out her wrists for him. When he started the car, she fumbled around next to her, trying to find Kat’s bound hands. They were waiting for hers, and their fingers interlocked. They spoke in hushed tones on their way to wherever he was taking them, trying to comfort each other, and ease the fears. “Everything will be okay,” she said at last, as much to convince herself as Kat. She couldn’t see her, but she knew the other girl nodded, and she wondered if her friend was as much of a jumble of emotions as she was.


After what seemed an incredible distance with many turns the car rolled to a graceful stop, and she heard him get out of the car. Their captor, their pretty good-looking captor, opened the door next to Kat, and helped her out. She wondered why he was being so nice about this whole abduction thing, but she figured that he was a big guy, and he didn’t have to be, so she stood patiently while he helped Sarah out of the car.

She didn’t say a word as he led them to some sort of building. She could see its shadow through the soft, dark fabric, as the day was bright and sunny. Their feet crunched softly in the gravel, and she felt a little chill run up her spine. She wondered where he was taking them, and what he would do once they got there.

For the time, she just went along. She heard him fumble with keys, and insert one into the door’s lock. She heard the heavy deadbolt slide out of place as the key turned. He led them inside the relatively dark building, and untied their kerchiefs from their eyes. Then, he looked at her. “I really hate to do this, you have such pretty mouths. You probably won’t like what I do next much, girls, so the blindfolds are to become gags.” He made good of his promise, and tied the scarves firmly to their mouths. Assuring there would be significantly muffled noises, but not entire silence, she found out.

She whimpered a little and reached out for Sarah’s hands, which where there again to meet hers. She squeezed the other girl’s hands fondly, and looked at her beautiful friend for whom she cared for so dearly, as she too was gagged by their captor.

He led them to a room, untied their hands. “This can happen two ways, ladies. You can undress yourselves, or I can undress you. As I have said before, it will be much less pleasant if you make this difficult.”

Kat stared at him, feeling incredibly vulnerable, afraid of what he might do if they didn’t listen, and afraid to bare her soft flesh to him. She hadn’t been naked in front of a man since she was three, and that was just her father. She didn’t even remember it, but her mother had shown her pictures. A deep pink flush filled her cheeks. The man began to look impatient, and as he started to move towards her, she shook her head, and let her hands move shakily to pull off her top.

She looked over to Sarah and nodded, and watched the girl do the same thing. Momentarily, she got caught up in the cool, crème color of her friend’s skin, and felt a slight tingling between her legs. A harsh tug at her jeans button, undoing it, sent her reeling back to reality, and she pulled her own shirt the rest of the way off. She undid the pants before the man had a chance to, and left the clothes in a rumpled pile just next to her. She glanced over to her friend who had gone as far, and then at the man who was enjoying, yes pleasantly enjoying the view.

She couldn’t blame him though. They were very well figured for their age, and they were both quite attractive. She hesitated at her bra, a flush covering her cheeks, and spreading all the way down to her supple mounds. She undid the clasp in the front, and let the thing fall to the floor, accompanying the pants and shirt. Her nipples sprang to attention, in the cool air of the room, and she blushed, looking at him plaintively, not wanting to reveal the most delicate part of her still virginal body.


He watched the two girls undress, almost in unison, as though they had Avcılar Escort bayan done this innocently sexy strip tease for any number of men. Their delicate skin, and well formed bodies were beautiful, displaying their sensual curves in a way that had long since caused a large bulge in his khakis. As the girls revealed their beautiful tits, the look they both gave him seemed to come from the same one. It was a despondent look, timid, and so frickin’ hot, his cock grew even more in his pants, and he shifted to allow it a bit more room. He arched an eyebrow silently, and remained, arms crossed, just a few feet from them, in a straight-backed chair with no arms.

The dark haired girl, blushing furiously, tugged her panties down and he grunted. Her pussy was covered with a very well trimmed brown bush—just what he had been expecting. Well trimmed, just in case something happened, but not the shaved pussy that men favored, which meant she was most likely still a cherry. The other girl had followed this one’s lead, and her little pussy was covered with blonde little curls, identical in trim job. He was impressed—and so was his cock—throbingly achingly.

Pointing to the blonde, he motioned her over to him, and secured her wrists to the opposite elbow of her arm, behind her back. He then nodded to the other girl, who came obediently—god this was too easy—to be tied the same way. Looking at the dark haired one, he growled “Kneel girl,” while motioning to a spot a few feet from where he stood.

As Kat kneeled where he said—beautiful, intelligent, AND obedient was a hard combination to find—he pulled the other girl, by the hair, onto his lap, picking up a paddle from under the seat. She yelped through the gag as she landed on his lap, his hard cock digging into her middle through his pants. She couldn’t know what he held, and he brought down the paddle in a hard thwack on her left butt cheek. He heard her scream, and growled as she writhed in his lap, he landed the paddle down firmly on her right cheek.

He spanked her until she stopped squirming, until silent sobs wracked her body, then he leaned down to whisper in her ear, as he slowly slid a finger into her tight, dripping wet cunt.


She gasped, wide eyed as the finger felt inside her pussy, and at the words that accompanied it. “That spanking was for all the times you disobeyed your father, or misbehaved towards him. This finger is for all the times you made me want you in class, and now I will have you. But I promise, Sarah, I’ll make you enjoy it too. You’re awfully wet, for such a naughty girl. Let’s see if I can’t make you drench my hand with your sweet juices.”

She had thought he looked an awful lot like Dr. Jackson, but now she knew, and damn, how she had dreamed of a moment to do the things with him that she had read about. Now that moment was real, the times she had talked about with Kat were coming true, and she hoped that Kat didn’t feel neglected, or angry. It felt soooooo good to have his finger writhing inside her pussy, she moaned against the gag, and whimpered as a second slid in to accompany the first, his thumb rubbing over her engorged clit.

She felt his cock grinding into her side, knowing it was her and Kat that had caused that growth. She had never seen a cock in real life before, and she hoped she would get to see his, feel his, touch it, and taste it today. She pressed her body against his bulge, even as she bucked against his hand, riding it like she had Kat’s so many times. Even though her bottom burned, the ecstasy of his fingers in her made her scream into the soft black fabric, as her body shuddered in orgasm, and left her panting on his lap, his hand drenched in her juices.


Kat watched as the man untied Sarah, shocked at having seen her friend get so involved with the man who had kidnapped them. She watched as he made her lick his hand clean that he had brought the paddle down with, and then used to bring her to orgasm. Sarah—my little slut—she thought, licked the fingers off dutifully, and then as he whispered in her ear and untied her bindings, went to sit in a chair on the other side of the room to play with herself.

She watched the girl with wide eyes, fingering her already glistening hole slowly, in no rush whatsoever. She moaned, because watching made her own pussy tingle at the thought of tasting her friend, and of her friend tasting her.

“KAT!” he yelled from the chair “you are not paying attention, and for that you will be punished. COME HERE NOW!”

She rose to her feet, her knees trembling a little as she walked uncertainly toward him, her mouth and arms bound tightly. She blushed as her pussy juices, brought on from the sight of her best friend’s pleasure, slipped from her tight hole, trickling down her leg and caused little wet noises as she walked. She knew he could hear it, and she blushed even more furiously as he pulled her to stand in front of him.

He bent down slowly, and licked between her legs, eliciting a moan from her mouth beneath the handkerchief. He slid a finger into her Escort avcılar hole, and it was all she could do to remain standing. He obviously knew she was already turned on, but this set a new fire alight. She realized that she hadn’t come in three whole days, and her pussy ached for release. He slowly moved his fingers in and out of her, and gently, oh so gently, against her g-spot. She started to sway a little, and he teased her clit with his tongue, licking it slowly. Then he removed his fingers, licked from the back of the slit, to the tip of her clit, he yanked her down over his lap, and began paddling her, hard and furiously.

She screamed against the scarf that held her, and she moaned as she felt her pussy growing wetter with every swat of the hard wood of the paddle. Her pussy ached, and so did her once pale white bottom, now all red and aglow with the fire from the paddle.


He smiled at the girl in the corner, who was watching quite intensely, and caught the hint. She began to finger her tight pussy more furiously. The girl in his lap wept quietly, he whispered in her ear, almost the same message he had delivered to Kat. “The spanking, is for how you mistreat your mother, and disobey her, and the next thing I do to you, is for all the times you tease me in class, wearing those cute little short skirts, leaning incredibly close to me when you ask a question. You are a beautiful young lady, and I desire you greatly. Now, I will have you.”

He pulled her to her feet, and pulled down his pants, discarding them on top of their pile of clothes. He moved her around back of the chair, and bent her over it, sliding a finger between her legs to make sure she was properly lubricated; he brought the finger to his mouth to taste her sweetness. He decided to strip the rest of the way, so that her delicate skin could rub against his body. He let the clothes fall in a careless heap, as he spread her lips gently, guiding his cock into her, and thrusting in suddenly.

She cried out softly against the gag, but as he slowly moved in and out of her, she began to lean into each thrust. He looked up and caught the other girl across the room smiling—affectionately? —at them. As his cock slid in and out of her wet hole, he could hear the girl’s breathing getting shorter. Her moans against the gag made his cock throb with want of release. He held back. He fucked her harder, and for his efforts, felt her pussy tighten around him, as she came, shuddering beneath his weight. He pulled out, and no sooner had he, than the other girl was kneeling at his feet, taking his engorged cock into her mouth, sucking and licking a little clumsily. He helped Kat sit down on the floor by him, as he growled in the back of his throat. She sucked it pretty well, and he was already very near the edge. He pushed her mouth off his cock. Time for that later. And bent HER over the back of the chair.


It had seemed to be the thing to do at the time. To suck Kat’s sweet juices off of Dr. Jackson’s cock, thankful she remembered his real first name. She didn’t expect him to shove her over the back of the chair and penetrate her tight pussy. She gasped at the pain, and then moaned as the orgasm she had withheld while playing with herself in the chair, at his orders, overcame her. Her pussy convulsed around his hard cock.

She was even more surprised when she felt him explode inside of her, she moaned slightly, and thanked her father silently—ironically for letting her get on birth control to regulate her periods. Damn that felt good she thought, as she sank against the chair in exhaustion.


She lay there, exhausted from her orgasm, watching Sarah take it from him like a good girl. She’d be rewarded for that later. God she was beautiful—those great, perky tits that weren’t too big or too small, the tight round ass, skin that was so very smooth, beautiful long blonde hair, and those sexy, yet innocent blue eyes. She felt her pussy stirring again with interest. She moaned a little as the two of them came, each in turn. She watched as he pulled out of Sarah, limp as a wet noodle—she’d seen movies—that meant he came inside of her.

Before she realized what was going on, the man had his head between her legs, and was licking her clit, and fingering her tight pussy too. She moaned as she lay back on the floor, grinding against his hand, and Sarah came over, removed her gag and kneeled above her face. ‘This is a strange reversal of roles’ was her last thought as Sarah pulled her head up by her long deep blonde curls and into her pussy. She didn’t have to be told what to do, she tongued her friend’s wet hole, licking with all her worth, as her hands were still tied behind her.

She realized before too long that she wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. Even with this wonderful distraction, he was working his magic on her pussy. She continued tonguing her friend’s pussy, licking her clit, and screamed against the tight lips of her cunt as she came, and her friend came too. The juices dripped out of her slowly, leaking onto Kat’s waiting tongue, even as her professor helped her ride out her orgasm for what seemed like forever, she too helped her friend with the same. She lapped up all of those sweet juices, and hummed slightly against the lips as her friend seemed nearly done, receiving a little laugh as her friend dismounted.

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