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We had been playing “text sex” all day while Id been out shopping and about an hour had gone by since the last message:

“when you come in you will go upstairs, get naked, put the red leather cuffs on both wrists and both ankles, put in some ear plugs and put on the leather hood”

I was almost running home at this, but still had to go and finish some shopping. Finally on my way home, I could feel the tingle in my pussy at the thought that he had something in mind.

I got home and went in – the house was empty, so went upstairs and got undressed – the cuffs were readily available from last time we had played, but I fumbled to get them on with excitement. Found my earplugs and put them in, then put on the hood, sat on the bed and waited. My pussy was getting wet at the idea that I didnt know what was coming next.

I could hear nothing and see nothing – the hood was an expensive one that once on kept out all the light – I lay down and tried to relax.

Suddenly I felt hands touching my wrists and pulling my arms above my head – my wrists were crossed over and I felt a click on each d ring – I pulled my hands and found that they were attached to the top of the bed.

Then I felt something going around one of my thighs – it was a strap of some sort. A second one went onto my other thigh and then I was left for a moment.

Suddenly I felt myself rolling over – the way my hands were attached meant that they were no longer crossed as I was rolled onto my front. My ankles were grabbed and pushed up so that I had to bend my knees under me in a kneeling position – I felt my ankle being pulled outwards and was tied to the edge of the bed using a cuff, then the other ankle had the same treatment. Then I felt something attached to one of my thigh straps and that was pulled outwards – so was also being tied to the edge of the bed I summised. Finally the other thigh also got the same treatment.

I was now feeling very prone – my arse was pointing up in the air and very open to onslaught and my pussy was very easily accessible.

My head was turned so that my cheek was on the bed and then my wrists were unclipped. One wrist was brought türkçe porno down to my ankle and attached to the cuff, then the other wrist to the other ankle.

I struggled to see how tight my bonds were – the bindings were tight and I could not move in any way – couldnt bring in my knees or my feet.

Then I felt something go across the top of my back against my shoulders and I realised I was being pinned down to the bed with a strap so that I couldnt move my head to any other position other than as it was.

I tingled in delight – I was at his mercy – I was dripping – waiting to see what else was to come.

I felt something against my arse hole – cold and wet – lube! I waited nervously to see if I was going to be hurt, but instead I felt fingers – latex gloved fingers – or was he wearing his suit? Either way they rubbed around my arsehole – slowly titilating it – rubbing the lube around the outer rim and then a finger slipped inside – I gasped against the hood – as the finger moved in and out slowly – allowing my arsehole to get used to having something inside it. Then the finger went out, but soon after something else nudged my opening – and eased in slowly – it wasnt a finger and it wasnt his dick – but I couldnt fathom what it was – it slipped in quite easily. Then I felt something else slip in against it – something small. I realised the first item was a dildo – but it wasnt one Id used before as it slowly started to inflate. I soon felt full and was writhing against the feeling. then suddenly jerked as I felt something vibrate – a short burst and then nothing then a short burst and then nothing and it went on like this for a short while. I went though all the toys we had and remembered the little remote control for the anus – the bstd had obviously found it again.

I writhed in torment as the vibrator buzzed against the inflated dildo. Again and again it would come on then go off and then on again. My pussy was shouting for attention by now – dripping and tingling, waiting to be filled.

I wasnt disappointed. I felt something slip inside me and something nudge my clit and realised it was my rabbit. sikiş izle It was left there – not switched on and I tried with all my might to get the rabbit ears to move against my clit. Then a strap was put around my waist and something went against the rabbit and held it in – he was a devious bugga – hed remembered my chastity belt and that was being strapped on tightly so that I couldnt dislodge the rabbit. Then the shaft was switched on on a very low setting so that it slowly rubbed the beads against the outer lips of my pussy.

With the inflated butt plug, the beads were pulsing more than they would normally, but my clit wasnt being tormented – I tried to move around so that the ears rubbed but couldnt get an angle, my bonds were too tight.

I felt the latex covered hands move under me – they were gelled so slipped easily against my skin, they rubbed my breasts and fingers gently squeezed together catching my nipples as they did. The hands massaged my tits – the gel making them very slippy. I tried to rub against the hands to get more feeling – the gel made them feel less somehow.

The hands moved away and I felt them rubbing my butt cheeks – massaging them, pinching gently. Soon after the hands went away then I realised that they hadnt been gelled with the blue gel, but the pink gel and my cheeks continued to tingle.

A crop came down on the tingling skin – not too hard but hard enough to make me jerk against my bonds – but once wasnt enough – the crop came down again and again – it continued to slap down hard and then harder and harder – I could feel heat on my skin. The pleasure was extreme but it was slowly turning to pleasure as the rabbit had been turned up and the beads were now really playing havoc against my pussy lips – more air was pumped into the butt plug and the little vibrator in my arse was switched on every time the crop came down – pleasure and pain – he must really be enjoying this.

The cropping went on and on – every now and then more gel was put on my skin, the cooling helping the heated marks, but then the tingling would start again – and then the crop would come down. I lost count of how many porno 64 times it hit me – I was now concentrating on the beads – I was desperate to come but knew I couldnt – somehow if I did it would all end and I didnt want it to end yet.

Suddenly it all stopped.

I felt the strap against my shoulders being released. I was disappointed although I was also aware that the rabbit was still turning away inside me and the little vibrator continued to buzz now and then. Then I felt his legs sliding under my shoulders and realised that the gag was being removed from the hood. I was now being urged to take his dick between my lips – he had manoeuvred himself so that he was sitting against the bed head with my head in his crotch.

I took his dick and slowly started to bob my head up and down as much as the bindings would allow – slowly I felt the rabbit ears come to life – my sucking and licking took on a mind of their own as I started concentrating on the feelings of the vibrations against my clit – the butt vibrator was now switched on full time.

I was pulling against my ties – trying to get a better feel of the vibrations and trying to give him as good a head as I could – his hands reached down under his knees and kneaded my breasts – pinching my nipples hard as he also somehow turned up the rabbit ears and the beads turning – the vibrator was now on full speed and I could feel my orgasm building – he pinched my nipples hard again and again – and I sucked and licked as hard as I could – I wanted him to come in my mouth – I felt his orgasm building too – I wished I could rub his balls but had to do with just licking and sucking his dick.

Suddenly my orgasm over came me and I took him deep into my mouth – at which point he shuddered and came too.

He pulled out of my mouth and spunk spurted onto my hood – the vibrations continued in my pussy but the arse ones stopped as he concentrated on his orgasm.

Slowly he relaxed as his orgasm finished and he slowed down the vibrations on the rabbit allowing me to come back down myself, then he removed himself from under me and I was left for a while.

Then I felt my ankles and thighs being released from the bed – my wrists were released from my ankles and I was rolled over onto my back and my legs pulled out straight but the chastity belt and hood were still left on – obviously he hadnt yet quite finished with me – I wondered what was to come next!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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